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Who do you think you are!

Everyone here was stunned upon hearing Yang Ye.

Especially Lin Huang because he hadnt expected Yang Ye to dare speak in such a way! Once he recovered from his shock, Lin Huangs face immediately became gloomy, “Was I too courteous to you that you think Im someone you can just bully with ease”

Yang Ye took 2 steps forward and arrived in front of Lin Huang, “Move aside”

Lin Huang started laughing from extreme rage, “Get past me if you can!”

As soon as Lin Huang finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly slammed his fist at Lin Huangs stomach.


At the moment Yang Yes fist had just slammed against Lin Huangs stomach, a ray of dazzling golden light had suddenly erupted from there.

However, it merely lasted for an instant before it shattered into bits.

A mouthful of blood sprayed from Lin Huangs mouth while his figure was blasted away and slammed against the city walls.

The entire wall trembled while his figure crashed to the ground.

Everyone else here was stunned.

They hadnt expected Yang Ye to attack in an instant, and they hadnt expected Lin Huang to be incapable of even resisting Yang Ye!

Their gazes had descended onto Yang Ye, and their eyes were filled with shock. Theyre both Quasi Emperors, so why is the gap between them so huge

Suddenly, an old man appeared behind Yang Ye, and he slammed his palm at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes expression remained unchanged as he turned around and slammed his fist forward.


Yang Yes figure remained on the spot while the old man was pushed around 100m back.

The spectators pupils constricted.

It wasnt just shock that was in their eyes now, there was astonishment there.

Because the old man was an Emperor!

The old man gazed at his palm that had been twisted out of shape, and then he looked up at Yang Ye.

His eyes were filled with shock, “Who are you!”

Yang Ye didnt answer the old man.

He turned around to look at Yun Banqing, “Lets go!”

“Go Why dont the two of you just try to leave!” Meanwhile, Lin Huang suddenly stood up from the ground.

At this moment, there was no indifference and calm left on his face, and his face was covered in ferocity and madness instead.

Yang Ye glanced at Lin Huangs chest.

There was a golden armor beneath Lin Huangs damaged clothes.

It was exactly that armor which allowed Lin Huang to escape with just light injuries after suffering a punch from Yang Ye.

However, the golden armor had split apart and was on the verge of being destroyed.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and clenched his right fist slowly.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly walked forward to stand in front of Yang Ye, and she gazed at Lin Huang and said, “Young Master Lin, theres no enmity between us.

So, theres really no need to fight to the end for a small misunderstanding.

It isnt beneficial to us, and its not beneficial for all of you as well, right”

Lin Huangs gaze shot to Yun Banqing, “Miss Yun, Ill give you a chance.

Come over to my side right now and Ill let bygones be bygones!”

Yun Banqing gazed at Lin Huang for a long time, and then she moved behind Yang Ye and fell silent.

Lin Huangs face became gloomy from the sight of this, “Alright! You chose that.

So dont blame me later.” As soon as he finished speaking, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You killed Brother Yu Mo, right”

Yang Ye replied, “So thats why youre here! Yes, I did kill him.”

Lin Huangs eyes narrowed slightly.

Suddenly, he vanished on the spot, and he was above Yang Ye when his figure appeared once more.

At the same time, a spear had appeared in his grasp, and he stabbed the spear, which emanated a ghastly glow, at Yang Ye!

However, everyone was stunned again in just a moment!

Because Yang Ye had grabbed the tip of Lin Huangs spear!

Lin Huangs pupils constricted while astonishment filled his eyes.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly struck the spear.


Lin Huang spat out a mouthful of blood while his hand which grasped the spear started to crack apart, and his figure was blasted away.

Yang Ye was about to launch another attack when the old man appeared in front of him again, and then the aura of an Emperor swept down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye swung his fist!


The pressure vanished in an instant, and then Yang Yes figure shot forward like a cannonball while he swung his fist at the old man.

The old mans eyes narrowed while a trace of seriousness could be seen in his eyes.

He didnt dare act carelessly and withdrew a pitch black iron rod.

After that, he waved it horizontally at Yang Ye, but Yang Ye didnt dodge and just struck it with his fist.


The old man and his iron rod shook violently from the collision, and then the spectators watched shock as the old man moved back repeatedly.

Yang Ye didnt stop.

He stomped his right foot against the ground and shot forward before whipping his leg at the old man.

The old man was shocked, and he immediately tossed the iron rod at Yang Ye.


The iron rod was instantly blasted apart by the force carried in Yang Yes kick.

Meanwhile, the old mans figure appeared 300m away.

At the same time, another iron rod had appeared in his grasp.

Yang Ye didnt launch another attack, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Because the old mans aura was growing stronger and stronger, and a strand of violent energy was surging out incessantly from the iron rod.

Meanwhile, the old mans figure suddenly shot at Yang Ye.

Because he was too swift, numerous seemingly real afterimages were left behind in his wake.

“Rod Tornado!” The old mans voice resounded abruptly, and then countless rod images appeared in the surroundings and descended upon Yang Ye.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions resounded incessantly while the space and ground here shook violently.

As for the spectators, they moved backwards repeatedly as they were afraid of being affected by the aftershock from the collision between Yang Ye and the old man.

Yun Banqings expression was very calm instead.

Amongst all the people here, she knew Yang Yes strength the best.

Not to mention a single Emperor, even 2 more might not be able to defeat Yang Ye.


Meanwhile, a loud explosion resounded, and then the countless rod images were obliterated.

At the same time, Yang Ye and the old man appeared before the others.

They were 300m apart.

There was no difference in Yang Yes appearance, but there was an extremely striking trace of blood on the corner of the old mans mouth.

Besides that, only half of the rod in his hand remained.

The Emperor was injured instead The spectators minds went blank.

Meanwhile, Lin Huangs eyes opened wide as he gazed at Yang Ye, and they were filled with disbelief.

He hadnt expected Yang Ye to be actually capable of injuring an Emperor! After all, he knew how strong the old man was.

If he used his full strength, he could fight an Emperor for a long time, but he could absolutely not fight the old man.

There was a difference in strength between Emperors, and the old man was much stronger than ordinary Emperors!

The old man gazed at Yang Ye while an extremely solemn expression covered his face, “Who exactly are you!”


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