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The corners of everyones mouth twitched when they heard Yang Ye.

Even the woman from the Nie Clan was no exception, and the corners of her eyes twitched slightly.

A Quasi Emperor.

Yang Ye was a Quasi Emperor indeed.

But would anyone dare to treat him like one

No one would dare!

He was a Quasi Emperor who could kill Voiders!

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan spoke coldly, “How shameless!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Senior Yuan.

He just gazed at the woman from the Nie Clan, “You said that those below the Emperor Realm dont have to go.”

She spoke solemnly, “Youre different!”

Yang Ye asked, “Am I not a Quasi Emperor”

She replied, “Your strength is comparable to a Voider.”

Yang Ye shrugged, “But Im still a Quasi Emperor!”

She gazed at him, and Yang Ye refused to show weakness and met her gaze.

A short while passed before she asked, “What exactly do you want”

Yang Ye replied, “The people on Dark Hell Continent dont have to go, but I will.”

Even though battle could help the Sword Alliances forces grow, he was worried about letting them head to Heaven Pillar Mountain Range right now.

Because he didnt know anything about the place.

He didnt know anything about the demon races strength, nor did he know anything about the Nie Clans strength.

Simply speaking, he was afraid that the Nie Clan had gathered the experts of the human race to be cannon fodder at Heaven Pillar Mountain Range.

One should always be on guard against the malice of others.

He couldnt let the Sword Alliances members risk their lives like that.

As for the Slayer Pavilion, it was filled with assassins that were skilled at concealment and escape.

So long as they noticed that the situation was off, it would be very easy for them to leave.

Yang Ye naturally understood that no eggs would remain intact when a nest was overturned, but he had a better understanding of how one should always be on guard against the malice of others.

“What a joke!” Senior Yuan laughed coldly, “Why should we fight to the death against the demon race, but they can enjoy a life of happiness Why”

The woman gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Why”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Firstly, I like to ask why your ancestors created the Veiled Region.”

She replied, “Dark Hell Continent suffered a calamity.

Spirit energy dispersed, and it wasnt suitable for humans or demon beasts to live in.

For the sake of providing a better home for the human race and demon race, our respective ancestors joined forces to create the Veiled Region.

The facts prove that their decision was the correct one.

Otherwise, the human race might not even have a single Voider now.

There are no Voiders on Dark Hell Continent, right”

Yang Ye asked, “Why werent the people in Dark Hell Continent brought to the Veiled Region all those years ago”

She answered, “The resources in the Veiled Region are limited.

So, only those with good natural talent could be allowed to enter.”

Yang Ye said, “So, Dark Hell Continent is a place all of you abandoned, right”

She frowned slightly, “What are you trying to say”

Yang Ye chuckled, “You abandoned them when it was time to enjoy a good life, and you left Dark Hell Continent to prosper or die on its own.

But once danger arrives, you remember them again, and you want them to come here and risk their lives.

Is that the right thing to do”

She said, “If Heaven Pillar Mountain Range is breached, the Veiled Region will be lost, and the continent will be lost as well.”

Yang Ye replied, “Thats the continents business!”

She asked, “You can represent Dark Hell Continent”

Yang Ye answered, “I can!”

Senior Yuan laughed coldly, “Of course he can.

His Sword Alliance has united the entire continent!”

She gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she said, “What if I refuse”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes and said, “If you refuse, thatll be for the best.

The Slayer Pavilion wont go, and I wont go as well.

Well leave the Veiled Region and return to Dark Hell Continent.”

Her face gradually became icy cold, “Are you threatening me”

Yang Ye replied, “If thats what you think, then treat it as me threatening you.”

The woman said, “If the 3 sects, 6 cities, and my Nie Clan join forces, it would be absolutely easy for us to crush your Sword Alliance, the Slayer Pavilion, and You! Im not threatening you and just describing a fact.”

Yang Ye pointed at Senior Yuan who stood by the womans side and said, “He said something similar in the past.

But Im sure youve seen how hes the only Voider left in his Yuan Clan.”

Ferocity instantly crept onto Senior Yuans face.

Do you want to give it a try”.

Killing intent appeared in the womans eyes.

Obviously, Yang Ye had made her angry.

Yang Ye looked her straight in the eyes, “If you attack, then from this moment onward, all the assassins of Slayer Pavilion and I will be like snakes that stalk you from the shadows.

So long as we have even the slightest chance, well strike and kill.

Its fine even if the Sword Alliance and Slayer Pavilion are crushed.

So long as I, Yang Ye, am alive, then Ill continue killing until I annihilate all of you.

In any case, Im still young.


The womans eyes narrowed slightly.

She just gazed at Yang Ye in silence, but indescribable coldness filled the surroundings.

Yang Ye met her gaze without revealing the slightest fear.

He refused to put the lives of his subordinates in the hands of another.

As for the demon race, even if the demon race conquered the Veiled Region and wanted to attack the Sword Alliance, he would lead the Sword Alliance in battle against the demon race.

Even if they died, it was better than being used as cannon fodder by someone else.

Even though that was like assuming the worst of others, he had to be constantly on guard against the malice of others.

If the Nie Clan could really act impartially and treat everyone including the members of the Nie Clan equally, then he wouldnt mind joining forces with the Nie Clan.

But everyone was selfish.

So, would the Nie Clan treat its members like the others

He didnt know.

All he knew was that the woman had a sense of superiority when facing them.

Because Yang Ye and the woman were in confrontation, the atmosphere here instantly became quite tense.

Even though Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang felt that Yang Ye was going a bit too far, they still stood by Yang Yes side.

Qian Lankong was very well aware that the Slayer Pavilion would be able to maintain some of its dignity if Yang Ye was on its side.

Those clans, sects, and even the Nie Clan wouldnt dare to look down upon them while they had Yang Ye.

But if they didnt have Yang Ye, then while they still had 2 Voiders, they wouldnt be much of a threat!

However, following Yang Ye was quite terrifying!

The past master of Slayer Pavilion acted according to the interests of the Slayer Pavilion.

He agreed if it was beneficial and refused if it wasnt.

But Yang Ye acted according to his emotions! Needless to say, Yang Ye really wasnt a qualified leader at most times!

Just like that, Yang Ye and the woman gazed at each other for almost 10 breaths of time, and then she said, “Alright, you and the members of Slayer Pavilion will go.

The people on Dark Hell Continent dont have to!”

“Thats unfair!” As soon as she finished speaking, Senior Yuan hurriedly said, “Thats unfair.

Why should we risk our lives against the demon race, but they dont”

The woman glanced coldly at Senior Yuan and said, “Then what do you think we should do”

“If they refuse, then kill them!” Senior Yuan spoke in a low voice, “The joint forces of your Nie Clan, the 3 sects and 6 cities are sufficient to crush them in an instant.”

The woman said, “You lead the assault, alright”

Senior Yuan was speechless.

She said, “How many experts can Dark Hell Continent possess Does it have Voiders According to my knowledge, it doesnt have any Voiders.

If a group of Emperors are compared with a Quasi Emperor who is on par with a Voider, which do you think is the most suitable candidate”

Senior Yuan spoke coldly, “But is that fair to all of us”

“Fairness” She continued, “Theres no fairness in this world.

The person with the bigger fist is the fair one.”

Actually, she naturally wanted to do as Senior Yuan said and annihilate Yang Yes group.

However, were they really that easy to annihilate No! Yang Yes group was a group of assassins, all of them were skilled at playing trickery and deception.

Moreover, even if they could crush the Slayer Pavilion and kill Yang Ye, they would definitely have to pay a certain price.

If it was at any other time, they could afford to pay that price.

Yet now, the human race couldnt endure too much internal strife.

Yang Ye went to extremes and acted willfully, but she didnt.

She knew which choice was more beneficial to her Nie Clan.

If she chose to fight him, they would have another group of enemies, but if she chose peace, she would gain more help.

Any sensible person would choose peace.

Even though it made her feel slightly uncomfortable because Yang Ye was too arrogant, she had to consider the overall situation!

Senior Yuans face grew even more unsightly when he heard her.

Of course he knew that strength was how one gained fairness! His Yuan Clan had 5 Voiders and was the number one power in the human race.

Yet now, only he remained, and the other Emperors of the Yuan Clan were mostly annihilated.

It could be said that the Yuan Clan had no right to spear about fairness right now!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed at Qian Lankong and said, “Tell everyone to gather here.”

Qian Lankong nodded and started to send voice transmissions.

A short while later, many people arrived in succession.

They were the assassins of the Slayer Pavilion but the experts of the other sects and clans.

In next to no time, there were 25 Voiders here! As for Emperors, there were almost 2,000! Moreover, there were many other Emperors arriving in succession.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to see 3 familiar faces.

It was the 3 siblings of the Lin Clan.

At this moment, they noticed Yang Ye as well.

Lin Dalang and Lin Erlang nodded slightly to Yang Ye as a form of greeting.

As for Lin Youxuan, she ran over to Yang Ye and grinned, “Youre here.”

Yang Ye nodded and smiled, “Is your sword good”

“It is!” She hurriedly nodded, “Now, I can even fight a Voider for some time.” As she spoke, she glanced at the woman in the sky and spoke softly, “Youre going to fight the demon race as well”

Yang Ye smiled, “Sort of!”

Lin Youxuans eyes lit up, “Great! We can fight together.”

“Arent you afraid that its dangerous” Yang Ye said, “The demon race is very strong!”

“My big brother will protect me!” Lin Youxuan chuckled, “Moreover, youll protect me too, right”

Yang Ye smiled.

He was about to speak when an old man suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lin Youxuan quickly said, “This is my grandfather.”

The old man cupped his fists to Yang Ye and said, “Thank you for taking care of Youxuan and those two kids, and thank you for the gifts you gave them.

Im Lin Qian, the patriarch of the Lin Clan.

Please do visit my Lin Clan if you have the time.”

He was expressing goodwill to Yang Ye!

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course!”

The old man nodded slightly, and then he took Lin Youxuan with him as he returned to the forces of the Lin Clan.

Yang Ye looked up.

At this moment, besides a few Voiders here, the rest were looking at him.

Their gazes were very hostile.

No, they should be described as being filled with killing intent that wasnt disguised at all!

Obviously, they were the Voiders of the 5 cities and 2 sects.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then a smile arose on the corners of his mouth, “I love to see how all of you desire to kill me yet can do nothing about it.”


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