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A pure white flame appeared before Mo Xiaoleng.

As soon as it did, Yang Ye noticed that the golden flame and dark blue flames had instantly floated to the side as if they were terrified of it.

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched.

Obviously, it was even more terrifying than the golden flame and dark blue flame.

Where did she get so many types of flames

Cant we just fight normally

Something worthy of mentioning was that Snowy had instantly become excited when she saw the pure white flame.

Her eyes were opened very wide as she gazed at the pure white flame, and she wanted to pounce at Mo Xiaoleng.

Zier hurriedly grabbed Snowy.

But Snowy didnt give up and struggled incessantly.

How could Zier allow her to cause trouble for Yang Ye She immediately held tightly onto Snowy.

After failing to struggle free for some time, Snowy started to use her cuteness instead.

She turned around and pounced on Zier before ceaselessly rubbing her head against Zier.

Moreover, she even withdrew numerous violet crystals and raised them towards Zier while a flattering smile covered her face.

Ziers heart instantly softened.

Fortunately, she was very clearly aware how important the battle was.

So she didnt let Snowy leave the city, no matter what Snowy tried.

In the end, Snowy gave up.

She turned around to gaze at the pure white flames with her mouth wide open, and her saliva flowed and flowed….

Meanwhile, Mo Xiaolengs face had turned quite pale once the pure white flame emerged from within her.

Obviously, it was quite strenuous for her to control 3 flames.

The flames started to spin around her under her control.

She looked up at Yang Ye while a cold smile hung on the corners of her mouth, and then she raised her right hand slowly.

In an instant, the golden flame transformed into a pillar of flames that shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He flipped his palm, and the blood red sword in his grasp shook violently as he pressed it against the center of his forehead.

As soon as the golden pillar of flames arrived just around 10 away from him, Yang Yes right foot twisted slightly against the space below him, and then he stomped it down and transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.


The pillar of flames was instantly slashed into 2, and then a ray of light shot straight at Mo Xiaoleng.

“Hmph!” She grunted coldly as the golden flame appeared on her palm again, and then it shot forward alongside the dark blue flame.


The flames expanded in midair, and then the area was instantly transformed into an ocean of fire.

“Break!” Suddenly, Yang Yes voice resounded from within the ocean of fire, and then a terrifying force instantly erupted from within there.

In an instant, the ocean of fire was blasted open from the center, and then a ray of light flashed out from it.

It didnt take long for the flames before Mo Xiaoleng to be sliced open before that ray of sword energy appeared before her.

Mo Xiaolengs face turned icy cold.

She waved her hand, and the pure white flame instantly transformed into a white fire dragon that slammed down at the sword energy.


A loud explosion resounded.

The sword energy was dispersed while Yang Ye appeared 3km away.

Yang Ye glanced at Heavens Gravestone, and he noticed that the glow it emanated had dimmed down tremendously.

The white flames could harm Void Rank swords!

Yang Ye looked up at the huge white dragon in the distance, and his face had an extremely solemn expression on it.

While the golden flame and dark blue flame were very dangerous, they were far inferior when compared to the pure white flame.

He knew that if he allowed the pure white flame to burn Heavens Gravestone, then Heavens Gravestone would definitely be destroyed!


Meanwhile, the pure white fire dragon roared at Yang Ye, and then a pillar of flames instantly shot out of its mouth and instantly surged towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt dare act carelessly when facing it.

His sword intent immediately surged out and enveloped Heavens Gravestone, and then he stomped his right foot down and swung Heavens Gravestone with both hands.


The pillar of flames was slashed into 2.

However, the white fire dragon suddenly dived down from midair and slammed its body down in Yang Yes direction.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He didnt choose to go head on with it, and the wings on his back flapped before he transformed into countless afterimages and vanished on the spot.

At the moment Yang Yes figure vanished on the spot, Mo Xiaolengs expression had changed slightly.

She tapped the tip of her foot against the space below her and was about to fly backwards.

However, a sword had arrived in front of her chest.

At this moment, it was too late to retreat.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she twisted her palm, and a strand of pure white flames covered her palm before she slapped it forward.


The sword and flaming palm collided, and then the space around them instantly shook violently.

Yang Ye and Mo Xiaoleng exchanged glances for an instant.

Suddenly, a cold smile arose on the corners of Mo Xiaolengs mouth, and then she grabbed Yang Yes sword.

In an instant, a strand of white flames instantly enveloped Heavens Gravestone.

Moreover, it started spreading swiftly towards Yang Ye and was about to envelop him.

Yang Yes expression had changed at the exact same instant that she grabbed his sword.

He swiftly clenched his left fist and slammed it at her.

Physical strength at the brink!

A wave of terrifying energy surged out from Yang Yes fist!


An explosion resounded as both Yang Ye and Mo Xiaoleng were pushed around 3km back.

The space before them had cracked open and was trembling violently.

It seemed like it would collapse in a moment.

Snowy was furious.

She pointed her little claw at the huge white dragon while flames of rage burned in her eyes, and she would have charged over if it wasnt for Zier who was holding tightly onto her.

The reason Snowy was angry was that Yang Yes chest was scorched right now.

Moreover, his arm had swelled up completely.

Yang Ye would have probably been transformed into ashes if he hadnt retreated fast enough.

However, Mo Xiaoleng wasnt perfectly fine as well.

Blood was seeping out incessantly from the corner of her mouth.

After all, shed suffered a strike that carried Yang Yes Brink Laws at close range, so it had injured her internal organs.

Mo Xiaoleng wiped off the blood on the corner of her mouth, and her gaze gradually turned icy cold as she gazed at the blood on her hand.

A short while passed before she looked up at Yang Ye, “Human! Youve injured me!”

Yang Ye pointed at his chest, “You almost burnt me to death.”

“You deserved that!” As soon as she finished speaking, her figure soared up into the air while 3 flames appeared around her.

It was the golden flame, the dark blue flame, and the pure white flame.

They were spinning slowly around her, and it didnt take long for them to speed up.

As they spun, the temperature here grew hotter and hotter.

In next to no time, the expressions of all humans and demon beasts here had changed.

Because the temperature was growing so high that it almost exceeded their endurance.

Because of the rise in temperature, the space around Mo Xiaoleng had become ethereal and seemed to be on the verge of melting.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye glanced at Mo Xiaoleng, and then he lowered his head slightly.

No one knew what was running through his mind.

Mo Xiaoleng formed a strange seal with both hands, and then the 3 flames around her lined up in a straight line.

A moment later, they expanded in midair and transformed into a massive fire dragon that was around 3km long.

At the same time, the temperature in the surroundings instantly rose by at least 10 times!

The profound energy within all the experts of the human race throughout Doomsday City had started to surge, and then they formed a protective barrier that enveloped themselves.

As for the demon race, the Demon Empress pushed her palms forward lightly, and then the heat coming from the massive fire dragon was instantly dispersed.

However, the demon beasts in the surroundings were still affected by the rise in temperature, but it was much better for them now.

Something worthy of mentioning was that Snowy had started to become excited again when the massive fire dragon appeared.

This time, Zier was almost unable to keep Snowy with her.

Snowys eyes blinked incessantly as she gazed at the fire dragon, and she drooled all over the ground….

Actually, it was spirit energy that flowed all over the ground.

However, Zier held tightly onto Snowy and didnt let Snowy move.

This made Snowy shoot a resentful gaze at Zier, and she seemed to be asking why Zier refused to let her eat it.

Zier shook her head slightly and held tightly onto Snowy as she explained, “Thats a fair fight.

It wouldnt be fair if you interfere.

Dont cause trouble for him, alright”

However, Snowy refused to listen this time, and she ceaselessly rubbed her head against Ziers chin.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes head was still lowered, but the sword in his grasp had started to tremble.

Suddenly, Mo Xiaoleng raised her hand and tapped it in Yang Yes direction.


The tri-colored dragon roared with fury, and then it dived down from midair towards Yang Ye.

Everywhere it passed, space was instantly incinerated completely, and a huge spatial rift appeared in the sky.

A cold smile curled up on Mo Xiaolengs lips as she watched the fire dragon dive down at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly moved.

He held tightly onto his sword as he pressed it against his forehead, and then an invisible aura seeped out from within him.

When the tri-colored dragon was around 30m away from him, Yang Ye suddenly raised his head, and then his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

The sword energy slashed against the head of the massive fire dragon.


All the spectators were stunned on the spot.

Because the sword energy had instantly slashed that terrifying fire dragon into two! Moreover, the sword energy didnt slow down at all and instantly arrived before Mo Xiaoleng.

At this moment, Mo Xiaolengs eyes were opened wide and filled with disbelief.

Obviously, she hadnt expected her attack to be destroyed with such ease.

At the moment the sword energy arrived before her, a female hand suddenly appeared behind her and took her away.

The sword energy hit nothing but air!

Yang Ye turned to look towards the distance.

He was looking at the Demon Empress, and Mo Xiaoleng was standing by her side while still in a slightly stunned state.

It was the Demon Empress whod saved Mo Xiaoleng just now.

The Demon Empress gazed at Yang Ye and spoke solemnly, “Youve attained the Emperor Realm!

Yang Ye waved his sword and replied, “Youve lost.”

“Is that so” A cold smile curled up on the corners of her mouth, and then she raised her hand and said, “Army of the demon race, hear me! Crush Doomsday City.

We take no captives! Annihilate the humans!”


Countless demon beasts roared in unison, and then they swarmed Doomsday City.

Yang Yes figure flashed back to Doomsday City.

He gazed at the army of demon beasts that was swarming towards the city and remained silent for a moment, and then he suddenly turned around to gaze at everyone within the city, “We dont fight for the human race, we only fight for the sake of survival! So….”

Yang Ye pointed his sword at the army of demon beasts and continued, “KILL!”

“For survival!” Countless people howled with fury throughout Doomsday City.


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