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Time passed by slowly.

5 days later, Yang Ye left his cultivation room and held a meeting.

At this moment, the hall had far fewer people than before, and those missing people were naturally dead.

Yang Yes gaze descended onto Ye Liuyun, “How many participated in the revolt”

She replied, “Almost 100 Quasi Emperors and over 3,000 Saints.”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while before he said, “Well leave this matter at that.

Hows the situation at the Dark Sky Sect, Frostwind City, and the Darkwater Sect”

“Violet Thistle City has taken over the Dark Sky Sect!” Ye Liuyun continued, “Frostwind City and the Darkwater Sect have sealed themselves off.

Besides that, there has been no movement from them! Ive sent people to advise them to surrender, and they are willing to do so.

But they have conditions….”

Yang Ye said, “What conditions”

She replied, “They want it to be just like how it was with the World Devastator Cult.

They are willing to submit to us and pay 10,000 violet crystals to us every year.

However, they wont join the Sword Alliance!”

“How laughable!” Yang Ye shook his head, “They actually think that theyre still qualified to talk about conditions.” Yang Ye stood up slowly, “I think that it isnt necessary for the Darkwater Sect and Frostwind City to continue existing.”

Everyone looked up at Yang Ye while their blood boiled.

Because Yang Yes words represented that the Darkwater Sect and Frostwind City, Diamond Rank powers that had existed on the continent for 10,000 years, would be vanishing from the continent.

“Let us go!” Meanwhile, Jian Xu stepped forward.

He glanced at Dugu Jians group and said, “These little fellows lack the opportunity to fight true experts.

So, let the Darkwater Sect and Frostwind City be training for them.

Moreover, youre the master of an alliance.

It isnt necessary for you to do it yourself.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded, “Since thats the case, then Ill leave it to Senior Jian Xu.”

Jian Xu nodded, and then he gazed at Dugu Jians group, “Come with me.

The last 10 will be prohibited from bathing for a month, and youll have to strip naked and run 100 rounds around the city!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Xu, Jian Feng, and the others vanished on the spot.

Dugu Jian and the others were stunned, and then their faces became unsightly. Isnt that punishment a little too heavy


A ray of light flashed by as Huan Kong vanished into the sky.

“Huan Kong! You shameless bastard! We havent even been told to begin!” Lin Fan roared with fury and hastily chased after Huan Kong.

Meanwhile, Dugu Jian and the others had recovered from their shock.

Their profound energy surged madly as they shot out of the hall on their swords.

The others within the hall chuckled at the sight of this.

“I need some violet crystals!” Suddenly, a voice resounded in the hall.

Yang Ye looked towards its source and noticed that it was Jian ji.

Jian Ji said, “I intend to set up the Endless Sword Formation in Doomsday City.

Ive practically gathered everything else, and I just lack violet crystals.”

Yang Ye was delighted.

Hed almost forgotten that Jian Ji was a sword formation master and was the best sword formation master on the continent.

Yang Ye immediately asked, “How many do you need”

Jian Ji replied, “20,000!”

The expressions of everyone here changed when they heard him.

After all, 20,000 was an astronomical figure to them! Yang Ye was slightly stunned as well.

Even though he had over 100,000 violet crystals, it didnt represent that he could treat them like rocks.

After all, the Sword Alliance would definitely require a huge number of violet crystals for other things as well.

Jian Ji added, “If its set up successfully and has your sword intent at its core, then we can even hold off 50 Emperors! If you ceaselessly provide your sword intent to the formation, then even 100 Emperors would dare not enter the formation.”

“Its that strong” Yang Ye was astounded.

After all, if it was 100 Emperors, then even he would have no choice but to flee before them.

If he was surrounded by them, then only death would await him unless Qiong Qi came out and took him away.

It couldnt be helped because 100 Emperors could tire him to death!

Jian Ji replied, “It wasnt that strong, but it would be that strong once it has your sword intent.”

This time, Yang Ye didnt hesitate and flicked a spatial ring over to Jian Ji, “There are 30,000 violet crystals there.

If there are extras, just keep them for your own cultivation!”

Jian Ji glanced at Yang Ye and didnt refuse it.

He took the spatial ring, turned around, and left the hall.

Yang Ye said, “Everyone besides Liuyun can leave now!”

All of them bowed slightly to Yang Ye before leaving the hall.

Yang Ye said, “I intend to enter into closed door cultivation to consolidate my foundation.

Just like before, you manage all internal affairs during this period.

Senior Jian Xu will manage the external affairs.”

As he spoke, he waved his right hand and 11 Sword Servants appeared before Ye Liuyun.

Yang Ye said, “Emperor Realm puppets arent very useful to me, but they are very helpful to you.

Right, Ill keep 2 to protect Nan Shuang, and you can make arrangements for the rest.”

“Why do you trust me so much” Ye Liuyun looked Yang Ye in the eyes and suddenly asked such a question.

Yang Ye and her didnt know each other before this, and it was even to the extent that theyd clashed.

However, Yang Yes trust in her since she joined the Sword Alliance was simply incomparable to anyone else.

Yang Ye smiled, “Do you want to hear the truth or a lie”

Ye Liuyun replied, “The lie first!”

Yang Ye said, “Because I think that youre an extremely principled person.

So, how could you possibly do something like betraying me”

She glanced at him and asked, “What about the truth”

Yang Ye replied, “Because Im strong.

Im so strong that I dont fear betrayal from you, and Im so strong that you wouldnt dare to betray me!”

Ye Liuyun was stunned, and then she lowered her head slightly.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “That was in the past.

Now I trust you because I treat you as one of my own.

So, you dont have to treat yourself as my subordinate because I never have.”

She looked up at him, and a short while passed before she cracked a smile, “I understand.

Cultivate swell, just leave the Sword Alliance to me.”

Yang Ye nodded.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Have you found the World Devastator Cults location”

Ye Liuyun shook her head, “No one knows where their base is.

As for those Emperors whod come to attack, all of them are dead.

However, Ill continue sending our forces to investigate.”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He pondered deeply for a long while before he said, “Let Senior Jian Xus group do the investigating.

Its too dangerous for all of you to do it.

Even though many of its Emperors have fallen, we dont know if they still have the strength to fight.

In short, use all our networks of information and take strict precautions.

We cant be careless.”

Ye Liuyun replied, “I will.

Right, Ive established an intelligence department in the Sword Alliance, and Cang Lan is managing it.”

Yang Ye smiled, “You can make the decisions for that.”

Ye Liuyun glanced at him and said, “If my strength surpasses you or becomes almost on par with you one day, and then I revolt….

Youll definitely be finished.” She was practically managing everything in the Sword Alliance, and the appointment of many to their respective positions had been done so under her orders.

So, it could be said that if her strength was on par with Yang Ye, then she had at least an 80 or 90% chance to succeed at revolting!

Yang Ye smiled, “Then Ill work hard on getting stronger so that you can never revolt!”

“Thats for the best!” She exchanged glances with Yang Ye and smiled once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye returned to his cultivation room once Ye Liuyun left.

He sat cross-legged on the ground and waved his right hand.

A few hundred violet crystals appeared around him, and then they started to burn up before countless strands of spirit energy surged out madly.

The agreement of 3 years!

Hed never forgotten the 3 year agreement hed made with Lady.

But he knew that he had to become extremely strong to fulfil it.

How terrifying was Ladys strength It could be said that he couldnt defeat her even now.

So how terrifying was that expert whod defeated Lady

If he went to fulfil the agreement without powerful strength, then he wouldnt be going there to fulfil the agreement, he would be going there to die!

Besides that, he hadnt forgotten about the Radiant Dimension.

Yu Wushuang, Lu Waner, White Deer Academy, and the others were there.

They were definitely waiting for him.

Moreover, the Alliance of Guardians there wasnt something he could resist right now.


He needed powerful strength to protect the people in the Radiant Dimension, and only then could he help Lady.

Otherwise, all of them in the Radiant Dimension would die, and Lady would die as well!

Besides that, he hadnt obtained the Stellar Sword Diagram yet.

He didnt have much time!

The important matter at hand was to consolidate his foundation.

Because only then could he charge into the Quasi Emperor Realm and the Emperor Realm!

Cultivation was a never-ending process.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Many things had occurred throughout Dark Hell Continent during this month.

Frostwind City and the Darkwater Sect had been destroyed, and they were taken over by the Sword Alliance.

Besides the clans and powers that remained secluded from the world, only the Sword Alliance and Violet Thistle City remained throughout the continent.

Especially the Sword Alliance, its speed of development could simply be described as being at the speed of sound.

After it crushed Frostwind City and the Darkwater Sect, the Sword Alliances reputation hit its peak.

Countless sword cultivators and independent cultivators were drawn by its reputation and requested to join the Sword Alliance.

However, the Sword Alliances requirements had become strict now.

It only accepted Quasi Emperors, and it had to be Quasi Emperors with extremely good natural talent.

It could be said that the Sword Alliances influence was even greater than the World Devastator Cult now.

But its true leader, Yang Ye, seemed like hed evaporated into thin air, and he hadnt shown himself all this time.

In the blink of an eye, over 2 months had passed, and the Sword Alliance was growing larger and larger.

Presently, Ye Liuyun was managing everything in the Sword Alliance.

As for its leader, Yang Ye, some had almost forgotten him.

Especially those whod just joined the Sword Alliance because theyd never met him!

Outside Yang Yes cultivation room.

Ye Liuyun would sit outside in silence for a long time, from time to time.

She could be said to possess the greatest authority in the Sword Alliance, and just a single word from her could decide the fate of countless people.

But she, even more so than anyone else, was very well aware that the true leader of the Sword Alliance was the person in the cultivation room, Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was its Sword Master, and he was her Sword Master.

Or perhaps, he should be called her friend!

Another month passed.

One day, Ye Liuyun came to the room just like she always did.

Suddenly, the door opened slowly.

Ye Liuyun was stunned when she saw this, and then she was delighted and walked in.

However, she was stunned when she entered because it was completely empty!

She glanced at the surroundings, and it didnt take long for her to notice a row of words on the floorboard —Ive gone to search for something! Dont worry about me!


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