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The gazes of everyone instantly descended onto Yang Ye when they heard Nie Yun.

Who was stronger

Actually, there was no suspense.

Yang Ye was naturally stronger.

That was what all the experts of the 3 sects and 6 cities felt.

Especially Senior Yuan and the others whod fought Yang Ye, they were very well aware how terrifying Yang Yes strength was.

Not to mention his attainments in the Sword Dao, just his physical strength was comparable to a Voider.

If his sword was included, then not to mention the younger generation, even experts at Senior Yuans level wouldnt dare to say that they could definitely defeat Yang Ye.

As for the woman called Nie Yun, while she was clearly an extraordinary genius from the attacks she executed, no one felt that she could defeat Yang Ye.

When Jian Wuji rose to prominence, all the geniuses of the entire continent faded in comparison.

Now, Yang Ye was definitely just like Jian Wuji.

It wasnt exaggerated to say that all the geniuses on the continent faded in comparison to Yang Ye.

As he gazed at Nie Yun who was walking in his direction, Yang Ye waved his sword and said, “Are you sure its my turn”

“Im very sure!” As soon as she finished speaking, a ball of lightning appeared in the center of each of her palms.

At the same time, threads of electricity suddenly appeared around her.

Nie Yun was about to attack when a ray of light flashed, and then Nie Qing appeared before Nie Yun, “Hes not human!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he spoke angrily, “What the heck!”

Nie Qing glanced at Yang Ye before she gazed at Nie Yun, “Hes no ordinary person!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Nie Yun looked Nie Qing in the eyes, “Aunt, you think Im no match for him”

Nie Qing pondered deeply for a moment and said, “More or less.” Not to mention Nie Yun, even Nie Qing herself didnt dare say that she could defeat Yang Ye.

Even though she didnt like Yang Ye, she had to admit that Yang Ye was definitely a genius comparable to Jian Wuji.

Even though Nie Yun was a top-rate peerless genius on the continent, she was very much inferior when compared to a monstrous genius like Yang Ye.

Nie Yuns eyes narrowed slightly.

A long time passed before she said, “Regardless of whether I can defeat him, I still hope to fight him.

Aunt, you understand, right”

Nie Qing fell silent for a short while before she turned to look at Yang Ye, “A member of my Nie Clan would like to seek guidance from you.

Please provide her with some guidance.”

Yang Ye smiled.

How could he not understand that Nie Qing hoped he didnt go too far.

There was no enmity between him and the Nie Clan, so he naturally wouldnt kill Nie Yun and become enemies with the Nie Clan.

He immediately smiled, “No problem!”

Nie Qing nodded slightly, and then her figure flashed and vanished.

A green robed old man appeared by Nie Qings side.

The old mans gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and he said, “Thats Yang Ye”

Nie Qing nodded, “Hes very strong.”

The green robed old man asked, “Even Yuner is no match for him”

Nie Qing shook her head.

The green robed old mans voice carried a trace of surprise, “Then why did you let her fight him”

Nie Qing explained, “Regardless of whether its Nie Yun or the other fellows in the younger generation of our Nie Clan, theyve started to think that they are the best geniuses on the continent.

They are very confident, extremely confident to the point its a little too much.

Once they suffer defeat or a blow to their confidence, they would act like Nie Feng and be unable to endure it.

I want them to understand what its like for there to always be someone stronger and prevent them from being blindly confident and losing themselves in such thoughts!”

The old man nodded, “Right!”

Meanwhile, after Nie Qing vanished, the balls of lightning that had fallen silent on Nie Yuns palms started to move once more.

At the same time, countless arcs of lightning flashed incessantly around her.

She didnt waste her breath and swiftly shot at Yang Ye.

Lightning flashed throughout the air she passed, and even space rippled violently.

It was an extremely shocking sight.

Yang Yes expression didnt change at all, and his sword started to glow faintly.

In next to no time, Nie Yun appeared above Yang Ye, and then she slapped her palms down at him.

“Heavenly Lightning Palms!” The balls of lightning in her palms crashed down towards Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes hand moved.

His sword shot forward in an extremely simply upward stab.

However, it was exactly such a movement that caused the balls of lightning to shatter and transform into threads of electricity that dispersed into the surroundings.

Destroying all techniques with a single swing of the sword!

The expressions of everyone here changed.

The ability to destroy all techniques with a single swing of the sword represented the Enlightened Sword Heart.

Those who attained the Enlightened Sword Heart could locate the flaws in techniques and moves, and then crush those moves and techniques with a single strike.

However, it wasnt easy to actually accomplish that.

Even some who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart found it difficult to accomplish.


Because besides formidable attainments in the Sword Dao, one had to possess sufficient speed, and it would be even better if one possessed extraordinary strength.

It could be said that besides the Enlightened Sword Heart, speed and strength were required to truly destroy all techniques with a single swing of the sword.

The Enlightened Sword Heart was just the foundation, but speed and strength were the most important.

Yang Ye didnt just possess the Enlightened Sword Heart, he possessed speed and strength as well.

So, unless someone completely crushed him in speed and strength, he would be able to destroy their techniques with a single swing of his sword!

After he destroyed the balls of lightning, Yang Ye didnt stop.

His wrist shook, and the sword instantly stabbed forward like a venomous snake that was striking swiftly at Nie Yuns stomach.

At the moment Yang Ye destroyed those balls of lightning with ease, Nie Yun was shocked.

Obviously, Yang Ye was much stronger than shed expected.

She didnt dare act carelessly when she saw Yang Yes sword stab at her, and she twitched her right hand slightly.

A bolt of lightning shot out of her palm and struck Yang Yes sword.

Yang Yes sword instantly stopped for a moment when the lightning struck against it.

At the same time, the electricity from the lightning covered the entire sword before corroding it.

But it didnt take long for Yang Yes hand to shake slightly, and then a strand of sword intent surged out from the sword.

As soon as Rebirth Rank sword intent appeared, the electricity was obliterated in an instant.

After that, a strand of sword energy suddenly shot out of Yang Yes sword.

It was extremely swift and struck Nie Yuns shoulder before she could even react.

However, Yang Ye was surprised to notice that a net of lightning suddenly appeared from Nie Yuns body when his sword energy struck her shoulder, and his sword energy was instantly obliterated on contact.

Meanwhile, countless bolts of lightning suddenly surged out from Nie Yuns body, and they instantly enveloped both her and Yang Ye.


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded, and then the bolts of lightning were sliced into countless pieces.

It didnt take long for all the lightning to disperse in midair.

Yang Ye and Nie Yuns figures appeared before everyone.

Yang Ye was standing in front of Nie Yun, and his sword was pressed against the center of her forehead.

Shed lost!

Even though they felt that Yang Ye would definitely win and Yang Ye had really won, they were still shocked by Yang Yes strength.

Especially the 2 sects and 5 cities that were enemies with Yang Ye.

The natural talent and strength Yang Ye revealed had aroused slight fear in them.

Presently, they had 2 choices.

Either get on friendly terms with Yang Ye or look for a chance to kill him!

Nie Yun gazed at Yang Ye for a short while and said, “Ive lost.”

Yang Ye nodded, put his sword away, and then walked away.

Just as Qian Lankong had said, his current opponents were actually those old geezers.

As for the younger generation, at least the younger generation of Dark Hell Continent were no threat to him anymore.

Perhaps the younger generation of the Radiant Dimension might stand a chance.

After all, the Radiant Dimension wasnt a closed off world.

So, many of its geniuses had gone to the outside world to temper themselves, and the geniuses from the outside world could come to the Radiant Dimension.

Yang Ye was very curious about the geniuses who held the top spots in the Radiant Dimensions Martial Rankings.

Besides that, there was the Nether Pavilion as well.

He could only imagine how strong, those hall masters of the Nether Pavilion and that young woman who rode a pig, were right now.

The Radiant Dimension! Yang Ye took a deep breath.

At this moment, he felt slightly impatient to return to the Radiant Dimension.

Meanwhile, Nie Qing appeared before Nie Yun.

She was about to speak when Nie Yun shook her head slightly, “Dont worry, Aunt.

I wont let it affect me.”

Nie Qing patted Nie Yun on the shoulder, “Thats good.

Remember that failure isnt a bad thing.

Because itll allow you to realize your imperfections, and only then can you make yourself do better.”

Nie Yun nodded and remained silent.

Nie Qing turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, “Thank you for showing mercy.” Nie Yun was a genius of the Nie Clan.

If anything happened to her, it would be a huge loss for the Nie Clan.

Yang Ye shrugged, “It was just a spar.

It wasnt a battle of life and death.”

Nie Qing nodded to herself and thought inwardly, Hes actually quite easy to deal with.,

Nie Qing didnt linger on that, and she glanced at the others before she said, “Everyone, lets go!”

They nodded and shot into the sky behind Nie Qing.

Suddenly, Lin Qian from the Lin Clan brought Lin Dalang, Lin Erlang, and Lin Youxuan over to Yang Ye, and he smiled, “It truly is inevitable that the young surpass the old.

I truly feel embarrassed at my own achievements when I see yours.”

Yang Ye was quite surprised.

He hadnt expected Lin Qian to come talk to him while the other clans and sects watched.

But it only took an instant for Yang Ye to come to an understanding.

The Lin Clan was making a display of goodwill, and they wanted to become friends with him and the Slayer Pavilion.

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye smiled, “Senior, youre too kind.

Im friends with Lin Dalang and the others, so just call me Yang Ye.”

Lin Qian nodded to himself. Who said Yang Ye is a headstrong and willful idiot Look how humble he is, and how well he conducts himself!

Actually, when he found out that Yang Ye had let the 3 siblings return to the Lin Clan after discovering their identity and had even given them Emperor Rank swords, hed become quite curious about Yang Ye.

Now that hed met Yang Ye, his judgment of Yang Ye was — Young and arrogant, and one who would rather die than submit.

Even though Yang Ye was quite insane, Yang Ye had a very good grasp of how to act according to the situation.

In short, if one were to become enemies with Yang Ye, one had to annihilate Yang Ye at once.

Otherwise, that person would suffer Yang Yes frenzied revenge and never know peace again.

But if one became friends with Yang Ye, one would obtain a powerful ally.

The Lin Clan had chosen to gain a powerful ally.

Lin Qian smiled, “Then Ill use the advantage my age provides.

Kid, these 3 little fellows are sword cultivators as well, so can you provide them with some guidance”

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course!”

Both of them exchanged glances and smiled.

Old Man Shui brought Sikong Qing over to Yang Ye and smiled, “Even though this disciple of mine doesnt practice the sword, I hope that Brother Yang can provide him with some guidance.”

Sikong Qing cupped his fist towards Yang Ye while a respectful gaze filled his eyes.

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course!”

When he saw the Lin Clan and the Sky Wave Sect take the initiative to make friends with Yang Ye, Senior Yuans face became unsightly.

Suddenly, a voice resounded from the side, “I hope youll be able to provide guidance to these little fellows of mine as well….”

Everyone here was stunned.

Meanwhile, Senior Yuans face instantly became absolutely unsightly when he saw whod spoken those words.


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