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“Old Man Yuan, why are all of you chasing after me instead of Yang Ye” Qian Lankong gazed at Senior Yuans group and spoke in a low voice.

She had stopped fleeing when she noticed that they hadnt gone after Yang Ye and were pursuing her instead.

Because she felt that she had to explain that she had nothing to do with Yang Ye.

She didnt want to become a public enemy of the Veiled Region, nor did she want to be pursued by so many Voiders.

Senior Yuans gaze descended onto Qian Lankong, and his eyes were calm, “Theres something I dont understand.

Why did you help Yang Ye I truly cant figure that out!”

She replied, “I have nothing to do with him anymore!”

Senior Yuan said, “Nothing to do with him Haha! Then why did you risk your life to save him Your Slayer Pavilion has always enjoyed a good reputation in the Veiled Region, but not only have you failed to fulfil your promise, you even changed sides and helped the person we hired you to kill.

Isnt that not right”

Qian Lankong fell silent for a short while, “It was the pavilion masters order.

If you have questions, you can look for him.” They didnt know that the master of Slayer Pavilion was dead, so she could push it all to him.

Besides that, she could use him to deter them.

“The master of Slayer Pavilion” Senior Yuan chuckled, “Im really curious, truly curious indeed.

What exactly did Yang Ye use to actually make your Slayer Pavilion give up on its principles and reputation to help him.”

Qian Lankong replied, “That has nothing to do with me.

Now, I have nothing to do with him as well.

If you want to kill him, then feel free to do so.

My Slayer Pavilion wont help him again!”

Senior Yuan gazed at her for a short while before he ordered, “Kill her!”

Ye Ming and the others were slightly stunned.

Obviously, they hadnt expected him to give such an order.

But it didnt take long for them to come to an understanding.

The Slayer Pavilion had always been a threat to them, and it had openly assisted Yang Ye now.

That was undoubtedly no different than looking down on them and treating them as its enemy.

Since the Slayer Pavilion had chosen to be their enemy, then they would naturally not hold back.

The Slayer Pavilion had lost a Voider, so if they killed the woman, it would only have one Voider left.

At that time, the Slayer Pavilions threat towards them would definitely be much smaller.

As for what she said about the Slayer Pavilion not helping Yang Ye anymore, they naturally didnt believe her, and they didnt dare believe her as well.

What if the Slayer Pavilion stabbed them in the back, one day That would be a nightmare to them!

They naturally didnt hesitate.

An arrow suddenly tore through the air towards Qian Lankong, and it was so swift that it instantly arrived before her.

“Fortify!” An old mans voice resounded.

It didnt take long for 3 old men to act in unison, and the space within 3 km around Qian Lankong had started to be compacted.

They were extremely fearful of the Slayer Pavilions concealment techniques.

So, theyd immediately fortified the space around her.

Because no matter how she concealed herself, so long as they kept her within 3km, then it would be absolutely impossible for her to vanish without leaving a trace behind.

As for fleeing through space, that was impossible.

Space that was fortified by 3 Voiders wasnt something that any ordinary person could break through with ease!

Once the space there was fortified, another old man took a step forward before tapping his finger in her direction.

A beam of light instantly shot forward, and its target was naturally Qian Lankong.

Only Senior Yuan hadnt made a move.

Qian Lankongs face became unsightly when she saw them act against her.

Obviously, she hadnt expected that they would actually refuse to let her go after shed guaranteed that she had nothing to do with Yang Ye and that she wouldnt help him again.

However, it only took a moment to come to an understanding.

They didnt have a good impression of the Slayer Pavilion from the very beginning, so they probably intended to seize this opportunity to kill her and weaken the Slayer Pavilion!

A single clan or sect wouldnt dare to act against the Slayer Pavilion, but if all of them were united, then not to mention a single Slayer Pavilion, they wouldnt even fear 2 organizations like the Slayer Pavilion!

Qian Lankong would naturally not stand there idly and wait for death to arrive.

A dagger flashed into her grasp, and then she raised it with both hands before swinging it at the arrow.


The arrow was blasted away while Qian Lankong was pushed backwards.

However, her hands didnt stop moving.

She still held onto the dagger with both hands as she flicked up upwards.

Because a beam of light had arrived in front of her, and an explosion instantly resounded when her dagger struck it.


Qian Lankong was blasted backwards.

However, shed barely taken a few steps back when her figure seemed like it had collided against a wall, and it stopped her on the spot before a mouthful of blood sprayed from her.

She was an assassin.

Her ability in concealment and assassination were extremely formidable, but she might be inferior to an ordinary Voider when engaging in a head-on battle.

But it just so happened that she couldnt conceal herself right now.

Because the space around her had been fortified.

Her attainments in space were sufficient to easily break through the fortification and merge into space if the space here had been fortified by a single Voider.

However, there were 3 Voiders fortifying the space here right now!

It was a hopeless situation!

She couldnt fight them, and she couldnt flee as well! So, it was naturally a hopeless situation!

Meanwhile, over a dozen beams of light shot towards her from different directions.

At the same time, the auras of 6 Voiders smashed down upon her like a hundred mountains,

A wisp of sadness arose in her eyes.

Shed thought that she wouldnt have to live for the sake of others once the master of Slayer Pavilion had been killed, and she wouldnt have to think about revenge anymore as well.

She would be free to do anything she pleased.

Yet now, the cruel reality before her told her that there was no way out once you enter this world of cultivation!

Even though she was clearly aware that she had no chance to survive, Qian Lankong still refused to stand by idly and wait for death to take her.

However, her dagger felt extremely heavy while the aura of 6 Voiders remained on her.

While she could move it, the speed she swung her dagger at was countless times slower than before.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

In an instant, she was enveloped by those beams of light.

At the same time, an arrow flashed and entered the area enveloped by beams of light.

However, the expressions of everyone here suddenly changed.

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan stretched out his hand in Qian Lankongs direction, and then a huge palm flashed forward and grabbed at her.


A wave of terrifying force suddenly swept out from Qian Lankongs position.

As soon as it appeared, the auras of those 6 Voiders were instantly obliterated, and the beams of light that enveloped Qian Lankong were dispersed.

At the same time, a dagger appeared abruptly and stabbed at Senior Yuans attack.


The dagger was instantly obliterated.

Meanwhile, a huge energy fist appeared and slammed against Senior Yuans attack.


The fist and palm collided, and then a huge explosion resounded.

The space in the surroundings shook violently before cracking apart.

“The Yuan Clan Haha! Yang Ye has joined my Slayer Pavilion, and he has gone to the Veiled Region.

I advise all of you to head home and look after your own clans and sects.

Or you might just go back to a mountain or corpses.” A seemingly hoarse voice resounded.

It didnt take long for a masked man in black robed to appear before them.

However, he only appeared for a moment because the masked man had immediately taken Qian Lankong and entered the expanse of space before him.

Senior Yuan and the others expressions became unsightly.

Obviously, they hadnt expected the Slayer Pavilion to really side with Yang Ye and even help Yang Ye against them.

After all, the Slayer Pavilion didnt just have assassins at the Voider Realm, they had many more assassins at the Emperor and Saint Realms.

Those assassins werent a very large threat to them, but those assassins were a huge threat to their clans and sects!

Ye Ming gazed at Senior Yuan, “Should we pursue them”

Senior Yuan had a gloomy expression on his face, and his gaze was icy cold.

He instilled coldness in the hearts of all who looked at him.

Senior Yuan remained silent for a long time before he glanced at them, and then he said, “Yang Ye can absolutely not be allowed to live, and its impossible for us to become reconciled with him.

Im sure all of you have no objections to that, right”

They nodded to display their agreement.

Yang Ye was already capable of posing a threat to them.

If he attained the Emperor Realm or Voider Realm, then how strong would he be Moreover, they were irreconcilable enemies with Yang Ye now, so even if Yang Ye was willing to be reconciled with them, they wouldnt be willing to do so.

Because once they made peace, Yang Ye would definitely grow swiftly.

Once he grew and held a grudge against them, then they would have courted death.

So, Yang Ye couldnt be allowed to live!

Once he saw them nod, Senior Yuan continued, “Since you have no objections, then its easy to deal with.

Im sure youve seen how the Slayer Pavilion has sided with Yang Ye.

Yang Ye isnt terrifying right now, but the Slayer Pavilion is an actual threat to us.

So, Ive decided to eliminate the Slayer Pavilion first, and then deal with Yang Ye.

What do all of you think”

Ye Ming asked, “Were ignoring Yang Ye for now”

Senior Yuan spoke in a low voice, “Well deal with the Slayer Pavilion first.” Even though Yang Ye was a truly monstrous genius, he wasnt a threat to the Yuan Clan for now.

But the Slayer Pavilion was a Diamond Rank power.

Moreover, they were all assassins.

So, if they focused on targeting the Yuan Clan….

Senior Yuan didnt dare continue on such a train of thought.

“I agree!” Meanwhile, one of the old men said, “No matter how monstrous Yang Ye is, hes just a single person.

So long as we crush the Slayer Pavilion, it wouldnt be difficult to deal with Yang Ye.

But if we overlook the Slayer Pavilion and target him instead, then well suffer heavy losses once those assassins set out to attack us!”

Senior Yuan nodded, “The threat Yang Ye poses is a future threat, but the Slayer Pavilion is a current threat.

We must deal with the current threat first.

As for Yang Ye, didnt the Slayer Pavilions master say that Yang Ye has gone to the Veiled Region Thats perfect.

Well just trap him and kill him there, and well deal with the Slayer Pavilion at the same time as well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Senior Yuan waved his right hand, “Lets return to the Veiled Region!”

All of them nodded and vanished on the spot with Senior Yuan.

At an opening over 100,000km away, Qian Lankong was lying there on the ground.

Her clothes were in rags, and they revealed a huge amount of snow white.

There was a golden arrow stuck in her chest.

Besides that, there were injuries all over her body.

Yang Ye took off the mask and squatted down in front of her.

After that, he waved his hand and smiled, “You said we would never meet, yet here we are.

Are you very surprised Isnt it a very pleasant surprise Arent you extremely happy Dont you feel very excited”


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