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“You dont know” Yang Ye was stunned and said, “How can you possibly not know”

The black ape replied, “He isnt a demon beast from the island.

He came here from the outside world, and he has maintained human form since he arrived.

So, even I dont know what his true form is.”

Yang Ye asked, “Youve fought him”

The black ape nodded, “Theres no place for 2 tigers on a single mountain.

Since he came here, I naturally had to fight him.”

Yang Ye asked, “You lost to him while he remained in human form”

The black ape nodded once more.

A solemn expression appeared on Yang Yes face.

After all, demon beasts were at their strongest once they returned to their true form.

But that mysterious demon beast had actually been able to defeat the black ape without returning to his true form.

Such strength wasnt just slightly superior to the black ape, it was very much superior!

The black ape remained silent for a short while before he suddenly said, “Were here.”

Yang Ye stopped and looked towards the distance.

There was a mountain not too far away from them.

It wasnt very large.

Just around 1km wide and less than 3km tall.

There was something like a cave at the center of the mountain, right at its bottom.

The cave wasnt very large, and it was just around 300m wide and less than 1km high.

The black ape turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, and he said, “Let me remind you that you better not get discovered.

If he discovers you and goes after you, then I wont be able to save you.

Because my speed cant compare to his.


Yang Ye nodded, “Ill be careful.

You should be careful as well.

Dont get killed.”

The black ape grunted coldly, “Its true that Im no match for him, but it isnt so easy for him to kill me.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have allowed me to remain on the island all these years.

In our realms of cultivation, trying to kill each other would definitely result in both of them being severely injured.

Lets not talk about that anymore.

Just be careful!”

Once he finished speaking, the black ape suddenly shot forward.

As soon as he shot forward, a wave of terrifying aura surged out from within the cave.

Yang Yes heart instantly shook when he noticed the aura.

Because it was very strong and much stronger than the black ape.

Accompanying the aura was a tall and robust man who walked out of the cave.

He was much taller than Yang Ye and even much wider.

If Yang Yes figure were to be compared with his, then it would be like comparing a child with an adult.

The mans upper body was completely bare and covered in crimson stripes.

As for his face and especially his eyes, they were filled with extremely viciousness.

The middle aged man glanced at the black ape before he said, “Fuck off!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that caused the space around him and the black ape to tremble violently.

Yang Yes expression grew even more solemn.

The black ape didnt waste his breath and just slammed his fist at the middle aged man.

The viciousness in the middle aged mans eyes grew stronger, and he didnt waste his breath as well.

His figure immediately charged at the black ape.

The battle between 2 great Voider Realm demon beasts caused 2 waves of terrifying aura to sweep out towards the surroundings, and countless demon beasts on the island instantly started shivering.

Yang Ye was quite terrified by the scene of the battle.

The black apes physical strength and defenses were extremely terrifying, but the middle aged mans physical strength and defenses were even more terrifying.

His fists were swift as lightning, and it caused the black ape to be in a completely disadvantaged position.

If he were to fight the middle aged man, then he would be crippled even if he used the Phantom Shield in battle!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, took a deep breath, and then started sneaking towards the cave.

Because he had the Sword Domain to conceal his aura and coupled with the fact that the black ape was keeping the middle aged man busy, so Yang Ye was able to enter the cave without encountering any problems.

The cave was huge and even the black ape could fit in it after returning to his true form.

However, the cave was completely pitch black without even a speck of light, and it felt gloomy and cold.

Yang Ye didnt dare speed up.

Because if he moved too quickly and caused a commotion, then it would be game over for him.

The cave wasnt level, and it descended downwards instead.

Yang Ye went downwards all the way.

There was no light in the cave, so it just happened to be suitable for his Laws of Darkness.

Yang Ye had a vigilant expression on his face.

Because this place was quite strange, so he didnt dare act carelessly at all.

Yang Ye was quite surprised by how deep the cave was because hed been walking for almost 15 minutes, yet he still hadnt reached the end of it.

Not only had he not reached the end of it, there wasnt even a speck of light in here.

So, Yang Ye couldnt help but speed up.

After walking for around an hour, a little bit of white light appeared in the distance.

Yang Ye was delighted at the sight of that light, and he sped up.

The light ahead grew larger and larger as he traveled forward.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive at the end of the path, and then he was stunned.

There was a pool made of unknown metal in the distance.

It wasnt large, and it was only around 300m in both length and width.

The pool was floating in midair while 4 translucent crystal tubes stood beneath it.

The tubes stretched down below the surface, and energy that was in liquid form would frequently rise from the tubes and converge at the pool.

Besides that, there was a huge crystal tube above the pool.

It was extremely long, and Yang Ye felt that it probably extended through the entire mountain.

Just like the 4 tubes below the pool, pure energy frequently descended from the huge tube.

Yang Yes gaze descended onto the center of the pool.

The pool was full of pure energy of all colors, and they were extremely pure to the point theyd almost turned solid.

Not only that, some had even mutated slightly.

For example, the energy of earth was usually earthen yellow, but the energy of earth within the pool was golden.

Yang Ye clenched his fists tightly while a trace of excitement arose in his eyes.

His intuition told him that if he absorbed the pure energy here, then it would be extremely likely for his body to advance to the Epoch Realm.

Even if he failed to advance, his body would definitely grow much stronger!

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly emerged from his chest.

Snowy looked around before her gaze locked onto the pool in the distance.

Her figure instantly shuddered upon laying eyes on it, and then she intended to fly over to the pool.

However, Yang Ye grabbed her in his arms.

Snowy turned around to look at Yang Ye, and then she started pointing at the pool with all her might.

Moreover, she even tried to struggle free from Yang Yes embrace while pointing at the pool, and her little face was covered in excitement.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Not now!”

Snowy blinked, turned around, and then started rubbing her head gently against the center of Yang Yes palm.

Besides that, she frequently kissed his hand while pointing at the pool.

Yang Ye was quite amused.

He shook his head and spoke softly, “Not now!”

Snowy looked up at Yang Ye and pursed her lips while an aggrieved expression covered her face.

Moreover, mist started to form in her eyes, and it seemed like it would rain at any moment.

Yang Yes heart couldnt help but soften when she acted like that, and he hurriedly kissed her head and said, “Its very dangerous right now.

Lets take a bath in it once its safe, alright”

Snowy quickly stretched out her claw.

Yang Ye smiled, took it in his hand, and squeezed it lightly.

Snowy immediately revealed a brilliant smile.

Yang Ye said, “Hide for now.

Ill let you know once its safe.


Snowy nodded, glanced at the pool, and then stuck out her pure white tongue and licked her lips while reluctance filled her eyes.

After that, she turned around to glance at Yang Ye and started waving her claws.

Yang Ye rubbed her head and smiled, “Ill definitely remember to tell you once its safe!”

Snowy flew over to Yang Ye, rubbed her head lightly against Yang Yes nose, and then waved her claws about for a moment.

Yang Yes heart felt warm, “Ill be careful.

Dont worry.”

She nodded, and then she transformed into a ray of light that entered the pocket of space on Yang Yes chest.

Yang Ye didnt take the pool right away, and he sized up the surroundings incessantly instead.

Once he confirmed that there were no formations or danger in the surroundings, his figure shot up into the air above the pool.

He gazed at the pure energy within the pool for a short while, and then he waved his right hand.

The energy within the pool was instantly stored within his spatial ring.

Yang Ye hadnt taken the whole pool with him.

So long as the pool remained, the formation would work; so long as the formation was working, the pool would one day be filled again.

If he took the pool, then the formation here would be damaged.

Even though he was selfish, he wasnt without virtue.

After he took the energy within the pool, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings before heading back the same way he entered the cave.

Yang Ye sped up, and it didnt take long for him to emerge from the cave.

At this moment, the black ape was still in battle with the middle aged man.

If the space on the island wasnt extremely strong, even the entire island would have probably been destroyed by their battle.

However, it was also because they werent fighting to the death.

Otherwise, the island might really be broken apart.

Yang Ye sent a signal to the black ape, and then he snuck into the forest.

After that, he sped up.

Suddenly, the entire ground started trembling violently.


After that, a furious roar resounded abruptly throughout the island.

He noticed! Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He didnt continue running and hid himself instead.

Yang Ye looked up towards the distance.

The black ape had left the battlefield, but his expression suddenly changed before he turned around and slammed his fist forward.


2 fists collided, and then the black ape was blasted over 1km back.

The middle aged man clenched his fists and stared fixedly at the black ape, “Hand it over!”

The black apes eyelids twitched, “What are you talking about”

“Why have you followed the ways of the humans and become so shameless” The middle aged mans face grew even more ferocious, “Ill say it one last time! Hand it over!”

The black ape clenched his fists slowly, “I refuse!”

“Then die!” As soon as he spoke, the middle aged man shot forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous loud explosions resounded in the distance.

They rumbled like thunderclaps, and they shook the hearts and minds of all who heard them.

A long time passed before Yang Ye looked up towards the distance.

The black ape had returned to his true form.

His figure was like a small mountain, but the middle aged man was still in human form.

However, he was still pushing the black ape back repeatedly.

Besides that, Yang Ye was able to clearly discern that the middle aged mans eyes didnt just carry viciousness, there was killing intent within them as well!

The middle aged man didnt hold back at all.

Every single one of his punches slammed hard against the black ape, causing the black ape to be pushed back repeatedly even after hed returned to his true form.

Yang Yes face fell.

Because he noticed that the black ape was about to lose.

Now, there were 2 paths before him.

The 1st was to leave, and the 2nd was to stay behind and help the black ape!

If he left, then so long as he didnt expose himself intentionally, his ability in concealment would make it impossible for even the middle aged man to find him.

But if he helped the black ape, then based on the middle aged mans strength, it was very likely for him to be crushed while he couldnt use his sword!




Meanwhile, the black ape was suddenly blasted flying by a punch from the middle aged man.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched when he saw the black apes body had cracked open, and he said, “Brother Black! Hold on! Ill get help for you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and vanished on the spot.


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