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The forbidden area of the Ominous Territory!

Yang Ye hadnt expected the Ominous Territory to actually have a forbidden area, and it was on the other side of Yellow Springs River.

What is that place Yang Ye grew even more curious.

After all, the old man had definitely surpassed the Deity Realm.

Even though the old man was a Deity right now, he had definitely surpassed the Deity Realm in the past.

However, even he was filled with fear towards that place.

So, it was obvious how terrifying the other side of the river was!

What is over there Yang Ye didnt ask it out aloud.

Because he knew that he wouldnt get an answer.

Just as the old man had said, those who knew were dead.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, glanced at the old man, and said, “Theres something Im curious about.

Why are you imprisoned here”

The old man fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “Greed is an original sin!”

Greed is an original sin! Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

The village leader of Spirit Village had told him the same thing. What does it mean

Yang Ye was about to ask when the old man waved his hand, “Go on.

There are many things that you dont need to know.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes closed slowly.

Yang Ye didnt ask another question when he saw that.

Yang Ye just nodded, and then he vanished on the spot.

Once Yang Ye left, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, and he took a long look at the direction Yang Ye had vanished towards before he said, “How unusual….”

As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes slowly.

Yang Ye left the area beneath the pool, and then he looked down into the pool for a long time before he finally turned around and left.

Since he started going deep into the Ominous Territory, hed met too many formidable demon beasts and strange people.

For example, Little Sky, the middle aged man whod give him the dragon seal, the Spirit Race, and that old man from before.

Not only did they possess formidable strength, every single one of them was extremely mysterious.

Who were they Why were such formidable existences like them imprisoned in this place What exactly was the Ominous Territory

He wanted to know so much, but he had no answers.

Moreover, he had no time to think about all of that now.

The important matter at hand was to get to the Forest of Darkness and obtain the Spring of Life.

If he could obtain it smoothly, then he really wouldnt have come here for nothing.

After all, while his journey had been filled with horror, hed obtained a huge number of treasures as well!

The only thing he found comparatively regrettable was that he didnt have any time to cultivate all the techniques hed obtained, even the Sword of Rebirth.

It couldnt be helped.

He didnt dare to let himself enter the Primordial Pagoda and concentrate on cultivating while he remained in this place.

After all, if any mishap were to occur, then his actions would have been equivalent to courting death.

Moreover, the Spring of Life was more important when compared to all of that.

So, he could only put them aside for now!

If he didnt have the Spring of Life, then all of them would be useless!

His life was the most important!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

He was about to continue on his journey, but he seemed to have thought of something.

He suddenly sat down cross-legged, and then he immersed his consciousness into his body.

The demon beast!

That demon beast which Big Blackie and the others had dragged into the Primordial Pagoda! Hed almost forgotten about it!

In the Primordial Pagoda.

At this moment, that demon beast had been brought to the verge of death by the Primordial Pagoda.

It seemed to be quite miserable.

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath and just walked over to it, “Submit to me or die!”

It was simple and direct!

He didnt have the time to waste on it.

What if it refused That wasnt a problem.

He could come and ask again.

In any case, the Primordial Pagoda would be there toplay with it!

Demon beasts were proud beings, and this demon beast was no exception.

A ferocious glow instantly appeared in its eyes when it heard Yang Ye.

If it wasnt for the fact that it was utterly devoid of strength, it would have definitely attacked.

Big Blackie and the others shook their heads when they witnessed this scene.

They knew that fellow was going to suffer.

As expected, Yang Ye turned around and left.

At the same time, a strand of mysterious energy slammed against the demon beast.


A shrill cry resounded from it, and then it started shivering while lying flat on the ground.

Yang Ye paid no attention to it, and he just returned to the outside world.

He had no time to waste on it.

He didnt care if it refused because he had the Primordial Pagoda to deal with it! In any case, it couldnt escape!

After quite some time passed, Yang Ye suddenly stopped and looked up at the sky.

There was a moon hanging high up in the sky.

The moon Yang Ye frowned. How could I possibly be able to see the moon here

He glanced at the surroundings.

Sure enough, he noticed that the miasma in the surroundings had actually become quite scarce.

At this moment, the miasma was very thin like smoke, and it didnt affect his vision at all.

He noticed that he was in a plain, and endless plane that was very wide!

What is this place Why is there no miasma here Yang Yes brows were still pressed tightly together.

This place was quite unusual, so he didnt dare to act carelessly.


Yang Ye remained silent for an instant, and he was about to leave when a sharp cry resounded from the sky.

It sounded like metal scraping against each other, and it was extremely ear piercing.

Yang Ye was caught off guard by it, and his eardrums were instantly cracked by it, causing threads of blood to seep out from his ears.

Yang Ye was shocked, and he hurriedly released his sword intent to cover himself in layers.

After that, he looked up into the sky.

He was shocked as soon as he did that.

There was a huge bird in the air, and it blotted out the sky above.

The bird was completely pitch black, and its presence had instantly concealed the entire sky!

It didnt take long for the huge bird to arrive before Yang Ye.

It didnt stop and just continued towards the distance.

However, right when it passed above Yang Ye, it suddenly looked down and shot a glance at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes expression changed slightly because the bird had actually noticed his presence!

Yang Ye didnt flee and just met the birds gaze.

There was indifference, complete and utter indifference in the birds eyes.

It was like a human looking down at an ant.

It didnt take long for the bird to withdraw its gaze and continue towards the distance.

Yang Ye shrugged.

Even though he really didnt like the birds gaze, he couldnt do anything about it.

After all, he couldnt run over to the bird and fight it, right Based on its aura, it was definitely much stronger than the Ancient Emperor Python, and it was probably just slightly inferior to Qiong Qi.

If he were to fight it on his own….

If he was honest about it, then he would really not be a match for the bird.

So, that was why the bird had looked at him like that and even disregarded him.

But that was exactly what Yang Ye wanted.

He didnt want to get into any unnecessary trouble.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and continued forward.

Now, no matter what he saw here, he wouldnt be shocked as he had been in the beginning.

In any case, anything that appeared here was normal to him.

Around two hours later, Yang Ye suddenly stopped and stared fixedly at the area ahead.

There was a wisp of excitement and happiness in his eyes.

Because a thick forest was standing not too far away from him.

A dense expanse of ancient trees filled his field of vision.

The trees there possessed extraordinary height, and every single one of them was at least around 300m tall!

The Forest of Darkness Yang Ye wasnt very sure if it was the Forest of Darkness.

However, he felt that it probably was.

However, he still had to confirm it.

He glanced at the surroundings, and then he vanished on the spot.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to enter the forest.

As soon as he did, he had the feeling that he was tiny.

At this moment, he felt extremely tiny because the trees around him were too tall.

Even the fallen leaves on the ground around him were much larger than him!

This is probably the Forest of Darkness, right Yang Ye muttered in his heart.

He wasnt very sure if this place was the Forest of Darkness.

After all, it was his first time here.

Hed asked Big Blackie and the others, but they were similarly uncertain because they hadnt been here as well!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and continued forward into the depths of the forest.

All along the way, Yang Yes profound energy was surging within him as he secretly kept his guard up.

He was quite afraid that some monster would suddenly jump out from the shadows and catch him off guard! Such an incident was entirely possible in this place.

So, he couldnt relax at all.

However, Yang Ye was quite surprised because not to mention a demon beast, he hadnt even encountered a mosquito all along the way.

It was quiet!

Extremely quiet!

It was very unusual!

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned, and he looked up into the distance.

A moment of silence ensued.

Suddenly, the entire ground started to tremble violently, and then all sorts of demon beasts swarmed out from afar.

There were numerous demon beasts, and they were of all types.

They seemed like theyd gone mad and were rushing in his direction.

Yang Yes expression changed at the sight of this, and he hurriedly merged himself into the shadows of a tree.

Fortunately, the demon beasts seemed to be in a rush, and they hadnt noticed him.

Yang Ye observed them carefully.

All of them were extremely strong, and there were many different types of demon beasts amongst them.

Moreover, most of them were demon beasts that hed never seen in the past.

Yang Ye noticed that all of them had a trace of anxiousness and fear in their eyes.

Is something chasing after them Yang Ye frowned. That isnt very likely! All of them are comparable to Deities.

Moreover, there are so many of them.

What could possibly make them flee like theyve gone mad

Once all the demon beasts had fled, Yang Ye continued forward.

Regardless of whether it was the Forest of Darkness, and regardless of what terrifying existence was up ahead, Yang Ye had to continue forward.

He had to obtain the Spring of Life!

As far as he was concerned, if he couldnt succeed, then he would die!

All along the way, demon beasts were ceaselessly emerging from deep within the forest.

It wasnt just on the ground; it was the same in the air.

All of them seemed to be afraid of something, and they were fleeing madly towards the direction which hed entered the forest from.

This made an even more solemn expression appear on Yang Yes face!

At this moment, he was practically certain that something had definitely happened further ahead.

Or perhaps there was some sort of extremely terrifying existence there that aroused extreme fear in them.

Otherwise, the demon beasts wouldnt have lost their composure like that and flee the forest like theyd gone mad!

At this moment, Yang Ye thought of the huge bird hed encountered earlier.

If that huge bird had been fleeing as well….

Suddenly, Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and looked towards the distance.

A figure was rushing swiftly in his direction.

It was truly too swift, and it was so swift that the figure was already around 3km behind him right after he saw it.

It was so swift that he hadnt even been able to see the figures appearance.

However, it didnt take long for the figure to turn back abruptly, and then it appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes instantly opened wide when he saw the persons appearance, “You! Its you….”


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