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As soon as that voice resounded, a wave of invisible pressure smashed down from the sky above Doomsday City, and then many comparatively weaker cultivators throughout the city were pressed flat on the ground!


The voice carried a strand of terrifying pressure, and it struck straight at the soul, causing others to have the impulse to kneel down and prostrate themselves before its owner.

The most terrifying part was that the voice wasnt even targeted at Doomsday City, and it was just like a breeze that blew past it.

Everyone here was astounded. Who is that

At the moment the voice had resounded, Yang Ye had immediately flashed out of the hall before his Rebirth Rank sword intent appeared out of thin air.

In the end, it swept up and dispersed the terrifying pressure in the air.

Once it was dispersed, he looked up towards the distant sky, and there was a solemn and shocked expression in his eyes.

Theres actually such a peerless expert on the continent

Even though hed merely heard that persons voice, just that persons voice was enough for him to sense how strong that person was.

The owner of the voice was much stronger than Nie Wuming!

Yang Yes eyes were filled with a solemn expression.

A short while passed before he seemed to have thought of something, and then his pupils constricted slightly, “That place….

Its in the direction of Sword God Island, and its where Blind Maiden is.

Is the woman that voice spoke of… Blind Maiden”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while, and then he decided to go have a look.

Suddenly, Ye Liuyun appeared before him, “Youre heading there”

Yang Ye nodded, “Im going to have a look!” Even though that expert wasnt targeting the Sword Alliance, it might be related to Blind Maiden.

Ye Liuyun remained silent for a short while, and then she said, “Be careful!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I will.

Right, how are the preparations going”

Ye Liuyun replied, “All the experts are prepared.

You just have to give the order and we can set out at any moment.” She paused for a moment and continued solemnly, “Theres something I forgot to tell you.”

Yang Ye gazed at her and asked, “What”

Ye Liuyun spoke in a low voice, “Senior Jian Xus whereabouts have been unknown since the battle came to an end.”

Yang Ye frowned, “He left”

She replied, “I dont know.

Should I send someone to look for him”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while before he shook his head, “Its fine, he should have had something personal to deal with.

Dont disturb him.

He should come back once hes done.”

Ye Liuyun nodded, and then she glanced at Yang Ye, “Should I go with you to the world outside”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said, “Of course.”

She asked, “Then what about the Sword Alliance on Dark Hell Continent”

Yang Ye was stunned again.

He hadnt really thought about that.

Presently, Ye Liuyun was dealing with everything on the continent.

If she left for the outside world, then who would manage Doomsday City The main problem was that he couldnt rest at ease if he handed management over to anyone else.

“Ill stay!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the side.

Yang Ye and Ye Liuyun turned around, and they noticed that it was Yun Banqing.

Yang Ye asked, “You arent going anymore”

Yun Banqing shook her head slightly, “The world outside isnt so tempting to me.

Moreover, I want to stay with my mother.

So, you go with Liuyun, and Ill manage Doomsday City.

Dont worry, you wont return to a city thats in chaos.”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time, and once he confirmed that she wasnt putting on an act, he nodded immediately and said, “Alright, Ill leave it to you.”

He gazed at Ye Liuyun and continued, “Both of you deal with the transfer of authority between the two of you.” As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished into the sky.

Yun Banqing watched Yang Ye leave, and then she lowered her head slightly.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun walked over to her side and said, “Actually, you want to go with him as well, right”

Yun Banqing smiled, “Youre more useful by his side than I am.”

Even though she was skilled in management, it was more towards the business and management of a business.

But Ye Liuyuns ability was far greater than that.

Ye Liuyuns ability could be said to cover all aspects.

Yun Banqing was able to think for the future, and she knew how to let go and find a balance in things.

So, even if she was in Doomsday City, she merely assisted Ye Liuyun.

Besides Yang Ye, Ye Liuyuns status was irreplaceable in Doomsday City!

Ye Liuyun glanced at Yun Banqing, and then she spoke softly, “Hes a loyal person who always keeps old friendships in mind, and he\'s smart as well.

Your sacrifice wont be for nothing.”

Yun Banqing shook her head slightly and replied, “I never thought about all of that.

If it wasnt for him, my mother, my younger brother, and I would have probably ceased to exist in this world.

Even if we remained alive, life would definitely be worse than death for us.

So, Im very happy to be able to do something for him.

As for everything else, I never gave it any thought, nor do I hold any extravagant hopes.

Ye Liuyun sighed in her head, and then she took Yun Banqings hand, “Lets go make the arrangements.”

Yun Banqing glanced up into the sky, and then she turned around and left with Ye Liuyun.

Yang Ye shot towards Sword God Island on his sword.

Around 10 minutes later, Yang Ye suddenly frowned and stopped.

He glanced at the surroundings and said, “Show yourself.”

“After just a short while of being away, I never expected your strength to have already risen to such a level.” A surprised voice came from the space before Yang Ye, and it didnt take long for a black robed man to appear near Yang Ye.

“Its you!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

He naturally had an impression of the black robed man because it was the same black robe man that had been following him in the past.

But for some unknown reason, the black robed man had vanished.

Yang Ye hadnt expected the black robed man to be here right now.

“Your name is Yang Ye.

Youre from the Radiant Dimension, your mother was an inner court disciple of the Flower Palace, and you have a younger sister….” The black robed man spoke slowly, and it didnt take long for him to recount everything that had occurred from the moment Yang Ye had been born.

There were practically no errors as well.

Because the reason hed vanished before was that hed headed to the Radiant Dimension to investigate Yang Yes identity.

Once he finished investigating Yang Ye, he was certain that Yang Ye belonged to the Yang Clan.

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Who are you!”

The black robed man replied, “The Yang Clan!”

The Yang Clan! Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He naturally knew what the Yang Clan represented.

Because Lu Yan had told him about it.

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while before he said, “Why have you come looking for me”

The black robed man replied, “To tell you that youre qualified to compete for the position of successor in the Yang Clan.”

“The successor” Yang Ye shook his head, “Im not interested.

You can leave now.

Besides that, I have nothing to do with the Yang Clan.”

“You intend to give up on the opportunity” The black robed man frowned, “Do you realize that if you become the successor, its equivalent to taking control over 5,000 small worlds, 1,000 medium worlds, and 25 large worlds”

“Im not interested!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

He only believed in one thing, and it was that he had to rely on himself for everything! If he wasnt strong, then not to mention becoming the successor of the Yang Clan, he would be killed even if he was the patriarch of the Yang Clan.

Moreover, if his strength was formidable, then even a clan like the Yang Clan would dare no bully him.

He had to rely on himself!

Meanwhile, the black robed man suddenly obstructed Yang Yes path, “You dont want to acknowledge your ancestry and return to the clan”

“Acknowledge my ancestry” Yang Ye chuckled and replied, “Would I be able to immediately become the successor upon returning, and then take control of the Yang Clan If thats how it is, then Ill go back right now!”

The black robed man was slightly stunned, and then he said, “Of course not.

Becoming the successor represents that youll be the next patriarch of our Yang Clan.

So, only the strong can assume such a position.

All members of the Yang Clan will be sent to a certain plane to temper themselves once they are of age.

Once the time comes, my Yang Clan will summon them back to the clan and make them compete for the position of successor.”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “I thought I would get it for free.”

The black robed man was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye added, “I understand everything now.

Go back and tell that patriarch of the Yang Clan that I forfeit.

I refuse to participate.” He wasnt interested in the battle to become the Yang Clans successor because hed never liked to manage a power, nor did he like to scheme against others.

Moreover, there would definitely be many who were fighting for the position of successor in the Yang Clan.

If he were to go back, he would really be unable to have any peace forever.

Moreover, he didnt have any sense of belonging to the Yang Clan!

Had the Yang Clan had anything to do with his life since the moment of his birth He would be alive and well even without the Yang Clan!

Meanwhile, the black robed man suddenly said, “No!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned and said, “Your clan is even forcing me to participate”

The black robed man spoke in a low voice, “According to the rules of the clan, all members of the Yang Clan must participate.

Because the Yang Clan has no cowards!”

Yang Ye spoke with astonishment, “Forfeiting makes me a coward”

The black robed man replied, “Yes!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Meanwhile, the black robed man added, “Youll die if you refuse to participate.

Because according to the ancestral teachings of our Yang Clan, members of the Yang Clan can lose in battle, but they cant be cowards.

Cowards arent qualified to be members of the Yang Clan.

If you forfeit, the Yang Clan will extract the bloodline within you, and then expel you.

Of course, thats the best outcome.

Youll usually be killed!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

The black robed man continued, “Actually, you didnt have the right to participate because your father was expelled.

So, you are considered as someone who has been expelled as well.”

Expelled Yang Ye frowned, “Then why am I qualified now”

The black robed man fell silent for a short while before he said, “It was your aunt.

She got the opportunity for you.”

Yang Ye frowned, “My aunt”

The black robed man shook his head and said, “In short, my mission is complete.

After I confirmed you are a member of the Yang Clan, Ive sent news back to the clan.

It wont take long before a steward will come to get you.” He glanced at Yang Ye and continued, “If you really dont want to return, then kill the steward.

Of course, the precondition is that you possess the strength to do so.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Ill give that suggestion serious consideration.”

The black robed man was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something and added, “I remember Senior Lu said that the Yang Clan only possessed a few thousand worlds.


The black robed man interrupted Yang Ye, “How many years ago was that”

“Right!” Yang Ye nodded ,”Youre returning now”

The black robed man replied, “Right away.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Tell your patriarch to consider it carefully.

Tell him that I have quite a bad temper, and I might bring chaos to the Yang Clan if I return.”

The black robed man glanced at Yang Ye and replied, “Dont worry, all the members of our Yang Clan have bad tempers while they are in the outside world, but they become obedient once they return.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black robed man turned around and walked away.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Wait!”

The black robed man turned to look at Yang Ye, “What”

Yang Ye replied, “Nothing much.

I just wanted to remind you that its best to send a stronger steward to get me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and vanished on the spot.

The black robed man was at an utter loss for words.


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