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Chapter 132 – A Petty Man!

Yang Ye remained silent for a short moment before he said, “A year, you can only stay with me for a year, and you must leave after a year is up.”

Yin Xuan’er was delighted when she heard this, and she said, “Two years!”

Yang Ye didn’t speak, and he just gazed coldly at Yin Xuan’er.

When she saw the look that he gave her, Yin Xuan’er knew that this was his limit, and she immediately stopped bargaining and said, “If it’s a year, then so be it! It’s a promise!”

“Let her go!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

He truly detested the feeling of being threatened, especially when he was threatened by someone he hated.

However, it couldn’t be helped because he was the weaker party!

Yin Xuan’er remained indifferent towards Yang Ye’s unpleasant attitude.

She smiled before she waved her fair hand, and then the scene in the surroundings warped and transformed.

After the time for two breaths to be completed, Qin Xiyue’s figure appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

“Are you alright” Yang Ye asked as he gazed at Qin Xiyue.

Qin Xiyue was stunned, and then she shook her head and just gazed coldly at Yin Xuan’er who was grinning from afar.

“Then I’ll be going in.

Don’t make it refuse me this time!” Yin Xuan’er gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke.

Yang Ye glanced at Yin Xuan’er before he looked at the violet mink, and then he disregarded Yin Xuan’er and said, “Little Fellow, if she holds ill intent or wants to harm me upon entering the tiny vortex, then would I be able to deal with her”

Yang Ye naturally didn’t trust Yin Xuan’er, and if he didn’t have any way to deal with her, then he wouldn’t allow her to enter the tiny vortex even if he had to go back on his word.

The violet mink blinked.

After a short while, the violet mink pointed its little claw at Yin Xuan’er before pointing it at itself.

Obviously, it was saying that it could deal with her.

Yang Ye didn’t doubt it at all.

So, he immediately nodded, and then he looked at Yin Xuan’er and said, “Go on in! However, allow me to notify you in advance.

That pool of profound energy belongs to the little fellow, and you’re not allowed to occupy it without obtaining its permission.

The violet mink flickered onto Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then it rubbed its little head against Yang Ye’s face.

The violet mink was happy, whereas, Yin Xuan’er’s face had changed while she said, “I need to enter it in order to speed up my speed of cultivation!”

“That’s your problem!” Yang Ye said coldly, “If you dare to touch that pool of profound energy before obtaining the little fellow’s permission, then I definitely won’t hesitate to expel you from within!”

Yin Xuan’er was depressed.

Since she’d been born, it was the first time someone had treated her in this way, and she had the desire to kill him right now.

However, when she thought of the mysterious red pearl Yang Ye possessed and that little fellow which shouldn’t have made an appearance here, she could only suppress the rage in her heart.

Even though the red pearl was terrifying, she was still capable of dealing with it, and the true source of her fear was the mysterious little fellow.

If the little fellow really utilized its mysterious and terrifying Bloodline Pressure against her, then when it was coupled with this human who’d comprehended both Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart, she was really not confident in her ability to deal with them!

At this moment, she felt slightly regretful.

She regretted being overwhelmed by rage and offending this petty man that stood before her.

If she hadn’t offended this man just now, then their cooperation would be extremely pleasurable right now.

Unfortunately, not only was it not pleasurable right now, the two of them seemed like enemies. Can this be considered as an evil I brought down upon myself

It was fine if they were just enemies.

But most importantly, Yang Ye had aroused detest and vigilance towards her.

She was utterly incapable of advancing to the Exalt Realm in a single year of time, and if she didn’t advance into the Exact Realm, then not to mention taking revenge, even surviving would be a problem.

Yang Ye frowned and asked when he saw the woman fall silent.

“Are you going to get in or not”

Yin Xuan’er glared at Yang Ye.

Even though she was angry, she was still extremely charming.

However, Yang Ye gazed at her with an icy cold expression and remained unmoved.

Yin Xuan’er didn’t speak further.

She transformed into her true form and flashed into Yang Ye’s body like a white light.

On the other hand, the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder hurriedly entered the tiny vortex when it saw this.

“This is the condition you agreed to in order for her to let me go” asked Qin Xiyue who’d remained silent at the side until now.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Truthfully speaking, I very rarely regret something I’ve done.

But this time, I truly regret it slightly.

I regret saving that woman out of curiosity.

Just like you, she turned around and took a stab at me after I rescued her.

However, you’re much more agreeable than she is.”

Qin Xiyue suddenly smiled and said, “Why am I more agreeable”

“I can still get along with you.

But her….

Forget it, let’s not speak about all of this.” Yang Ye shook his head.

“Actually, there’s one thing that she wasn’t wrong about.

You really are a petty man!” Qin Xiyue said with a smile, “Strictly speaking, you’re a person that has a very high sense of self-respect.”

Yang Ye didn’t object and said, “Perhaps.

In any case, I do as I please, and I won’t change myself for others.

At the very least, I wouldn’t do it for her.”

“But such character isn’t good in the end, right” said Qin Xiyue.

“There’s no perfect person in the world, and I’m no saint.

I have my own flaws as well, and I admit to possessing these flaws.

I know that I really didn’t act like a man that has poise, and I’m aware that women like you definitely dislike men like this.

But, so what Firstly, I’ve never wished for her to like me, and I’m not interested in her at all.

Besides that, since she doesn’t respect me, then why should I respect her out of consideration for her feelings Is it just because she’s beautiful” Yang Ye shook his head and smiled before he said, “I treat others the same way that they treat me.

This is my principle in life.”

Qin Xiyue shook her head and smiled when she heard this.

Amongst the people that she’d met in her life were gentlemen and despicable fellows, but it was the first time she’d met a man like Yang Ye who acted as he pleased.

In the world, people ceaselessly wore masks for the sake of their own benefit and acted in accordance with their company.

Just like the incident from before, if it was any other man, then even if that man disliked Yin Xuan’er’s attitude, that man would definitely not turn against her for the sake of obtaining a bodyguard at the Spirit Realm and those two Earth Rank techniques.

Moreover, it would even be to the extent that the man would intentionally flatter and curry favor with her.

However, this man that stood before her hadn’t just forgone two Earth Rank techniques because he disliked Yin Xuan’er, he’d even utterly offended her….

She truly didn’t know whether she should say that Yang Ye was courageous or stupid….

She shook her head and stopped thinking about this before she said, “Big Sister thanks you for all of that!”

“You didn’t even thank me when I saved you on the plains.

Why have you become so courteous now” Yang Ye was slightly surprised.

Qin Xiyue rolled her eyes at Yang Ye and said, “You didn’t have a choice then, yet now, you had one.

However, you still made a compromise with that woman for me.

Big Sister knows that a prideful person like you will definitely feel extremely aggrieved because of that.

So, Big Sister has to thank you! Of course, it’s only a verbal expression of gratitude.

It’s impossible to make Big Sister repay you with a pledge of marriage! Haha….” As she finished speaking, Qin Xiyue returned to her coquettish nature.

Yang Ye didn’t linger on this topic.

He sized up the surroundings and said, “Should we leave or go around and plunder this place”

“We’ll plunder this place of course.

Otherwise, how would we establish an organization” said Qin Xiyue.


Right at this moment, an enormous bang suddenly resounded from afar.

After that, numerous sounds of explosions ceaselessly resounded.

Yang Ye and Qin Xiyue exchanged glances before she said, “Someone is probably in battle ahead.

Let’s go take a look!”

“Take a look” Yang Ye frowned.

“Stupid!” Qin Xiyue said, “Since they’re in battle, then there’s definitely some sort of treasure there.

Do you know what’s the fastest way to gain wealth Robbing and plundering! Is there anything else that’s more lucrative than that”

Yang Ye deeply agreed.

Besides the treasures that Bao’er had given him, Yang Ye’s wealth was mostly accumulated through ‘robbing and plundering’.

So, he truly agreed with Qin Xiyue.

So, he immediately stopped hesitating and didn’t say a word before flashing towards the distance with Qin Xiyue.

At this moment, within the tiny vortex in Yang Ye’s body, Yin Xuan’er gazed at the violet mink with a pitiable expression and said, “Little Fellow, share a little with Big Sister, alright Just a little.

See, Big Sister’s lifespan is about to come to its end.

If I’m unable to cultivate to the Exalt Realm as soon as possible, then Big Sister will perish.

Can you bear to see that happen to Big Sister”

The violet mink still shook its little head, and it gazed at Yin Xuan’er with a hostile gaze.

Yin Xuan’er was immediately depressed when she saw this.

She’d been begging this little fellow for a very long time now, but no matter what she said, the little fellow just wouldn’t agree, and this caused her to be on the verge of going berserk.

However, when she recalled what that petty man said just now, she could only forcefully suppress the rage in her heart because she knew that the petty man would definitely do as he said.

Even though she couldn’t do anything to the little fellow, as for those two Nether Wolf Kings at the side….

In next to no time, wolf howls resounded from within the vortex in Yang Ye’s body….


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