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What had they seen

There were 21 rock titans not too far away from Yang Ye and Big Blackie.

Those rock titans were like towering pillars that obstructed their path.

Every single rock titan was either holding a pair of axes, or a pair of huge sabers or hammers that were even larger than Big Blackie!

This time, Yang Ye felt that he might be about to meet his maker.

At this moment, the rock titan behind him had caught up.

22 rock titans were staring at Yang Ye and Big Blackie, causing a chill to run down Yang Yes spine.

Even though he couldnt see Big Blackies face, he knew that it was definitely unsightly.

As soon as it saw Yang Ye and Big Blackie, the rock titan behind them instantly intended to attack.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly raised his hands, “I surrender! I really surrender! Im not joking this time!”

The rock titan behind Yang Ye didnt pay any attention to what Yang Ye had just said, and it just threw its axe at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

He didnt dare act carelessly.

He immediately turned around, drew his sword, and swung it.

Heavenrend that was enhanced by two types of intents!

Only a Heavenrend enhanced by two types of intents could barely resist the rock titans strength.

Otherwise, he would be no match for the rock titan.

At this moment, all moves or the ability to locate flaws were useless.

Pure strength could crush everything!

If the gap between their strengths wasnt very huge, then he could locate the flaws in the rock titans attack and destroy the attack.

However, it was impossible when the gap between their strength was too huge.

He had to go head-on against it!


His sword collided with the axe, and then his figure was blasted away.

However, it didnt take long for him to stop himself this time.

A moment later, he transformed into a ray of light that shot forward swiftly and instantly appeared before the rock titan.

Death by a Thought!

Yang Ye hadnt used this move for a very long time.

It was none other than because its might couldnt be compared to Heavenrend.

The reason hed executed it now was because it could improve his speed, so he could get closer to the rock titan even more quickly.

Otherwise, he would always have to passively ward off the rock titans attacks.

The rock titan had clearly not expected Yang Ye to suddenly become so swift, and it was caught off guard.

Yang Yes sword stabbed straight against its chest.


The rock titan moved over 30m back while Yang Ye was pushed over 300m back.

Moreover, his entire arm felt numb.

As for the rock titans chest, there was only a hole there, but that hole was practically unnoticeable on the rock titans huge figure.

Yang Ye couldnt stab it to death!

Even if it just stood there and let Yang Ye strike it, it would probably be very difficult for Yang Ye to kill it!

Even though it was quite a blow to his confidence, it was a fact.

The rock titans defenses werent just stronger than the Celestial Demon Hegemon Body, it was very much stronger.

The Celestial Demon Hegemon Body relied on external forces to strengthen ones physical defenses for a period, but the rock titan hadnt relied on any external forces! Its body was always that strong!

The rock titan was clearly infuriated from being injured.

It immediately spun on the spot, and its axe swept out horizontally.

Everywhere it passed, cracks appeared throughout space.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and then he took a step forward.

Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent and slaughter intent surged out from him, but it didnt take long for his sword intent and slaughter intent to shrink back, and then it suddenly erupted.

The Brink Laws!

The brink of both slaughter intent and sword intent!


An explosion that shook the sky resounded.

The rock axe was blasted back at a speed that was practically undetectable to the eye.

This time, the rock titan hadnt been able to catch it, and it struck the rock titans chest.


The rock titan moved backwards repeatedly, and it moved around 300m back before it finally stopped.

Moreover, cracks had appeared on its chest.

However, Yang Yes face grew even more solemn.

Because the might of two Quasi Returnal Rank intents at the brink was absolutely terrifying.

It could be said to be only inferior to an overlapped Heavenrend.

However, it hadnt caused any material harm to the rock titan.

Yang Ye was on the verge of despair against the rock titans defenses.

The rock titan was clearly exasperated from being injured by Yang Ye again, and it was even before its own kind.

Terrifying waves of violent aura surged incessantly from within it, and its axes started to spin rapidly.

The space around the rock titan warped before his spinning axes!

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, Looks like that fellow is about to use a powerful technique!

Yang Ye tightened his grip on the ancient sheath.

He knew that he couldnt hold back this time, and he had to overlap his Heavenrends.

Otherwise, he may not have another chance to attack.

His defenses were very strong, but they absolutely couldnt resist the rock titans axes.

After all, the rock titans strength far surpassed the physical defenses he possessed!

Yang Ye didnt make Big Blackie help because the other rock titans hadnt interfered in the battle.

If Big Blackie lent him a hand, then those rock titans would definitely join the battle as well.

At that time, both of them would definitely be finished.

Even though he didnt know why those rock titans didnt attack, he couldnt be bothered about that.

At this moment, he had to think about how he would resist this rock titans attack.

The rock titan was about to attack when a voice suddenly resounded, “Shi Ba, wait a moment!”

The rock titan called Shi Ba immediately stopped and gazed at the group of rock titans.

Yang Ye looked over as well.

His gaze descended onto a rock titan who held a pair of huge sabers.

He noticed that rock titan with dual sabers was slightly larger than the others, and it stood at the front of the group.

Obviously, it was the leader.

That rock titan gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “Youre a sword cultivator”

Yang Ye nodded.

A long moment of silence ensued before the rock titan said, “You can go!”

Yang Ye was stunned. That fellow intends to let me leave

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

The rock titan with the huge sabers replied, “No reason! Just leave!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Shi Ba was clearly quite displeased.

It immediately intended to say something, but that rock titan with the dual sabers glared at Shi Ba.

Shi Ba was clearly quite afraid of that rock titan and didnt dare glare back at it.

Shi Ba just glared fiercely at Yang Ye instead.

Even though Yang Ye was really curious why that rock titan intended to let him go, Yang Ye didnt ask again.

The most important matter at hand was to leave.

After all, what would he do if that fellow regretted its decision There were so many rock titans here, so Yang Ye had no chance against them!

Yang Ye sat on Big Blackie.

Big Blackie understood his intentions and was about to leave.

The rock titan with the dual sabers suddenly said, “Youre not turning back”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Im going to the Forest of Darkness.”

“The Forest of Darkness” The rock titan with the huge sabers shook its head, “Youll die before you get there.

This isnt a place you should be.

Its not too late to leave right now.

Once night arrives, then not to mention a single Celestial Demon Wolf, even 10 wont be able to save you.”

Yang Ye frowned, “Its that terrifying”

“Its much more terrifying than youve imagined!” The rock titan continued, “Your natural talent isnt bad, and your strength isnt bad as well.

But youre too young.

Come here in 10 years, and therell probably be nothing here that can pose a threat to you.

Yet now, its best for you to leave.”

The demon wolf beneath Yang Ye hurriedly nodded to display its agreement.

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time, and then he said, “Thank you for the warning, but I must go there.”

Actually, if it was possible, he didnt want to stay in this damnable place for a moment longer.

It was an absolutely terrifying place.

Now, he finally understood why the Celestial Demon Wolves werent willing to come here.

There really were quite many here that were stronger than the demon wolves.

Simply speaking, even with his current strength combined with the two demon wolves, the Ominous Territory still was extremely dangerous.

But he had to continue forward.

As far as he was concerned, he would have a chance to survive if he continued; but if he didnt, then he could only wait for death to arrive.

Two months in the outside world was around two years within the Primordial Pagoda, and it wasnt realistic to attain a breakthrough in such a short period.

Because hed just attained the Voider Realm.

He wasnt that great to be capable of immediately charging into the Semi-Deity Realm.

The rock titan didnt speak further when it heard Yang Ye insist.

Yang Ye didnt say anything else as well, and he immediately rode Big Blackie and vanished from the rock titans fields of vision.

“Patriarch, why!” Once Yang Ye and Big Blackie left, Shi Ba gazed at the rock titan with dual sabers.

Shi Ba wasnt the only one, the others gazed at that rock titan as well.

Because Shi Bas question was the exact same question that they had in their hearts.

The rock titan with dual sabers looked in the direction that Yang Ye had vanished towards and said, “He had a trace of that persons aura….”

Once they left Rock Mountain, Yang Ye and Big Blackie continued forward.

Dense miasma still filled the road ahead.

Needless to say, Yang Ye was quite confident in his trip to the Forest of Darkness.

Yet now, the cruel reality before him told him that this damnable place was much more terrifying than hed imagined.

Zhuang Weitian only knew that the Forest of Darkness existed, but hed never been there.

Or it should be said that Zhuang Weitian hadnt even been to Rock Mountain.

If he had, he would probably not exist in the world anymore.

So, Zhuang Weitian had felt that Yang Yes strength should be sufficient here if Yang Ye didnt go over Yellow Springs River.

However, it wasnt that simple.

There was no need to even pass Yellow Springs River because just the outer area was extremely terrifying.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and looked up into the sky.

The sunlight coming from high above was growing weaker and weaker.

Obviously, sunset was approaching.

In other words, night was coming.

Once night arrived….

A long time passed before Yang Ye shook his head and chuckled, “When did I become so cowardly”

As soon as he finished speaking, he patted Big Blackie on the back.

Big Blackie understood his intentions and sped up.

Since hed chosen to travel to the Forest of Darkness, then he didnt want to think about what ifs.

There was trouble ahead

Thats fine! He would just fight it!

What if he couldnt overcome the trouble

That would be fine as well! He would just flee!

What if he couldnt escape

It wouldnt….

It was a problem….

If he couldnt escape, then he would have no choice but to fight desperately.

In any case, he, Yang Ye, had never feared fighting desperately and risking his life!

Around two hours later.

The sunlight in the sky had vanished, and the veil of night gradually descended.

The miasma in the surroundings grew thicker and thicker.

It could be said that he couldnt see anything in front of him now!

Fortunately, he had Big Blackie, or he wouldnt even be able to discern the direction he was heading towards.

The difference was that Big Blackie was a beast, so it could use its instinct and sense of smell to determine the direction it was heading towards.

Moreover, it was an ominous beast that used to live here, so the miasma didnt really affect it.

Suddenly, Big Blackie stopped.

Yang Ye was puzzled.

He was about to speak when he suddenly looked up towards the distance, and his pupils constricted when he saw the scene there.

He cried out involuntarily, “What the ** is that!”


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