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Actually, Yang Ye really wanted to leave intact corpses behind and refine them into Sword Servants.

However, the true form of Heavenrend was too strong.

So, his enemies were either obliterated or sliced into two! He felt that it was quite a pity.

After all, a Semi-Deity Realm Sword Servant would be extremely useful!

After Yang Yes group entered the teleportation formation, Ye Liuyun glanced at the surroundings, and a smile curled up on the corners of her lips before she turned around and left.

“How strong!” A voice resounded abruptly once Ye Liuyun left, and then an old man and a beautiful woman appeared not too far away.

It was Nangong Qin.

Both of them had extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

The old man spoke solemnly, “His strength can be ranked in the top 20 of the Dragon Rankings!”

The top 20! Nangong Qins pupils constricted slightly.

What did the top 20 represent There were thousands of worlds in this universe, so how many people lived in it Even if ordinary people were excluded, there were countless geniuses in this universe.

But Yang Ye was able to be ranked in the top 20 of them.

Actually, not to mention the top 20, even the top 100 was extremely terrifying!

Meanwhile, the old man added, “He executed an extremely powerful sword technique, and its definitely above the Void Rank.

The greater a technique is, the harsher its requirements and the greater the difficulty to cultivate it is.

That sword technique stresses upon explosive force, the explosive force at the instant his sword is drawn.

Its extremely powerful to the point that ordinary people cant endure it at all, but he was completely fine.

If Im not wrong, his body is definitely at an extremely terrifying level.

He cultivates both the sword and body!”

Both the sword and body! Nangong Qins beautiful brows were pressed slightly together, “Hes a body cultivator as well”

The old man nodded, “He should be.”

Nangong Qins face grew even more solemn.

A formidable sword cultivator was extremely terrifying, especially a sword cultivator with sword intent at an extremely high rank, just like Yang Ye.

Theyd naturally discerned Yang Yes sword intent.

It was above the Void Rank, and just that was extremely rare.

Especially at Yang Yes age.

But Yang Ye hadnt just comprehended sword intent above the Void Rank, hed comprehended Void Rank slaughter intent as well.

Besides dual intents, he was a body cultivator as well!

A monstrous genius!

That was what Nangong Qin thought.

Meanwhile, the old man added, “While our merchant group doesnt fear such geniuses, its best not to offend them.

If a genius like him doesnt fall, then hell definitely become an extraordinary expert.

So, it would be even better if we can get on friendly terms with him.

After all, we are merchants who do business.

Thus, it would definitely be extremely beneficial to become friends with someone who would become an extraordinary expert in the future.”

The old man paused briefly and continued, “Second Young Miss made quite a mistake this time.”

“A mistake” Nangong Qin grinned, “Shes extremely smart.

With her discerning ability, she naturally discerned Yang Yes potential.

The true reason why she proposed that Yang Ye should withstand 10 moves from Elder Xun was to form a friendship with Yang Ye.

If Yang Ye lost, she could act magnanimously and not pursue the matter, and that would make Yang Ye extremely grateful.

But she hadnt expected Yang Yes strength to be at such a level.”

The smile on Nangong Qins face grew wider when she spoke up to this point, “Besides that, she absolutely didnt expect Yang Yes temper to be like that.

Actually, in the end, she severely underestimated Yang Yes strength.

If she knew Yang Yes true strength from the beginning, then she would have definitely not treated Yang Ye in that way.

No matter what, its a good thing for us.”

The old man replied, “Indeed!”

Nangong Qin smiled, “Lets go see Ye Liuyun.

Shes new here, so she definitely needs help with many things!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Nangong Qin and the old man vanished on the spot.

Skyriver Stellar Region.

The Radiant Dimension.

An earthshaking battle had once occurred in the Radiant Dimension.

That battle was naturally the battle where Lady, Yang Ye, and the Nether Pavilion fought the Alliance of Guardians.

It was also that battle which allowed the entire Radiant Dimension to gain knowledge of the Nether Pavilions strength.

It turned out that the Nether Pavilion was much stronger than theyd ever imagined!

Even though Yang Ye had vanished, the Nether Pavilion was still here.

Logically speaking, no one should dare to bully White Deer Academy.

But surprisingly, from a year ago, practically all the powers of the Radiant Dimension were attacking White Deer Academy, and it was especially so for the Evil Faction!

Under the Evil Factions lead, the 4 great clans of the Radiant Dimension joined the group that was attacking White Deer Academy.

Presently, White Deer Academy was holding on with its last breath.

Why could it do so Because every single time White Deer Academy was about to be completely crushed, the Nether Pavilions forces would arrive and fight the forces of the Evil Faction.

Even though White Deer Academy avoided destruction under the Nether Pavilions protection, it could only be described as holding on with its last breath.

White Deer Academy.

At this moment, White Deer Academy had less than 3,000 experts.

These 3,000 people lived every day in anxiety.

Because some of them died every single day.

In the main hall.

“How many died today” Xiao Bieli sat at the seat of the host as he spoke in a low voice.

He had a very exhausted expression on his face because hed practically never rested since a year ago.

“32!” It was Xiao Ling who answered him.

At this moment, shes advanced from the position of Vice Dean to the wife of the Dean.

Xiao Bieli clenched his fists slowly, and there was ghastly coldness in his eyes.

Xiao Ling said, “Our morale isnt stable anymore.”

White Deer Academy had spent practically the entire year hiding in White Deer Dimension.

Because they would immediately vanish upon leaving the academy.

Even if they didnt leave, a few dozen would still die in White Deer Dimension every single day.

As for the Nether Pavilion, it would only lend a hand when White Deer Academy was really about to be destroyed.

Moreover, for some unknown reason, the hall masters of the Nether Pavilion had never shown themselves.

Suddenly, Xiao Ling asked, “Do you regret it”

Xiao Bieli was slightly stunned, and then he understood what she meant.

If he hadnt supported Yang Ye during that time, White Deer Academy wouldnt have suffered such consequences.

Xiao Ling was asking if he regretted his choice.

A moment of silence ensued before Xiao Bieli chuckled softly, “Actually, he doesnt owe us anything.

If it wasnt for him, we would have been kicked out by the Law Faction.

Even though the situation we faced would definitely not be this terrible, it wouldnt be much better.

In the end, since he joined White Deer Academy, he was a student of ours.

Im absolutely unable to sacrifice a student for the sake of the academy.”

Xiao Ling sighed softly, “I wonder how that fellow is after being exiled.”

Xiao Bieli chuckled, “Dont worry about him.

Hes absolutely tenacious.”

“Thats true!” Xiao Ling revealed a slight smile.

Because based on Yang Yes strength and character, he would definitely not suffer a loss no matter where he went.

Xiao Ling seemed to have thought of something and added, “The Nether Pavilion….”

Xiao Bieli spoke in a low voice, “They seem to be planning something!”

Xiao Ling said, “They are very mysterious.”

Xiao Bieli nodded.

Based on the Nether Pavilions strength, they should have been able to leave the Radiant Dimension a long time ago.

But they hadnt.


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded throughout the entire White Deer Dimension.

Xiao Bieli and Xiao Lings expressions changed drastically, and they shot out of the hall.

Xiao Bieli stood in midair as he stared fixedly at the red robed old man who stood not too far away from him.

The old man was the Evil Factions Mo Xie.

The old mans gaze descended onto Xiao Bieli, “Xiao Bieli, weve been playing with all of you for a year now.

Lets bring it to an end today.”

Xiao Bieli spoke in a low voice, “Mo Xie, I dont understand something.”

Mo Xie smiled, “You want to know why my Evil Faction is acting against you”

Xiao Bieli nodded.

There was no enmity between White Deer Academy and the Evil Faction.

However, for some unknown reason, the Evil Faction suddenly declared war against White Deer Academy a year ago.

Moreover, practically all the other powers in the Radiant Dimension had joined the Evil Factions side.

If it wasnt for the Nether Pavilions help, White Deer Academy would have been annihilated by now.

Mo Xie smiled, “Its naturally because of Yang Ye.”

Xiao Bieli frowned, “Yang Ye I dont remember him offending your Evil Faction!”

Mo Xie replied, “While he hasnt offended my Evil Faction, he offended the Alliance of Guardians.

Xiao Bieli, the Radiant Dimension is part of Skyriver Stellar Region, and whos the owner of Skyriver Stellar Region Its the Alliance of Guardians.

Isnt he courting death by offending the owner of Skyriver Stellar Region while residing within it We didnt crush your academy in the past because Yang Ye had the assistance of others, but those fellows cant even protect themselves now.

So, all of you should vanish.”

“Are you that sure” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then a woman appeared.

She had bare feet and wore linen clothes.

Nether Maiden!

Xiao Bieli and the others visibly relaxed when they saw her.

If the Nether Pavilion didnt lend them a hand, then White Deer Academy would really be finished.

“The Nether Pavilion!” Mo Xies eyes narrowed slightly while a cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “Let me see if youll be able to protect White Deer Academy today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the space behind him rippled, and it didnt take long for a group of people to appear behind him.

It was the forces of the 4 great clans and some other powers in the Radiant Dimension.

There werent many and just around 100 people.

But all of them were Quasi Emperors!

Every single one of them!

The Radiant Dimension was a small world, so it couldnt tolerate the presence of Emperors.

So, Quasi Emperors were the peak in the Radiant Dimension.

100 Quasi Emperors were practically all the Quasi Emperors in the Radiant Dimension.

Xiao Bieli and the others expressions became quite unsightly.

Nether Maidens eyes narrowed slightly, and she clenched her fists slowly.

She was about to attack when a voice suddenly resounded in her ear, “Let me.”

Everyone here was stunned upon hearing that voice.

Especially Xie Bieli and Xiao Ling.

Yang Ye!

It was Yang Yes voice!

Sure enough, a figure that held a sheathed sword in his hand had appeared by Nether Maidens side.

“Yang Ye!” For some unknown reason, everyone from White Deer Academy seethed with excitement when they saw him.

Nether Maiden gazed at him for a short while before he said, “Youre back”

Yang Ye nodded and smiled, “We havent seen each other for so long.

Did you miss me”

Nether Maiden spoke indifferently, “Your skin has grown thicker!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Nether Maiden was about to speak when jet black clouds covered the sky, and it didnt take long for a huge eye to appear in the sky.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao!

Nether Maiden frowned slightly when she saw the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “Youre at the Emperor Realm”

Yang Ye nodded.

“Hahaha! The Eye of the Heaven Dao!” Meanwhile, Mo Xie suddenly started laughing, “I finally know what its like for someone to forcefully try to get through deaths door.

Yang Ye, are you back here to court death”

Yang Ye glanced at Mo Xie, and then he raised his hand and pointed a finger up towards the sky.


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