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The voice came from the teleportation formation.

Everyone looked over and saw starlight flickering there.

It didnt take long for a man in a green and white robe to walk out from it.

“Jiang Yuechen!” Hua Tianyuan and the others faces fell when they saw him, and a trace of fear appeared in their eyes.

Because Jiang Yuechen was ranked at the 13th position on the Dragon Rankings!

The 13th!

Hua Tianyuan was only ranked 15th.

Even though it was just 2 ranks, the gap between them was huge.

It was extremely difficult to rise further after entering the top 15.

For example, hed been at the 15th position for many years.

Hed thought about rising further, but hed never succeeded.

Not to mention rising to the 14th, hed almost lost his current position on many occasions!

So, Hua Tianyuan and the others revealed vigilant expressions on their faces when they saw Jiang Yuechen!

“Hua Tianyuan” Jiang Yuechens gaze descended onto Hua Tianyuan, and then a cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “I never expected you to be quite fast.

You even brought others with you.

Right, based on your strength, wouldnt you be giving you life away if you didnt bring others with you”

Hua Tianyuan spoke indifferently, “Youre quite fast yourself!”

“I had to!” Jiang Yuechen smiled, “Presently, countless are rushing to the Radiant Dimension.”

He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Hes Yang Ye, right”

Hua Tianyu replied, “Indeed!”

Jiang Yuechen smiled, “First comes first serve.

Are all of you going to kill him or not If you dont, then his head is mine.”

Hua Tianyuan glanced at Yang Ye, and his gaze stopped on Yang Yes sword.

He fell silent for a while before he shook his head, “Take it if you want!”

If Jiang Yuechen wasnt here, then he would think of taking the risk.

However, Jiang Yuechen was here.

So even if they could kill Yang Ye, Jiang Yuechen might still take Yang Yes head.

Moreover, Yang Ye was no ordinary expert.

Even Jiang Yuechen would have to exhaust a huge amount of effort to kill Yang Ye, and it would be better for his group if both of them were injured in the battle.

So, hed decided to withdraw for now and allow Jiang Yuechen to fight Yang Ye.

“Then I wont refuse the offer!” Jiang Yuechen smiled, “I know what youre planning.

You want us both to be injured in the battle, and then reap the benefits.

However, youre bound to be disappointed.

Because do you think I would need to use much strength to deal with him”

Hua Tianyuan remained silent.

Jiang Yuechen chuckled and gazed at Yang Ye, “I never expected your head to be worth so much.

5 permits! Tsk, tsk.

Ill use one and sell the rest.

Itll sell for a few million divine crystals at the very least.


Yang Ye suddenly interrupted Jiang Yuechen and asked, “How many divine crystals have you brought with you”

Jiang Yuechen\'s eyes narrowed slightly.

He was just about to speak when Yang Ye added, “Forget it, Ill see for myself!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he drew his sword.


A ear piercing howl of the sword suddenly resounded through space, and then the space in an area of 5,000km cracked apart.

In an instant, the space in the entire area shattered and formed a pitch black hole.

Everything seemed to have stopped.

After some time passed, the space there gradually returned to normal.

“10,000, 11,000, 12,000, 13,000…” A voice suddenly resounded here.

Huan Tianyun and the others were stunned for quite a long time before they looked towards where Jiang Yuechen had been standing.

At this moment, Jiang Yuechen was nowhere to be seen, and it caused them to be stunned again before turning to look at Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye was counting while holding a spatial ring in his hand, “15,000… 17,000… 20,000…”

A short while passed before Yang Ye nodded, “Not bad.

20,000 divine crystals.”

Hua Tianyuan and the others expressions werent solemn anymore; they were quite unsightly instead.

Moreover, there wasnt just shock in their eyes, there was dense fear in there as well.

A single swing of the sword!

Yang Ye had killed Jiang Yuechen, the 13th on the Dragon Rankings, with a single swing of his sword!

Just one swing!

Hua Tianyuan and the others were beyond shocked! Especially Su Daoming whod fought Yang Ye earlier.

At this moment, he didnt feel shocked, he felt horrified.

Just think about it.

If Yang Ye had executed that attack as soon as the battle began, then he would probably be dead by now.

Not to mention him, even 10 experts like him couldnt resist that attack!

Yang Ye put the spatial ring away, and then he sheathed the Sword Precursor again.

After that, he gazed at Hua Tianyuans group, “Does any one of you want to go next”

They didnt speak.

Who would dare to No one would! Even the strongest amongst them, Hua Tianyuan, would dare not!

What a joke! Yang Ye had even been able to annihilate Jiang Wuchen with a single swing of the sword, so how could they resist such an attack

“No one” Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Then Im leaving.” Yang Ye started walking off while he spoke.

This time, Yang Ye didnt leave so swiftly as hed done before.

He walked slowly as if he was waiting for them to pursue him.

“Are we really going to let him go” Su Daoming spoke in a low voice, “The reason he could kill Jiang Yuechen was his sword and that sword technique.

It was so terrifying, so it definitely exhausts an extraordinarily huge amount of energy.

If Im not wrong, he doesnt have any profound energy left or is suffering from backlash.

Well definitely be able to kill him if we attack now.

So long as we kill him, all of us will be able to obtain a permit!”

The permits! Their eyes lit up when they heard permits being mentioned.

Theyd come to the Radiant Dimension for the sake of the permits to enter the large world.

Now, they just had to kill Yang Ye and all of them would be able to obtain a permit!

In other words, the permits were right in front of them!

Hua Tianyuan and the others exchanged glances, and then they nodded and decided to take the risk.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving.

Hua Tianyuan and the others, who were about to attack, were instantly stunned on the spot, and then they didnt just discard their intentions to attack, they even became completely vigilant.

They still remembered Yang Yes attack clearly!

Yang Ye turned to look at them and said, “All of youve come here to kill the hall masters of the Nether Pavilion to gain permits.

What Id like to ask is do all of you even know anything about the Nether Pavilion”

A moment of silence ensued before Hua Tianyuan spoke in a low voice, “A Diamond Rank power.

Every single one of their hall masters are geniuses with extraordinary strength.”

Yang Ye asked, “What else”

Hua Tianyuan replied, “Thats all!”

“Yang Ye was astounded, “Thats all”

Hua Tianyuan replied with a question, “Isnt that all”

Yang Yes face was stiff for quite some time, and then he nodded, “I understand now.”

Now, he finally understood why Ye Xunhuan, whom the pig-riding woman killed earlier, and all these fellows before him had dared to come and take the heads of those women from the Nether Pavilion.

Why Because they knew nothing about the Nether Pavilions strength!

Their understanding towards it was only limited to it being a Diamond Rank power with hall masters that possess extraordinary strength.

That was all!

If it was based on that alone, then the Nether Pavilion really wasnt terrifying at all.

But was that the truth

It was definitely not!

The Nether Pavilion wasnt from the lower dimensions.

Even though Yang Ye didnt know why they were staying here, he had no doubt that the powers of the lower dimension or experts like these fellows were definitely nothing before the Nether Pavilion.

Just Blind Maiden was sufficient to obliterate them!

However, they were a threat as well.

Of course, just their group was definitely unable to threaten Nether Maiden and the others.

But the geniuses and experts from all over were converging to the Radiant Dimension.

Once Blind Maiden was locked in battle, these monstrous geniuses wouldnt just be a small threat to Nether Maiden and the others, they would be a huge threat.

Even if the others were ignored, just the joint forces of these few fellows before him were even sufficient to make him flee from them.

Yet they were even more geniuses rushing over.

Perhaps there would even be some old geezers.

After all, that permit to enter the large world was really quite tempting to them.

Besides those old geezers, the experts of the large world would definitely have other backup plans.

Because those forces who intended to act against the Nether Pavilion were definitely aware of its true strength.

Actually, Nether Maiden and the others should have left.

After all, it was best to temporarily avoid conflict at a time like this.

If they left, these fellows would definitely be unable to locate them.

However, they didnt leave.

Yang Ye naturally didnt think that they were fools.

As far as he was concerned, there was definitely a reason why they were staying in the Radiant Dimension.

Because he remembered Nether Maiden saying that the hall masters werent at the Radiant Dimension in the beginning, yet most of them were there now!

Yang Ye remained silent for a few breaths of time, and then he suddenly frowned while his face turned slightly pale.

I cant stay longer!

Hed executed the true form of Heavenrend twice, so the profound energy within him had dried up while his physical strength had been exhausted to its limits.

He was just forcefully supporting himself up, and he would definitely be in trouble if this continued!

However, Yang Ye didnt leave right away.

He gazed at Hua Tianyuans group and smiled, “Are all of you going to attack or not”

Hua Tianyuan and the others eyelids twitched, but they remained silent.

“If you dont, then Im going to!” Yang Yes face suddenly became icy cold.

He grabbed the hilt of his sword, accumulated strength, and was about to draw his sword.

Hua Tianyuan and the others expressions changed drastically at the sight of this, and they shot around 3km back.

After that, they formed profound energy barriers around themselves and jointly fortified the space before them.

Yang Ye didnt walk backwards but started walking towards them instead.

He had a ferocious expression on his face while madness filled his eyes, “Come! Tell me which one of you wants to die I guarantee that Ill eliminate you with a single swing of my sword! It wont hurt at all!”

He naturally wanted to leave.

But he couldnt.

Once he tried to leave, it was very likely that they would join forces against him.

There was a balance between him and their group right now.

If he were to take a step back, then they would definitely take a step forward.

The only way out of this situation was to force them to leave!

Hua Tianyuan and the others were almost unable to stand still on the spot when they saw Yang Ye walking towards them.

That sword technique of Yang Yes was impossible to resist.

Just as Yang Ye had said, that attack would kill anyone it was launched at!

A moment of silence ensued before Hua Tianyuan spoke in a low voice, “Lets retreat for now!”

Right when they were about to retreat, a clear and melodious voice suddenly resounded, “Draw your sword.

Go on and draw it.

I really want to see how someone without any profound energy left is capable of executing a sword technique.”

Hua Tianyuan and the others immediately stopped moving when they heard the voice.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Now thats embarrassing!


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