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The experts of the 3 sects and 6 cities were stunned.

Obviously, they hadnt expected the man to suddenly say that.

Once they recovered from their shock, their expressions became quite unsightly.


The white robed man was treating the younger generation of the 3 sects and 6 cities with contempt!

But the members of the Nie Clan couldnt be blamed for expressing contempt.

Because throughout history, no genius from the 3 sects and 6 cities had ever won in a spar with a genius from the Nie Clan.

Only the strong could gain respect, and it was an eternal principle.

Meanwhile, the white robed man from the Nie Clan continued, “The competition between us was supposed to be held in 2 years from now.

However, since all of you are here, then well bring it forward.

What All of you dont even have the courage to fight this time”

How could the experts of the various powers not feel embarrassed when being looked down on to such an extent

A young man immediately stepped forward.

“Its the Sky Wave Sects Sikong Qing.”

Qian Lankong said, “Hes the representative of the Sky Wave Sects younger generation, and hes quite famous in the Veiled Region.

The Sky Wave Sect is the only sect amongst the 3 sects that didnt act against you.”

Yang Ye glanced at Sikong Qing.

Sikong Qing wasnt older than 30, but he was an Emperor.

So, his natural talent really was quite good to be able to attain the Emperor Realm at such a young age.

Actually, when compared to the Radiant Dimension, there was quite a gap between the geniuses, Emperors, and even Voiders of Dark Hell Continent and the Radiant Dimension.

The reason was naturally because there was no heavenly tribulation here.

Anyone who advanced in the Spirit Dimension would experience a heavenly tribulation, but the geniuses of Dark Hell Continent just needed to possess sufficient resources and natural talent to advance with ease.

There was naturally a difference between those whod experienced heavenly tribulations and those who hadnt.

So, while Yang Ye didnt like the Eye of the Heaven Dao, he had to admit that the Eye of the Heaven Dao was necessary.

When Sikong Qing stepped forward, the old man standing behind Sikong Qing seemed to want to say something, but his mouth merely opened yet didnt say anything in the end.

He naturally didnt want Sikong Qing to be the first to step forward.

Because the experts of all the other powers were here.

If Sikong Qing lost, while he didnt fear the shame it would bring, he mainly feared that Sikong Qing couldnt endure the blow to his confidence.

There were countless geniuses in the world who couldnt endure the blow to their confidence, causing them to be unable to rise back up again and disappear into the masses.

The reason he hadnt said anything was because he knew that if he asked Sikong Qing to step back right now, then both Sikong Qing and the entire Sky Wave Sect would be laughed at.

The white robed mans gaze descended onto Sikong Qing, “Just you”

Sikong Qing clenched his fist and a fine water energy dragon appeared on his arm.

Once it appeared there, the pressure of a dragon instantly appeared in the surroundings.

The expressions of comparatively weaker Emperors changed in an instant, and their auras surged out to resist the dragon pressure.

The Lin Clans patriarch suddenly said, “As the water dragon forms, its aura appears.

Advanced attainments in the Dragon Roar Technique.

Old Man Shui, this disciple of yours isnt bad.”

The old man standing behind Sikong Qing revealed a slight smile upon hearing this, “Hes not bad, but hes still slightly inferior when compared to those 3 little fellows of yours.

Brother Lin, I really envy you.

You didnt just get one genius but 3.” As he spoke, he glanced at Lin Dalang, Lin Erlang, and Lin Youxuan.

Lin Qian smiled and fell silent.

Meanwhile, Lin Youxuan chuckled, “Grandpa Shui, its your fault for not looking for a companion.

If you did, then you would definitely have many grandchildren.”

Old Man Shui was stunned, and then he shook his head and smiled, “You naughty little girl….”

As he spoke, his gaze descended onto Sikong Qing, and there was a trace of worry in his eyes.

Sikong Qings strength was really not bad.

However, how could the geniuses of the Nie Clan possibly be weak After all, the 3 sects and 6 cities had never been able to win in a spar with the Nie Clan!

The white robed man glanced at the water dragon on Sikong Qings arm and said, “It looks pretty good.

Come, try me.

Let me see if the geniuses of your 3 sects and 6 cities have improved in these years.”

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Sikong Qings eyes.

He stomped his right foot against the ground, and his figure shot up into the sky like a water dragon.

An ocean suddenly appeared out of thin air in the sky, and then the entire surroundings seemed as if it had been transformed into an ocean.

At the same time, the water energy dragon on Sikong Qings right arm started to grow swiftly.

In an instant, it had transformed into a huge dragon that was around 3km long, and it seemed like a real dragon as it swam through the ocean.


The huge dragon roared furiously in the sky while dragon pressure surged out incessantly from it, causing the entire sky to ripple.

“Raging Emergence!” Sikong Qing roared with fury, and then his figure immediately merged into one with the huge dragon.

The huge dragon dived down from above and shot towards the white robed man.

A wisp of a cold smile curled up on the corners of the white robed mans mouth, “Its aura isnt bad.

Unfortunately, its only flashy but without substance!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the white robed man stomped his right foot down and shot up into the sky.

His figure suddenly spun in midair while he bent his right leg slightly.

Space instantly rippled violently in his wake, and it seemed like space had been struck by some sort of terrifying attack!

The expressions of all the experts from the 3 sects and 6 cities became solemn when they witnessed this scene.

“Break!” The white robed mans voice resounded in the sky, and then he launched a kick at the water dragon.

A raging gale appeared abruptly around his leg.

In an instant, the raging gale transformed into a vortex, and then the vortex slammed against Sikong Qings water dragon.


An explosion resounded like a thunderclap, and then the vortex advanced completely unhindered and obliterated Sikong Qings water dragon into droplets of water.


Another explosion resounded, and then Sikong Qing crashed down from the sky.

Hed lost!

Hed been completely defeated by a single move.

The expressions of everyone from the 3 sects and 6 cities grew even more unsightly.

“Hes really strong!” Qian Lankong spoke abruptly while standing by Yang Yes side.

Yang Ye turned to glance at her.

She met his gaze an instant before she added, “Hes not very strong.” The white robed man was extremely strong indeed when compared to Sikong Qing, but if he were to be compared with Yang Ye….

Yang Ye shook his head, sat cross-legged in midair, withdrew some violet crystals, swallowed them, and then started cultivating.

In his opinion, time couldnt be wasted.

The pure energy hed obtained on Sword God Island had allowed him to advance into the Quasi Emperor Realm, the peak of the Quasi Emperor Realm actually.

It could be said that he was only a barrier away from the Emperor Realm.

His current objective was to work hard on piercing that barrier!

When she saw that Yang Ye was cultivating, Zier didnt disturb him.

She just embraced Snowy, whod fallen asleep, and sat behind Yang Ye.

After that, she rested herself against Yang Yes back.

However, she didnt just sit there idly, and she was vigilant at all times.

She was vigilant against the experts of the 2 sects and 5 cities of course.

She was very clearly aware that once they were given a chance, they would definitely launch a lethal assault against Yang Ye!

Qian Lankong, Shui Linlang, and the other assassins of Slayer Pavilion were vigilant at all times.

Because once Yang Ye died, all of them would be unable to escape a similar fate.

In short, even though all of them seemed to be at peace right now, undercurrents were brewing.

Meanwhile, after he defeated Sikong Qing, the white robed mans gaze descended onto the members of the 3 sects and 6 cities.

His gaze swept through them before he said, “Send someone strong.

Otherwise, it would be too boring.”

All of them fell silent. Who should we send Who would be willing to go Who would definitely winAll of them immediately thought of Yang Ye.

The white robed man was very strong indeed, but if he was compared with Yang Ye….

Even Senior Yuan who hated Yang Ye to the bone had no choice but to admit that no one in the current younger generation of the human race was a match for Yang Ye.

Not to mention the younger generation, there were even very few in the older generation who could fight Yang Ye.

However, Yang Ye didnt belong to the 3 sects and 6 cities.

“Ill fight him!” Meanwhile, Lin Dalang of the Lin Clan suddenly stepped forward.

Lin Qian hesitated for a moment and said, “Be careful.”

Meanwhile, Lin Youxuan clenched her fists and spoke with excitement, “Big Brother! Good luck!”

Lin Dalang glanced at her, and there was a trace of tender affection in his eyes.

He nodded slightly before turning around and walking towards the white robed man.

The white robed man glanced at Lin Dalangs sword and said, “Interesting, a sword cultivator.

Come, let me see whats the standard of sword cultivators right now.”

Lin Dalang held tightly to the sword in his right hand while Void Rank sword intent surged out slowly from within him.

In the end, his sword intent surged into his sword, and his sword started to tremble violently.

They exchanged glances.

Suddenly, Lin Dalangs figure vanished on the spot, and he was in front of the white robed man when his figure appeared once more.

He drew his sword.

In an instant, 10 rays of sword energy emerged from the space around the white robed man, and they stabbed at various different spots on the white robed mans body.

“Windrise!” As soon as the man spoke, he twisted his right foot slightly before launching a horizontal sweep.

A spinning blade of wind suddenly appeared in the surroundings, and then the sword energy around him was instantly swept away.

Lin Dalangs expression changed.

He took his sword in both hands and launched a spinning stab that stabbed towards the white robed man like a screw.

A cold smile arose on the corners of the white robed mans mouth.

His left leg swept forward while accompanied by a spiraling gale, and it struck against the tip of Lin Dalangs sword.

The sword shook violently and was almost kicked out of Lin Dalangs grasp.

Meanwhile, the white robed mans figure suddenly rose into the air, and then he stomped his right foot down in Lin Dalangs direction.


This stomp caused the space around Lin Dalang to collapse while a mouthful of blood sprayed from him, and then his figure crashed down to the ground.

Right when his figure was about to slam against the ground, a hand suddenly appeared in the air above Lin Dalang and caught him.

“Big Brother!” Lin Youxuan explained and hurriedly ran over to Lin Dalang.

Lin Dalang was about to speak, but it felt like something was stuck in his chest, and then another mouthful of blood sprayed from him.

He looked up at the white robed man and said, “I lost.”

“Isnt that very normal” The white robed man glanced indifferently at Lin Dalang and said, “I thought I would be pleasantly surprised a little, but I was still disappointed.

The present sword cultivators are still weak as before, they are absolutely weak as before! How sad!”

As soon as they heard the white robed man, the gazes of everyone here shot towards Yang Ye, and this even included Senior Yuans group.


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