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The masked mans neck suddenly split open, and then blood sprayed out from it.

He was astounded, and he knew that something had gone wrong within him.

So, he immediately gave up on stabbing Yang Ye with his dagger and hurriedly immersed his mind into his body to suppress his blood.

The blood that Yang Ye gained control of had instantly calmed down once he started to suppress it.

However, around 10,000 swords suddenly surged out from within Yang Ye, and they instantly surrounded the masked man.

Rays of light crisscrossed throughout the surroundings.

The masked man was shocked.

His figure shook, merged into space, and vanished from the encirclement of Yang Yes swords.

However, a mysterious force suddenly appeared here at the same time that his figure vanished.

“You! This… this is a Domain….” The masked mans astonished voice resounded.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The reply he got was countless blood red rays of sword energy and a dense expanse of rays of light.

“If Im dying, then well die together!” The masked man couldnt escape while enveloped within the Sword Domain.

He couldnt conceal himself or flee.

Because he was enveloped by Yang Yes sword formation, so he could only fight to the death!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The sound of sword energy and space being torn apart resounded incessantly while blood sprayed without end.

Just like that, the battle continued for almost 15 minutes before the rays of light dispersed.

The swords fell to the ground, and then both Yang Ye and the masked mans figures appeared once more.

At this moment, there were 5 swords stuck in the masked mans body.

There was a sword on each of his limbs and his chest.

Besides that, there were countless injuries throughout his body.

Especially his chest, it was covered in numerous holes.

It seemed like hed been shot by a million arrows.

As for Yang Ye, he wasnt in a much better condition.

Not to mention those 2 injuries on his stomach and back, there even were injuries on his throat, the center of his forehead, and the position of his heart on his chest.

Fortunately, all of them werent very deep and werent lethal.

But his hands….

Presently, there was a dagger in his right wrist.

It had stabbed through his wrist.

Besides that, his shoulder had cracked open completely, and even the bones within had been cut open.

There was only a little bit of flesh and bone holding his shoulder together, and his entire arm was dangling there as if it would fall off at any moment.

The masked man was looking at Yang Ye while Yang Ye was looking at the masked man as well.

Both of them didnt attack.

It wasnt that they didnt want to, it was because they werent able to!

Suddenly, the space behind the masked man rippled, and then a dagger stabbed into the masked mans throat.

It was Qian Lankong, of course.

The masked man asked, “Why!”

“Why” Qian Lankong had a ferocious expression on her face, “Do you remember Zephyr Citys Li Clan from a few hundred years ago I think youve definitely forgotten.

Because youve killed so many, so how could you possibly remember a trivial minor world But I remember! The Li Clan had over 1,300 members.

Over 1,300 members were all killed by you.

Unfortunately, you missed one!”

“Impossible!” The masked man continued, “I never miss anyone when I strike!”

“Do you know why you missed one” Besides ferocity, there was a trace of madness on Qian Lankongs face, “Because I wasnt within the Li Clan Estate at the time of your attack.

I was outside, and I watched as you slaughtered my entire clan.

After you killed them, you even came to me and rubbed my head.

Haha! At that time, you definitely werent aware that I was a member of the Li Clan as well!”

“I remember you now!” The masked man said, “You chased after me for 3 days and nights, and you wanted me to accept you as my disciples.

I refused, but I brought you to my Slayer Pavilion because you were so persistent, and I asked others to teach you instead.

Haha! I was wondering why you would betray me.

So, youve always wanted to do so.


His voice stopped abruptly at this point because Qian Lankongs dagger had been cutting his throat slowly, and blood sprayed out from there and dyed both Qian Lankongs dagger and hand bright red.

It didnt take long for the man to take his last breath.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly moved his finger slightly, and he put away both the masked mans corpse and the swords.

Qian Lankong gazed at Yang Ye while Yang Ye gazed at her as well.

She didnt speak, and her eyes were calm yet werent normal.

Suddenly, a smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “Are you thinking of killing me and taking back the strands of your soul”

Qian Lankong didnt speak, and she just started walking towards Yang Ye.

It didnt take long for her to arrive in front of Yang Ye.

After that, she pressed her dagger against Yang Yes throat, “I can cut off your head at the instant you destroy my soul.

I dont want to take you down with me, and I dont want to become enemies with you.

Give me back my soul, and Ill leave!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “No!”

Qian Lankongs eyes narrowed slightly while killing intent appeared within them, “Yang Ye, I dont want to make both of us suffer, but it doesnt represent that I dont dare to take you down with me.

Just think about it.

What would your Sword Alliance and those loved ones of yours do if I take you down with me Besides that, theres no enmity between us, so is it worth it to die with me”

“It isnt!” Yang Ye continued, “But if I return it to you and you leave while leaving me here, then Ill still die once those fellows from the Veiled Region arrive.”

Qian Lankong spoke coldly, “Thats your problem!”

Yang Ye said, “Returning it to you will lead to my death, not returning it to you will lead to my death as well.

So, instead of doing that, why dont I take you down with me At least Ill have someone to accompany me.

Dont you think so too”

Qian Lankong gazed at him for a long time before she said, “What do you want”

Yang Ye replied, “Its very simple.

Take me from here, and Ill return your soul once Ive recovered completely.”

Qian Lankong asked, “What assurance can you give me”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I dont know how to make you trust me.

In any case, help me, and Ill return your soul once Ive recovered.

I keep my word.”

Qian Lankong pressed her dagger against Yang Yes throat.

It pierced his skin, and Yang Ye instantly felt a wave of icy coldness come from there.

Meanwhile, Qian Lankong said, “I dont want to get mixed up with you.

Return my soul, and Ill leave.

Well be even, and I wont look for trouble with you in the future.


Yang Ye suddenly said, “Just kill me!”

Qian Lankongs face fell, “You think I wouldnt dare to”

“I know you would!” Yang Ye continued, “But arent you leaving me here because you want me to be killed by those fellows from the Veiled Region, or perhaps youll kill me right away once you get your soul.

So, unless I have the ability to protect myself, I wont return your soul to you.”

Qian Lankong replied, “But how do I know that you wont go back on your word once youve recovered.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and answered, “Your worries arent wrong.

But I dont have a way to resolve that problem.

After all, we dont trust each other.”

Qian Lankongs face became slightly hostile, “In the end, everything you said was a bunch of nonsense”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes and said, “Im a sword cultivator, so I wont go back on my word.

Otherwise, it would go against my heart.


“All I know is that youre shameless!” Qian Lankong looked him in the eyes and said, “I might choose to believe another sword cultivator, but you Im sorry, I dont trust you.” She still remembered how Yang Ye had shifted the blame to her and even played tricks on them.

“Then kill me!” Yang Ye continued, “You have a choice, but I dont.

Because Ill die no matter what.

But you wont.

Well both live if you choose to save me.”

She said, “Are you trying to act shamelessly until the end”

Yang Ye was about to speak when Qian Lankong suddenly frowned, “Someone is approaching.”

Yang Ye replied, “If I return your soul, Ill still die even if you dont kill me and just leave!”

She made a compromise, “Give me back my soul and Ill save you!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Save me first and Ill return it to you.”

Her voice became ferocious, “Do you really want to die”

Yang Ye stared straight at her.

As she gazed at Yang Ye who seemed to be telling her to just kill him, Qian Lankongs face was horrifyingly gloomy.

A few breaths of time passed before she suddenly grabbed Yang Ye and vanished on the spot.

Just a moment after both of them vanished, Senior Yuan and the others arrived here.

Ye Ming spoke solemnly, “The space here has collapsed many times, and the smell of blood lingers in the air.

Obviously, they fought intensely here.”

One of the old men asked, “Who won”

Ye Ming and the others gazed at Senior Yuan.

Senior Yuan frowned as he glanced at the surroundings, and then he said, “If Yang Ye is dead, then I think the master of Slayer Pavilion would notify us of his death.

But he hasnt.

In other words, there are only 2 possibilities.

Either the master of the Slayer Pavilion is dead, or Yang Ye has fled and hes chasing after Yang Ye!”

“If the master of Slayer Pavilion was killed….” Ye Mings voice stopped abruptly at this point.

The expressions of the others became slightly unsightly when they heard him.

Because if Yang Ye was even able to kill a living fossil like the Slayer Pavilions master, then Yang Yes strength was much stronger than theyd imagined! But Yang Ye was just a Quasi Emperor!

A Quasi Emperor!

A pair of shocking words!

If he was already able to kill a living fossil like the Slayer Pavilions master, then if he were to attain the Emperor Realm or Voider Realm, no one would be a match for him.

At this moment, all of them would rather believe Yang Ye had died than the Slayer Pavilions master had died.

Because if Yang Ye had killed the Slayer Pavilions master while at the Quasi Emperor Realm….

Just thinking about it was horrifying!

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan spoke, “The master of Slayer Pavilion is a living fossil.

Even Im not confident in my ability to kill him in a head-on battle.

If he conceals himself, then even I have to fear him.

No matter how monstrous that fellow, Yang Ye, is, its impossible for him to kill the Slayer Pavilions master.

Yang Ye should be fleeing now….

In short, from this moment onward, we have to split up and search, and try our best to find him.

The others exchanged glances upon hearing this.

They knew that even Senior Yuan was slightly anxious right now.

Actually, it was normal because if Yang Ye had killed a living fossil like the Slayer Pavilions master, then once Yang Ye attained the Emperor Realm, even Senior Yuan would be unable to escape death in a battle with Yang Ye!

All of them vanished on the spot with heavy hearts.

Meanwhile, as Senior Yuan looked towards the distance, killing intent had appeared in his eyes for the very first time.

Around 500,000km away.

Yang Yes voice was quite weak, “Carry me on your back!”

Qian Lankong replied, “Dream on!”

“Youre too fast! My body cant endure it….”

Qian Lankong spoke angrily, “What does that have to do with me!”

“If you dont carry me, then Ill just die!”


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