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Yang Ye naturally didnt know who that was, nor did he want to know who the man was.

Moreover, he had no intention of finding out why that fellow wanted to kill him and the others from the Nether Pavilion.

All he knew was that the man was here to kill him!

Since he was here to kill him, Yang Ye naturally intended to seize the advantage of surprise he had and strike his opponent.

It wasnt the true form of Heavenrend.

Hed just executed it once, so his profound energy and physical strength hadnt recovered completely yet.

Thus, he naturally didnt dare to rashly execute the true form of Heavenrend again.

Because of that, hed used Heavens Gravestone to execute Heavenrend now.

The man was very close to Yang Ye.

Besides that, Yang Ye had launched a surprise attack and hed been distracted by Yang Ye, so he only reacted when Yang Yes attack was above his head.


A ray of light surged out explosively from within him, and then Heavens Gravestone shook violently in Yang Yes grasp while the man was pushed over 300m away.

The man had an extremely gloomy expression on his face as he stood there.

There was a bloody mark that stretched for almost 10cm on his forehead.

If hed been just a little slower, then it would have been his head that had been cut open.

“Rebirth Rank sword intent!” The man stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “Youre Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath on the man.

At the exact same moment that the man spoke, Yang Ye had stomped his right foot down and shot forward.

Once he arrived 6m away from the man, profound energy surged madly into the ancient sheath before he drew his sword and swung it at the man.

He wasnt curious about why the man had been able to recognize that his sword intent was Rebirth Rank sword intent.

Because the ray of light that the man emanated was at the Rebirth Rank as well!

A wisp of ferocity flashed through the mans eyes when he saw Yang Ye attack without saying a single thing.

So, he didnt waste his breath anymore.

He grabbed his saber with his right hand, and then he swung it at Yang Ye.

Hed chosen to go head-on against Yang Ye!

A cold smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth when he saw the man choose to go head-on against him.

His current physical strength wasnt just sufficient for close quarter combat with humans, he wouldnt even have a problem fighting demon beasts.


The sword and saber had just collided when both shook violently, and then the man was blasted over 1km away.

Yang Ye naturally wouldnt just stop attacking.

The wings behind him flapped, and he transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the man at a speed that wasnt visible to the eye.

The corners of the mans eyes twitched slightly when he saw Yang Ye vanish on the spot.

Yang Yes speed had far surpassed his imagination.

The mans reaction wasnt slow at all.

He grabbed the hilt of his saber with his right hand, tapped his left foot down, and then relied on the counterforce to transform into a spinning ray of light that surged towards Yang Ye.

Everywhere he passed, even space was actually minced up in a spiral pattern.

Just like that, both of them slammed against each other once more.


As soon as they came into contact with each other, the space around them shook violently and cracked open.

After that, they were blasted flying, and they simultaneously stopped after flying around 300m away.

However, the space around them shook violently again once they stopped themselves.

It was the remaining force after they resisted most of it and stopped themselves!

They exchanged glances in midair, and there was a wisp of solemnness in their eyes.

Yang Ye had never underestimated the man before him, so hed used his full strength from the very beginning.

But the mans strength was much more formidable than hed imagined.

Especially that last attack.

If he didnt possess a very strong body, he would have definitely suffered heavy injuries from the collision.

The spiral attack was extremely powerful, and the strength it contained was actually on par with his physical strength!

The man stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “No wonder your head was worth such a high price.

Your strength isnt inferior to those monstrous geniuses of the Nether Pavilion! You….”

The mans voice stopped abruptly when he spoke up to this point because Yang Ye had vanished on the spot.

At the same time, a ray of light tore through space and stabbed at him.

Yang Ye had never been fond of wasting his breath on his opponents in battle.

It was a battle, a battle that decided life and death.

What was the point of talking so much He felt it was meaningless and utterly pointless.

After all, it was just a waste of time.

The only meaningful thing was who lived in the end.

The mans face turned ferocious when he saw Yang Ye act so domineeringly.

He stopped wasting his breath and just swung his saber in Yang Yes direction.


A spiral strand of saber energy shot forward, and it minced apart the space before it.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and he didnt dare to look straight at the spiral saber energy.

He just immediately sheathed Heavens Gravestone into the ancient sheath, drew it swiftly, and swung it forward.


The spiral saber energy was slashed into bits, and Yang Yes figure didnt slow down at all as he transformed into a ray of light that instantly arrived before the man.

After that, he sheathed his sword and drew it again.

The mans eyes narrowed slightly.

He moved his right leg slightly backwards while taking his saber in both hands, and then he swiftly flicked his sword upwards when Yang Ye was just over 10cm away from him.


As soon as the sword and saber touched, the space around them rippled violently while the man crashed swiftly towards the ground.

Yang Ye didnt stop and sped up instead, causing his sword to press against the mans saber.

Both of them crashed rapidly towards the ground, and the mans saber had started to crack from the pressure exerted upon it from Yang Yes sword.

The man stared fixedly at Yang Ye.

At this moment, he was being pressed down by Yang Yes strength, and he couldnt extricate himself at all.

Moreover, his saber was covered in cracks from the pressure exerted upon it.

Obviously, it wouldnt take long for his saber to be blasted into pieces, and that would be the moment he lost his life.

A wisp of resolve flashed through the mans eyes when he thought up to this point.

He suddenly dispersed his strength and moved his body slightly to the side.

At the instant the man dispersed his strength, his saber was instantly shattered by Yang Yes sword, and the sword continued downwards.

However, because the man had moved slightly to the side, Yang Yes sword didnt slash through the mans head but just slashed through the mans left shoulder.


His entire arm flew up into the air while accompanied by a strand of blood!

Meanwhile, the man instantly imitated the shape of a saber with his right palm and chopped it against Yang Yes stomach.


A strand of saber energy shot straight into Yang Yes stomach.

In an instant, both of them stopped moving.

At this moment, they were already around 1km away from each other.

There was a saber injury on Yang Yes stomach.

Blood was flowing from it, but the amount of blood was gradually reducing.

Meanwhile, the mans left arm was gone.

Blood was flowing from it as well, but the amount was increasing steadily.

Yang Ye glanced at his stomach.

Needless to say, he really admired the mans strength and resolve.

After all, the man had made such a decision under those circumstances and within a while.

Such mental strength and courage were absolutely extraordinary.

Obviously, the man was definitely someone whod experienced countless battles.

A moment of silence ensued.

Right when Yang Ye was about to attack again, the man clenched his right hand, and an energy saber appeared in his grasp.

After that, his right foot scraped against the expanse of space beneath him and moved a few dozen centimeters back, and then he grabbed the energy saber with both hands and swung it at Yang Ye from afar!

“Void Spirit Slash!” As soon as he spoke, he instantly appeared before Yang Ye while holding the energy saber in his grasp.

Yang Ye instantly revealed a solemn expression on his face.

Because the mans body was still far away.

It wasnt a body that had arrived before him, nor was it a soul body.

It was an energy body.

It was an energy body that the man had formed.

While it was an energy body, the strength it possessed was extremely terrifying.

As soon as it arrived before Yang Ye, the terrifying energy it emanated pushed Yang Ye around 10 steps back!

It was a saber technique that surpassed the Void Rank!

Yang Ye didnt dare act carelessly.

He sheathed Heavens Gravestone, and then swiftly drew it and swung it forward.


A loud explosion resounded through the starry sky.


Another muffled explosion resounded as Yang Yes figure was pushed over 100m back.

Yang Ye glanced at his sword, and he noticed that it had dimmed down quite a bit.

“Slash!” Suddenly, the mans voice resounded again, and then the energy body transformed into a ray of light that appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Moreover, there were 6 other energy bodies behind it!

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He didnt choose to draw his sword this time, and he closed his eyes instead.

After that, a wave of mysterious energy appeared here.

The Sword Domain!

As soon as the Sword Domain appeared, Yang Ye could clearly sense every single detail of those energy bodies.

After that, he gently stabbed Heavens Gravestone forward, and it was exactly such a gentle stab that caused an energy body to shatter in front of him.

After that, he stabbed again….

A strange scene appeared here.

Every single stab Yang Ye executed would make an energy body vanish.

At this moment, the energy bodies were like bubbles that were stabbed open with ease!

In just a few breaths of time, all the energy bodies had vanished.

The man had quite an unsightly expression on his face, “Destroying all techniques with a swing of the sword!”

Yang Ye glanced at his sword, and then a smile curled up on the corners of his mouth.

He hadnt utilized this ability earlier because the mans saber energy was very swift, and it was swift to the point he didnt even have the time to look for its flaws.

But once he utilized the Sword Domain, he was able to sense every single detail and movement of the energy bodies once they were enveloped by the Sword Domain!

The Sword Domain and the Enlightened Sword Heart were a perfect combination!

Unless his enemys speed was at Jian Xu or Blind Maidens level, otherwise he would crush his opponents attacks with ease!

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath and just vanished on the spot.

He was before the man when his figure appeared again!


A muffled explosion resounded as the man was blasted around 1km away, and there was a wisp of scarlet red on the corner of his mouth.

Right when Yang Ye was about to continue, a voice suddenly came from the teleportation formation in the distance, “The dignified 2nd ranked expert on the Martial Rankings, Su Daoming, is actually being beaten up.

How pitiful.”

As soon as the voice finished resounding, a man in a luxurious robe walked out from the teleportation formation.

The man wasnt alone, there was a woman in a green dress and a short man with him.

Besides that, there was a petite woman riding a wolf shaped beast behind them.

All 4 of them were Voiders.

If the man, Su Daoming, was included, then there were 5 Voiders here.

Yang Ye would naturally not fear ordinary Voiders, but the problem was….

Were they normal Voiders

Every single one of them felt dangerous to him, and they were even more dangerous than Su Daoming!

All of their gazes had descended onto Yang Ye.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant, and then he suddenly looked up towards the area behind them and spoke with astonishment while terror filled his eyes, “Whats that…”

All 4 of them subconsciously turned around and looked behind.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had swiftly drawn his sword and swung it!


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