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Ill die Yang Ye was stunned.

He fell silent for a moment, and then he spoke solemnly, “Is that place very dangerous”

Little Sky shook her head slightly, “I dont know.”

Yang Ye was astounded, “You dont know yet you said Ill die”

“Its a feeling!” She continued, “I feel that youll die.

My intuition is very accurate, so you shouldnt go.”

A feeling! Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Im still going.”

Little Sky was quite unhappy, “You dont believe my intuition”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “Little Sky, your ability is very mysterious, and I really trust your intuition.

However, if I dont go there, then do you know where I can go Im sure youve noticed that my lifespan is almost depleted.

If I dont leave and find the Spring of Life, Ill still die.

But if I go, I may have a chance to leave.


She fell silent.

Yang Ye smiled, “Besides that, I feel that I cant stop just because the path ahead is dangerous.

The path of life has never been certain.

Just like in the outside world, they say that one should absolutely not pass through Yellow Springs River or only death would await.

But see, Ive done that, and Im still alive.”

Yang Ye suddenly changed his tone, “Of course, I would definitely not risk my life and court death if you have another way to leave.” He wasnt the Unfettered One, and he didnt chase after danger.

The Unfettered One didnt have any ties and was completely free.

But he wasnt free, and he had many things to do.

Little Sky thought for a long time, and then she shook her head, “There are two methods.

The first is to leave through that door, and the second is to break open the space here.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Then I have no choice but to use that door!”

She asked, “Arent you afraid”

“I am!” Yang Ye smiled, “Im afraid of many things, but I still have to do it.”

“I understand now!” She nodded, “Just like in the past.

I didnt like to sleep, but I still slept.”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, she pointed towards the distance, “Continue in that direction and you should be able to get there.

Good luck.

Im going to play!” As soon as she finished speaking, her figure flashed into the Primordial Pagoda.

Who is she

Yang Ye grew even more curious about her background.

He didnt think about it in detail and just started walking in the direction shed given him.

Needless to say, Yang Ye was quite perturbed.

Because the experts here were at the Dualism Realm at least.

Even though he could rely on the casket lid to face such experts, he didnt want to encounter such experts.

Because it would definitely waste a huge amount of his time!

Hed wasted too much time here!

Suddenly, a voice came from behind him, “Youre heading towards the Heavenshaker Tigers territory.

Itll notice your presence if you go closer.

At that time, even 10 casket lids wont be able to save you!”

Yang Ye stopped and turned around.

He knew the person whod spoken to him.

It was Lian Banzhuang.

Lian Banzhuang spoke flatly, “That tiger is vicious and extremely hostile to humans.

So long as it smells the scent of a human, it definitely won\'t stop until it kills that human.

If you dont believe me, you can continue forward and give it a try.

See if your casket lid can save you!”

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “Some people in this world are even more terrifying than demon beasts.

Demon beasts are straightforward, and they wont resort to despicable tricks.

I know they will kill me, so Ill be vigilant against them.

But what about people You know the face yet not the heart.

Some people dont know whats good for them and even like to stab others in the back.

So, I would rather face demon beasts than humans!”

She spoke indifferently, “My conscience is clear!”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Thats your business.

But no matter what, I have to thank you for the warning.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked away.

Hed chosen to go around.

After all, it was best to avoid as much trouble as possible!

Meanwhile, Lian Banzhuangs voice came from behind him, “Theres a treasure called the Fire Spirit Fruit.

It grows at the center of volcanoes, and its formed from the purest fire element energy.

Only a single one is formed every few thousand years.

The energy they contain is extremely pure and of extreme Yang properties.

It can cure all poisons and help cultivators improve their cultivations!”

Yang Ye stopped, turned to look at her, and said, “It can improve a persons cultivation”

She nodded slightly, “Of course, but thats only for you.

As far as were concerned, it can only replenish our profound energy.”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time before he said, “What are you trying to say”

She replied, “Theres a volcano not too far away from us, and there are Fire Spirit Fruits deep within it.

We can work together and share the Fire Spirit Fruits equally!”

“Work together” Yang Ye frowned, “Didnt you say that its useless to you”

Lian Banzhuang replied with a question, “Did I ever say that”

He replied, “You said it can only replenish your profound energy….”

“How ignorant!” She laughed with ridicule, “Do you know how precious something like that is to us Our profound energy is unlike your profound energy.

They are different in nature.

Ordinary energy stones and even divine crystals are of utterly no use to us.

So, every single time we exhaust our profound energy, we have to meditate and absorb spirit energy, and then convert it ourselves into profound energy that we can use! However, thats absolutely slow!”

Yang Ye asked, “Those Fire Spirit Fruits can swiftly replenish your profound energy”

Lian Banzhuang nodded, “It contains extremely pure energy.

If we consume it, its able to replenish our profound energy in an extremely short amount of time.

So, it\'s equivalent to having half an extra life when fighting experts in the same realm of cultivation.

If I had it earlier, I wouldnt have been injured by Demon Wu!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a while and said, “It can help me advance into the Semi-Deity Realm”

“It has a very high chance to!” She continued, “Your foundation isnt weak, so you have a high chance to succeed if you consume it.

However, nothing is certain.

I dare not guarantee that youll immediately advance.

However, its an opportunity for you, right”

“Indeed!” Yang Ye nodded, “But why look for me Its so important to you, so why dont you get it yourself Why have you come looking for me instead Dont tell me that its to repay me for saving you.

You wouldnt have stood by idly if you had such intentions.”

He wasnt a petty person, but he really didnt like what shed done.

Because it made him feel like an idiot.

Hed risked his life to stop that old man, but shed recovered and refused to lend a hand.

Moreover, it was actually because she wanted to see how long he could persist in battle with Demon Wu.

It felt like hed swallowed a fly! It was absolutely disgusting!

Lian Banzhuang said, “I told you, my conscience is clear!”

Yang Ye waved his hand, “Lets not talk about that.

So, tell me why youve come to look for me.

I dont like to beat around the bust, and I hate it when people use me.

So, if you want to try and trick me or use me, then I can only say that youve chosen the wrong person!”

Lian Banzhuang gazed at him for a long time, and then she said, “It grows at the center of a volcano.

Theres a thing there called a Lava Titan.

Its formed from pure fire element energy, and its extremely strong.

If we go there, well definitely be attacked by it.

However, Ill draw it away, and then you sneak into the center of the volcano and steal the Fire Spirit Fruit!”

Yang Ye said, “Youre going to draw it away

Lian Banzhuang asked, “What”

Yang Ye glanced at her, “I thought you would make me do that!”

She asked another question, “Would you”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I would leave if you wanted me to do that.

Im not afraid, I just dont trust you.

Im afraid that I wouldnt just get no fruits, Id even lose my life.”

She asked, “So do you agree to work together or not”

“I agree!” Yang Ye said, “Of course were working together.

However, Im still puzzled about something.

Why didnt you look for someone else and come to me instead”

She replied frankly, “Your ability to conceal yourself is very good.

If we dont look specifically for you, we wouldnt be able to find you.

As for why I didnt look for anyone else, its because youre weak, so Im not worried about you playing tricks!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Alright, were both frank.

Very good indeed.

Come, lets go to that volcano.”

He naturally wanted to give it a try!

Just as shed said, it was an opportunity for him.

If the Fire Spirit Fruit really could allow him to attain the Semi-Deity Realm, then the problems he had with his lifespan would be resolved.

Moreover, his strength would definitely rise tremendously.

At that time, it would be much easier for him to leave this place.

He wanted the Spring of Life to extend his lifespan, and then advance in his cultivation.

But if he could just advance, then he didnt need the Spring of Life anymore.

No matter what, he intended to give it a try!

Just like that, Yang Ye followed Lian Banzhuang.

All along the way, he maintained a certain amount of distance from her, and he was vigilant towards her at all times.

He didnt trust her at all.

Even though they were working together, he still had to be vigilant towards her!

All along the way, Lian Banzhuang had a vigilant expression on her face as well.

However, she wasnt vigilant towards Yang Ye, she was vigilant towards the surroundings.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that they werent going in a straight line.

Obviously, even Lian Banzhuang didnt dare step foot in many places here.

This made Yang Yes expression grow even more solemn.

Lian Banzhuang had to be careful even with the strength she possessed, let alone him Attempting to travel by himself towards that door Little Sky spoke of really wasnt realistic.

Not to mention him, even Lian Banzhuang would find it difficult to get there.

Because even Lian Banzhuang hadnt been to many places here!

When Yang Ye asked whod created this place, Lian Banzhuang didnt answer him.

Since hed been ignored, Yang Ye didnt ask again and just followed her.

Around an hour later, Lian Banzhuang suddenly stopped, and Yang Ye noticed that she had quite an unsightly expression on her face.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats wrong”

She spoke solemnly, “Were surrounded!”

Surrounded Yang Ye was stunned.

But it only took a moment for the hairs on his body to stand on end!


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