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It was a waterfall that was around 200m high and over 60m high.

The water flowed down rapidly from a precipitous mountain peak, and it caused a myriad of sprays to arrive as it descended to the pool below.

There was a smooth rock protruding out from the pool.

Suddenly, a young man climbed up that smooth rock from within the pool.

However, as soon as the young man stood on the rock, he hadnt even steadied himself before he was pushed into the water by the strong flow of water.

But in next to no time, the young man crawled up the rock once more….

The young man was naturally Yang Ye.

Since the old man agreed to provide him with guidance, hed settled down in this place of unknown name and started to cultivate painstakingly every single day.

Presently, he was tempering his body.

The technique that Emperor Zhou had given him contained numerous methods to improve his body, and there was a method to utilize water in order to stimulate his body.

It just happened to be suitable to be utilized beneath this waterfall….

Actually, the old man had an even better method, but Yang Ye truly didnt dare to utilize that method for now.

Because the old mans method was to utilize Nether Ghostflames tocure his body.

What was Nether Ghostflames According to the old man, it was capable of transforming a high-grade Profound Rank treasure into ash within an instant!

When he heard this from the old man, Yang Ye immediately shook his head and refused.

What a joke! He knew that his body wasnt as strong as a high-grade Profound Rank treasure!

Moreover, the old man seemed to know that it wasnt suitable for Yang Ye to temper his body with the Nether Ghostflames for now, so the old man could only go for second best and found this waterfall for Yang Ye.

Now, Yang Ye believed what that elder in the Technique Pavilion said about tempering the body was extremely painful.

Because he was in extreme pain right now.

The pressure from the waterfall that flowed down for around 200m was really not inferior to the weight of an enormous rock.

Most importantly, he couldnt utilize profound energy and could only go head-on against it by relying on the strength of his own body.


Yang Ye had just stood on the enormous rock when he was blasted flying by the water flowing down the waterfall.

In the water, Yang Ye wiped his face, took a deep breath, then revealed a ferocious expression as he climbed up onto the rock once more.

Even though he was blasted flying over and over again, Yang Ye was able to sense that his body was already starting to change gradually after being blasted countless times by the water flowing down the waterfall.

These changes were extremely tiny, but he was still able to sense it.

In the past, he was already aware that the greater the damage received by his body was, the stronger it would become.

Of course, this sort of damage couldnt be lethal….

So long as it was effective, then was being a little tired and suffering a little a big deal

Just like this, a day had passed.

The sky hadnt even lit up on the second day when Yang Ye had started to climb up onto the enormous rock again.

Sure enough, he was still blasted flying by the water.

However, hed improved slightly when compared to yesterday because he was able to persist for two breaths of time.

Even though he was able to persist for two breaths of time, it caused him to feel even more pain.

Because the water pressed down onto his body, and it was simply like the weight of an enormous mountain, causing him to feel as if his body was on the verge of being turned into powder.

Cultivating was lonely and dull, and it was painful as well.

Presently, the thing that Yang Ye repeated every single day was to head to the enormous rock beneath the waterfall and endure the impact of the flow of water from the waterfall.

His objective was to be able to stand steadily on the enormous rock and then stand there for as long as he could.

However, this seemed to be very difficult….

Without him realizing it, five days had passed.

On this day, the old man arrived at the banks of the pool, and he nodded slightly as he gazed at Yang Ye who climbed up onto the rock over and over again.

Hed taken notice of Yang Yes willpower and hard work throughout these days, and needless to say, he was quite satisfied.

Most people in the world emphasized on natural talent.

Of course, this wasnt wrong.

But when it came to experts of the old mans level, they placed more emphasis on willpower and temperament.

No matter how formidable a persons natural talent was, if that person didnt possess a strong heart and willpower, then that persons natural talent would come to an end one day, and then that person would become a mediocre existence.

On the other hand, if it was a person without natural talent yet possessed a strong heard and willpower, then even without extraordinary natural talent, that persons accomplishments in the future would definitely be extraordinary.

The old man had lived for countless years, so hed seem numerous people like these.

This young man called Yang Ye, on the other hand, didnt just possess a terrifying natural talent, he even possessed a strong heart and willpower.

This caused the old man to be slightly moved….

During these five days of time, the time Yang Ye was able to stand on the rock grew longer and longer.

From the 2 breaths of time at the beginning of the second day, he was able to persist for 50 breaths of time now.

Perhaps it wasnt very long for others, but in Yang Yes opinion, it was already very long.

Only someone that stood there would know how difficult it was to persist for 50 breaths of time….

Yang Ye climbed out of the pool and arrived before the old man.

He wiped off the beads of water on his face and said, “Elder Mu, why have you come here today Is there something you need”

After getting along with each other for a few days, even though Yang Ye didnt know the old mans name, he knew that this old man was surnamedMu, so he addressed the old man respectfully as Elder Mu.

Elder Mu nodded and said, “Youre able to persist for 50 breaths of time after a short period of a few days.

Not bad.

But the body has to be gradually improved in a cycle.

If you cultivate too hastily and dont possess spirit herbs to supplement the body, then itll leave some hidden injuries within your body.

Even though youre unable to sense them now and might think that its fine, these hidden injuries will be lethal when you advance into the Monarch Realm in the future!”

“Elder Mu, do you have a way to resolve it” asked Yang Ye.

Even though the golden profound energy repaired his body every single day, he was still able to feel that something seemed to be off within his body.

As for what was off, he was unable to determine it.

However, when he heard what the old man said, he finally understood that it was because hed been cultivating too hastily.

Elder Mu pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “I have a method to resolve it.

However, you have to endure some pain.

Right, I presume that a little bit of pain would be nothing for you.

Come with me!”

For some unknown reason, Yang Ye felt horrified when he heard Elder Mu.

He knew that the little bit of pain the old man spoke about was absolutely not a little.

Because when Elder Mu spoke about utilizing the Nether Ghostflames to temper his body that day, Elder Mu had said it would just hurt a little as well….

There was a bath barrel before Elder Mus cottage, and it was filled with green water.

Strands of dense fragrance of herbs drifted out from within the bath barrel.

Of course, this wasnt the main point, the main point was the water within the barrel was actually boiling.

Yes, it was like boiling water and was ceaselessly bubbling.

Moreover, there was an even more important point to all of this.

Besides the green water, there were some faint flames within the bath barrel, and these flames were the Nether Ghostflames that Elder Mu had previously shown Yang Ye….

As he stood before the barrel, Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and then he looked at Elder Mu and spoke with slight disbelief.

“Elder Mu, youre asking me to jump into there”

“Of course!” Elder Mu nodded.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

If it was ordinary boiling water, then he would naturally be unafraid with the strength of his body.

However, it was different when it was Nether Ghostflames.

It was an existence that could instantly obliterate Profound Rank treasures after all.

Could it be that this old man intends to kill me

“It was really unsuitable for you to temper your body with the Nether Ghostflames a few days ago.

However, after the tempering of these past few days, your body is already capable of resisting the Nether Ghostflames.

Of course, its under the situation that the Nether Ghostflames are under my control.

Go on in.

With the assistance of the Nether Ghostflames and those spirit herbs, your body will become stronger and stronger!” said Elder Mu.

As he sensed the horrifying heat that came from there, Yang Ye was slightly hesitant.

His instinct told him that if he jumped in, then he would definitely lose a layer of skin, and it was even to the extent that he might lose a layer of flesh as well.

“What Youre afraid” Meanwhile, Elder Mu spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye was alarmed in his heart upon hearing this.

He wasnt alarmed by the old mans words, and it was because of how hed shrunk back in fear just now.

If just this little bit of pain caused me to shrink back, then how could I seize the first on the Ascension Rankings How could I go against the Flower Palace The path towards the Martial Dao requires one to advance courageously and never shrink back.

How could I shrink back because of this tiny bit of pain before me

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he leaped up and descended lightly into the bath barrel.

As soon as he entered it, the clothes Yang Ye wore had instantly transformed into ash.

After that, Yang Yes eyes suddenly opened wide while the expression on his face had even instantly warped.

At the same time, the skin on his entire body turned completely red as if he was on the verge of being completely cooked….


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