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It was the Stellar Sword Diagram, of course.

The Stellar Sword Diagram was his trump card, and it was his final trump card, and he usually wouldnt reveal this trump card.

Even when he fought the Celestial Demon Lord that day, he still hadnt revealed it.

Because once it was revealed, it wouldnt be a trump card anymore.

Moreover, while hed attained the Voider Realm, he still didnt dare rashly utilize it!

After all, it didnt make him suffer backlash, it reduced his lifespan instead!

Moreover, it might even take his life in the process!

However, he had to use it now.

26 Deities!

Even Qiong Qis presence wouldnt be able to make a difference in such a situation!

He had no choice but to utilize the Stellar Sword Diagram.

Actually, he wasnt very confident even with the Stellar Sword Diagram.

After all, there were 26 Deities here.

However, he had no other choice.

Once he withdrew the Stellar Sword Diagram, Yang Ye gazed at Zhuang Weitian and Qian Yaochan, “Uncle, Aunty, please head down to the city.

Dont ask me why, just do as I say and leave.”

Zhuang Weitian and Qian Yaochan were puzzled, and they were about to speak when Zhuang Weiran said, “Go.”

They glanced at Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran, pondered deeply for an instant, and then nodded before vanishing on the spot.

Yang Ye gazed at Zhuang Weiran, and she gazed at him as well, “You know that I wont leave!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I never thought of asking you to.

But you have to head inside.”

She gazed at the diagram in front of Yang Ye, “You got it”

Yang Ye nodded.

She pondered deeply for a few moments before she said, “Be careful.” After that, she flashed into Yang Yes chest.

As for the two Celestial Demon Wolves, Yang Ye ordered them to return into the Primordial Pagoda as well.

Even though they really didnt want to head in there, they didnt dare to disobey Yang Ye.

In the end, they obediently entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Once Zhuang Weiran and the demon wolves were within the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he gazed at the linen robed old mans group, “Come! Let me see how powerful it is!”

As soon as he finished speaking, ferocity suddenly covered his face, and then he waved his right hand.

The Stellar Sword Diagram before him instantly transformed into a ray of dazzling light, and then the scene around them warped.

In an instant, all of them were within outer space.

Actually the scene around them wasnt much different to how it had been just moments ago.

They were still within outer space!

However, if one sensed it carefully, one would notice that this expanse of outer space was different from the one before.

At this moment, the linen robed old man and the others had noticed that.

Solemn expressions appeared on their faces because their intuition told them that it was dangerous.

A moment of silence ensued before the old man looked up at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, no matter what tricks youre trying to play, youre dead! Attack!”


A terrifying imposing aura erupted from all 26 Deities, and the imposing aura slammed down in Yang Yes direction.

How terrifying was the aura they emanated Logically speaking, even if the space around them could avoid collapsing and shattering before their auras, it should ripple violently.

But nothing like that happened.

The space here merely rippled slightly and remained very calm.

The linen robed old man and the others had noticed that, and it made the expressions on their faces grow even more solemn.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the aura they emanated, and he just gazed at the Sword Precursor.

He remained silent for an instant before he tossed the Sword Precursor forward, and it transformed into a ray of light that appeared far away.

It didnt take long for the Sword Precursor to start spinning rapidly.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye took a step forward, and then a mysterious force appeared out of thin air here.

After that, the stars floating in the sky suddenly started trembling violently, and it didnt take long for them to emanate dazzling starlight.


The imposing aura emanated by those 26 Deities instantly exploded apart and was obliterated.

Om! Om! Om! Om!

Suddenly, sword howls resounded through the surroundings.

The sword howls were very close together, and they resounded in succession.

At the same time, the distant stars started to tremble violently while ray after ray of stellar sword energy erupted from them.

The sword energy emerged incessantly in succession, just like the sword howls had, and they shot towards the Sword Precursor.

How many rays of stellar sword energy were there


Stars surrounded Yang Ye and the others, so the sword energy swarmed over from all directions.

It was like a very dense storm, and it was a truly shocking scene.

At this moment, the experts of some of the stellar regions which were comparatively close to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region had left their stellar regions, and they arrived in outer space.

All of their gazes had converged towards Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

The scene from the outside world and within the Stellar Sword Diagram was completely different.

The expanse of outer space that housed Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was extremely large, and there were countless stars in the area.

At this moment, countless rays of stellar sword energy were emerging from deep within outer space and descending like shooting stars towards Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

They formed a dense and successive mass that descended like a meteor shower, and they illuminated the entire starry sky.

In the Stellar Sword Diagram, the linen robed old man and the others were stunned when they saw the dense rain of stellar sword energy.

A moment passed before the linen robed old man seemed to have thought of something.

His pupils constricted while terror filled them, “The Stellar Sword Diagram! Its the Stellar Sword Diagram!”

The expressions of the other old men by his side had instantly changed drastically when they heard him, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Theyd naturally heard of the Stellar Sword Diagram.

Of course, Jian Wuji was the reason they knew about it.

During the battle between Jian Wuji and that mysterious old man in Daoist robes, Jian Wuji had drawn upon the energy of the stars and summoned stellar sword energy.

Even though Jian Wuji had still lost and died, the scene from all those years ago had still left a deep impression in their hearts.

At that time, some experts had said that the Stellar Sword Diagram was the number one treasure in the lower dimensions.

Even though it was disputed slightly, the Stellar Sword Diagrams strength was beyond doubt!

Yet now, they hadnt expected that it had fallen into Yang Yes hands, and Yang Ye could actually utilize it!

The linen robed old man took a deep breath, and then he spoke with a fierce expression on his face, “Join forces and resist it together!”

“Can we” One of the old men spoke in a slightly trembling voice.

The linen robed old man gazed at that old man and howled with fury, “We have to! Or well die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his profound energy surged madly.

Meanwhile, the other old men by his side had ferocity covering their faces as well.

Just as the linen robed old man had said, they had no way out of this situation.

So, if they couldnt resist the stellar sword energy, then there would only be a single consequence.


So, they had to resist it!


Countless beams of light shot up into the air within the Stellar Sword Diagram.

The beams of light shot up in succession towards the stellar sword energy that covered the sky.

However, the beams of light were clearly too few when compared with the stellar sword energy, and the strength they contained was far inferior to the stellar sword energy.


Explosions resounded incessantly in the starry sky above Clouds of Heaven Continent.

The starry sky shook while space collapsed incessantly, and the sounds of explosions and sword howls resounded without end.

Meanwhile, Clouds of Heaven Continent shook violently while countless people looked up with horror.

Has doomsday arrived

A long time passed before the sword howls and explosions above Clouds of Heaven Continent gradually lessened.

In the end, the starry sky above Clouds of Heaven Continent returned to its previously calm state.

Yang Ye was still there in outer space, and the linen robed old man was still there as well.

However, only the two of them were left there.

The rest had vanished.

The linen robed old man stared fixedly at Yang Ye in silence.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes eyes were closed, and he remained silent as well.

After quite some time passed, the linen robed old man withdrew his gaze and spoke softly, “That was the Stellar Sword Diagram….

That was the strength of the number one treasure in the lower dimensions….”

As soon as he finished speaking, countless rays of stellar sword energy suddenly erupted from within the old mans body.

In an instant, they obliterated the old man.

Actually, the old man had been struck by Yang Yes stellar sword energy, but hed forcefully suppressed it.

So, hed been able to survive until now.

Once they shot out of the old mans body, the rays of stellar sword energy shot towards the surroundings like shooting stars.

It only took a moment for them to vanish into the depths of outer space.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weitian and Qian Yaochan appeared here.

Their expressions changed drastically when they only saw Yang Ye here.

They were about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly said, “Uncle, Aunty, Weiran is fine.”

Zhuang Weitian and Qian Yaochan heaved sighs of relief in their hearts.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weitian sized up Yang Ye and said, “All of those 26 Deities are dead”

Yang Ye nodded.

Zhuang Weitian gasped when he saw Yang Ye nod.

26 Deities!

26 Deities!!

All of them had been killed!

After a moment of shock, Zhuang Weitian was overjoyed.

Because from this day onward, no one would dare to offend Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, including Wildlands Stellar Region.

Wildlands Stellar Region had lost at least 90% of its Deities during this battle.

Moreover, Wildlands Stellar Region wasnt the only one, the other stellar regions had lost at least 90% of their Deities as well.

But Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region hadnt lost a single expert!

Meanwhile, Qian Yaochan suddenly took Zhuang Weitians hand, and then she raised her chin in Yang Yes direction.

Yang Yes eyes were closed, and he remained motionless like a statue.

The joy on Zhuang Weitians face vanished.

He sized up Yang Ye and asked, “Are you alright”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Uncle, Aunty, head down and preside over Clouds of Heaven Continent.

I have some matters to attend to.”

“Are you really alright” Zhuang Weitian clearly wasnt quite convinced.

His intuition told him that Yang Ye was definitely not fine.

At this moment, Yang Ye didnt feel very normal to him.

Yang Ye shook his head again, “Go on!”

This time, his voice carried a slightly indisputable tone.

Zhuang Weitian intended to say something, but Qian Yaochan took his hand and said, “Lets go down there!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didnt wait for his reply and just vanished on the spot while bringing him along with her.

Once they left, Yang Ye moved his right hand slightly.

A ray of violet light flashed, and then Zhuang Weiran appeared in front of him.

Zhuang Weiran was about to speak when her pupils suddenly constricted.

Besides shock, there was terror in her eyes, “You….


Zhuang Weirans furious howl suddenly resounded through outer space.


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