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Even though he was annoyed, Yang Ye didnt dare look down upon the attack, nor did he dare to let his body resist that dagger directly.

While his body was strong, his opponents attacks werent weak.

At the very least, they could pierce his defenses! Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the Phantom Shield appeared on his back to stop the dagger.


The Phantom Shield shook violently while a wisp of scarlet red seeped out from a corner of Yang Yes mouth.

While the Phantom Shield had stopped the attack, it didnt represent that the attack didnt impact him at all.

Because even though the Phantom Shield was strong, it couldnt fully nullify all the force within the attack.

This time, the daggers owner didnt retreat, and the dagger was swung against the Phantom Shield in succession.

Meanwhile, the grey robed old man didnt stand by idly, and his saber descended like a storm towards Yang Ye.

Obviously, the grey robed old man and the owner of the dagger were furious.

Indeed, not only had the joint forces of 3 Voiders failed to deal with a Quasi Emperor, one of them had even been killed.

Regardless of whether it was the grey robed old man or the daggers owner, both of them felt extremely embarrassed and livid.

At this moment, theyd transformed those emotions into rage, and their rage was naturally burning in Yang Yes direction.

Yang Ye was even more exasperated than them.

After all, he was just a Quasi Emperor, yet his enemies had sent 3 Voiders for him! 3 Voiders!

Those were no Emperors, they were Voiders! 3 Voiders just to ambush and kill a Quasi Emperor!

That was no different than bullying him!

Just thinking about it made Yang Yes heart burn with rage, and then he started fighting desperately.

If he could inflict an injury in exchange for suffering an injury himself, then he would absolutely not dodge.

After quite some time of fighting, many mountains throughout the surroundings had been obliterated by the aftershock of their battle.

Regardless of whether it was the grey robed old man or Yang Ye, both of their bodies were covered in injuries.

However, the old mans injuries were slightly more severe, and one of his arms was gone.

Yang Ye wasnt in a much better state.

While he hadnt lost any limbs, his body was densely covered in injuries.

Some were very small, and they were naturally from the dagger.

As for those that were very large, and especially the bone-deep injury on his shoulder, those were naturally caused by the grey robed old man.

At this moment, both the grey robed old man and the assassin would absolutely not choose to shrink back.

What a joke! The first to shrink back at a time like this would be giving away the initiative to the enemy.

Of course, the reason they werent retreating was because the experts of the Veiled Region would be here soon.

So long as they bought time until those experts arrived, then Yang Ye would definitely die.

Even though they wanted to kill Yang Ye with their joint forces, they were very well aware that Yang Ye who possessed a body at the Epoch Realm and had a Void Rank defensive treasure wasnt someone they could kill right now!

They had to buy time!

Yang Ye was fully concentrated on the battle as well, but his mind was clear.

He was naturally aware that it would be disadvantageous for him to let this situation continue.

Because the reason he could fight them was that the Primordial Violet Energy within him was ceaselessly repairing his body.

So, he could fight desperately while disregarding his own safety.

But once he exhausted all the energy within him, then he would be courting death by utilizing such a method in battle!

Moreover, he was able to sense that they seemed to be trying to keep him here.

As soon as he thought of that, he realized that he couldnt allow this to continue because it was very likely that theyd called for help!

Ferocity flashed through Yang Yes eyes at the thought of this, and then Rebirth Rank sword intent appeared around him.

Next, the sword intent condensed before….


A terrifying wave of force swept out with Yang Ye at its center!

The grey robed old man was shocked when the wave of force appeared, and he held his saber in one hand as he used all his strength to swing it against the wave of force.

Meanwhile, a muffled groan resounded behind Yang Ye.

It didnt take long for the end of the muffled groan to appear 300m away behind him.


The old man was blasted away.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to shoot forward in the old mans direction.

The old man was horrified by this development.

He didnt have the strength to fight back right now, so how could he stop Yang Ye Fortunately, a dagger appeared behind Yang Ye.

But Yang Ye didnt stop because the Phantom Shield was there to stop it.

When the dagger struck the Phantom Shield, an ear piercing sound of wind being torn apart resounded abruptly.

After that, a dark gold arrow suddenly appeared out of nowhere and shot towards Yang Yes back.


A strand of blood sprayed from Yang Yes chest.

“HAHAHA! Yang Ye! Youre finished!” The grey robed old man couldnt help but roar with laughter when he witnessed this scene.

Because the experts of the Veiled Region were here.

They were here while Yang Ye was almost completely exhausted.

So, as far as he was concerned, the outcome was decided.

The grey robed old man was so filled with self-satisfaction that he hadnt noticed that Yang Ye had not stopped and was still charging at him! There was only coldness, indifference, and a trace of viciousness in Yang Yes eyes.

It didnt take long for the old mans smile to freeze.

Because hed noticed that Yang Ye hadnt stopped and was still charging at him.

While he gazed at the coldness and indifference in Yang Yes eyes, terror had arisen in his heart for the very first time.

While hed feared Yang Ye before this, he wasnt terrified.

So, he still dared to fight back against Yang Yes madness! Because he was a Voider!

Yet now, he felt terror!

The man before him was a madman, a true madman! A madman who had no regard for his own life!

“Die!” Yang Yes voice resounded abruptly as he transformed into a thread of blood red light that vanished on the spot.

He was behind the grey robed man when his figure appeared once more, and the smile on the grey robed old mans face had stiffened.

Right when Yang Ye appeared behind the grey robed old man, another arrow flashed through the air and struck Yang Ye.

At this moment, there were 2 arrows stuck in his chest!

It wasnt that Yang Ye refused to stop the arrow, he couldnt accomplish that at all, right now.

Because his concentration was fully centered on the grey robed old man.

If he tried to stop the arrow, it meant that he wouldnt be able to kill the grey robed old man.

So, he hadnt hesitated to decisively choose the old man.

As for the Phantom Shield, the profound energy he had left wasnt sufficient to activate it.

Yang Ye waved his right hand and put the old mans corpse away.

After that, he looked towards the distance and laughed with a ferocious smile on his face, “2 out of 3 are dead.

Now that 2 more have come, Ill just kill 2 more!”

Authors Note:

Many ask why I dont focus on the Sword Domain.

Allow me to explain.

If a child is given aBarrett, would that child be able to use it Even if it was possible, the recoil would probably cripple that child.

Sometimes, its not possible to use things without restraint just because you possess it.

Just like Heavenrend.

Would anyone dare to utilize it without a strong body for support

The Sword Domain is like an atom bomb.

But can you detonate an atom bomb if you were given one How many steps are needed to detonate one How much human resources are required

Besides that, Ive actually written about some of the Sword Domains abilities.

Like its ability to reproduce the Laws, suppress the Laws, suppress sword intent, and so on and so forth.

Dont get caught up in this.


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