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Who was she

Yang Ye had met her before, of course.

Moreover, it wasnt even very long ago.

Because she was actually that face which Nether Maiden and the others had been suppressing!

A ghastly pale countenance, blood red eyes, hair that emanated faint violet colored baleful energy.

Just a little while ago, she was emanating extremely terrifying resentment, and even his sword intent was barely able to defend him against it.

Slaughter intent, resentment, and baleful energy!

She seemed like the entire world owed her billions!

After a moment of shock, it didnt take long for ferocity to cover Yang Yes face.

Nether Maiden and the others had been suppressing her, yet now, shed taken human form.

In other words, something happened to Nether Maiden and the others

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Where are they” At the same time, the Sword Gods Seal lit up on his forehead.

She glanced at his forehead, pondered deeply for an instant, and then suddenly stretched out her hand and tapped her finger against his forehead.

In an instant, the Sword Gods Seal fell silent.

Yang Ye was shocked.

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden appeared by his side, and then the pig-riding young woman, Boundary Maiden, Ice Maiden, Light Maiden, and Oblivion Maiden appeared in front of him.

Yang Yes eyes were filled with bewilderment, “What…”

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden spoke, “Remember what I told you about a hall master of my Nether Pavilion suffering a blood sentence”

Yang Ye nodded as he naturally remembered.

Nether Maiden walked over to the woman who was full of resentment, “Shes that hall master who suffered a blood sentence, and shes our 4th sister, Resentment Maiden.”

Yang Yes mind was filled with questions, “Isnt she dead”

Nether Maiden shook her head, “She didnt die.

We used a special method to protect her.”

Yang Ye said, “Im still quite confused.

Based on the strength all of you possessed, the Alliance of Guardians wouldnt have been able to harm you at all.

But you were forced into such a situation all those years ago….”

Nether Maiden replied, “We did it on purpose!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

Nether Maiden glanced at Resentment Maiden, and the latter nodded slightly before Nether Maiden continued, “Fourth Sister possesses the Heavens Envy Physique, so she lived a life of being punished by the heavens.

Theres something absolutely terrifying about this physique, and its that even if she dies, itll follow her to her next life.

So, shes bound by misfortune for lifetimes and targeted by the Heaven Dao for lifetimes.

However, once 10 lifetimes pass, her physique will undergo a transformation.”

Yang Ye frowned, “A transformation”

Nether Maiden nodded, “Once 10 lifetimes are over, the Heaven Dao wont just cease to target her, shell even gain control over the energy of misfortune.”

Nether Maiden paused for a moment at this point and continued, “The energy of misfortune….

Let me explain it like this.

If Fourth Sister were to use it against you, then youll suffer absolute misfortune from now on.

Moreover, regardless of where you go, the Eye of the Heaven Dao will immediately descend upon you if your aura is exposed in the slightest, and itll stop at nothing to kill you!”

Yang Ye was visibly moved. The energy of misfortune….

Absolute misfortune and even being pursued to death by the Eye of the Heaven Dao. Just thinking about it was quite terrifying! Even though the Eye of the Heaven Dao targeted him as well, it was under the circumstances that he killed others.

But once he was affected by the energy of misfortune, then he didnt even have to kill because just exposing his aura would make the Eye of the Heaven Dao come looking for him!

In other words, Resentment Maiden could use the Eye of the Heaven Dao and make it her ally.

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden added, “Understand After the 10th lifetime passes, Fourth Sister is able to forcefully extract the energy of misfortune within her and control it.

Of course, experiencing 10 lifetimes isnt the only requirement to control the energy of misfortune.

For the sake of taking control of the energy of misfortune, Fourth Sister didnt hesitate to enter the cycle of reincarnation for 10 lifetimes, and she suffered the most painful torture in the world throughout every lifetime of hers.”

Nether Maiden fell silent when she spoke up to this point.

The pig-riding young woman lowered her head slightly and remained silent.

Meanwhile, Resentment Maiden shook her head slightly, “Theres no need to be sad about that.

If I had resolved to enter the cycle of reincarnation earlier, that wouldnt have happened to Eldest Sister and Second Sister.”

Yang Ye asked, “Then why was she like that just now” Resentment Maiden was in the form of a face earlier, and she seemed to not recognize Nether Maiden and the others.

Resentment Maiden suddenly said, “Tell the little fellow everything!”

Little fellow…. Yang Yes face was quite dark.

Nether Maiden nodded, “Fourth Sisters consciousness was in battle with the energy of misfortune, so she wasnt conscious at all.

She was being controlled by her negative emotions just now.

We didnt dare to let her leave because we were afraid that she would go to a medium world.

After all, once she entered a medium world, the Eye of the Heaven Dao would appear.

Once the Eye of the Heaven Dao of a medium world appears, then the suffering she endured for the last 10 lifetimes of hers would be wasted.”

So thats why! Yang Ye finally came to an understanding when he heard her.

Simply speaking, Resentment Maidens death had been done on purpose, and the reason theyd gathered in the Radiant Dimension was to wait for Resentment Maiden to come back to life.

Yang Ye asked, “Then what about those fellows from the large world”

Their expressions instantly turned cold when they heard Yang Ye.

Nether Maiden spoke in a low voice, “They naturally dont want Fourth Sister to take control of the energy of misfortune.

So, they started to act against us a while back.

However, because of the restrictions of the Supreme Heaven Dao, they werent able to send true experts down here, nor did they dare to do so.

After all, they wouldnt dare to face Third Sister once they descend here and suffer a huge decline in their cultivations.” The pig-riding young woman said, “Our current strength really is insufficient to fight them in the large world, but if they come down here and have their cultivations restrained, then they might perish.

They dare not take such a gamble.

So, they had no choice but to play such tricks.”

“Actually, it was all thanks to you!” Meanwhile, Nether Maiden said, “We misjudged our strength a little.

We thought just Boundary Maiden and Ice Maiden would be able to suppress Fourth Sister, but we far underestimated her ability.

So, she was almost able to escape.

Once that happened, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The consequences would have been unimaginable if you werent able to stop all those fellows.

All of them gazed at Yang Ye.

While they didnt speak, there was a trace of acknowledgement in their eyes.

Actually, theyd helped Yang Ye previously because of Nether Maiden.

Because he was friends with her, they gave her face and helped him while he was in the Radiant Dimension.

Yet now, they truly acknowledged him and treated him as one of their own.

Because if it wasnt for Yang Ye, they would have been in huge trouble.

Of course, the main reason was they felt that Yang Ye was a really good friend.

After all, he hadnt chosen to leave under such circumstances, and it proved that Nether Maiden hadnt misjudged him.

Actually, they didnt have a good impression of Yang Ye because they were afraid that Nether Maiden was a bad judge of character.

But now it would seem like Yang Ye was quite a good guy.

Yang Ye smiled, “Were all friends, so theres no need for that!” He wasnt being polite because Nether Maiden was a friend that hed gone through life and death with.

Moreover, the Nether Pavilion had helped him in the past.

It wasnt just on Radiant Dimension; hed even received help on Dark Hell Continent.

So, if the Nether Pavilion was in trouble, he would absolutely not stand by idly.

Nether Maiden glanced at him and remained silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something and said, “Er, the Nether Pavilion has 10 halls, and that Shadow Maiden….” He still remembered how hed killed a Shadow Maiden in the Radiant Dimension.

All of them gazed at Yang Ye when they heard this.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched, “Er, I….”

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden said, “She wasnt the real Shadow Maiden!”

Yang Ye was astounded, “She wasnt”

Nether Maiden nodded, “If it was the true Shadow Maiden, you wouldnt have been able to kill her.

Wed thought she was the real Shadow Maiden, so wed sent our forces to look for her in Pine Prefecture.

But later on, we realized that she was just someone whod comprehended the Laws of Darkness like Shadow Maiden.” She glanced at Yang Ye and continued, “If she was the real Shadow Maiden, you wouldnt have just been unable to kill her, you might have been in danger instead.”

“Really” Yang Ye continued, “The Laws of Darkness arent that strong!” He wasnt lying because his Laws of Darkness were quite useless right now.

Especially when he was up against Voiders.

Nether Maiden shook her head and said, “Shadow Maiden doesnt just possess the Laws of Darkness.

In short, if you have the chance to meet her, youll understand.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced at them and said, “Blind Maiden, Resentment Maiden, Boundary Maiden, Shadow Maiden, Oblivion Maiden, Nether Maiden, Ice Maiden, Light Maiden, and that fellow who rides a pig.

If your eldest sister and second sister are included, then… if I didnt make a mistake in my calculation, arent there more than 10 of you”

Hed heard from Nether Maiden that the Nether Pavilion only had 10 halls and 10 hall masters.

Yet now, there was an extra one.

Nether Maiden and the others gazed at the pig-riding young woman, and then the latter spoke indifferently, “Im not from the Nether Pavilion.”

Nether Maiden said, “Shes Second Sisters younger sister.

She survived all those years ago, so she has been following us ever since.”

“So thats why!” Yang Ye nodded, “I understand everything now.

I have no further questions.”

“All of you are from the large world!” Meanwhile, the old man in linen robes spoke abruptly.

If he could, he naturally wanted to leave.

But not to mention leaving, he couldnt even move right now.

Resentment Maiden shot a glance at him.

She didnt say a word and just waved her hand lightly, and then a ray of red light swept out and obliterated the old man.

Yang Ye was visibly moved. Shes really strong and absolutely not inferior to Jian Xu.

Perhaps shes only slightly inferior to Blind Maiden!Meanwhile, Nether Maiden said, “Were leaving!”

Yang Ye immediately asked, “Where to”

“To look for our eldest sister and second sister.” Nether Maiden continued, “Boundary Maiden has found Shadow Maiden, so only our second sister and eldest sister are left.

We can return to the large world once we find them.”

They are going to return to the large world! Yang Ye was shocked.

He naturally didnt think that they were heading back there to enjoy the scenery.

He didnt know what exactly had occurred in the past, but he knew that a storm of blood would definitely sweep through the large world once they returned.

Suddenly, a powerful aura appeared in the sky above the Radiant Dimension.

Of course, it was very weak in Resentment Maidens eyes.

It didnt take long for a man to appear before them.

The man glanced through the surroundings, and his gaze locked onto Yang Ye in the end, “Youre that fellow, Yang Ye, right Lian Suyao wasnt lying, you really are heavily injured.

Hmm These women by your side are probably those women from the Nether Pavilion, right Nice, I can get all of you in one fell swoop.

A few dozen permits! Hahaha! I….”

He seemed to have noticed something at this point, and his voice stopped abruptly.


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