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“Lets go!” As soon as he spoke, his figure transformed into a ray of light that entered the expanse of space before him.

The womans figure shook and vanished on the spot as well.

Less than half a breath later, a green robed man who wore a green cloak appeared where they had been standing.

As soon as the man arrived there, Senior Yuan arrived right after.

Around 2 breaths passed after Senior Yuans arrival, and then Ye Ming and the others appeared behind him.

Senior Yuans gaze descended onto the green robed man, “Youre the Slayer Pavilions Feng Qiansha”

Ye Ming and the others were shocked when they heard him.

Feng Qiansha was extremely famous in the Veiled Region because hed once assassinated a Voider while at the Emperor Realm, and hed succeeded.

At that time, his name resounded throughout the Veiled Region.

Yet now, he was a Voider.

Most importantly, Feng Qiansha had never failed since he started assassinating!

The green robed man turned around to glance at Senior Yuan, “I never expected that even you, Old Man Yuan, would have come.

Looks like that fellow, Yang Ye, is quite a huge threat to all of you!”

Senior Yuan spoke indifferently, “It cant be helped.

Your Slayer Pavilion wasnt good enough, so we had no choice but to do it ourselves.”

The green robed man said, “We really did fail this time.

But dont worry.

Since my Slayer Pavilion has taken your payment, well definitely get you Yang Yes head.”

Senior Yuan replied, “Feng Qiansha, allow me to give you a word of warning.

He is no ordinary profounder.

He has killed 2 Voiders in head-on combat.

Moreover, he even captured that expert from your Slayer Pavilion.

If Im to be honest, not to mention you, even we arent fully confident in our ability to kill him in a frontal assault.”

“Haha….” Feng Qianshas figure vanished on the spot while his chuckle resounded here.

At the same time, his voice resounded from afar, “Old Man Yuan, Ill bring Yang Yes head to you within 2 hours from now.

We claim lives for those who pay.

My Slayer Pavilion has never broken a promise, and it wont now!”

Senior Yuan and the others expressions turned gloomy.

Because Feng Qiansha had concealed his aura.

Obviously, he didnt want them to follow him.

“That fool!” Ye Ming couldnt help but curse, “Conceited fool! Hes courting death!”

Senior Yuan shook his head and said, “He was once a genius, and he once surmounted his realm of cultivation to kill a Voider.

So, hes naturally qualified to be proud.

Now, hes a Voider while Yang Ye is just a Quasi Emperor.

As far as hed concerned, Yang Ye will definitely be unable to surmount his realm of cultivation to kill him.

Unfortunately, he has underestimated Yang Ye, terribly underestimated Yang Ye.”

Lin Xiao nodded, “If Feng Qiansha is a genius, then Yang Ye is a peerless genius.

Many geniuses might appear every 100 years, but a peerless genius might not even appear every 10,000 years.

Feng Qiansha has overestimated himself and underestimated Yang Ye.

Hes in grave danger!”

Ye Ming gazed at Senior Yuan, “ What should we do now”

Senior Yuan pondered deeply for a short while and said, “Wait!”

“Wait” Ye Ming frowned, “He cant kill Yang Ye.”

Senior Yuan replied, “Its beneficial to us regardless of whether he succeeds or fails.

If he can kill Yang Ye, its naturally for the best, but if he cant kill Yang Ye….

Hahaha! If he cant kill Yang Ye, then I think the master of Slayer Pavilion will probably act.”

Ye Ming asked, “You think that pavilion master will”

Senior Yuan said, “Its related to the Slayer Pavilions reputation, so hell definitely act.

If he doesnt, then the Slayer Pavilions reputation in the Veiled Region would be finished.

Of course, its naturally best if Feng Qiansha succeeds.”

The middle aged man shook his head, “His chances are very slim!”

Senior Yuan replied, “Send someone to watch Doomsday City.

Yang Ye might head back.

If he does, dont attack and notify us immediately.”

It didnt take long for an old man to vanish on the spot.

Senior Yuan looked up towards the distance, and his eyes narrowed, “He cant be allowed to live!”

At a mountain range over 1,000,000km away.

Yang Ye was dashing through a dense forest.

He was extremely swift to the point the ancient trees around him trembled violently, and he was like a gale that surged by.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped.

Because the mysterious woman whom hed learned was called Qian Lankong had suddenly told him that a single person was chasing after them, and he immediately stopped when he heard it was just one person.

Even though hed used the Sword Domain to learn the Laws of Space, his attainments in it were far inferior to Qian Lankong.

For example, she could sense the space in an area of 1,000,000km around her.

But he could only sense it in an area of around 250,000km.

That was quite normal because shed comprehended the Laws of Space many years ago, yet hed just comprehended it.

So, it was normal for him to be inferior to her, and he didnt mind that!

The reason he was fleeing was because 8 Voiders were moving in his direction.

He naturally had to run when facing 8 Voiders.

After all, he didnt think he was strong to the point of fighting against 8 Voiders on his own.

“Hes here!” Yang Ye had just stopped when Qian Lankongs voice resounded in his mind.

Yang Ye nodded because hed sensed that persons arrival as well.

He glanced at the surroundings, took a deep breath, and then sat cross-legged on the ground, “Ive finally lost them.” As he spoke, he withdrew a few violet crystals and started to absorb the profound energy within them.

Meanwhile, nothing happened.

Yang Ye closed his eyes while violet crystals surrounded him, and they were ceaselessly emanating spirit energy that surged towards him.

Time passed slowly, yet there was no movement in the surroundings.

It didnt take long for the sky to dim down.

Yang Ye was still seated cross-legged on the spot while a pile of violet crystals still remained around him.

They started to burn up under Yang Yes control, and they transformed into spirit energy that surged into him.

Just like that, it grew later until it was late at night.

The surroundings were pitch black.

Suddenly, a gust of wind arose.

It was very gentle, and the leaves on the ancient trees in the surroundings started to rustle softly.

Yang Ye was still seated cross-legged while absorbing spirit energy, and he didnt move at all.

Suddenly, Yang Yes hair fluttered slightly, and then he felt a light breeze.

Right when he sensed that light breeze, a dagger suddenly appeared in front of him.

Actually, it should be said that the dagger appeared in front of his throat.

It had appeared out of nowhere, and it simply seemed like it had always been there.

At the moment it appeared before his throat, Yang Yes eyes suddenly opened.

He didnt try to stop the dagger because the Phantom Shield had already appeared before his throat.

At the instant he opened his eyes, Rebirth Rank sword intent appeared before him, and then his right hand grabbed a sword that had suddenly appeared by his side before stabbing it at the area of space in front of him.



The dagger was stopped by the Phantom Shield, and a green robed man had suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye.

When the mans figure appeared, the breeze around Yang Ye had instantly vanished.

Yang Yes sword was stabbed into the green robed mans stomach.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the green robed man suddenly roared with fury.

A gale instantly arose in the surroundings, and then countless blades of win shot towards Yang Ye from all directions.

Meanwhile, the green robed mans figure transformed into a gust of wind that drifted backwards.

But right at the moment his figure drifted backwards, the space behind him suddenly rippled before a dagger appeared behind him.


The gust of wind dispersed, and the green robed mans figure appeared once more before Yang Ye.

At this moment, there was a dagger stabbed into his nape.

Meanwhile, countless rays of sword energy surged out from Yang Ye, and they instantly obliterated the blades of winds around him.

“You….” The green robed man stared fixedly at Yang Ye.

There was shock, disbelief, and a trace of sudden realization in his eyes.

Now, he naturally understood everything.

He was waiting for the best moment to strike, and Yang Ye was waiting for him to strike….

In other words, Yang Ye had noticed his arrival.

The most unbelievable part to him was the person behind him.

That person was definitely not unfamiliar to him.

Because they were from the same pavilion.

He really didnt understand why Yang Ye hadnt killed Qian Lankong and she was even helping Yang Ye kill him….

Of course, he wouldnt get the answer.

Yang Ye flicked his wrist, and a strand of sword energy pierced through the center of the mans forehead, and the color in the mans eyes instantly faded.

Yang Ye wasnt interested in wasting his breath on a dead man!

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the green robed mans spatial ring flew into his grasp.

At the same time, he put the corpse away as well.

He glanced at the spatial ring, and he noticed over 30,000 violet crystals within it.

Once Snowy finished absorbing the energy within the green robed man, he would have almost 400,000 violet crystals!


Was that a lot If it was in the past, he would think that it was a lot.

Yet now, he felt it was just alright.

After all, while 400,000 seemed to be a huge number, it would vanish in an instant if he used the Void Cloud Shuttle a few times.

Besides violet crystals, there were some miscellaneous items.

But they were beneath his notice.

Now, besides Void Rank treasures and techniques, he was really not interested in other treasures!

Yang Ye put the spatial ring away and gazed at Qian Lankong, “If we join forces, it doesnt seem very difficult to kill Voiders in an instant!”

If it hadnt been for Qian Lankong, he would probably have had to exhaust quite a bit more effort to kill the green robed man.

Because that attack of his hadnt been able to kill the green robed man.

Hed wanted to stab the green robed mans throat, but if he stabbed at the throat at that moment, it was very likely that the green robed man would have dodged his attack.

So, he had no other choice but to strike the stomach which was the closest to him!

Qian Lankong had appeared at the right time behind the green robed man when the green robed man had just started to retreat.

Actually, it should be said that she knew that he would retreat.

Coupled with the fact that shed taken him off guard, shed been able to kill him with a single attack.

In all honesty, even he would fear Qian Lankong if he didnt have the Phantom Shield!

Qian Lankong glanced at Yang Ye and was about to speak.

Suddenly, her expression changed drastically, “Leave! Leave right now!”


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