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Yang Ye asked, “Whats Death Hotel”

“Ill tell you in a while!” As soon as Lian Suyao finished speaking, she sped up, and so did Xing Lie and Ning Qing.

It didnt take long for a black stone house to appear within Yang Yes field of vision.

The stone house wasnt huge, and it merely occupied around 30m in both length and width.

As for its height, it was around 30m as well.

The stone house was made of unknown black ore, and it emanated a faint dark glow.

Besides that, there was nothing special about it.

Yang Ye and the others stopped, and he noticed that their expressions were extremely unsightly.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats wrong”

Lian Suyao shook her head, “Were late.

It has closed.”

Yang Ye looked at the entrance to the stone house, and it was covered in a layer of dark light.

Meanwhile, a wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Yes eyes because he noticed that the dark grey energy was actually unable to get close to the stone house.

Every single time it came close to the stone house, the dark grey energy would be bounced away by the dark light on the stone house.

Yang Ye gazed at Lian Suyao with a puzzled expression on his face, “Whats that”

Lian Suyao was used to Yang Yes ignorance, and she immediately explained, “That stone house was made by the Shi Clan, and its to give the people heading to the Ominous Territory a place to rest.

The stone house is made of unknown ore, and that ore has the ability to obstruct the miasma.

The reason its called Death Hotel is because if one doesnt enter it before the sky turns dark, then one will definitely die!”

Yang Ye frowned, “Why”

Meanwhile, Xing Lie suddenly said, “Because if we cant get in there, it means that we have to spend the night out here.

The miasma here will grow more than 10 times thicker at night.

At that time, we must use all our strength to resist it.

Even if we can last through the night, we still might die.”

Yang Ye asked, “Theres more danger once morning arrives”

“Thats the most dangerous time!” Lian Suyao glanced at Yang Ye, “The miasma isnt the most dangerous.

The most dangerous are people!”

People! Yang Ye came to an understanding when he heard this.

If they stayed the night outside Death Hotel, they would definitely have to use all their strength to resist the miasma, and that would definitely exhaust a huge amount of profound energy.

In other words, once dawn arrives, they would definitely be in their weakest state.

At that time, if the people within Death Hotel came out….

What was the quickest way to gain wealth


Yang Ye had done that quite a bit.

Yang Ye remained silent for a moment before he said, “Can we choose to leave the city”

Lian Suyao shook her head, “We could have earlier, but its too late now.

Because the miasma can even affect stellar teleportation formations at night.

So, they cant be utilized at night.

Thus, we have no choice but to stay in the city because the miasma outside the city might be even thicker.”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

Sure enough, the miasma here was growing thicker and thicker.

Even though he didnt fear it, it would exhaust a huge amount of his profound energy to resist it all night.

Yang Ye gazed at the stone house in silence for a moment before he said, “Can we go in by force”

Lian Suyaos eyelids twitched, and she hurriedly said, “Dont act rashly!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

Lian Suyao said, “The barrier activates automatically at night, but it only activates once.

If you break through it by force, then it wont activate again.

At that time, the entire stone house will be filled by miasma, and well be besieged by all the experts in there.

Moreover, you might offend the Shi Clan as well!”

Yang Ye shrugged and abandoned his thought of forcing his way in.

After all, he was a reasonable person, and he couldnt blame anyone else for being late.

Lian Suyao heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Yang Ye give up on going in by force.

Others may not dare to go in by force, but that absolutely didnt include Yang Ye.

Fortunately, Yang Ye hadnt chosen to act rashly, or they would be in big trouble.

After all, Yang Ye would offend everyone in the stone house if he did that.

How could anyone who dared to come to the Ominous Territory be easy to deal with

Meanwhile, Xing Lie spoke solemnly, “Lets look for a spot to spend the night!”

Lian Suyao nodded, glanced at the surroundings, and her gaze stopped at the entrance to the city, “Lets go there.”

Xing Lie and Ning Qing nodded.

It was naturally the best choice.

Because once anything happened, they could flee right away.

After all, one couldnt fly within Ominous City.

The four of them went over to the entrance to the city.

There was a faint barrier of light at the entrance right now.

However, it was translucent, and it allowed passage.

However, it wasnt able to fully obstruct the miasma.

Fortunately, it wasnt that bad because it made it difficult for the miasma to enter the city.

In short, it was better than nothing.

They sat cross-legged on the ground, withdrew divine crystals, and started to absorb them.

Yang Ye was in a comparatively better state while Lian Suyao and the others had extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

Because it was definitely a situation of life and death for them, and they didnt know if they could persist through the night.

Lian Suyao glanced at Yang Ye.

She knew that Yang Ye was definitely capable of keeping himself safe.

As for whether Yang Ye would help them, she didnt know the answer to that question.

After all, they were just traveling together with Yang Ye, and there was some enmity between her and Yang Ye.

Would Yang Ye really let bygones be bygones

She didnt know!

But no matter what, she couldnt rely on Yang Ye, so she had to rely on herself.

They started to absorb profound energy while the miasma around them grew thicker and thicker.

Especially the miasma outside the city, it was thick to an extremely terrifying level.

It could be said that they could see nothing but miasma.

It was slightly better in the city, but it wasnt much better.

At this moment, theyd started to circulate their profound energy to resist the miasma and prevent it from entering their bodies.

It was fine if they just sucked in a little, but if too much entered their bodies, then it would cause huge problems.

As time slowly trickled by, the miasma within the city seemed practically solid.

They were just less than 3m away from each other, but they couldnt see anyone!

In the end, for safetys sake, they sat cross-legged together and combined their auras to resist the miasma around them.

Yang Ye had thought about entering the Primordial Pagoda, but he gave up on that thought in the end.

He had to be in an absolutely safe place before entering the Primordial Pagoda.

Otherwise, if the spot he entered the Primordial Pagoda suffered even the slightest attack, he might suffer a similar fate as Xiao Qi.

Ominous City was filled with danger, so he didnt dare to enter the Primordial Pagoda.

Late at night.

The miasma was at an extremely terrifying level.

It could be said that the miasma was capable of killing an ordinary Voider.

Even an ordinary Semi-Deity would be absolutely unable to resist the miasma.

Not to mention Lian Suyaos group of three, even Yang Ye felt it to be quite strenuous.

Moreover, it exhausted quite a huge amount of his profound energy.

Now, he understood why Lian Suyao and the others had such unsightly expressions on their faces.

It was because spending the night here consumed too much energy.

Once dawn arrived, they would definitely be at their weakest.

If someone held ill intent towards them, they would definitely be in extreme danger.

Time passed slowly.

At this moment, all of them were just holding on, holding on until dawn arrived.

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at the entrance of the city.

Around five breaths of time after Yang Ye opened his eyes, Lian Suyao and the others opened their eyes as well, and they gazed at the entrance as well.

A short while passed before the miasma there moved slightly, and it didnt take long for a person to walk out from the miasma and appear before them.

It was an old man in a black robe.

The old mans body was covered in a faint barrier of light, and it pushed the miasma away before the miasma could even get close to the old man.

Solemn expressions appeared on Lian Suyao and the others faces, and it was the same for Yang Ye.

It was because he couldnt see through the old man, but Yang Yes intuition told him that the old man was extremely dangerous.

The old man glanced at Yang Yes group, and a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes.

Obviously, he hadnt expected to encounter them here.

He glanced at them, and his gaze paused on Yang Ye for a moment before he continued forward.

It didnt take long for him to vanish from their fields of vision.

Even though their cultivations were lower than the old man, the old man didnt dare to underestimate them.

There was a type of people called monstrous geniuses and surmounting their realms of cultivation to do battle was absolutely normal for them.

Simply speaking, no one dared to underestimate anyone in Ominous City.

Yang Ye and the others withdrew their gazes, but only an instant passed before they simultaneously looked towards the entrance again.

Another person walked out slowly from within the miasma!

It was a woman!

She wore a violet dress.

Her appearance couldnt be seen clearly because she wore a mask that covered half her face.

The entire right side of her face was concealed beneath the mask.

There was a saber hanging on the womans waist, and it didnt have a sheath.

The saber was less than 1m long, thin as the wing of a cicada, and practically translucent.

She glanced at Yang Yes group, and then started walking forward.

But she suddenly stopped when she passed by Yang Ye, and she said, “Youre a sword cultivator”

She didnt gaze at Yang Ye as she spoke.

How did she know Yang Ye frowned.

But it didnt take long for him to come to an understanding.

He hadnt concealed his sword intent, so she probably sensed it.

Yang Ye didnt know why she asked, but he still nodded, “Yes!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the saber on her waist suddenly vanished.

A moment later, a ray of cold light flashed.


A strand of blood sprayed from Yang Yes throat!


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