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The womans eyes instantly became icy cold when she saw Yang Ye attack her.

The woman stretched out her hand and made a clawing motion.

The space in the distance was instantly torn open, and then a huge palm was about to emerge from within.

However, the space there suddenly shook violently, and then the woman watched with astonishment as it returned to how it was just moments ago.

“How could that be possible” A trace of bewilderment arose in her eyes.

Even though she was bewildered, she didnt stand by idly.

She waved her hand lightly, and a multicolored ribbon shot forward like a bolt of lightning and slammed against Yang Yes sword energy.


A loud explosion resounded through the sky while the sword energy dispersed, and the womans ribbon was blasted away as well.

At the moment she grabbed her ribbon, the powerful force within it blasted her around 10 steps back.

“Thats… thats sword intent above the Void Rank!” Her gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and there was a trace of shock in her eyes, “You… youve actually comprehended sword intent above the Void Rank!”

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath on her, and he was about to attack again.

Meanwhile, Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang stopped him.

Qian Lankong spoke in a low voice, “Shes from the Nie Clan, that Nie Clan which guards Heaven Pillar Mountain Range!”

Shui Linlang added, “We cant afford to make more enemies!”

Yang Ye glanced at Senior Yuan who stood by the womans side, and the killing intent in his eyes hadnt decreased at all.

The sword in his grasp was even trembling incessantly. Just a little! If that woman hadnt arrived abruptly, that old man would be dead! Yet now, its very, very difficult to kill him!

Because after Senior Yuan experienced the previous battle, he would definitely not allow himself to be locked in combat with Yang Yes group.

Once a Voider, and especially a Voider like Senior Yuan focuses on fleeing, then not to mention 3 Voiders, even 5 Voiders would be unable to do anything.

Unless they laid in ambush and caught Senior Yuan off guard.

Yet now, the old man would definitely be extremely vigilant, so it was utterly impossible to find another opportunity like that.

Now, it wasnt Senior Yuan but they who had to be worried!

Qian Lankongs eyelids twitched when she noticed Yang Yes reaction, and she hurriedly gazed at the violet mink and spoke via voice transmission, “Quickly persuade him.

Well definitely offend the Nie Clan by attacking her.

The Nie Clans strength is much greater than the Yuan Clan.

Moreover, its extremely mysterious.

We know nothing about them.

So, once they join forces with the Yuan Clan and those other powers, then our Slayer Pavilion and Sword Alliance will be finished!”

She was very well aware that if Yang Ye really flared up, then he would disregard everything.

Moreover, she was very well aware that Yang Ye wouldnt listen to anything she said.

The only one who could keep Yang Yes mind clear was Zier.

Zier glanced indifferently at Qian Lankong and replied, “Ill accompany him no matter what he does.”

Qian Lankong was at a loss for words.

Contrary to Qian Lankongs expectations, Yang Ye hadnt acted impulsively.

He seemed very calm on the outside.

Not only had the killing intent in his eyes vanished, even his sword had calmed down.

But for some unknown reason, Qian Lankong felt even more uneasy.

The woman glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Im not here to become enemies with all of you! Besides that, no matter what enmity there is between you, but from this moment onward, all of you have to put it aside for now.”

“Put it aside” Senior Yuan spoke ferociously, “He killed 3 Voiders from my Yuan Clan and slaughtered over 100 Emperors of my Yuan Clan.

Yet you want me to put my enmity aside Are you joking”

The woman waved her right hand.

Suddenly, a screen of light appeared in the sky.

It flickered, and it didnt take long for a scene to be reflected on it.

It was the scene of a wasteland.

There was a mountain to its left.

It seemed extremely tall and wide from the scene reflected on the screen.

The mountain towered into the clouds, its peak was obscured by the clouds, and it seemed like it connected the heavens and the earth.

Mist coiled around the mountainside, and it seemed like a real yet ethereal scene.

It seemed like a paradise for immortals.

On the right of the wasteland was a boundless desert, and sandstorms frequently swept over from afar and shook the world.

There was a huge stone at the center of the wasteland, and 4 characters were clearly visible on it —和平共處.

Peaceful coexistence!

The woman said, “That was written by the ancestors of our human race and the demon race.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the screen of light shook violently, and then a golden flame suddenly arose in the sky on the right of the wasteland.

The flame left a long trail behind it as it shot through the sky.

In the end, it descended like a shooting star and descended onto the huge stone at the center of the wasteland.


The stone shattered into pieces, and the scene displayed on the screen stopped.

Everyone here looked at the woman.

She spoke solemnly, “The demon race declared war on our human race!

A declaration of war from the demon race! Besides Yang Ye and Zier, the expressions of everyone else change.

It wasnt a battle between clans, it was a battle between 2 different species.

The losing side would be enslaved or slaughtered!

Senior Yuan frowned, “Why has the demon race suddenly declared war”

She pondered deeply for a short while before she replied, “I dont know the exact reason.

But according to the information my Nie Clan received, someone in the demon race has united their entire race.”

Her face became solemn at this point, and she continued, “The demon beasts in the demon race used to stay with their own clan, so the demon beasts would naturally fight each other.

Such a demon race wasnt a threat to our human race.

Yet now, someone has united them, and the entire demon race is tied together.

So, our human race is in danger!”

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan spoke abruptly, “The Nie Clan cant stop them”

She glanced at him and said, “How strong were the ancestors of our human race all those years ago, yet they were still incapable of annihilating the demon race.

Dont underestimate them.

They are much stronger than we imagine.

Especially when they are united as one.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “The human race is in danger, and the human race will be annihilated if all of you continue fighting and killing each other.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye smiled, “Im a peace loving person.

So, I wont attack unless others attack me.”

Presently, both the Sword Alliance and the Slayer Pavilion needed time the most.

So, it was extremely beneficial to him if they could stop fighting for now.

The woman glanced at him, and then she turned to look at Senior Yuan.

Senior Yuans eyes narrowed slightly while his face became gloomy.

He was naturally very well aware that Yang Ye stood to benefit the most if they stopped fighting now.

Once Yang Ye was given time to grow, then… he didnt dare to imagine the consequences!

Senior Yuan pondered deeply for a while before he spoke solemnly, “The 2 sects and 5 cities can head to Heaven Pillar Mountain Range to help in the battle against the demon race, but he must die!”

The womans eyes narrowed slightly while her face became slightly cold, “Are you threatening me”

Senior Yuans eyelids twitched, “He….”

The woman waved her hand and interrupted Senior Yuan, “You can only represent your Yuan Clan, but you cant represent the other sects and clans.

I can tell you right now that my Nie Clan will not allow internal strife to occur within the human race now.

My Nie Clan will kill anyone who dares to cause internal strife.

Not to mention your Yuan Clans current strength, my Nie Clan would annihilate your Yuan Clan even if it was at its peak!”

Senior Yuans face became gloomy.

The Nie Clan on Heaven Pillar Mountain Range had always been a mystery to them.

No one knew how strong the Nie Clan was, but they had no doubt that it was definitely not weaker than the Yuan Clan.

The Yuan Clan used to make the comparison here was the Yuan Clan during its peak, and not its current state where it only had a single Voider.

If the Yuan Clan could join forces with the other 2 sects and 4 cities, then perhaps it could go against the Nie Clan.

But would they obey him now Even if they did, what if the Nie Clan joined forces with Yang Ye and the Slayer Pavilion

It didnt take long for Senior Yuan to figure out the current situation.

Senior Yuan said, “The human race takes precedence!”

The woman nodded lightly, withdrew her gaze, and then glanced at Yang Yes group, “I know that the enmity between all of you cant be resolved with a few words, but I hope all of you understand that if Heaven Pillar Mountain Range is breached, then theres be no natural barrier to stop the demon race, and the demon race will march down into our world.

At that time, the human race will vanish from Dark Hell Continent.

A human race that isnt united has no chance against a demon race thats united!”

“Youre absolutely correct!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “But you should be well aware that he really wants to kill me.

What would I do if he tries to play tricks”

She said, “Dont worry.

If anyone dares to cause trouble from now on, then that person will be an enemy of my Nie Clan and an enemy of the entire human race.”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Dont worry, if they dont act against me and the Slayer Pavilion, then I wont act against them.

After all, Im a peace loving person.”

She glanced at him and spoke indifferently, “You dont seem like a peace loving person!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She paid no further attention to Yang Ye and just glanced at the surroundings, “Our forces have headed to the other 3 sects and 5 cities.

I presume their experts are rushing over here right now.”

As she spoke, her gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “The Slayer Pavilion is under your control now”

Yang Ye nodded, “Sort of!”

She nodded slightly and said, “Now, give the order for all experts at the Emperor Realm or above within your Slayer Pavilion to gather here.

They must come if theyre at the Emperor Realm.”

Yang Ye asked, “They have to come”

The womans eyes narrowed slightly, “I know that everyone is selfish.

But if Heaven Pillar Mountain Range is breached and the demon army enters the human world, then would you and the Slayer Pavilion be able to survive The demon race has declared war against the human race.

Once the human race loses, the consequence would be annihilation.

No one is able to escape that fate!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he said, “Only Emperors and not Quasi Emperors”

She nodded, “Quasi Emperors dont possess sufficient strength, so they would only be sacrificed meaninglessly if they go.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Great! So I dont have to go!”

The womans beautiful brows were pressed together while a slightly hostile expression appeared on her face, “What are you trying to say!”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Im only a Quasi Emperor!”

She was speechless.


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