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Yang Ye wasnt the only one who was stunned, both the Celestial Demon Wolves were stunned as well!

Obviously, they hadnt expected themselves to be slapped away just like that!

It had only taken a single slap!

Once she slapped both the demon wolves away, she gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched, and then he waved his right hand.

He summoned Eaglet, the Ancient Emperor Python, and Little Cow!

She was absolutely not someone he could resist, and she might even be stronger than Qiong Qi!

They had to gang up on her!

As soon as they saw her, all three demon beasts had an extremely solemn expression in their eyes.

They didnt know how strong she was.

But witnessing what had happened to the demon wolves allowed them to be aware that she was definitely extremely strong.

The woman frowned slightly when she saw the demon beasts, “Those demon beasts from the outside”

“From the outside” Yang Ye frowned.

He was about to ask about that when she suddenly vanished on the spot.

Yang Yes expression changed drastically at the sight of this, “Watch out!”


As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, Eaglet, who was at the front of the group, was blasted away.

As for the python, the strongest amongst them, its huge tail had immediately swept towards the woman when she vanished.

The powerful force carried by its tail caused space to tremble violently.

It was extremely terrifying to make the space here tremble even a little bit!

After all, Yang Yes Heavenrend wasnt able to shake the space here at all.

After she blasted Eaglet away, she didnt attempt to dodge the pythons tail and just stretched out her hand.

Yang Ye and the others watched as her palm slapped against the pythons tail.

If her hand was compared to the pythons tail, it would really be quite a funny comparison.

After all, using her hand to stop the pythons tail was no different from an ant trying to stop an elephant!

However, what happened next caused their jaws to almost hit the ground!

Because shed actually been able to stop the pythons tail which was carrying tremendous force!

As soon as the pythons tail had come into contact with her palm, it had immediately stopped, but the woman didnt move at all!

How terrifying! Yang Ye thought in his heart.

After she stopped the pythons tail, she suddenly exerted force, and her fingers easily pierced through the thick scale on the pythons tail.

She held onto that scale and exerted force again.

The scale didnt shatter, nor did it get pulled off, but the pythons enormous body started to move instead!

Yang Ye watched with astonishment as she actually held the pythons tail with one hand and swung it.

The pythons enormous body was instantly swung against the mountain.


The entire mountain shook violently while countless specks of dust and dirt shot up into the air while huge rocks rolled down from it.

However, the mountain didnt collapse and stood there!

Yang Ye naturally didnt have the mood to care about whether the mountain collapsed.

At this moment, he was completely stunned by the womans strength.

He wasnt just stunned, he was shocked.

Her strength was too terrifying!

After she was done with the python, she immediately gazed at Little Cow.

Little Cow hadnt even been able to react before she appeared in front of it, and then….


Just like the others, Little Cow was blasted flying and slammed against the mountain.

In just a few breaths of time, all the demon beasts had been slapped away!

Theyd suffered a horrible defeat!

Meanwhile, the woman gazed at Yang Ye.

His eyelids twitched.

He was about to speak when she suddenly vanished on the spot.

Yang Yes pupils constricted, and he practically instinctively drew his sword and swung it!


A sword howl shot up into the air, and ripples surged through the space around Yang Ye!

Two overlapped Heavenrends!

Just a single Heavenrend was completely useless against her.

So, Yang Ye had decisively overlapped two of them!

However, she still used her hand to block Yang Yes attack.


A loud explosion instantly resounded as Yang Yes attack collided with her hand, and the space around them trembled violently.

After that, the woman moved around 30m back.

As for Yang Ye, the consequences were worse for him, and he was blasted around 600m away!

The woman looked down at her hand, and there was a blood red mark on the center of her palm.

She gazed at it for a few breaths of time, and then she looked up at Yang Ye, “A sword cultivator….

A sword cultivator with two types of intents and a sword that surpasses the known ranks of quality….

No wonder youre able to destroy my energy of Yin and Yang.”

“Yin and Yang!” Yang Ye swiftly looked up at her and said, “You… youre at the Dualism Realm!”

She replied with a question, “What do you think”

That was a confirmation!

Yang Ye took a deep breath.

At this moment, he finally understood why she was so terrifying.

She was an expert that surpassed the Deity Realm!

No wonder even the Emperor Python was slapped flying with ease!

A Dualism Realm expert!

Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his heart and looked up at her, “How Isnt it impossible for a Dualism Realm cultivator to be present in the Ominous Territory Why are you at the Dualism Realm”

She replied with a question, “You came in from the outside”

Yang Ye felt that she was talking about the world outside the Ominous Territory, so he immediately nodded, “Indeed!”

She sized him up and said, “Youre so weak, yet you dared to come here Are you here to give your life away”

Yang Yes face darkened, but he couldnt refute her.

Because he was very weak when compared to her!

Meanwhile, she shook her head, “No matter who you are, you deserve death for disrespecting me!”

“Wait!” Yang Yes expression changed when he noticed that she intended to attack, and he hurriedly said, “Please, get your facts straight.

You were the one who took my hand.

I had no intention to take advantage of you!”

“I did” She laughed with ridicule, “Who do you think you are Why would I take your hand How absolutely laughable!”

Yang Yes face stiffened, “How… how can you act like that!”

However, she paid no attention to him and just vanished on the spot.

Yang Yes expression had changed when she vanished on the spot, and his Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent and slaughter intent surged out from within him.

As soon as they surged out, they immediately condensed rapidly and exploded!

The Brink Laws executed with two intents!

This could be considered as one of Yang Yes trump cards, and it was an extremely terrifying one.

A wave of terrifying energy swept forward from Yang Ye, and it instantly stopped the woman whod arrived before him.

However, she paid no attention to it and slapped her palm forward lightly, just as shed done before.

It was exactly such a light slap that instantly shattered the energy created by Yang Yes intents which had been brought to the brink, and they transformed into violet energy that swept towards the surroundings.

In an instant, she waved her right hand lightly, and the storm of energy that swept towards the surroundings was instantly obliterated as if it had never existed!

Fortunately, Big Blackie and the others charged forward at this moment.

Yang Ye didnt stand by idly, and he immediately transformed into a ray of light that shot in her direction.

Six against one!

However, regardless of whether it was the demon wolves, Eaglet, or Little Cow, not one of them could resist a single slap from her.

Only the Ancient Emperor Python was in a slightly better state and could resist two slaps!

At this moment, Yang Ye finally understood how terrifying experts at the Dualism Realm were.

Experts at such a level werent existences that Deities could resist, and such experts werent existences that he could resist.

Because even two overlapped Heavenrends were still unable to cause any material harm to her!

He felt powerless!

He felt powerless against her even when it was six against one!


After Eaglet was blasted away, Little Cow suffered the same fate.

Fortunately, they possessed thick skin and strong bodies, so they were only injured.

Their lives werent in danger for now.

Yang Ye, on the other hand, was in quite a bad state.

Even though his body was strong as well, it was quite inferior when compared to those demon beasts.

So, every single attack he suffered made him spit out blood.

Fortunately, while he didnt have their physical defenses, his ability to recover was much greater than them.

So, he was barely able to hold on!


The Emperor Python was furious from being slapped away in succession, and it roared with fury before rolling up into a huge circle and slamming itself at her.

Because it was so huge, it seemed like a mountain was slamming down upon the woman, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

However, the womans expression remained calm and composed, and she just stretched her right hand forward.

In an instant, it seemed like something was extracting from the world around her, and the entire world seemed to become ethereal.

After that, her figure shot towards the python.


The python howled with pain as its figure was blasted away and slammed against the mountain, causing the mountain to shake violently.

A moment later, the pythons figure slid down the mountain and smashed into the ground.

Yang Ye noticed that the collision had cracked open the pythons scales!

What terrifying strength! Yang Ye took a deep breath and gazed at the woman.

He was puzzled, extremely puzzled. Isnt it impossible for Dualism Realm experts to exist in the lower dimensions Moreover, Ive never encountered one before this! Why is there a Dualism Realm expert in this damnable place!

Could I have passed over to the other side of Yellow Springs River Yang Ye couldnt help but be shocked by this thought of his, and then he gazed at her and asked, “Er, can I ask you something Is… is this the other side of Yellow Springs River”

He had an even stronger feeling that something was off.

Hed felt something was off since he met the Saint of Go.

So, he suspected that he might have gone to the other side of Yellow Springs River.

The woman replied with a question, “You only realized now”

Yang Yes face instantly froze.

Yellow Springs River!

I really went through it!

Yang Ye gulped while a dazed expression filled his eyes. Ive passed through to the other side of Yellow Springs River….

How did I suddenly get to the other side of it


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