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In the war between the human race and demon race, the war had ended with the demon races retreat.

In other words, the human race was victorious.

The entire city was filled with cheers!

Only those who came in close proximity to death would know how lucky they were to be alive.

In the Sword Hall.

Besides the elites and core members of the Sword Alliance, the experts of the 3 cities and 3 sects were here as well.

“We lost over 2,300 Emperors during the battle, and we only have around 1,000 left.

As for Voiders, we lost 3, and we have 11 left.

We lost countless below the Emperor Realm.” Ye Liuyun paused for a moment and continued, “Blade lost 12 of its members during the battle.”

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes when he heard her.

A long time passed before he took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Ye Liuyun and said, “Try your best to determine who died, and then look for any living relatives.

If there are, then take care of them.”

Ye Liuyun replied, “Ill make the arrangements!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced at the people here.

Even though there were much fewer here now, he was very well aware that these experts whod survived the war would definitely undergo a transformation.

It wasnt just a transformation in their cultivation, it included their mental states.

It wouldnt take long for the Sword Alliance to recover its overall strength and even rise a level higher!

A short while passed before Yang Yes gaze descended onto the experts of the 3 cities and 3 sects, “Everyone, the war has come to an end.

Do all of you have any plans”

They exchanged glances.

In the end, Lin Qian stepped forward and said, “Young Brother Yang, the demon race has occupied the Veiled Region, so we definitely cant return.

So, we want to stay in Dark Hell Continent and rebuild our clans and sects.” Lin Qian couldnt help but glance at Yang Ye when he spoke up to this point.

At this moment, Dark Hell Continent belonged to the Sword Alliance.

As they say, how can anyone allow an outsider to sleep by their bed So, would Yang Ye allow them to rebuild their clans and sects on Dark Hell Continent

Lin Qian wasnt the only one who was worried about that, the others were the same.

Ye Liuyun couldnt help but glance at them when she heard Lin Qian.

But she didnt say a word and just gazed at Yang Ye.

It could be said that Yang Ye just had to shake his head, and then the 3 sects and 3 cities would vanish from the world.

Of course, they wouldnt be destroyed but absorbed into the Sword Alliance.

The 3 sects and 3 cities didnt have the right to refuse the Sword Alliance, nor did they dare to!

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he smiled, “Of course.” He understood their thoughts well.

They didnt want to become subordinates of someone else.

Actually, it was very normal.

They once possessed supreme status, so they were naturally unwilling to bow before him.

Moreover, once they submitted to him, it represented that their clans and sects would vanish completely from the world.

That was absolutely not something they were willing to allow.

After all, they were clans and sects that had been passed down for countless years.

Especially the clans, they had very strong conviction towards their clans.

Of course, he could force them to join the Sword Alliance.

Based on his current strength, they would definitely not dare to refuse if he were to force them.

But if he did that, it would make them feel resentful towards him.

Perhaps nothing would happen in the short-term, but as time passed, and once they had a chance, the Sword Alliance would definitely fall into chaos.

Moreover, he didnt want them to join the Sword Alliance.

Because if they did, then there would be many small groups within the Sword Alliance.

The sects and clans would definitely scheme against each other, and that wasnt something he wanted to see.

Lin Qian and the others heaved sighs of relief when they heard Yang Ye.

They were filled with gratitude and simultaneously bowed to Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Have all of you thought about leaving this world”

Lin Qian and the others were stunned, and then Lin Qian replied, “Young Brother Yang, what are you trying to say”

Yang Ye pointed up at the sky and said, “Ive come into contact with the restriction.

Even though I cant destroy it with my current strength, its still possible for me to cut a gap open in it.

If all of you want to leave, I can take you with me.”

“Really” Lin Qians eyes were opened wide, and his voice was even slightly shaky.

He would naturally not believe it if anyone else said that, but if Yang Ye said it, he believed it.

Because Yang Ye had even been able to kill a Semi-Deity!

Yang Ye nodded, “However, I have a condition!”

Lin Qian and the others exchanged glances.

In the end, Lin Qian said, “As far as old fellows like us are concerned, it doesnt matter what the conditions are, so long as we can leave this world.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Dont worry, they arent very difficult conditions.

All of you just have to stay by my side for some time.

Not long, just three years, alright I dont want to deceive all of you.

The reason I want you to stay with me for three years is because I have some enemies outside this world.

I hope I can obtain your help against them.

Thats my condition!” The 3 cities and 3 sects had 9 Voiders right now.

9 Voiders would be a huge help!

Lin Qian remained silent for a short while before he said, “Only three years”

Yang Ye nodded and smiled, “Just three years!”

Lin Qian and the others exchanged glances, and then they nodded in the end.

Lin Qian said, “Alright, were willing to follow you for three years!”

Yang Ye replied, “Let me warn you in advance.

Its slightly dangerous.”

Lin Qian smiled, “Young Brother Yang, you must be kidding.

We understand that theres nothing free in this world.

Since we gain something, well naturally have to pay a price.

So, danger is naturally very normal.

If theres no danger, then you wouldnt even seek our assistance.


Yang Ye smiled and said, “Since you have no objections, then its decided.

Right, you can choose some Emperors from your respective clans and sects to leave with us.

Of course, its up to you whether you decide to bring them along.

In any case, Ill be bringing the Emperors of my Sword Alliance with me, so that they can take a look at the experts and geniuses in the world outside.”

“What about the others” Lin Qian couldnt help but ask, “Will they all be staying on the continent”

Ye Liuyun and the others gazed at Yang Ye.

Because it was exactly what they wanted to find out.

Yang Ye replied, “Those who havent attained the Emperor would be courting death by leaving the continent.

So, staying here is the best choice for them.

Of course, Im not saying that were going to abandon them.

Im prepared to make Dark Hell Continent our base of operations.”

“But this world is sealed off from the outside world.” Ye Liuyun continued, “The spirit energy here is scarce, and it isnt suitable to develop a power here.”

Yang Ye replied, “I understand that, of course.

Do you know why the spirit energy in this world is so scarce Because that restriction is there.

So long as its destroyed, I believe that this world will slowly recover into a normal medium sized world.

Even though my current strength is insufficient to completely destroy it, I believe that it wont take long for me to possess such strength.”

If the Sword Alliance was to develop and grow stronger, it had to have a world of its own.

Dark Hell Continent just happened to be suitable.

Because the Sword Alliance was the owner of Dark Hell Continent.

As for the demon race, it was no threat to the Sword Alliance now.

Moreover, no powers from the outside world were targeting this medium world, and it just happened to give the Sword Alliance time to recuperate and grow.

The eyes of everyone here lit up when they heard him.

If Yang Ye could really destroy the restrictions, then it would be absolutely good news for the entire continent.

Even though Dark Hell Continent was still a medium world now, it was even inferior to a small world.

Because it was sealed off from the outside world, and the spirit energy here was scarce to the point it practically didnt exist.

Once the restrictions were destroyed, Dark Hell Continent would definitely recover and become a true medium world again!

A medium world!

It wasnt a small world but a medium world.

After all, a true medium world was comparable to over 100 small worlds.

Once Dark Hell Continent recovered and the spirit energy here was sufficient, then its inhabitants would definitely grow stronger in a short amount of time.

Because there was no Heaven Dao here.

Since there was no Heaven Dao here, there were practically no restrictions for someone before they attained the Voider Realm!

Not to mention them, even Yang Ye was quite excited.

If Dark Hell Continent returned to normal, then the Sword Alliances strength would definitely rise tremendously.

Because the humans of Dark Hell Continent took pride in being able to join the Sword Alliance.

In other words, practically every expert had chosen to join the Sword Alliance!

If Dark Hell Continent returned to normal, then the Sword Alliance would gain the most benefit!

Of course, it wasnt something that could be rushed.

Just as hed said, his current strength wasnt sufficient to destroy the restrictions.

Even if he had the Sword Spirits help, it was still impossible.

At the very most, he would be able to make a hole in it with the Sword Spirits help!

A short while passed before Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Go make the necessary preparations and await my order.”

They cupped their fists to Yang Ye and left.

Once all of them left, Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “The Radiant Dimension….” He naturally hadnt forgotten that An Nanjing, Lu Jianyao, Yu Wushuang, and the others were still there.

Yang Ye stood silent on the spot for a long time, and then he sat down cross-legged and started to refine Sword Servants.

He was about to return to the Radiant Dimension, so he naturally had to bring more experts with him.

Otherwise, he might not be able to save anyone by returning there, and he might even lose his life in the process.

The Alliance of Guardians probably controlled a medium world, so it was definitely not weak.

Thus, he had to bring even more experts back with him!

It was much easier for him to refine Sword Servants now.

Because he had the Sword Spirit to help him.

Just like that, 5 days passed in the blink of an eye and 5 Voider Realm Sword Servants appeared before Yang Ye.

5 Voider Realm Sword Servants!

That was the limit he could endure right now!

Once he was done, Yang Ye started cultivating.

Of course, he wasnt trying to charge into the Voider Realm.

Hed only just advanced into the Emperor Realm, so it was utterly impossible for him to charge into the Voider Realm in such a short period.

Even if he could, he wouldnt.

It wasnt good to advance too quickly!

The important matter at hand was to return to his peak!

Around 2 days later.


A deafening explosion resounded through the entire continent.

At this moment, the entire continent was trembling!

After that, an ancient voice that carried boundless spite resounded abruptly throughout the continent.

“Damnable woman! It has been thousands of years.

Youve trapped me for thousands of yours, and todays the day we put an end to everything.”


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