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Two Heavenrends overlapped over each other!

It was two Heavenrends that were enhanced by the Sword Gods Seal!

Actually, Yang Yes first thought when he saw the Deity wasnt to flee; it was to kill the Deity.

What was his objective It was to reduce the pressure on Ladys shoulders.

If Skyriver Stellar Region didnt bring back all its Deities from Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, then the pressure Lady experienced wouldnt be alleviated!

So, he couldnt flee.

Because fleeing would only waste time.

He had to kill the Deity before him and make them realize how terrifying he was.

He wanted Skyriver Stellar Region and Celestial Demon Stellar Region to understand that a single Deity couldnt stop him.

If they wanted to kill him, they would have to bring even more Deities back from Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region!

For the sake of giving that Deity no chance to survive, Yang Ye had immediately activated the Sword Gods Seal and overlapped two Heavenrends!

How terrifying were two true Heavenrends when they were overlapped together

At the instant the sword howl resounded, the space in a huge area around him was instantly shattered.

At the same time, the ruins of Skyriver City were blasted into bits.

However, those bits were still breaking down.

In an instant, they were completely obliterated.

It was like Skyriver City had never been there!

A wisp of disdain had flashed through the old mans eyes when he saw Yang Ye attack.

Was a true Deity someone an ant at the Emperor Realm could go against However, his countenance had changed drastically when Yang Ye swung his sword, his countenance had turned ghastly pale while shock, terror, and a trace of disbelief filled his eyes!

Thats an Emperor

An Emperor can execute such a terrifying attack

Even though he was horrified, his strong desire to live had made the old man execute his stronger attack.

At this instant, a terrifying aura that was accompanied by a circle of violet light surged out from the old man and swept towards Yang Ye.


A huge explosion resounded through the surroundings, and then the space around them, which had just been repaired by the Laws of the Heaven Dao, collapsed once more.

Moreover, it collapsed at an alarming rate.

In an instant, the space in a massive area around them had collapsed, and all the experts of Skyriver City who hadnt been able to retreat in time were swallowed up by the black hole created there.

Of course, that didnt include the Voiders and some comparatively stronger Emperors.

However, the rest were swallowed up if they hadnt been able to get away from Skyriver City in time!

In just that instant, Skyriver City had lost countless experts!

A few breaths of time passed before the space there gradually recovered.

At this moment, Yang Ye was over 1km away, and the violet robed old man was still there.

The grey robed old mans group was behind the violet robed old man.

At this moment, blood was seeping out from the corner of their mouths.

Because they hadnt been able to dodge in time, the aftershock from the collision had struck them, and it struck them over 5km back and inflicted a certain amount of damage to them.

Of course, they didnt care about their injuries right now, they cared about the violet robed old man.

The grey robed and the others gazed at the violet robed old man.

The old man stared forward blankly in silence, and a few breaths of time passed before he looked up at Yang Ye.

His eyes were filled with disbelief as he said, “How could this be possible How could you execute such a formidable attack That isnt something an Emperor should be capable of! This doesnt make sense! It doesnt make sense….”

As he spoke, the violet robed old mans body started to become ethereal.

The grey robed old man and the others instantly turned ghastly pale at the sight of this.

At this moment, their bodies couldnt help but tremble.

It didnt take long for the violet robed old mans figure to disperse completely.

The grey robed old man and the others took over a dozen steps back while horror filled their eyes.

A Deity had been killed in an instant!

Yang Ye had killed a Deity in an instant!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly glanced at them.

Their expressions instantly changed drastically at the sight of this, and they didnt hesitate to retreat over 3km back.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

They gazed at Yang Ye with extreme vigilance on their faces while their profound energy surged madly.

They werent prepared to fight; they were prepared to flee.

They would immediately flee if Yang Ye showed the slightest intent to attack!


They would have dared to fight Yang Ye a while ago, yet now, once they watched Yang Ye kill a Deity in an instant, they didnt have the courage to fight him anymore.

Yang Ye could even instantly kill a Deity!

Yang Ye didnt attack.

He just glanced coldly at them, and then he turned around and walked off.

No one knew if he didnt it on purpose, but Yang Ye walked extremely slowly.

However, not one of them dared to chase after him.

Moreover, they desperately wished for Yang Ye to walk faster.

Around 15 minutes later, Yang Ye had vanished from their fields of vision, and then they immediately heaved sighs of relief.

Meanwhile, the grey robed old man spoke solemnly, “Immediately notify Elder Cang and all the others to return at once!”

“All of them” One of the old men frowned, “If we do that….”

The grey robed old man glanced coldly at the old man whod just spoken, “Im leaving the alliance right now if they dont return.”

Another old man stepped forward and stated, “Me too!”

It didnt take long for all of them to make their stands clear, and all of them were of the same mind as the grey robed old man.

What a joke! Yang Ye was here.

If those Deities didnt return, then how would they fight him They couldnt! They could only wait for death to arrive!

Only Deities could deal with Yang Ye.

No, it had to be at least 2 Deities!

The old man who spoke just now laughed bitterly, and then he nodded.

Actually, even he understood that the Deities had to rush back.

Otherwise, all of them would be annihilated here.

Once he received the agreement of everyone here, the old man sent the voice transmission.

Yang Ye hadnt walked off slowly on purpose, it was actually because even walking had been a problem for him.

After he left their fields of vision, Yang Ye immediately found a concealed place and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye didnt enter the 3rd level because he didnt want to worry Xiao Yuxi.

As soon as he entered the world on the 1st level, Yang Yes figure crashed to the ground, and his entire body started twitching incessantly.


It was backlash from exhausting himself beyond his limits!

Actually, Yang Ye had thought about overlapping the true form of Heavenrend from a very long time ago.

Because ordinary Heavenrends could be overlapped, then the true form of it could naturally be overlapped as well.

However, he didnt have a chance to try it.

Because Semi-Deities could be killed with a single swing of Heavenrend.

So, he could only test it on a Deity.

It was the first time hed overlapped the true form of Heavenrend.

What did that mean It meant that hed drawn his sword twice in practically the exact same moment.

It had an extremely high requirement in terms of physical strength.

Because executing Heavenrend just once exhausted a large amount of physical strength while executing it twice in succession didnt give the body a chance to rest.

So, the exhaustion was even more terrifying.

When he drew his sword for the 2nd time, Yang Ye hadnt just exhausted all the profound energy within him and the Worldmend Stone, hed even exhausted all his physical strength!

Overlapping two Heavenrends had increased the strength of his technique by over 5 times.

However, its consumption had multiplied as well!

Even his Epoch Realm body wasnt really able to support that consumption!

Fortunately, while it did hurt, his mind was still clear, and it wasnt as terrifying as suffering backlash from his sword intent.

The backlash from his sword intent was too terrifying, and he was quite afraid of it!

Yang Ye moved his finger slightly, and it didnt take long for countless divine crystals to appear around him as he laid there on the ground.

Once the divine crystals emanated spirit energy, it was instantly absorbed by his body.

At this moment, his body was truly starving!

Now that spirit energy was surging into him, Primordial Violet Energy appeared within him, and it didnt take long for the Primordial Violet Energy to swiftly repair his body.

Actually, Yang Ye noticed that if he could constantly recover after over exhausting his body, then it had a few benefits.

The most obvious benefit was getting used to it and getting used to the backlash.

If it were any other person, that persons mind would definitely collapse from the backlash, but in his opinion, it was just slightly painful.

In other words, his ability to endure pain had improved tremendously!

Another benefit was that he felt his body was growing stronger incessantly.

Yes, every time he exhausted it beyond its limits, he felt that his body seemed to grow slightly stronger.

Of course, it was mainly because his recovery could keep up.

If his recovery couldnt keep up, then he wouldnt grow stronger, he would be crippled instead!

All of this was thanks to the Primordial Violet Energy!

The Primordial Violet Energys recuperative ability was truly heaven defying.

It was exactly because he had Primordial Violet Energy that he dared to exhaust his strength beyond its limits and fight like such a madman!

Because so long as he was still breathing, the Primordial Violet Energy could nurse him back to health!

After his body recovered to normal, Yang Ye entered the 3rd level of the pagoda.

Xiao Yuxi was cultivating.

He didnt disturb her, and he just sat down cross-legged and started absorbing spirit energy from divine crystals once more.

Two days later, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly.

At this moment, hed recovered completely.

His body was fine, and his profound energy had been refilled.

Yang Ye glanced at Xiao Yuxi.

At this moment, her aura was gradually growing stronger, and she showed signs of advancing.

However, she may not be able to succeed soon because shed just advanced into the Quasi Emperor Realm.

Yang Yes gaze lingered on her for a long time, and then he left the Primordial Pagoda.

Once he left the Primordial Pagoda, the Sword Precursor appeared in Yang Yes grasp.

At the same time, the ancient sheath appeared in his left grasp.

Yang Ye sheathed it, and then he held the ancient sheath as he started walking towards where Skyriver City once stood.

Presently, he intended to fight and run, recover and attack again, and then run once more….

He intended to cripple Skyriver Stellar Region on his own!


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