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I killed her son Yang Ye was slightly stunned, but it didnt take long for him to guess who that person was.

Since he was in the Yun Clan, the woman was definitely Yun Tianmings mother.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings before sneaking towards the source of the voice.

The main reason hed come to the Veiled Region was to rescue Yun Banqings mother and younger brother.

It was something hed promised her.

Moreover, Yun Banqing would only be able to rest at ease in the Sword Alliance once he did that.

Yang Ye attached great importance to Yun Banqing.

Because while a power needed many experts to grow, it needed many individuals who were talented in management as well.


The Sword Alliance lacked individuals who were talented in management!

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive at a pavilion.

Meanwhile, a voice resounded from within the main hall, “Bitch! Its all your fault! Youre a bitch, and your daughter is a bitch as well! If it wasnt for her, my son wouldnt have died! Its all your fault….”


As soon as the woman finished speaking, the sound of bones shattering resounded from within the main hall.

Yang Ye frowned and snuck into the pavilion.

There was a beautiful woman in palace clothes in the main hall.

She had a ferocious expression on her face as she ceaselessly swung a pitch black iron rod against a woman in plain robed.

Every single swing of the rod caused the other womans body to twitch.

Yang Yes gaze descended onto the woman in plain robes. Is that Yun Banqings mother

While he was still confused, the beautiful woman suddenly stopped and said, “Want to die Allow me to tell you that I wont let that happen.

You should know the Pavilion of Indulgence, right Haha! Once I capture that daughter of yours, Ill send both of you there.

Oh, you might not get any guests with your current appearance.

But thats fine, Ill pay them a violet crystal for every time they do you.

As for your daughter, Yun Banqing, you dont have to worry about her.

I think therell definitely be many who are willing to have fun with her.

Right, that bastard son of yours as well.

Dont worry, I wont forget about him.


As she finished speaking, the beautiful womans face was covered in insanity.

Yang Ye was about to save the woman in plain clothes once he heard this, but he suddenly frowned and stopped.

“Xiner, just kill her!” Suddenly, a voice appeared here, and then a middle aged man in a luxurious robe appeared in front of the beautiful woman.

A Voider! Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

“Kill her” The beautiful woman gazed at the middle aged man and revealed a ferocious smile, “What Yun Ling, is it because you dont want her to suffer”

The middle aged man, Yun Ling, said, “Xiner, youve already tortured her to such a state.

You should have finished venting, right”

“Yun Ling!” The beautiful woman suddenly roared with fury, “Hes dead! Our son is head! Yet you want me to calm down How would I do that If it wasnt for this bitchs daughter, would our son have left the Veiled Region He wouldnt have died if he didnt leave! It was all because of that bitch, Yun Banqing! It was that damnable bitchs fault! Ill make living worse than death for her! Living will be worse than death for her!”

Yun Ling spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye killed Tianming!”

“Yang Ye” The womans voice was fierce, “Do you think I would let him live I wont! Ill make him, Yun Banqing, and this bitch suffer the most painful torture on this world.”

Yun Ling said, “Banqing and Banming are my children!”

“So what” The beautiful woman looked him in the eyes, “Yun Ling, Im telling you that Im going to torture them to death.

If you try and stop me, Ill bury your entire Yun Clan with Tianming!”

Yun Ling clenched his fists tightly while a cold glow flickered in his eyes.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman laughed coldly, “Yun Ling, my father and older brother have already gone to Dark Hell Continent.

If nothing unexpected happens, itll take a day at most for me to meet that bitch which you made with this bitch over here.

Not to mention that little bitch, you wont even be able to save that son of yours.

Im going to torture them to death.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she swung the iron rod at the woman in plain robed who was lying on the ground.


The sound of bones breaking resounded once more, and the womans body twitched.

Yang Yes face fell.

Hed thought Yun Ling would stop her, but he never expected Yun Ling to actually disregard it!

The beautiful woman gazed coldly at Yun Ling, and then she seemed to be making a show of strength as the iron rod descended once more towards the woman in plain robes.

The middle aged man still had no intention of stopping her.

Right when it was about to strike the woman, a cold ray of light flashed.

Yun Ling was the first to react.

His expression changed, and he turned around and slammed his palm forward.


The cold ray of light shattered, but Yun Lings pupils constricted.

He turned around and saw Yang Ye was already behind the beautiful woman in palace clothes, and Yang Yes sword was pressed against her throat.

“Yang Ye!” Yun Lings eyes narrowed slightly while he clenched his fists tightly.

At this moment, Yang Ye wasnt disguised as the master of Slayer pavilion, so Yun Ling whod investigated Yang Ye had been able to instantly recognize Yang Ye.

“Yang Ye” The beautiful woman who Yang Ye had restrained was stunned upon hearing his name, and then she instantly seemed to go mad, “Yang Ye! Yang Ye! You actually….”


The beautiful womans right palm flew off into the air.

“AHHH!” A shrill cry instantly resounded, but it didnt take long for her to go mad again, “Kill him! Yun Ling! Kill him! Avenge our son!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to her and gazed at Yun Ling instead, “Bring Yun Banming here! Right now!”

“Yang Ye, you actually….” Yun Ling seemed to want to say something.

Meanwhile, a cold ray of light flashed, and then a piece of the beautiful womans right arm was sliced off.

“AHH!!!” Her shrill cry resounded once more from within the main hall.

But Yang Ye didnt stop.

He waved his sword again, and another piece was sliced off….

When she noticed that Yang Ye was about to swing his sword again, the beautiful woman hurriedly howled with fury to Yun Ling, “Go release that little bastard! Right now! Hurry!”

Yun Ling took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye before he said, “Release him!”

As soon as Yun Ling gave the order, the guards who had just entered the hall immediately ran out.

It didnt take long for a young man to be brought in by 2 guards.

The young mans body was covered in whip marks.

Hed clearly been tortured.

Fortunately, his limbs were intact, and they were just external injuries.

Yang Ye withdrew the token Yun Banqing had give him and said, “Your older sister sent me!”

Yun Banmings expression changed at the sight of it, and he said, “You….

My… my sister….

Is she… is she alright”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Help your mother up and leave with me.”

Yun Banming didnt say anything when he heard Yang Ye.

He hurriedly ran over to the woman in plain robes and helped her up.

Yang Yes pupils constricted at the instant she was helped up.

The woman had been lying flat on the ground before this, so he hadnt been able to see her face.

Now that shed been helped up….

He noticed that her face was actually covered in scars from a blade.

They densely covered her face, yet they werent bleeding.

Obviously, theyd been there for long.

Most importantly, her eyeballs and eyelids were gone!

“AH!” Yun Banming suddenly screamed, and his eyes instantly turned blood red as he gazed at her.

Moreover, a row of blood red tears seeped out silently from the corners of each of his eyes.

“No!” Yun Banming hugged her tightly while he wailed, “Its all my fault! Its all my fault!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Bring you mother along and come with me!”

Yun Banming nodded while pain covered his face, “Lets go, mother.

Ill take you from here.

Well leave the Yun Clan and go see big sister!” As he spoke, he carried her on his back and walked over to Yang Ye.

Yun Banmings gaze descended onto the beautiful woman.

It was calm, very calm, but Yang Ye could sense bone piercing coldness coming from his eyes.

Yang Ye glanced at Yun Banming, and then he issued a command in his heart.

A Voider Realm Sword Servant appeared by his side.

Yun Lings expression instantly changed at the sight of it, and he couldnt help but take a step back.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then the Sword Servant grabbed Yun Banming and vanished.

Once the Sword Servant vanished with Yun Banming and his mother, Yang Ye looked up at the middle aged man and said, “Youre the most useless Voider Ive ever met.

Im serious!”

“Of course he is! Hahaha!” The beautiful woman suddenly started laughing madly, “Do you know The only reason he was able to attain the Voider Realm was because my father helped him.

He would still be an Emperor if it wasnt for my Qin Clan! Hahaha! What a useless man! Hahaha!”

Yun Ling clenched his fists while gloominess covered his face, but he didnt speak.

Yang Ye glanced at Yun Ling and chuckled, “I think you really want me to kill this woman, right”

Yun Ling gazed at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye said, “Actually, I want to kill her as well.

But the heavens are benevolent.

So, Ive decided to give her a chance to live.

Now, sever your arms and Ill let her go.”

Yun Ling spoke indifferently, “You wont let her go!”

“I will!” Yang Ye smiled, “Ill count to three.

Ill let her go if you sever your arms.

Ill start now.


Yun Ling gazed at Yang Ye in silence.

As for the beautiful woman, she was looking at Yun Ling.

Shed calmed down and gone quiet now.

“Two!” Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly while he exerted a little strength.

The sword in his grasp instantly sliced her skin open, and blood seeped out slowly from within.

Yun Ling still didnt do anything.

“Three!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, his sword didnt move.

He chuckled as he brought the woman out of the hall with him, and then he released her before all the guards of the Yun Clan.

After that, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Yun Lings face became extremely unsightly at the sight of this.

As for the beautiful woman, she remained silent and just gazed coldly at Yun Ling.

In the sky, Yang Ye was just about to go after Yun Banmings group when his expression suddenly changed.

Because 5 formidable auras were approaching swiftly!

5 Voiders!

“Perfect timing!” As soon as he spoke, the Sword Gods Seal appeared on his forehead, and then his figure vanished on the spot.


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