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After Yang Ye entered the teleportation formation, a man and a woman suddenly appeared where Yang Ye had stood a moment ago.

The woman spoke solemnly, “Hes really strong!”

The man nodded slightly, “Even though hes a Semi-Deity, his strength far surpasses Deities.”

The woman asked, “Can you resist that attack”

The man pondered deeply for a long time, and then he replied, “I can.

However, Ill be heavily injured!”

The womans eyes narrowed slightly, “I never expected such a genius to exist in the lower dimensions!”

“Junior Sister, dont underestimate the lower dimensions!” Meanwhile, the man spoke abruptly, “You must realize that while the lower dimensions had much lesser advantages when compared to our large world, the quality of geniuses that grow in such an environment is much greater than the geniuses of our large world.

For example, during the time of Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One, the geniuses of our large world couldnt compete with them at all!”

When he spoke up to this point, the man paused for a moment, “As for Yang Ye….”

The woman asked, “Do you think he can compare to Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One”

The man replied, “I cant see through his true strength, and I dont know what accomplishments the Unfettered One and Jian Wuji attained all those years ago.

However, even if hes inferior to them, it wouldnt be much inferior.

Moreover, once his strength matures, he would be even more terrifying than them.”

The woman was puzzled and asked, “Why”

“Hes ruthless!” The man spoke solemnly, “Even though Jian Wuji was strong, he had a sense of kindness, justice, and was reasonable.

As for the Unfettered One, while he liked to challenge people, he merely challenged them.

He didnt kill randomly or go to extremes.

But Yang Ye….

Just see what he has done in the lower dimensions.

He has practically killed his way up to his current accomplishments.

His character is too extreme.

Just like what happened a moment ago.

He clearly knew that fellow was from our large world, but he still drew his sword and killed that fellow.

Such a person either dies earlier or lives a life of madness!”

The man took a deep breath at this point and continued, “Lets head back! While the rewards that little she-devil promised are tempting, our lives are more important! Moreover, I dont want to offend such a maleficent existence for our sect.”

The woman nodded, “It is better to avoid offending such a person!”

The man said, “I dont know what enmity there is between that little she-devil and Yang Ye, but I know that once Yang Ye heads up to the large world, the Divine Phoenix Clan will be in trouble.

However, that little she-devil isnt weak, and I heard she even subdued the number one divine flame of the Divine Phoenix Clan.

Haha! I really look forward to the day Yang Ye heads up into the large world!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the mans figure vanished on the spot, and the woman followed closely behind him!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared in Stellar City.

He was about to use the teleportation formation that led to the Southern Territory, but Nangong Qin suddenly appeared in front of him.

She asked, “Youre going to Nether Emperor Stellar Region”

Yang Ye nodded, “If you want to stop me, then dont waste your breath.”

Nangong Qing spoke softly, “Why dont you just make a compromise and avoid further trouble” She was a merchant, and merchants stressed upon earning wealth in peace.

So, she really didnt understand Yang Yes actions.

Simply speaking, she felt he was too rash and impulsive.

“Make a compromise” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “Oh, my Eldest Young Miss, your thoughts are truly laughable.

Let me ask you something.

If something happened to me, and I never returned, then what would happen to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, my subordinates, and my wives The consequences they faced would definitely be 100 times worse than you can ever imagine!”

Nangong Qin remained silent.

Because Yang Ye was right.

If he hadnt returned, then Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region….

No, everyone and everything related to Yang Ye would have suffered calamity.

Because they would definitely do anything to make Yang Ye show himself.

Humans were kind on many occasions, but they were evil on even more occasions.

Nangong Qin sighed softly and flicked a ray of white light into the center of Yang Yes forehead, “This is all the information I have about Nether Emperor Stellar Region.

It should be helpful to you!”

Yang Ye glanced at her, “Thank you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didnt stay a moment longer and entered the teleportation formation.

“That fellow….” Nangong Qin shook her head and vanished on the spot.

Three days later, Yang Ye walked out from a teleportation formation, and then he glanced at the surroundings.

At this moment, he was in the Southern Territory.

Yang Ye closed his eyes on the spot and scanned through the information Nangong Qin had provided him.

Around 10 breaths of time later, he opened his eyes ago, and then he transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the distance.

Based on the information Nangong Qin had provided him, the Southern Territory had two four star stellar regions.

One of them was Nether Emperor Stellar Region.

As a four star stellar region, it was naturally not weak, and just the known Deities he had was a total of 37.

Moreover, that was just the forces they revealed on the surface, and no one knew how many experts they had in secret.

As for Semi-Deities, they were simply uncountable! It could be said that Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region couldnt compare to Nether Emperor Stellar Region, and that was why Nangong Qin had tried to stop him!

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive at Nether Emperor Stellar Region.

As soon as he did, an old man appeared before him.

The old mans aura locked onto Yang Ye, “State your name!”

Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it, and then he vanished into the distance.

Meanwhile, the old mans figure stiffened on the spot.

An instant later, the center of his brows cracked open.

After that, the crack grew larger and larger, and it gradually ran through the old mans entire body.

Hed been killed in an instant!

Instantly killing ordinary Deities wasnt difficult for Yang Ye right now.

Nether Emperor Continent.

Nether Emperor Palace.

In the palace, a middle aged man sat on the seat of the host.

He was the renowned Nether Lord of Nether Emperor Stellar Region, Li Cangming.

Perhaps no one knew Li Cangming in the Eastern Territory, but he was renowned throughout the Southern Territory.

Because he was the number one expert of the Southern Territory!

There were 17 black robed old men in front of him.

All of them were Deities.

Besides the old men, there was one other person, Ma Wudi!

At this moment, Ma Wudis face was extremely gloomy for some reason.

Li Cangming suddenly asked, “Yang Ye really killed six of our Deities”

One of the black robed old men stepped forward, “Yes.

Besides that, he declared war on our stellar region!”

Li Cangming nodded, “Very good.”

Meanwhile, Ma Wudi suddenly stepped forward, “Lord Li, when are we attacking Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region” The reason he hadnt fled back to the large world was because he was waiting for Nether Emperor Stellar Region to attack.

How could he be willing to go back until he washed away the humiliation hed suffered

Li Cangming glanced at Ma Wudi, “Young Master Ma, its best for you to return to the large world!”

“Return” Ma Wudi spoke fiercely, “I wont return until Yang Ye is dead.

Lord Li, Yang Ye killed six Deities from your stellar region.

Are you going to just let it go”

Li Cangming shook his head, “He cant be underestimated.

We have to give the matter further thought and planning.”

“I dont care!” Ma Wudi spoke coldly, “Lord Li, if your stellar region wants to ascend to the large world, then it must accept a test from the large world.

Its my Ma Clan who\'s administering the tests this time.”

Li Cangmings eyes narrowed slightly, “Young Master Ma, are you threatening me”

“I dare not!” Ma Wudi spoke indifferently, “Im just giving you a reminder!”

Meanwhile, a black robed old man stepped forward, “My Lord, we cant just let it go.

The entire lower dimensions are watching us.

Theyre waiting to see how well counterattack.

If we dont, then our reputation will definitely plummet.

Thats extremely disadvantageous to us.”

Another old man stepped forward and spoke, “Indeed.

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region is a weak power.

If we dont counterattack, then how would we maintain our dignity So, we must attack and make an example of them.

We must let others know that our Nether Emperor Stellar Region isnt an existence that just anyone can offend!”

Li Cangming was about to speak when his eyes narrowed slightly, and then he looked up, “Someone is coming! And its with ill intent!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.


Meanwhile, a loud explosion resounded throughout Nether Emperor Continent.

The defensive formation which covered the continent rumbled and shattered into pieces while everyone watched with shock.

After that, a ray of light shot down towards the main city of the continent, Nether Emperor City.

A powerful enemy is attacking!

Everyone here was stunned. Who dares to attack Nether Emperor Continent

In the sky above the city, the ray of light dispersed to reveal Yang Ye before Li Cangming and the others.

Ma Wudi instantly revealed a hideous expression on his face when he saw Yang Ye.

Li Cangming gazed at Yang Ye, “Youre Yang Ye, right”

Everyone here was stunned when they heard Li Cangming.

Obviously, they hadnt expected Yang Ye to come here! Moreover, hed even come alone. Whats he doing here Is he here to give his life away

Yang Ye didnt answer Li Cangming.

He glanced at the surroundings, and then his gaze descended onto Ma Wudi, “The heavens are benevolent, and so am I.

Cut off that fellows head and give it to me, and Ill leave.


“You want my head How laughable!” Ma Wudi revealed a wisp of ridicule on the corners of his mouth, “Yang Ye! Who do you think you are”

Yang Ye ignored Ma Wudi and gazed at Li Cangming instead, “What do you think”

Li Cangming looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “What if I refuse”

Yang Ye nodded, “Then Ill take all of your heads.

In any case, thats what I want to do.”

“You” Meanwhile, a black robed old man ridiculed, “You want to take our heads How laughable! Yang Ye, were standing right here! Come, let me see how you take our heads! I….”

Suddenly, Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it.

In just an instant, hed sheathed his sword again.

Meanwhile, the black robed old man who was speaking had stiffened on the spot.

A moment later, his head rolled off his neck and blood sprayed out like a fountain!

Everyone here was stunned!


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