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Yang Ye suddenly chucked when he saw that they were stunned, “I was joking.

Im actually a Quasi Emperor!”

Their expressions returned to normal upon hearing that.

Lin Huang said, “Of course.

How could anyone in this world dare to come to Sword God Island while just at the Saint Realm Right, I almost forgot the Sword Alliances master, Yang Ye.

He can with the strength he possesses.

Unfortunately, he wouldnt dare to come to Sword God Island no matter how brave he is.

Brother Ye, dont you think so too”

Yang Ye smiled, “Perhaps!”

Lin Huang glanced at Yang Ye and smiled, “Brother Ye, you should have heard of Yang Ye, right”

Yang Ye nodded, “I have!”

Lin Huang asked, “They say he can kill Emperors with ease while at the Saint Realm.

Do you think its true or exaggerated”

Yang Ye replied, “It should be true!”

Lin Huang shook his head, “Thats wrong! Perhaps he can kill Emperors, but he absolutely cant do it with such ease as the rumors say!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

“Because Ive fought an Emperor while at the Saint Realm!” Lin Huang glanced at Yun Banqing while he spoke and continued, “Its impossible to make up for the gap between Emperors and Saints with external sources of strength.

When I fought that Emperor, the aura of that Emperor was almost impossible to resist.

However, I exchanged over 100 blows with that Emperor.”

When he spoke up to this point, he shot another glance at Yun Banqing and continued, “Of course, Emperors arent anything great to me right now….”

Yang Ye glanced at Lin Huang and Yun Banqing.

In the beginning, hed wondered if hed been exposed.

Otherwise, why would Lin Huang be constantly speaking about him Now, he understood that Lin Huang was going around in a circle to speak about himself!

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath, and he just shook his head and sped up.

Yun Banqing glanced at Lin Huang and said, “Young Master Lin is a rare peerless genius on the continent for being able to fight Emperors at the Quasi Emperor Realm.”

Lin Huang spoke humbly, “Not at all.

There are countless geniuses on the continent, and a genius like me is just ordinary!”

“Brother Lin, wouldnt we just be pieces of trash if you say that” Meanwhile, a black robed man glanced at Yun Banqing and smiled, “Miss Yun, Brother Lin is actually trying to keep a low profile.

He isnt just able to fight Emperors, he can kill them.

Hes the number one genius in our Gold Prefectural City, and hes one of the greatest geniuses in the history of our city!”

Yun Banqing glanced at Lin Huang and said, “Young Master Lin possesses extraordinary strength, and hell definitely be an overlord on the continent in the future!”

Lin Huang grinned when he heard her and said, “Miss Yun, youre too kind!” As he spoke, he glanced at the surroundings and said, “Miss Yun, the city isnt very safe.

Why dont you stay with us from now on Well be able to look out for each other like that.

Dont worry, youll definitely be safe with us!”

Yun Banqing didnt answer him.

She gazed at Yang Ye instead and said, “Brother Ye, what do you think”

Lin Huangs face stiffened slightly at the sight of this, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Of course, Brother Ye is Miss Yuns friend, so you naturally may stay with us as well!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Ive grown too accustomed to freedom.

Im not really suited to grouping up with others!”

Meanwhile, the black robed man suddenly spoke indifferently, “Allow me to be honest, based on the strength you possess, you might die here at any moment.”

“Brother Yu Mo, how could you say that” Lin Huang glanced at the black robed man and said, “Everyone has their own decision.

Since Brother Ye likes to be alone, then why force him” He gazed at Yun Banqing when he spoke up to this point, “Miss Yun….”

Yun Banqing said, “Brother Lin, I thank you for your kind intentions, but Ive decided to go with Brother ye!”

Lin Huangs face froze when he heard her, and it was quite unsightly as well.

A short while passed before he said, “Miss Yun, Im sure youve realized how dangerous Sword City is.

There are all sorts of people here, and youre a woman.

If Im to be honest, Brother Ye might not be able to protect you.

Not only would your safety be guaranteed by our side, you will even get a share if we obtain any treasures in the ruins of Sword Gods Palace!”

Yun Banqing shook her head slightly and said, “I appreciate your kindness, Brother Lin.

However, Ive still decided to go with Brother Ye!”

Meanwhile, Yu Mo said, “Miss Yun, why refuse Brother Lins good intentions”

Yun Banqing glanced at him and said, “Why try to force me against my will”

Yu Mos eyes narrowed slightly, “Miss Yun, let me be frank.

Both of you will probably not last 2 hours without our protection! As for you, Miss Yun….”

“Forget it!” Meanwhile, Lin Huang suddenly said, “Since Miss Yun has made her decision, then I wont say anything about it.

Its getting dark and both of you dont have a place to say.

How about you rest with us for the night, and then leave in the morning”

Yun Banqing glanced at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Forget it.

Well just find somewhere to rest!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye gazed at Yun Banqing and said, “Lets go!” He turned around and walked away once he finished speaking.

He, Yang Ye, wasnt one who liked the charity of others!

Yun Banqing bowed slightly to Lin Huang, “Young Master Lin, thank you for your help.

Ill definitely repay your kindness in the future!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left with Yang Ye.

Lin Huangs eyes narrowed slightly as he watched them leave.

Meanwhile, Yu Mo spoke coldly, “That woman really doesnt know whats good for her.

That guy as well.

I really want to kill him.

What the **! I gave him some face and he thought highly of himself”

Lin Huang withdrew his gaze and said, “Dont worry, theyll come back to look for us soon!”

Meanwhile, the Emperor in their group spoke abruptly, “That man isnt ordinary.

We have to be careful!”

Lin Huang gazed at the old man, “Why do you say so, Elder Yun”

The old man shook his head slightly, “Intuition!”

Lin Huang chuckled, “Dont worry, I wont underestimate my opponent! Since he was able to get here, he definitely has some ability.”

Elder Yun nodded and didnt speak further.

Lin Huang said, “Lets go!”

“All of you head back first.

Im going to inquire about something.” Yu Mos figure vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Lin Huang hesitated for a while before turning around and leaving.

At this moment, the sky was gradually turning dark.

Yang Ye and Yun Banqing were still walking slowly on the streets, and their shadows grew longer and longer behind them beneath the faint light in the city.

Yun Banqing said, “Im sorry!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Why”

She spoke softly, “He acted against you to attract my attention.

Now, he might even bear a grudge against you.”

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “That fellow, Lin Huang, clearly likes you.

Im quite curious why he would act like that when he hasnt even seen your actual face”

She gazed at him and said, “Do you think Im beautiful or ugly”

Yang Ye hadnt expected her to ask this question and was stunned.

After that, he sized her up and said, “I think youre beautiful!”

Her figure was extremely good, and her eyes were clear.

Any man would think she was a beauty.

“He thinks Im a beauty as well!” Yun Banqing continued, “Many men have a strong desire to possess women.

Some use honest methods to pursue a woman, but some would use force, and some would even play tricks.

He played tricks from the start, and then tried to use honest methods.

Now, he might try to use force.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “He played tricks What do you mean”

Yun Banqing stretched out her hand and combed the beautiful hair by her ear, “I encountered some trouble when I entered the city, and then he came to help.

Unfortunately, his acting was too bad.”

Yang Ye said, “He was behind it”

She nodded.

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Youre quite good!” After all, she knew that it was Lin Huangs plan, yet she maintained her composure and was able to act courteously when dealing with Lin Huang.

So, such mental strength and wisdom….

Yun Banqing remained silent for a long time, and then she said, “I was born in the Yun Clan.

While Im the daughter of the current patriarch, I have no status in the clan, and no one treats me like a Young Miss of the Yun Clan.

If I didnt learn to be careful, then I might have died a long time ago.”

She glanced at Yang Ye and continued, “In the past, they refused to let me cultivate, yet they didnt stop me from learning the management of the clans internal affairs.

Because they felt that no matter how great my skills at management were, I would be useless without strength.

That was an opportunity for me, an opportunity to live.

The management of the Yun Clans internal affairs grew better and better under my hard work, and some of its businesses in the Veiled Region started to grow larger and larger.

So, they didnt do anything when they found out that Id been cultivating in secret.

Besides that, practically all the skilled individuals within the Yun Clan throughout the last dozen or so years were promoted by me.

Most of them are even my trusted subordinates.”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Youre trying to tell me that youre worth something, right”

She gazed at him and remained silent.

Yang Ye continued, “You want me to save your mother and younger brother.

Besides that, youre afraid that Ill suddenly abandon you here, right”

She pondered deeply for a short moment before she nodded.

Yang Ye said, “Miss Yun, you need my help, and I need you help as well.

Our alliance can be said to be one where we are helping each other.”

Yun Banqing shook her head slightly, “Im insignificant to you.

But my mother and younger brother will definitely die without your help.

Even I would die as well.”

She raised her head and looked at Yang Ye in the eyes before she continued, “Besides my skill in management, theres nothing else I have that you might attach importance to.

If there is something else, then its this body of mine.

If you want it, you can take it at any time.”

As she spoke, she raised her hand and removed the veils he wore on her face.

Her skin was snow white, her face was like a rose in full bloom, and her exquisite features were practically perfect.

Even Yang Ye whod seen many peerless beauties in his life couldnt avoid feeling his breath being taken away when he saw her face!

Suddenly, a man walked out from a distant corner, “Tsk, tsk.

Brother Lin was right; you really are a beauty.

Hi gaze really is discerning!”

It was none other than Yu Mo!

Yu Mos gaze descended onto Yun Banqing, and the greed in his eyes wasnt concealed at all.

Yun Banqing glanced at Yu Mo, and then she put the veil back on before moving behind Yang Ye.

Yu Mos gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and he smiled, “Im a very benevolent person.

So, dont say that I never gave you a chance.

Ill give you 3 breaths of time to vanish from my sight.

Otherwise, Ill teach you what the word death represents!”


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