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At this moment, everyone was stunned.

Even Li Cangming was completely stunned.

That old man was a Dualism Realm expert! Even though his cultivation had been suppressed to the Deity Realm, he was still a Dualism Realm expert! But Yang Ye had actually killed a Dualism Realm expert

Moreover, hed killed that Dualism Realm expert in an instant!

An instant!

Yang Ye had killed a Dualism Realm expert in an instant! At this moment, their minds were blank!

Even Ma Wudi was in a similar state.

Hed frozen on the spot when Yang Ye killed the old man.

His eyes were opened wide and filled with disbelief.

A Dualism Realm expert was killed in an instant!

At this moment, that was the only thought which remained in Ma Wudis mind.

As far as Ma Wudi, Li Cangming, and the others were concerned, it was very inconceivable to be able to kill a Dualism Realm expert in just an instant.

But as far as Yang Ye was concerned, it was very normal.

After all, his Rebirth Sword could even injure Rebirth Realm experts!

Of course, if it was under normal circumstances, then while the Rebirth Sword was powerful, it couldnt kill a Dualism Realm expert in an instant.

For example, when he fought Lian Banzhuang in the Ominous Territorys forbidden area, he only had a 50% chance of winning.

However, it wasnt under normal circumstances just now.

While the old man had been a Dualism Realm expert, hed been suppressed to the Deity Realm upon descending to the lower dimensions!

Strictly speaking, the old man wasnt a true Dualism Realm expert just now!

Coupled with the fact that the old man had just descended and didnt know anything about Yang Ye, the old man hadnt been vigilant against Yang Ye at all.

Besides that, Yang Ye had suddenly executed his strongest attack.

That was why the old man had been killed in an instant!

Of course, the Rebirth Swords strength was beyond doubt.

After all, even a Rebirth Realm expert whod descended to the lower dimensions had been injured by it that day!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed at Ma Wudi and said, “Come on, tell me how you want to die!”

Ma Wudi recovered from his shock when he heard Yang Ye.

Hed intended to flee, but he realized that he couldnt flee anymore.

Because he was really too close to Yang Ye.

If he hadnt walked over to Yang Ye, then he could have fled to the large world if Li Cangming and the others kept Yang Ye busy for a while.

Yet now, Yang Yes intents were pressing down upon him, so not to mention fleeing, even moving a little was difficult for him!

Ma Wudi took a deep breath and said, “Do you know who I hate the most It isnt you, its Mo Xiaoleng! That woman told us that youre just slightly stronger than an ordinary expert.

Haha! Slightly stronger….”

Just as hed said, he hated Mo Xiaoleng the most.

Because shed said that Yang Ye was just ordinary, but the facts proved that Yang Yes strength wasnt ordinary, and it was heaven defying instead.

Not to mention the lower dimensions, an expert like Yang Ye was amongst the strongest even in the large world!

He could be considered to have been led into a trap by Mo Xiaoleng!

Ma Wudi gazed at Yang Ye with a ferocious glow in his eyes, “Its fine.

Even if I die, the Ma Clan will avenge me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his stomach instantly started to expand!

He intended to detonate himself!

No one had expected Ma Wudi to actually choose to detonate himself.

But it was normal.

After all, he was clearly aware that if he didnt detonate himself and fell into Yang Yes hands, then even dying would be a dream to him!

Detonating himself was the best way to die for him!

Suddenly, a ray of sword energy shot into Ma Wudis stomach.


A soft hiss resounded, and then Ma Wudis stomach instantly shrunk back down like a ball with a hole in it.

Yang Ye shook his head, “You want to die Sure.

But it isnt that easy.

Dont worry, Ill give you a good death!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his sword and Ma Wudis limbs flew off into the air.

“AAAAH!!” A shrill and miserable cry resounded.

Li Cangming and the others shuddered at the sight of this.

“Yang Ye! Yang Ye!” Ma Wudi howled hysterically.

Yang Ye grabbed Ma Wudi by the shoulder and tossed him to Big Blackie.

Big Blackie understood Yang Yes intentions and bit him yet didnt eat him.

Yang Ye turned to look at Li Cangming and the others.

Their expressions changed at the sight of this and said, “Yang Ye, Ma Wudi has fallen into your hands….”

Yang Ye drew his sword and looked straight at Li Cangming, “You were the one who gave the order for your forces to go with Ma Wudi, right”

Li Cangming clenched his fists slowly, “It was me! Yang Ye, my Nether Emperor Stellar Region is at fault, and I know that we cant stop you.

But do you really intend to fight and go down with us”

“Are you even qualified to do that” A wisp of disdain rose up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “I can spare all of you.

Come, resist a swing of my sword.

If you do it, Ill spare all of you.

Otherwise, all of you will be losing your heads!”

Their expressions became unsightly when they heard Yang Ye.

If it was before this, they would say that Yang Ye was spouting nonsense.

Yet now, they were very well aware that Yang Ye had the strength to do so.

No one here could resist Yang Ye, and Yang Ye had those demon beasts!

It could be said that Yang Yes forces were completely sufficient to suppress Nether Emperor Stellar Region!

Li Cangming stared at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, do you really intend to fight and go down with us”

Yang Ye took a step forward, “Dont you understand what I said Resist a swing of my sword and Ill let all of you live.

Otherwise, theyll be buried along with you!”

The other Deities here gazed at Li Cangming.

So long as Li Cangming agreed to resist an attack from Yang Ye, then everything would be over.

Li Cangmings face became extremely unsightly.

Resist an attack from Yang Ye Was it that easy to accomplish After all, that Dualism Realm expert whod just descended to the lower dimensions had been killed in an instant!

So, how could he resist an attack from Yang Ye

However, if he didnt agree to take that attack, then his prestige amongst the experts of his stellar region would plummet.

Moreover, the effects wouldnt just extend to the people here, it would extend throughout the entire Southern Territory.

The number one expert of the Southern Territory didnt even dare to resist a swing of Yang Yes sword

He couldnt afford to lose face like that.

However, if he didnt lose face, it was very likely that he would lose his life!

“You refuse” Yang Ye nodded.

He was about to attack when Li Cangming said, “So long as I agree, then youll spare Nether Emperor Stellar Region, regardless of the outcome”

Yang Ye looked Li Cangming in the eyes, “Im not interested in wasting my breath on you.

Ill ask you one last time, will you do it or not If you refuse, Ill transform Nether Emperor Stellar Region into hell right now!”

The others here were furious, but they didnt dare to say a word.

Needless to say, Yang Ye was really going too far.

However, they couldnt do anything about it.

They didnt even dare to say anything!

After they saw Yang Ye kill a Dualism Realm expert, they werent able to arouse the spirit to fight Yang Ye.

After all, he could even kill Dualism Realm experts, so they were nothing before him!

Li Cangming gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “Ill do it!”

The others heaved sighs of relief when they heard him, and then they moved back to create space for the collision between Yang Ye and Li Cangming.

The profound energy within Li Cangming surged madly, and then rays of white light gradually started seeping out from within him.

It didnt take long for the white light to completely envelop him, and it was growing thicker and thicker.

A few breaths of time later, Li Cangming had transformed into a huge white ball of light, and he shot towards Yang Ye.

Offense was the best defense!

If he just defended himself passively, he wasnt confident in his ability to stop Yang Yes attack at all.

Only by switching to the offensive would he have a chance at stopping Yang Yes attack!

At the moment Li Cangming attacked, Yang Ye had immediately closed his eyes, and then his sword vanished.


As soon as Yang Yes sword vanished, the approaching ball of white light shattered into bits, and then it was obliterated.

After that, a head shot up into the air while accompanied by a fountain of blood!

Li Cangmings head!

At this moment, terror covered the faces of everyone in Nether Emperor City.

Earlier, they had a trace of hope in their hearts.

After all, Li Cangming was extremely strong.

Yet now, the cruel facts before them told them that even someone as strong as Li Cangming couldnt resist Yang Yes attack!

Offending Yang Ye was the worst decision Nether Emperor Stellar Region had made in the last 1,000 years!

Yang Ye sheathed his sword, and then he glanced at the surroundings, “I dont want to see another person from Nether Emperor Stellar Region in Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Do you have a problem with that”

All of them remained silent.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, “Do I have to ask again”

A black robed old man stepped forward, “Dont worry, from today onward, the members of my Nether Emperor Stellar Region wont step foot in Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.”

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the old man, and then he drew his sword and swung it at Nether Emperor Palace!

A ray of sword energy tore through the air, and then the palace was cut into two!

Yang Ye sheathed his sword again!

Yang Ye gazed at the old man and the others, “Im afraid all of you wouldnt learn your lesson, so I left something behind to keep your minds straight at all times.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his right hand and vanished on the spot with the Emperor Python and the others.

Meanwhile, all of them just stared blankly at the palace which had been cut into two!


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