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Yang Ye and Lian Banzhuang werent dead, of course.

At the moment the huge had descended, Lian Banzhuang had slapped her palm at it.

However, perhaps it was because she was injured, or perhaps it was because the attacker was too strong.

Lian Banzhuangs attack hadnt been able to stop the huge black palm, causing her and Yang Ye to be slammed down to the ground.

Lian Banzhuang was resisting the huge black palm with a single hand while blood was seeping out incessantly from the corner of her mouth.

A moment later, a wisp of ferocity flashed through Lian Banzhuangs eyes, and then she flipped her other hand and swung it upwards.


The huge black palm shattered.

However, at the very same instant, a black beam of light shot down from the sky.

It was extremely swift and instantly arrived above Yang Ye and Lian Banzhuang, causing them to have no chance to move aside.

Lian Banzhuang shouted softly, and then she slapped her palms upwards.

A wave of terrifying force surged out from her palms, and it instantly slammed against the black beam of light.


A loud explosion resounded as soon as their attacks collided, and then a wave of energy swept out in the sky above.

Everywhere it passed, ripples surged through space.

Meanwhile, a grey robed old man appeared in the sky.

“Demon Wu!” Lian Banzhuang stared at the old man while the intent to kill in her eyes seemed material.

Even Yang Yes heart couldnt help but palpitate when he sensed her intent to kill.

Obviously, there was enmity between them!

The old man called Demon Wu glanced at Lian Banzhuang, “Crazy Lian, I merely took a single thing from you, yet youve refused to stop acting against me for over a hundred years.

I didnt have a chance to kill you in the past, but I never expected you to clash with Old Man Li and get yourself heavily injured.

Youre really courting death!

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately flipped his right palm, and a pitch black mirror appeared there.

After that, he formed a strange seal with his left hand.

It didnt take long for the mirror to tremble violently.

A moment later, he tossed it in Yang Ye and Lian Banzhuangs direction.

It didnt fly very swiftly, but Yang Ye noticed that Lian Banzhuang had a solemn expression on her face.

What is that

Yang Ye looked up at the mirror.

Suddenly, the mirror stopped.

When he looked closely, Yang Ye noticed that the mirror seemed a little like something familiar to him.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao!

It seemed like an Eye of the Heaven Dao that was hanging high above in the sky!


A beam of pitch black lightning shot out from the mirror.

It was around 3km long and 1km wide.

As soon as it appeared, the space in the sky actually showed faint signs of warping.

Yang Ye was stunned by this scene. Its actually spitting out lightning as well Is it any different from the Eye of the Heaven Dao

Meanwhile, Lian Banzhuang didnt fight bare-handed anymore.

A multicolored ribbon had appeared in her grasp.

When the beam of lightning was around 300m away from her, she suddenly vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye looked up, and he saw that multicolored rays of light had filled the sky!


When the beam of lightning slammed against the multicolored rays of light, rumbling instantly resounded in the sky.

At this moment, Yang Ye felt like the sky was about to collapse.

Yang Ye didnt have time to care about all of this right now, and he intended to move away.

It was best to stay far away from a battle between experts at this level.

However, a loud explosion suddenly resounded, and then a figure crashed down from the sky.

It was very swift and instantly crashed down not too far away from him.

It was Lian Banzhuang!

She lost Yang Ye looked up at the sky.

At this moment, the sky was filled with multicolored rays of light.

The rays of light seemed boundless, and they were ceaselessly shooting out from the multicolored ribbon in the sky.

The grey robed old man was at the center of those rays of light!

The rays of light had trapped him for now!

Yang Ye remained silent for an instant, and then he withdrew his gaze and shot over to Lian Banzhuang.

After that, he wrapped his arm around her waist, stomped his right foot against the ground, and vanished into the distance.

Just a few breaths of time later, the multicolored ribbon shattered into bits, and then the rays of light shattered as well and vanished into nothingness.

The grey robed old man appeared once more in the sky.

He glanced at the surroundings, and then a ferocious expression filled his eyes, “Let me see who can save you this time!” A moment later, he vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye carried Lian Banzhuang in his arms as he ran madly.

At this moment, hed raised his speed to its limits.

Why didnt he save her

Yang Ye was very well aware that even if hed cultivated the Rebirth Sword successfully, his strength was still far from sufficient to survive in this place.

At this moment, hed realized that practically all those whod been able to survive here were Dualism Realm experts.

Dualism Realm experts werent existences that he could fight right now.

Even though the Rebirth Sword could pose a threat to such experts, what if it couldnt kill At that time, how would he fight once his profound energy had been exhausted While he had his body, his body wasnt strong enough to resist Dualism Realm experts.

Moreover, this place was completely unknown to him.

If he didnt have someone familiar with this place to lead the way, how could he possibly leave That would just be a wishful dream! Not to mention leaving, he wouldnt even dare to move about rashly.

Most importantly, the biggest reason why Lian Banzhuang had been injured was that shed taken the blame for him just now.

If she hadnt fought the previous old man and suffered injuries, Demon Wu wouldnt have been able to defeat her.

So, he really couldnt just leave her for dead.

Even though she really didnt like him, she hadnt killed him.

If she made an explanation to Old Man Li just now, then the old man would have definitely believed her.

After all, a Dualism Realm expert would disdain to lie.

But she hadnt.

Shed helped him bear the consequences.

Otherwise, the old man would have fought him instead!

Suddenly, Lian Banzhuang spoke, “Dont go that way!”

“Why” Yang Ye was puzzled.

He didnt stop and sped up instead.

What a joke! There was a Dualism Realm expert chasing them.

She spoke indifferently, “Its the territory of a demon beast at the Dualism Realm.

Its strength is even stronger than the old bastard behind us, and its extremely hostile towards humans.

It wont stop until it kills any human that enters its territory.”

Yang Ye immediately stopped because it was even more terrifying than the old man behind him.

At this moment, he felt really lucky to have saved her.

Otherwise, he would definitely be in deep trouble if he ran around this place on his own.

Yang Ye gazed at her, “Which direction should we take”

She gazed at him in silence.

“Miss Lian, dont you want to take revenge” Yang Ye continued, “Youll always have a chance while youre still alive.

Only if youre alive will you have a chance to take revenge!”

A moment of silence ensued, and then she pointed towards his right, “That way!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye asked while he ran madly, “Theres enmity between the two of you”

She spoke indifferently, “A sworn enemy!”

A sworn enemy! Yang Yes face became solemn.

Obviously, the old man wouldnt let them escape.

Yang Ye fell silent for an instant, and then he spoke in a low voice, “Are your injuries severe”

She replied coldly, “Would I need you to carry me if it wasnt”

Her temper is horrible! Yang Ye paid no further attention to her and sped up.

At this moment, he was using the Sword Domain to fully conceal them.

However, he was very well aware that if the old man refused to give up, then it was only a matter of time before Demon Wu caught up to them.

After all, there werent many places Yang Ye and Lian Banzhuang could go to.

This place was filled with danger, so they would definitely be heading towards the places that werent dangerous.

So, Demon Wu was completely capable of determining their route.

Meanwhile, Lian Banzhuang spoke abruptly, “Why did you save me”

Yang Ye spoke casually, “Youre beautiful!”

She frowned, “Im beautiful”

Yang Ye nodded, “Isnt it usually referred to in books Once a hero saves the beauty, the beautiful maiden would marry him.

I think….”

“I think you want to die!” She interrupted him, “Marry you Do you even think were a match for each other”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Youre a Dualism Realm expert while Im at the Voider Realm, were definitely not a match.

However, who can dictate fate”

She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “Why did you save me!” She naturally didnt believe his nonsense.

Yang Ye replied, “I cant survive here on my own, so I intend to rely on you.”

“Thats quite honest of you!” She continued, “Unfortunately, I cant even protect myself now, let alone protect you.

Youll only burden yourself by taking me with you.

Leave me and that fellow may not pay any attention to you; but if you take me with you, then that fellow will definitely not spare you!”

Yang Ye replied, “Are you that desperate to die”

“Its not that I want to die, its just that you cant save me!” She looked him in the eyes, “If I didnt suffer those injuries, I wouldnt fear him at all.

However, I was injured in the previous battle, and that fellow had seized the opportunity to launch a surprise attack against me, causing me to suffer even more injuries.

Now, I dont have the ability to fight him while you are too weak.


She suddenly stopped and turned her head towards another direction, “Theres no need to flee anymore.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

She spoke flatly, “He has caught up.”

As soon as she finished speaking, an old man appeared out of thin air near them.

It was Demon Wu!

Demon Wus gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “You fled quite quickly.

Im really curious.

Whats a Voider like you doing here!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Demon Wu, and he just placed his right hand on Lian Banzhuangs stomach.

As soon as he did that, she thought that he intended to take advantage of her, and her expression changed.

However, it didnt take long for a wisp of surprise to appear in her eyes.

Because a strand of pure energy was surging madly into her.

Yang Ye placed her on the ground and said, “Recover as much as you can.

Ill help you stop him for some time!”

Lian Banzhuang gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “You Are you sure”

“Ill try!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he started walking in Demon Wus direction.

“A Voider is going to stop me” Demon Wu shook his head, “What a joke!”

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath on the old man, and he just withdrew an ice casket lid.

After his body had grown stronger, he still couldnt lift the entire casket.

However, he could lift its lid.

“Ill smash you beneath my casket lid!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stomped his right foot on the ground, and he relied on the counterforce to shoot forward in Demon Wus direction.


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