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Yang Ye was flabbergasted.

After all, how could he possibly insult himself

However, right when it was about to arrive in front of Yang Ye, a strand of sword energy tore through the air and shattered her sword energy.

Yang Ye gazed at the man on her left whom she addressed asSecond Brother because he was the one whod shattered her sword energy.

The man glanced at her and said, “Youxuan, stop causing trouble.”

The woman glanced at him with displeasure and said, “Second Brother, why are you helping an outside.

Besides that, he insulted the person that you idolize as well.

Arent you going to teach him a lesson”

“I idolize Yang Ye, but that has to be done with reason!” He continued, “Just look at yourself.

You wont even allow others to say anything about him.

How can you do that”

“Why not” She glared at him, “Let me tell you that if anyone dares to speak ill about Yang Ye, then Ill kill that person!” As she spoke, she turned to look at Yang Ye, “You have to apologize, or Ill kill you!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Her second brother was about to say something when she suddenly glared at him, “Lin Erlang, help him again and Ill tell sister-in-law that you were flirting with other women!”

“You!” The man called Lin Erlang glared at her, “You little girl! Are you trying to get your second brother killed”

Lin Youxuan grunted coldly, and then she turned around to look at Yang Ye before drawing her sword, “Are you going to apologize or not”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and didnt know whether to laugh or cry. What the hell She wants me to apologize to myself

“Just apologize!” Meanwhile, Lin Erlang gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Youre not a sword cultivator, so youre unaware of Yang Yes status in our hearts.

Not to mention Youxuan, even I didnt really like it when you spoke like that about him.”

Yang Ye asked with slight curiosity, “His status in your hearts”

Lin Erlang replied, “2 experts with sword intent above the Void Rank have appeared here throughout the history of Dark Hell Continent.

One was Senior Jian Wuji, and the other is Yang Ye.

If he merely possessed strength, then we would just envy him and respect him at most.

However, he isnt just strong, hes even acting on behalf of us, sword cultivators.

Have you heard about that goal of his”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “His goal”

Lin Erlang nodded, “I heard that his goal is to allow sword cultivation to rise once more in the world, and to make the universe respect us sword cultivators….”

Lin Erlangs face was filled with respect and admiration when he spoke up to this point, and there was fervor and adoration in his eyes.

It wasnt just Lin Erlang, Lin Youxuan and the other man were the same.

Yang Ye fell silent.

He hadnt expected that something hed casually said that day would actually make these sword cultivators idolize him like this.

Especially that little girl, she was simply too fervent!

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while, and then he glanced at them and said, “All of you are heading to Doomsday City to join the Sword Alliance”

Lin Erlang nodded, “Supposedly, he frequently shares his experience within the sword cultivators of the Sword Alliance.

Theres definitely something special about him since he was able to attain sword intent about the Void Rank, and we intend to learn from him.

Moreover, almost all the most outstanding sword cultivators of the continent are gathered in the Sword Alliance, so Im confident that well definitely be able to obtain great gains by going there!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Going there really will be very helpful to all of you!”

Lin Erlang sized up Yang Ye and said, “Brother, may I know your name”

“Ye Yang!” Yang Ye smiled, and then he pointed behind himself, “Just go straight in that direction and youll arrive at Doomsday City.”

“Thank you!” Lin Erlang cupped his fists, and then he gazed at Lin Youxuan and said, “Lets go!”

Lin Youxuan spoke with displeasure, “He hasnt apologized!”

“Stop it!” Lin Erlang revealed a stern expression.

He was no fool.

This fellow, Ye Yang, had been able to remain so calm and composed even when facing 3 Quasi Emperors, so he knew that fellow was either absolutely brave or possessed absolute strength.

Even though he wasnt afraid, it truly wasnt necessary to offend someone for such a trivial matter.

Meanwhile, the man on Lin Youxuans right spoke abruptly, “Youxuan, lets go!”

“Lin Dalang, Lin Erlang, you… both of you….” Lin Youxuan hadnt expected that both her older brothers would refuse to help her, and she instantly felt extremely wronged, causing her eyes to become moist.

Lin Erlang and Lin Dalangs hearts were instantly melted when they saw her act like that.

Especially Lin Erlang, he even revealed a trace of guilt.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly got off the white horse and walked over to Lin Youxuan, “You really look up to Yang Ye”

She glared at him and remained silent.

Yang Ye chuckled, “Actually, I really look up to him as well!”

Lin Youxuan said, “Really”

“Of course!” Yang Ye spoke seriously, “Just think about it.

Hes so strong at such a young age, and hes so handsome as well.

If I didnt look up to him, then who would I look up to”

Lin Youxuan sized up Yang Ye and said, “Actually, youre still not bad!”

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he sat back on his white horse, “Farewell.” As soon as he finished speaking, the white horse dashed towards the distance.

Meanwhile, Lin Dalang spoke abruptly, “His strength isnt bad!”

Lin Erlang nodded with agreement.

“What do you mean” Lin Youxuan grunted, “There are numerous fellows like him in our Veiled Region!”

Lin Dalang and Lin Erlang exchanged glances and smiled.

It didnt take long for the siblings to shoot towards Doomsday City on their swords.

Yang Ye hadnt stopped after this incident and traveled at full speed.

On the 3rd day, he arrived at Oceanview City.

Oceanview City was built by the ocean, and that ocean was Sword God Ocean.

It could be said that hed stepped into the area that was cursed for sword cultivators.

Yang Ye didnt dare to be careless.

As soon as he arrived at Oceanview City, hed restrained his sword intent within him and concealed himself with the Sword Domain so that he didnt have the aura of a sword cultivator at all.

Snowy stood on his shoulder as she pointed at the city in the distance while blinking incessantly.

She seemed to be telling him to hurry over there.

Yang Ye rubbed her head and gazed at the city.

There was a trace of surprise in his eyes because the city actually had a Divine Grade spirit vein! The spirit energy in the city was so dense that it could even be sensed from outside the city.

Since there was a Divine Grade spirit vein there, it represented that there was definitely a power in control of the city.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before turning around and heading to the coast.

His objective was the ruins of the Sword Gods palace!

Once he arrived there, he noticed that there were quite many people here.

Some were in groups, and some were all alone.

The weakest amongst them was a Quasi Emperor, and there were even around 10 Emperors.

Are they all heading to the ruins Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he looked towards the distance.

He could only see an endless ocean until the end of his vision, and there was no island at all.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

In the end, his gaze descended onto a woman who stood not too far away.

She wore black tight-fitting clothes, a black cloak, and a gauze veil, causing her appearance to be completely obscured.

Even though her face was concealed, her figure was extremely good.

Especially the curves of her body under those tight-fitting clothes, they were absolutely hot.

She seemed to have noticed Yang Yes gaze and suddenly turned to look at him.

Yang Ye nodded slightly to her.

She glanced at him and nodded in response.

When he saw that she didnt act coldly towards him, Yang Ye walked over and said, “Ye Yang!”

She gazed at him for a short while and said, “Yun Banqing!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced at the people in the surroundings and asked, “Miss Yun, what are they doing here”

Yun Banqing replied, “They are waiting for the Imperial Oceanic Shuttle of Oceanview City!”

“An Imperial Oceanic Shuttle” Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why are they waiting for it”

She glanced at him and said, “Are you heading to the ruins of Sword Gods Palace”

Yang Ye nodded, “I am!”

She asked, “How will you get there without an Imperial Oceanic Shuttle”

Yang Ye replied, “I can fly!”

The corners of her eyes twitched, “Is this your first time here”

Yang Ye nodded again.

Yun Banqing said, “No wonder….” She pointed at the ocean and said, “This ocean is the territory of the oceanic demon beast clans.

There are countless Quasi Emperor Realm demon beasts in the ocean.

Besides that, there are quite a few Emperor Realm demon beasts as well.

Youre tired of living if you want to fly over the ocean.”

“So there are demon beasts!” Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment and said, “That Imperial Oceanic Shuttle can resist those demon beasts”

Yun Banqing shook her head and said, “It cant.

However, it belongs to Oceanview City, and Oceanview City seems to have formed some sort of agreement with the oceanic demon beast clans, and the oceanic demon beasts dont attack Oceanview Citys shuttles!”

“So thats why!” Yang Ye nodded.

He wasnt afraid of those demon beasts, but he wouldnt fly over like a fool.

Because choosing to fly over would definitely bring him endless trouble!

Suddenly, Yun Banqing looked towards the distance and said, “Shes here!”

Yang Ye noticed that Yun Banqing had a solemn expression on her face.

It wasnt just her, everyone else here had solemn expressions on their faces.

Yang Ye looked along their gazes and turned around.

He saw a woman walking towards a huge smooth rock by the coast.

She wore a linen dress, and it was covered in patches.

Especially the path near her stomach, it was exceptionally striking because it was truly too huge.

It practically covered her entire stomach.

She wore a pair of straw sandals, and they were clearly quite old.

Because the edges of the straw sandals had practically been rubbed off.

She had no makeup on, but her face was extraordinarily beautiful, and she would definitely be a peerless beauty if she did put on some makeup.

It didnt take long for her to arrive at the huge rock, and then she sat up straight on it.

She faced the ocean and sat there motionlessly like a statue.

Yang Ye noticed that her eyes were closed since she arrived here.

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Yun Banqing, and he asked, “Who is she”

Yun Banqing remained silent for a long time before she spoke, “No one knows who she is….

We call her Blind Maiden because she had never opened her eyes.”

Blind Maiden Yang Ye blinked and was stunned on the spot.


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