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There was an old man in luxurious robes standing not too far away from Yang Ye, and there was a middle aged man with a bow on his back standing by the old mans side.

Both of them had extremely solemn expressions on their faces as they gazed at Yang Ye who had 2 arrows sticking out of his chest!

When they received the message that the grey robed old man and black robed old man sent back to the Veiled Region, they felt slight disdain.

Because even the joint forces of 3 Voiders had actually been insufficient to kill a single Quasi Emperor, and they wanted the Veiled Region to send reinforcements.

Yang Ye was strong, but he was just a Quasi Emperor in the end, so how strong could he be

As far as they were concerned, the grey robed old man and black robed old man were too useless.

But now, they realized that it wasnt the black robed old man and grey robed old man who were useless, it was Yang Ye who was really too terrifying.

After all, not only had he survived the joint attack of 3 Voiders, hed killed 2 of them instead.

But Yang Ye was only a Quasi Emperor right now.

So, the word terrifying wasnt even enough to describe him anymore.

They were vigilant!

They were fearful!

Theyd discarded any intent to look down upon Yang Ye, and theyd completely raised him to the level of an equal to themselves.

At this moment, Yang Ye could be said to be in quite a miserable state.

There were 2 arrows stuck in his chest while cuts covered his body.

Even his face had no less than 10 cuts on it.

Especially his right shoulder, the injury there was rather striking.

Because it was too deep to the point even the bone within was visible.

It could be said that if that attack had gone deeper, his entire arm would be gone.

“Kill him!” Suddenly, a slightly weak voice resounded.

It belonged to a woman, and it was a voice familiar to Yang Ye.

It was the voice of that mysterious assassin! A female assassin!

Yang Ye instantly frowned when he heard her, and killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Actually, she was the one he desired to kill the most.

Because she could track him, and she was an assassin who was difficult to pinpoint accurately and frequently launched lethal strikes at the critical moments in the battle.

It made him feel extremely annoyed.

But it couldnt be helped because her movement technique was too strange, and it was truly too difficult to kill her!

Fortunately, based on what had just happened, it seemed like shed been heavily injured.

Otherwise, she would have attacked and not just asked them to kill him.

Yang Ye glanced at the old man and middle aged man, and then he checked the state of his body.

It didnt take long for him to understand the state he was in.

Presently, he was heavily injured, and the violet crystals he swallowed earlier hadnt been fully absorbed.

So, there was less than 10% profound energy remaining within him.

That amount wasnt even enough to heal his injuries, let alone battle.

He couldnt go head-on against them, so he had to use his brains!

Yang Yes eyes spun about slightly when he thought up to here, and then a plan came to him.

Meanwhile, the old man and middle aged man exchanged glances, and they were about to attack.

However, Yang Ye suddenly put his sword away and raised his hands, “I surrender!”

Surrender Both of them were stunned, and shock filled their eyes.

Obviously, they hadnt expected Yang Ye to suddenly do that.

Suddenly, the mysterious assassins voice resounded, and it carried a trace of rage, “Hes buying time! Kill him!”

The middle aged man and old mans faces instantly sank when they heard her, and they were about to attack.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “Im heavily injured right now, and my profound energy has dried up.

It wont make a difference even if you give me a day, right”

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he spoke up to this point, and then he spoke in an extremely serious manner, “Im serious.

I surrender.

I want to live.”

The middle aged man and old man were slightly hesitant.

Yang Yes strength was so heaven defying, and the Sword Alliance wasnt bad as well.

So, it felt like a pretty good deal to them if Yang Ye was willing to surrender!

“Fools!” Meanwhile, the mysterious womans voice resounded again, “Hes buying time.

His recuperative abilities are extremely strong.

If hes allowed to recover, then it would be difficult to kill him even if 2 more Voiders come.


“Shut up!” Suddenly, Yang Ye shouted, “All I did was accidentally see your body! Do you have to insist on getting me killed Were enemies, so its unavoidable that I would see something during a close-quarter battle.

Yet you insist on pursuing the matter until I die.

Isnt that an embarrassment to the dignity of Voiders”

“Shameless!” The womans voice resounded again, and it carried a strand of coldness that even made the temperature of the surrounding air fall.

Meanwhile, the middle aged man and old man were quite confused. Whats going on

Yang Ye didnt give them time to think about it, and he spoke immediately, “Id intended to surrender earlier, but she refused to allow it, no matter what.

If it wasnt for her, the conflict between us wouldnt have played out to such a state.

It can be said that those 2 died because of her, and its her fault that Im in such a heavily injured state!”

Meanwhile, the old man in a luxurious robe spoke solemnly, “You really want to surrender”

“Of course!” Yang Ye spoke with certainty, “I, Yang Ye, know my limits.

My strength and the strength of my Sword Alliance is utterly insufficient to go against the entire Veiled Region.

Im very well aware that surrendering is the only way for us to survive.”

“I dont trust you!” The old man looked Yang Ye in the eyes and continued, “I dont believe that a sword cultivator who reigned supreme over the continent would be such a coward, and I refuse to believe that youre someone whos afraid of death.

The real reason you said all of that is to just buy time, right”

Meanwhile, the middle aged man had drawn his bow, and the arrow on it was aimed at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, the mysterious womans voice resounded once more, “Dont waste your breath on him! Just kill him!”

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly while the profound energy within him surged.

He was about to attack when Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “Since youve seen through my intentions, then Ill stop acting.” He withdrew a sword once he finished speaking.

The middle aged man and old man immediately became visibly vigilant when they saw him raise his sword, and they were prepared to attack at any moment.

However, Yang Ye pressed his sword against his throat instead!


He intends to take his own life

Both the middle aged man and old man were stunned.

Yang Ye gazed at them and said, “I know that todays the last day that Ill live.

I, Yang Ye, can be considered as an outstanding expert of my time, and so Im unwilling to die at the hands of others.

Once I die, I hope youll leave my body intact.

Please do allow me this final wish.

If you refuse, then Ill do everything I can to take one of you down with me!”

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “Alright!”

If Yang Ye took his own life, it would naturally be the best outcome for them.

Because they didnt want to fight him as well.

While Yang Ye was heavily injured, that final counterattack before death arrived was always the most terrifying.

As for leaving Yang Yes corpse intact Once Yang Ye died, they could decide whether they would leave his corpse intact or not.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he slowly closed his eyes while he pressed his sword lightly against his throat.

The middle aged man and old man stared fixedly at Yang Ye.

They didnt let their guards down and were fully vigilant.

They would immediately react if Yang Ye moved suspiciously in the slightest.

Meanwhile, the mysterious woman didnt make a sound as well.

They were waiting for him to take his own life!

A breath of time passed, but Yang Ye still hadnt acted.

2 breaths of time passed, but Yang Ye still hadnt done it.

It didnt take long for 10 breaths of time to pass, but Yang Ye still hadnt taken his own life.

Meanwhile, the old man couldnt help but say, “Go on! Do it!”

A moment of silence ensued before Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes to look at them, “Ive changed my mind.

I still dont want to die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and transformed into a ray of light that entered the space before him.

The middle aged man and old man were flabbergasted.

“Shameless fellow!” After he recovered from his shock, the old mans body trembled from his rage, and the middle aged man had an extremely unsightly expression on his face.

After all, Yang Ye had played them like monkeys!

The old man spoke ferociously, “Chase him!”

“How” The middle aged man spoke in a low voice, “Can you detect his aura”

The old mans face fell, and then he glanced at the surroundings, “Can….”

The mysterious woman spoke abruptly, “Fools!”

The middle aged man and old mans faces grew even more unsightly.

But they didnt dare strike back.

After all, even they didnt dare to offend her.

Because they didnt want a Voider Realm assassin to be watching them from the shadows at all times.

The old man suppressed the rage in his heart and said, “Its pointless to talk about all of that now.

Please help us find Yang Ye.

Otherwise, itll probably be extremely difficult for us to kill him once he recovers.”

After a short while of silence, the mysterious woman spoke once more, “Let me recover.” As soon as she finished speaking, she paused for a moment before she added, “His strength has far surpassed the Voider Realm.

Even the 3 of us would probably be unable to kill him.

Send word for them to dispatch even more experts here.”

The old man frowned, “More”

“Tell them to send more if they dont want to give free experience to Yang Ye! Ive notified my Slayer Pavilion, and itll take 2 hours at most for someone to arrive here.” She continued, “Besides that, tell them that if Yang Ye doesnt die, then the Veiled Region will definitely be destroyed in the future.

If he attains the Emperor Realm, therell probably be no one left in this world that can stop him; if he attains the Voider Realm, then all the powers in the Veiled Region would be ants before him!”

The old man frowned, “Is it really that serious”

“Open your eyes and look! He has killed 2 Voiders, and hes just a Quasi Emperor.

If I didnt possess a special movement technique, I would have died a long time ago!” She spoke angrily, “Tell everyone in the Veiled Region that hes the 2nd Jian Wuji.

If hes allowed to grow, then everyone in our Veiled Region can just wait for death to arrive.

Tell them to use the strength of the entire human race within the Veiled Region to kill Yang Ye! He must die!!

The middle aged man and old man exchanged glances after they heard her, and there was astonishment in their eyes.

Obviously, they hadnt expected her evaluation of Yang Ye to be so high, and theyd never imagined that he was already capable of posing a threat to the entire Veiled Region.

Even though he wasnt a threat right now, he was still a future threat!

After a short moment of silence, the old man nodded, “Ill explain it to them!”

The assassin said, “You just have to tell them that hes the 2nd Jian Wuji.

Theyll understand what to do.”


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