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Doomsday City.

At this moment, it wasnt bustling as it had been.

The atmosphere in the city was heavy while gloominess covered practically everyones faces.

Even though they were extremely confident in Yang Ye, he wasnt facing an Emperor this time, it was a Voider! Emperors couldnt be compared to such an expert at all!

Could Yang Ye return alive

That was what everyone wondered.

It didnt take long for a day to pass, but Yang Ye still hadnt returned.

A 2nd day passed, but Yang Ye still hadnt returned.

At this moment, many people in the city werent able to restrain themselves any longer.

But the city was still very calm, and no trouble had arisen.

The 3rd day passed, but there was still no sign of Yang Ye.

Now, news about Yang Yes death started to spread through the city.

In the beginning, only a few were spreading it, but it didnt take long for more and more to do so.

Panic started to arise in the city.

Once the 4th day passed, the news of Yang Yes death was practically being spread throughout the city.

Sword Master Hall.

Ye Liuyun sat before a wooden table, and a huge mountain of scrolls was laid out on the table.

There were naturally numerous problems to deal with when managing a city.

These problems included the living arrangements and the distribution of both cultivation resources and assignments.

Besides that, there were countless other miscellaneous problems.

Yang Ye didnt have the time to deal with all of that, so all of that responsibility had fallen onto Ye Liuyun.

Of course, it was impossible for her to personally deal with everything.

However, she had to make the decisions for some things.

That was something she requested herself.

Because a city, and especially a city like Doomsday City had numerous different factions within it.

If some things werent managed well, it was very likely for it to give rise to chaos.

There were many things that couldnt be suppressed with strength!

“Big Sister Liuyun, rest for a while!” Meanwhile, Nan Shuang suddenly arrived by Ye Liuyuns side, and there was pain in her eyes as she gazed at Ye Liuyun.

Because it was all thanks to Ye Liuyun that Doomsday City was able to function in such an orderly manner!

Ye Liuyun glanced at Nan Shuang and smiled, “Im fine.

Go on and enjoy yourself!”

Nan Shuang shook her head, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Big Sister Liuyun, he… he will come back, right”

Ye Liuyuns figure stiffened.

A short while later, she was about to speak when a group suddenly walked into the hall.

Ye Liuyun frowned because shed given the order that no one was allowed to enter without her approval.

The group was full of familiar faces.

It included Elder Mos group from the Snow Lion Mercs, the Wolf Soul Mercs that were the first to join the Sword Alliance, and some independent cultivators.

All of them were Quasi Emperors!

Over 70 of them!

Ye Liuyuns gaze descended onto Elder Mo, “Elder Mo, whats the meaning of this”

Elder Mo and Yuan Feng exchanged glances.

In the end, Elder Mo spoke, “Counsellor Ye, were here today to find out if the Sword Master has returned.”

Ye Liuyun replied, “No, but he should be back soon!”

“Soon” Elder Mo chuckled, “Counsellor Ye, were all intelligent people.

Would anyone even believe that”

Ye Liuyun stood up slowly and looked Elder Mo in the eyes, “What do you want”

Elder Mo looked her in the eyes, “Merc Leader Ye, Ill just get straight to the point.

The Sword Master will definitely not be able to return.”

Ye Liuyuns eyes narrowed slightly, “Do you realize what youre saying”

“Of course!” Elder Mo continued, “Merc Leader Ye, wake up.

It was a Voider Realm expert.

Even though the Sword Master is extremely stronger, can he fight a Voider Since there has been no news of him for so many days, he has definitely fallen.”

“How dare you!” Nan Shuang shouted furiously, “Old Man Mo! Are you trying to revolt”

“Revolt” Elder Mo glanced coldly at Nan Shuang,Little girl, theres no place for you to speak here! Fuck off!”

“You….” Nan Shuang was about to speak when Ye Liuyun stopped her and said, “Elder Mo, just tell me why youre here!”

Elder Mo took a deep breath, and then he and the others behind him bowed slightly to Ye Liuyun, “Merc Leader Ye, a house cant be without a master, and a kingdom cant be without a king.

The Sword Alliance is without a leader, and were willing to acknowledge you as the master of the Sword Alliance!”

Nan Shuang was stunned.

She turned around to gaze at Ye Liuyun, and there was a trace of vigilance in her eyes.

Ye Liuyuns eyes narrowed slightly.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Meanwhile, Elder Mo added, “Merc Leader Ye, the World Devastator Cult, the 2 cities, and the 2 sects have suffered heavy injuries.

Its exactly the right moment for our Sword Alliance to rise to prominence.

As for those sword cultivators and Emperors, they joined the Sword Alliance because of Yang Ye.

Since Yang Ye has fallen, theyll definitely leave as well.

Merc Leader Ye, you just have to nod, and the Sword Alliance will belong to us from now on!”

Ye Liuyun asked, “All of youve been planning this for a long time”

Elder Mo replied, “Not very long.

However, Doomsday City is within our control now.

Anyone with other intentions or those who refused to agree have been restrained by us.

That includes the Phoenix Mercs and some independent cultivators.

Weve restrained all of them.

Now, it all depends on whether you agree!”

“Big Sister Liuyun….” Nan Shuang gazed at Ye Liuyun while the vigilance in her eyes grew stronger.

Because she knew that Ye Liuyun had a puppet at the Emperor Realm.

If Ye Liuyun utilized it, then even if it couldnt annihilate them, it could get both of them safely out of here.

However, Ye Liuyun hadnt utilized it!

Why Because she might have the intent to accept their offer!

Elder Mo continued, “Merc Leader Ye, lets just be frank.

Even though weve restrained most people in the city, many of them carry various different intentions.

But if you were to step forward, then Im certain that theyll support you unconditionally.

Because youre Yang Yes representative in their hearts, and your words are equivalent to his.”

Ye Liuyun clenched her fists while she seemed to be visibly moved.

Yuan Feng hurriedly spoke when he noticed this, “Merc Leader Ye, we arent betraying Yang Ye.

Hes dead, so it isnt necessary to continue waiting for a dead man, right So long as we work together, the Sword Alliance will definitely become the number one power throughout the continent in the future.

Because no power dares to offend the Sword Alliance now.

Moreover, we have 2 Divine Grade spirit veins and a Saint Grade spirit vein in the city.

So long as we stay united and work together, the continent will be ours!”

You ungrateful bastards!” Meanwhile, Nan Shuang pointed at Elder Mos group and shouted furiously, “Have you no heart If it wasnt for Yang Ye, all of you would have been crushed by the Dark Sky Sect! If it wasnt for Yang Ye, all of you would still be risking your lives every day! If it wasnt for Yang Ye, most of you would have never had the chance to advance into the Quasi Emperor Realm! Now, all of you actually intend to revolt All of you….”

“Shut your mouth!” Elder Mo suddenly roared with fury.

His gaze descended onto Nan Shuang while a trace of ferocity arose in his eyes, “You had Yang Ye backing you, so your status in the city was special, and you looked down upon us.

Weve been unable to stand the sight of you for a long time now.

Now, Yang Ye isnt here to support you, so let me see who can save you now!” As he spoke, he waved his right hand and added, “Capture her! You can do with her as you will! It doesnt matter no matter what you do!”

As soon as he gave the order, some of the Quasi Emperor Realm mercenaries behind Elder Mo started walking in Nan Shuangs direction.

Nan Shuangs face instantly turned pale.

She hurriedly gazed at Ye Liuyun, but Ye Liuyun just lowered her head slightly and remained silent.


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