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Yang Ye gazed at the old man, “Can I ask you a few questions before you take my body”

“You still intend to ask questions when youre about to die” The one-armed young man spoke fiercely, “You severed one of my arms just now.

Now, Ill take both of your arms.”

He was about to attack while he spoke, but the old man stopped him, “This body is about to be mine.

I dont want him to be injured!”

The young man didnt dare to disobey the old man.

So, he grunted coldly before turning around to gaze at Yun Banqing, “Since I cant touch him, I can touch this little girl, right”

The old man said, “That depends on your junior sister!”

The young man gazed at the beautiful woman in palace attire.

Meanwhile, she revealed a smile and said, “Senior Brother, her body will be mine soon.

How could I allow you to do anything to her”

The young man glanced at her and spoke indifferently, “Didnt you like my Howling Melody Sword Ill give it to you later!”

Her eyes lit up, “Really”

The young man spoke coldly, “Would I lie”

The smile on her face grew even brighter, “Then its decided.” She glanced at Yun Banqing and continued, “However, you have to be gentle.

Dont damager her body.”

The young mans gaze descended onto Yun Banqing, and he spoke fiercely, “Dont worry, I will!”

Yun Banqings eyes drooped, and she remained silent.

Yang Ye glanced at the one-armed young man, “Only incapable men vent their anger on women.

Youre really useless!”

The one-armed young man glared even more ferociously at Yang Ye, “What did you say!”

Yang Ye replied, “I cut off your arm, so come at me if you want to take revenge! Why bully a woman”

The one-armed mans face grew extremely unsightly.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “You cant defeat me, so you intend to vent on a woman.

Isnt that a sign of uselessness The Sword Gods Palace was the number one power on the continent all those years ago, so why has it given birth to such a piece of trash like you You probably were only able to attain the Emperor Realm by pushing your cultivation up with violet crystals, right”

“I pushed it up with violet crystals” The one-armed man spoke fiercely, “You werent even born when I swept through the continent!”

Yang Ye replied, “You lived for so long yet are still an Emperor and still act like this Looks like you wasted your life!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye glanced at the others here and said, “Its the same for all of you.

Just look at yourselves! Youre like walking corpses! Sword cultivators should be unafraid of death, but all of you kept taking the bodies of others just to live, and youre all living like dogs.

To be honest, while all of you are still alive, its better to just die.”

This time, all of them had unsightly expressions on their faces.

Yang Ye continued, “I actually felt a little anticipation before this.

Because I felt that all of you who survive would at least have things that you persisted on and lines that you wouldnt cross.

But now it seems like youre just a bunch of trash, and I have no need for such trash.”

“What a joke!” The old man suddenly said, “Were trash Kid, I admit that your talent is extraordinary, but allow me to tell you that every single one of the people standing before you was an extraordinary expert that once roamed freely through the world.

Their cultivations have dropped because they seized the body of another! As for our act of taking the bodies of others… would anyone give up the chance to survive”

Meanwhile, the one-armed man laughed coldly, “You just said all that because you want to protect her.

Haha! Let me tell you that Ill take real good care of her!”

“You think too highly of yourself!” Yang Ye glanced at the one-armed man, and then he gazed at the old man, “Didnt you want to take over my body Do it!”

The old man gazed at him and said, “Seeing how youre so calm and composed makes me hesitate a little!”

A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “Are you afraid”

“Afraid” The old man chuckled for a while before he looked at Yang Ye, “Would I fear you Kid, youre definitely an extremely mentally strong person since you were able to attain sword intent above the Void Rank, and youre so calm and composed for no reason other than being very confident of yourself.

If I was just an Emperor, then I really wouldnt dare to try and take your body.

But allow me to tell you that while my body is that of an Emperor, my soul is that of a Voider.”

Yang Yes face instantly turned ghastly pale when he heard this, and there was even terror in his eyes.

The others here instantly revealed cold smiles when they saw Yang Ye react like that, and the one-armed man ridiculed, “I thought that you would be so unyielding, but arent you acting just like an ordinary person when facing death To think you had the gall to talk about us when youre afraid of death as well!”

“Its normal to be afraid of death!” The old man was smiling from ear to ear, “Kid, dont worry, I will definitely not bring shame to this body of yours.” He waved his right hand as he spoke, and the one-armed man and the others immediately moved backwards.

The old man said, “Didnt you want to ask me something earlier Come, tell me what it is.

Ill satisfy your last wish!”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man and said, “Are the Sword Gods Seal and Stellar Sword Diagram in your possession”

“So youre here for that!” The old man said, “I can tell you frankly that both of them arent in my possession.”

Yang Ye asked another question, “Then where are they”

“They are probably at the main hall.

However, no one can get in there.

No, once I take your body, and if Im able to attain sword intent above the Void Rank, then I might be able to enter the main hall!” The old man smiled, “So, you can rest in peace.

Because Ill help you get both of them!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Im not worried at all.

One last question, have you seen that expert who destroyed Sword Gods Palace”

The old man and the others expressions changed when they heard Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at them and asked, “What”

The old man stared him in the eyes and stared, “All who have are dead.”

Yang Ye nodded lightly, “I understand.

Do it.”

The old man laughed coldly.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman in palace attire spoke abruptly, “Be careful!”

The one-armed man spoke as well, “I feel that theres something strange about that kid.

Senior Brother, you have to be careful.

Dont let him turn the tables on you.”

“I refuse to believe that the soul of a Saint is stronger than the soul of a Voider!” The old man said, “As for our willpower.

Hmph! Ive cultivated until the Voider Realm, so how could my willpower be weaker than his!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old mans soul left his body and entered through the center of Yang Yes forehead.

The others and even Yun Banqings gaze descended onto Yang Ye.

Even though she was aware of the strength that Yang Ye possessed, the old man had once been a Voider!

Could Yang Ye resist a Voider that was trying to take his body

Time passed by slowly.

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes.

Yun Banqing and the others instantly became anxious when they saw Yang Ye open his eyes.

The one-armed man and the others didnt show any excitement or happiness, and they were looking vigilantly at Yang Ye instead.

Yang Ye took a deep breath while excitement and madness filled his eyes, “I succeeded, I succeeded! A new body! A perfect body! Hahaha!”

Yun Banqings eyes swiftly opened wide upon hearing him, and her face turned even paler.

As for the one-armed man and the others, they heaved sighs of relief.

The one-armed man laughed coldly, “He seemed so confident earlier that I thought he could resist you, Senior Brother.

But now it would seem like I overestimated him!”

The beautiful woman smiled, “Even though his sword intent is above the Void Rank, hes still a Saint in the end.

How can the soul of a Saint possibly resist the soul of a Voider Unless the founding ancestor was reborn, then perhaps it would be possible.”

Meanwhile, the one-armed mans gaze descended onto Yun Banqing, and he smiled with lust, “Little Girl, come, let me show you some affection!”

He was about to act once he finished speaking.

However, Yang Yes cold voice suddenly resounded, “What Is your head so full of lust that youre even disregarding your senior brother”

The one-armed man was stunned, and then he instantly came to an understanding when he saw the iron chains around Yang Yes legs.

He turned to glance at the beautiful woman, and then they nodded at each other before forming seals.

It didnt take long for the iron chains to vanish.

Once they vanished, the one-armed man started walking towards Yun Banqing.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared before Yun Banqing.

The one-armed man frowned at the sight of this, “Senior Brother, whats the meaning of this”

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the one-armed man and said, “Do you still want to leave this place”

The one-armed man was stunned, and then wild joy swept through him, “I almost forgot about that.

I presume that Senior Brother has obtained his concealment technique, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

Yang Ye nodded, and the one-armed man and the others were instantly filled with excitement. We can leave!

Theyd been trapped here for countless years, and the only reason they remained alive was to leave.

Now, they could finally do so, so how could they not feel excited

A short while passed before the one-armed man asked, “Senior Brother, how did he do it”

The others gazed at Yang Ye as well.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “The reason he was able to conceal his aura wasnt any technique, it was a type of formation.”

The one-armed man frowned, “A formation”

Yang Ye nodded, “If it wasnt for a powerful formation, do you think he would have been able to deceive that existence”

The one-armed man thought for a moment and said, “That does make sense.

That existences strength is extraordinary.

Im afraid even some Void Rank techniques wouldnt be able to deceive her at all, and perhaps only a powerful formation can accomplish that.”

He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Senior Brother, what formation is it”

Yang Ye glanced at the one-armed man and said, “The Universe Concealment Formation!”

“The Universe Concealment Formation” The one-armed man frowned, “What is that”

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman said, “Dont worry about that.

Just let Senior Brother set it up.”

The one-armed man nodded, “Right!”

Yang Ye said, “2 things are required to set up the formation.

Violet crystals and swords at the Emperor Rank, so give me all you have.

Remember, the more the better.

Otherwise, it might fail.

Once it fails, I might suffer backlash.

Moreover, it might destroy the violet crystals and swords used to set up the formation.

So, dont hide your possessions and give it all to me.

Our chance to leave this place depends on it!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Everything!”


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