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Yang Ye had just vanished on the spot when 4 old men and a middle aged man appeared where hed been.

The middle aged man was Yun Ling.

“Hes gone!” Yun Ling who led the group spoke solemnly, “Be careful.

He seems to possess the Laws of Space, and he can merge….”


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded.

At the moment it resounded, their expressions had changed drastically.

But a wave of terrifying sword intent suddenly enveloped them, and it felt like a myriad of mountains pressing down upon them, causing their bodies to sink down slightly.

At the instant that the sword howl resounded, a ray of light appeared.

It flashed through the air, and then a black robed old mans eyes instantly opened wide.


A strand of blood sprayed from the center of the black robed old mans forehead, and then his corpse vanished on the spot.

“How dare you!” A furious shout resounded, and then the 4 remaining Voiders acted.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the moment the old mans corpse vanished, 4 energy palms suddenly slammed down upon the spot that the old man had been standing on.

The space there shook violently while a muffled groan resounded from there.

After that, a wisp of blood floated out from that expanse of space.

“Spatial sealing!” An old mans voice suddenly resounded, and then the space in an area of around 10km swiftly started to shrink.

The 3 other Voiders beside him hurriedly did the same.


A sword howl resounded once more, and it sliced its way out of an expanse of space in the distance.

Space was instantly torn apart in its wake, and it didnt take long for an extremely long spatial rift to appear here.

“Stop him!” Another black robed old man howled with fury.

As soon as he finished speaking, an enormous palm that blotted out the sky appeared in the distance, and it slammed down from above.

The powerful force it contained caused the space there to instantly warp.

The black robed old man howled furiously once more, “Seal off the space before him and around him! Dont let him escape!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and the other 2 old men by his side acted simultaneously.

They hurriedly fortified the space there.

Firstly, doing so could stop Yang Ye from fleeing.

Secondly, it would help them locate Yang Ye.

Because if Yang Ye wanted to break open the space there, he would have to break through their energy first, and they would be able to sense it!

At the moment that enormous palm appeared, a ray of blood red sword energy had shot up into the sky.

Space was instantly torn apart and shattered before it.

In the end, it slammed against the huge palm.


A deafening explosion instantly resounded once they came into contact.

At the same time, a terrifying wave of energy swept through the sky, and the powerful wave of energy caused the space in an extremely huge area to tremble incessantly.

It was an absolutely shocking sight.

“Dont stop attacking! Senior Yuan and the others will be here soon!” As soon another black robed old man finished speaking, he stretched out his right hand and clenched it.

The space in the distance instantly seemed like a vortex that caused the space throughout the area to warp severely and start spinning.

At the same time, a huge finger shot down from above and descended towards the vortex.

Besides that, the other 2 old men suddenly appeared before the vortex, and they swiftly slapped their palms at it.

In an instant, countless energy palms flashed out in a dense wave that slammed against the vortex.

How terrifying was the might of the joint attacks of 4 Voiders

At this moment, the space in an extremely huge area was rippling.

Suddenly, a wave of terrifying sword energy surged out from within the vortex.

“Use your auras to suppress his sword intent!” The black robed old man howled.

As soon as he gave the order, 4 auras of Voiders appeared here, and they slammed down towards the vortex.

Suddenly, the sword intent started to shrink, and then the sword intent erupted forward like a torrent.


A wave of terrifying energy surged out from within the vortex.

It crushed everything in its path.

The huge finger and the energy palms were obliterated in an instant.

At the same time, the space there seemed to be unable to endure the energy and instantly collapsed.

At the moment the space there collapsed, a figure emerged, and that figure immediately transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the distance.

“Stop him!” The black robed old man roared as he charged forward.

He was extremely swift to the point even space rippled in his wake.

After that, the other 3 Voiders hurriedly chased after Yang Ye as well.

The old man was extremely swift, and he wasnt any slower than Yang Ye.

So, he was always able to follow closely behind Yang Ye without being shaken off.

Just like that, Yang Ye fled while being chased by 4 Voiders.

After over a dozen breaths of time passed, Yang Ye suddenly stopped before turning around.

His sword left its sheath, and a beam of sword energy tore through the air.

300 overlapped Heavenrends!

The powerful sword energy tore through the air as it shot at the black robed old man.

Because it was too swift, the black robed old man and the others merely saw a trace of light flash through the air.

Their eyelids twitched while solemn expressions appeared on their faces.

They didnt dare act carelessly, but they didnt stop as well.

They acted in unison instead.

The blood red beam of sword energy was easily obliterated under their joint forces, and then they continued their pursuit without even slowing down at all.

Yang Yes face fell as he watched them charge at him.

Hed misjudged the situation.

Hed thought that he could kill a Voider and swagger off, but hed underestimated the strength of these Voiders.

Their reaction was extremely swift, and they cooperated well.

They were extremely strong as well.

He had no chance of defeating them in head-on combat.

As for hiding….

Hiding in front of them They were no fools!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then the blood red sword in his right grasp vanished before he clenched his right fist slowly.

At the instant it was fully clenched, a terrifying wave of energy appeared here.


The space around Yang Ye cracked apart.

“Watch out!” The black robed old man hurriedly warned the others when he saw space crack apart from afar.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down and shot forward like a cannonball.

There wasnt a very wide distance between him and the black robed old man, so he instantly appeared before the black robed man.

He shouted with fury as he slammed his right fist at the black robed old man.


A wave of terrifying force surged out like a torrent from Yang Yes fist!

The black robed old mans expression changed slightly at the sight of this.

Because Yang Ye had come in front of him before attacking, the black robed old man couldnt join forces with the other 3 Voiders to resist Yang Yes attack.

Now, he could only resist it on his own.

The old man didnt shrink back, nor could he.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes as he swiftly pressed his palms together, and the profound energy within him surged madly into his palms.

After that, he slammed them forward.

A wave of terrifying force instantly surged out from his palms and slammed against Yang Yes attack.


They had just come into contact when a terrifying wave of energy swept out from the point of collision.

Multiple mouthfuls of blood sprayed from the old man as the wave of force blasted him away.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye raised the Phantom Shield before him instead.

Even though he had the Phantom Shield to protect him, Yang Ye had still been blasted backwards.

However, he didnt spit out any blood as most of the force had been absorbed by the Phantom Shield.


Suddenly, a huge finger appeared in the air, and it tore through the wave of energy and slammed against Yang Yes Phantom Shield.



A mouthful of blood sprayed from Yang Ye while his body was blasted backwards.

However, the space behind him suddenly compacted in layers and obstructed his path.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

Heavens Gravestone appeared in his grasp, and he turned around and swung it forward.

Sword energy tore through the air and tore a huge gap open in space.

After that, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that entered the spatial rift.

Void Flash!

Yang Ye was over 100,000km away when his figure appeared again.

However, hed only just emerged there when the black robed old mans group appeared behind him.

Yang Yes face fell, and he executed Void Flash again….

After executing Void Flash thrice in succession, Yang Ye had still failed to shake them off.

Yang Yes face was quite unsightly.

If this continued, they would definitely be able to catch up to him.

After all, the volume of his profound energy couldnt compare to a Voider at all.

Moreover, they would have definitely notified others.

In other words, many other Voiders were definitely rushing over in his direction.

Once they arrived, he would only be able to wait for death to arrive.

“Stop him! Senior Yuan and the others will take 10 breaths at most to get here.

We absolutely cant allow him to escape.” The black robed old mans voice resounded once more, and there was a trace of excitement in his voice.

If they could deal with Yang Ye now, it would be equivalent to putting an end to a future threat.

Yang Yes natural talent and strength was something theyd witnessed for themselves.

If he was allowed to continue growing, then he would definitely be a calamity for all the clans and sects that had once tried to kill him.

At that time, no clan or sect would be able to stop Yang Ye.

After all, Jian Wuji was absolutely terrifying once his strength had matured!

As for Yang Ye, he wasnt any weaker than Jian Wuji in both natural talent and strength.

Not only could they put an end to all future troubles by killing Yang Ye, they could even take control of the Sword Alliance with ease.

So long as they took control of the Sword Alliance, it was equivalent to taking control of the entire continent.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He knew that he couldnt delay any longer.

So, the Sword Gods Seal appeared on his forehead, and his sword intent started to grow stronger….

However, right when Yang Ye was about to raise his sword intent to the Quasi Returnal Rank, a woman suddenly appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw her.


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