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It was a delicate hand, and it was pure white like jade.

Besides that, there was nothing special about it.

But it was exactly such a hand that made Yang Yes entire body tremble.

At the same time, his face instantly warped from extreme pain!


Rebirth Rank sword intent suddenly erupted from him, but it only took a moment for the sword intent to be suppressed back by a strand of mysterious force.

Yang Ye was astounded.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly charged at Yang Ye.

But it only took a moment for her to instantly return back to the Void Cloud Shuttle.

At the same time, she seemed like her pressure points had been struck, and she couldnt move.

She gazed towards the distance with horror, and besides terror, there was a trace of despair in her eyes.


A pillar of blood shot up into the air while Rebirth Rank sword intent surged out along with it.

Meanwhile, the mysterious force suddenly appeared once more.

Right at this moment, a ferocious expression flashed in Yang Yes eyes as his Void Rank slaughter intent and Rebirth Rank sword intent condensed swiftly before….


When both intents were brought to the brink at the same time, a terrifying wave of force instantly erupted from within him.

Meanwhile, the hands grip on his shoulder loosened, and just a light movement of it caused the energy, from Yang Yes execution of the Brink Laws, to vanish.

However, Yang Ye had seized the moment to move over 1km away.

He turned around and looked ahead.

It was a woman whod been holding him there just now, and hed even met her before.

It was that woman, Blind Maiden!

Her eyes were still closed, but Yang Ye felt that she was looking at him.

Suddenly, she stretched out her hand.

Yang Yes expression changed and hurriedly said, “I have something to say!”

As soon as he finished speaking, her hand had descended onto his shoulder.

At the same time, he felt like his body and soul were about to explode apart.

Yang Ye was shocked and hurriedly said, “The Nether Pavilion!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hand on his shoulder shook slightly, and then it vanished.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief.

He knew that hed made the right bet.

It was very likely that she was a hall master of the Nether Pavilion.

Actually, it wasnt just likely but absolutely certain.

The black ape and Yun Banqing instantly heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene.

Even though they didnt know what was going on, it seemed like there might be a change in the situation.

“Who are you” Blind Maiden spoke abruptly, “Why do you know about the Nether Pavilion!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Im from the Radiant Dimension.”

“The Radiant Dimension!” She pondered deeply for a while before she stated, “Youre not a member of the Nether Pavilion.”

As she spoke, she slowly raised her hand again.

Yang Yes expression changed, and he hurriedly said, “Nether Maiden, Oblivion Maiden, Boundary Maiden, that fellow on a pig….”

Blind Maiden stopped again when she heard this, “Who are you”

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief, “Im friends with them!” It couldnt be helped; he had no choice but to depend on them.

However, he wasnt lying because while he wasnt very close to Oblivion Maiden, Boundary Maiden, and that woman who rode a pig, he really was friends with Nether Maiden.

“Friends!” Blind Maiden fell silent for a long time before she said, “What does that have to do with me”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched, “Of course its related to you.

Youre their big sister, and Im good friends with them.

So, were on the same side, right”

“Im their 3rd sister!” Blind Maiden suddenly started walking slowly in Yang Yes direction.

Yang Yes expression changed slightly, but he didnt flee.

Blind Maidens strength was something that perhaps only Lady could resist after recovering from her injuries.

It was pointless to flee or counterattack.

It didnt take long for Blind Maiden to walk over to Yang Ye, and then she suddenly stretched out her hand and tapped it against Yang Yes chest.

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists.

Suddenly, Blind Maiden withdrew her hand and said, “Energy that reverses Yin and Yang….

You have Little Nethers energy in you.

It isnt offensive, and its helping you reverse some sort of energy….

You werent lying.

You really are friends with Little Nether!”

Yang Ye relaxed his fists and said, “She really is my friend, one who has gone through life and death with me.”

Blind Maiden suddenly asked, “What are you doing here”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “I got into battle with the Alliance of Guardians in the Radiant Dimension.

It couldnt be helped.

There was no place for me there, so my friend sent me here.”

“The Alliance of Guardians” She frowned slightly, “Ants from a remote place.

If it wasnt time yet all those years ago, it would have vanished from the world a long time ago!”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

He didnt think that she was exaggerating.

Because just she alone probably had the strength to give the Alliance of Guardians a huge headache.

Meanwhile, she suddenly said, “You can leave!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and asked, “The Stellar Sword Diagram is in your possession, right”

She replied, “It doesnt belong to you!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time before he asked, “Were you the one who destroyed the Sword Gods Palace”

She shook her head slightly, “No!”

Yang Yes pupils constricted at the sight of her shaking her head, “Then….”

She didnt give him the chance to ask that question because shed vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye clenched his fists as he gazed at the spot she vanished from, and he was beyond shocked in his heart.

Hed always thought that Blind Maiden had been the one who destroyed the Sword Gods Palace, but shed denied doing so.

He naturally wouldnt think that she was lying.

Because it was completely unnecessary.

Since it wasnt her, then who

Who was it Yang Ye clenched his fists and wasnt able to return to his senses for a long time.

“You know her!” Suddenly, the centipede spoke.

Hed wanted to flee, but the problem was that he didnt dare to do so! Even though Blind Maiden hadnt targeted him, what if he drew her attention or incurred displeasure by fleeing.

He would be finished!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts when he heard the centipede, and then he turned around to look at the fellow, “What do you think”

The centipedes eyelids twitched.

He gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Human! Ill give her face and let bygones be bygones for the enmity between us.

Dont ever let me see you again!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shot towards the distance.

Yang Ye laughed coldly.

Because the centipede wasnt giving face to Blind Maiden, the centipede just didnt dare to fight him at all.

After all, he knew Blind Maiden.

In other words, he could use the sword here.

If he were to use his sword with his current strength and coupled with the fact that both the black ape and the Void Cloud Shuttle were there to assist him, then his sides strength was entirely sufficient to kill the centipede if the battle continued!

However, Yang Ye didnt want to continue fighting.

Because it was pointless, and the costs outweighed the benefits.

Even though they had the ability to kill the centipede, that centipedes strength couldnt be underestimated.

If the centipede really fought them desperately while putting his life on the line, they could definitely suffer heavy injuries.

Yang Ye walked over to Yun Banqing and asked, “Are you alright”

She shook her head, “She… she was so strong!”

Yang Ye nodded, “It isnt she who is strong, its we who are quite weak!” Presently, he was a Quasi Emperor while his body had arrived at the Epoch Realm.

It could be said that he had the strength to fight Voiders now, and even defeating Voiders wouldnt be difficult.

Just like the black ape, if he were to fight the black ape again, then he was confident in his ability to defeat and even kill the black ape!

However, when he faced Blind Maiden earlier, he knew that his current strength was sufficient to resist her at all.

Unless he utilized the Sword Precursor or Qiong Qi emerged, of course.

If he executed the true form of Heavenrend with his current strength or joined forces with Qiong Qi, then he had a chance to fight Blind Maiden!

However, it wasnt his actual strength in the end!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and laughed bitterly.

Even though it was good to be dissatisfied with his current accomplishments, being too dissatisfied was equivalent to reaching a little too far.

Now, he was reaching a little too far.

After all, nothing could be accomplished in an instant.

Once he figured it out, Yang Yes mood brightened.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing asked, “What should we do now”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and gazed at the black ape, “Brother Black, how many demon beasts are there on the island”

The black ape fell silent for a short while before he said, “I dont know the exact number.

But there should be many.

At least more than 10,000.”

More than 10,000! Yang Ye said, “Can you bring them under your control” If the black ape could do that, then it would definitely be a great thing.

The black ape replied, “You intend to take them out of the island”

Yang Ye nodded.

The black ape hesitated for a moment before he said, “Can you give up on obtaining them”

Yang Ye replied, “What are you trying to say”

The black ape answered, “Even though they fight on the island, they wont fight until one side is completely annihilated.

This is their home, and its their paradise as well.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment before he said, “Brother Black, I wont force them to come.

How about we do this Ill compensate all the demon beasts who are willing to go with me, and Ill reward them with things like Adamantium Fruits….”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye immediately stopped speaking while slight embarrassment appeared on his face.

Because those Adamantium Fruits belonged to the black ape.

The black ape glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Just treat it as a gift from me.

In any case, they arent very useful to me.”

Yang Ye replied, “Consider it as me owing you a favor!”

“As you wish!” The black ape continued, “Even if you use Adamantium Fruits as bait, the possibility of them coming with you is very slim.

Because we demon beasts dont trust you humans at all.

Moreover, this island is their home, so its truly difficult to make them leave their homes and work for you.

Even if you have the Sword Gods Seal now, its still very difficult.

Because besides some demon beasts from the older generation who still feel a connection to Sword Gods Palace, the other younger demon beasts probably dont even know who Founding Ancestor Wuji is.”

Yang Ye frowned because the black ape was absolutely right.

They were living happily here, so why would they work for him If he forced them, it would definitely make the black ape unhappy.

Losing a Voider for the sake of some Emperors and Quasi Emperors He wasnt braindead.

Moreover, he didnt want to force those demon beasts.

Suddenly, Yun Banqing spoke, “I have a method to resolve this!”

Yang Ye and the black ape immediately gazed at her.


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