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Yang Ye didnt choose to destroy Nether Emperor Stellar Region.

If he was willing to pay any price, then his current strength could accomplish that.

But it wasnt worth it.

If people were pushed into a corner, they would go berserk.

If he insisted on crushing Nether Emperor Stellar Region, then those Deities would definitely attack like madmen because they knew they would definitely die.

His body was impregnable before them, and he even had the casket lid, so he definitely wouldnt die.

But what about Big Blackie and the others While their defenses were strong as well, they werent strong enough to disregard the attacks of Deities!

Even if those fellows didnt strike back, they would definitely flee, and he couldnt annihilate them all if Deities like them chose to flee.

A wolf with a home wasnt terrifying, but a lone wolf was horrifying.

Once they fled, they would become a potential threat.

Even though they wouldnt dare to take revenge on him, what about his loved ones Like Ye Liuyun and the others.

They werent as strong as Yang Ye!

But if he allowed Nether Emperor Stellar Region to exist, then they would dare to act rashly!

As for taking over Nether Emperor Stellar Region, hed thought about it, but hed rejected the thought in the end.

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region hadnt even taken full control of the worlds it gained from the previous battle, so it was impossible to even consider taking control of Nether Emperor Stellar Region.

Moreover, Nether Emperor Stellar Region was really too far away, so Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region didnt have the forces to deal with the mess here!

So, he had no choice but to just kill Li Cangming and deter the other powers of the lower dimensions!

After this battle, he believed that there would probably be no power in the lower dimensions that dared to look for trouble with him!

It didnt take long for the news of what happened in Nether Emperor Stellar Region to spread throughout the lower dimensions.

At this moment, many powers in the lower dimensions werent able to maintain their calm any longer!

Especially the powers in the Southern Territory!

Who was Li Cangming He was the number one expert of the Southern Territory! However, hed been killed by Yang Ye! So how strong was Yang Ye

Many powers that had intended to target Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region broke out in cold sweat.

At the same time, they felt quite lucky.

They felt lucky that they hadnt sent their forces directly like Nether Emperor Stellar Region had.

Otherwise, they might have faced the same consequences.

Even though Nether Emperor Stellar Region had only lost some Deities, their leader had been killed!

Yang Ye had swaggered into Nether Emperor Stellar Region and killed its leader.

It could be said that Nether Emperor Stellar Regions reputation and prestige would plummet from now on!

Yang Ye didnt stay in Nether Emperor Stellar Region, and he brought Ma Wudi back to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

After he returned to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, Yang Ye nailed Ma Wudi to the city walls.

At this moment, Ma Wudis Dantian had been destroyed, so he couldnt take his own life even if he wanted to.

Wargod Hall.

Zhuang Weiran and Ye Liuyun heaved sighs of relief when they saw Yang Ye return.

All that mattered was that hed returned! Regardless of whether it was Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region or the Sword Alliance, they only possessed their current accomplishments because of Yang Ye.

But there was a flaw to all of that, and it was that they relied on Yang Ye too much.

If Yang Ye was gone, then both Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and the Sword Alliance would fall!

Zhuang Weiran asked softly, “What happened in the Ominous Territory” Yang Ye was much stronger than before.

Even though Yang Ye could kill Deities in the past, it was extremely strenuous.

Yet now, Deities were like helpless chicks before Yang Ye, and he could slaughter them at will!

Obviously, the rise in Yang Yes strength was definitely related to the Ominous Territory.

She was very curious about what Yang Ye had experienced there to make his strength achieve such a leap!

Yang Ye chuckled, “I had some fortuitous encounters.” He told them what hed encountered in the Ominous Territory.

A long while of silence later, Zhuang Weiran spoke softly, “I never expected the Ominous Territory to be the place where the Lord of the Heaven Dao imprisoned outsiders!”

“I hadnt expected it as well!” Yang Ye smiled, “No matter what, the Ominous Territory is gone, and theres probably no one in the lower dimensions who can pose a threat to us.”

Zhuang Weiran asked, “You intend to head to the large world”

Yang Ye nodded, “Zier and Snowy are in the hands of the Divine Phoenix Clan.

Im worried about them, so I intend to head up there as soon as possible! At that time, both of you….”

“Its best if we dont go there for now!” Suddenly, Ye Liuyun said, “Both Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and the Sword Alliance have no right to ascend to the large world.

We dont have the ability to move Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and the Sword Alliance to the large world.

If we head up there by force, its equivalent to challenging the rules set by the entire large world.

Based on our current strength, we arent strong enough to challenge the rules of the large world!”

Yang Ye remained silent.

Ye Liuyun was right, they really didnt have the strength to ascend into the large world.

Fight their way up there That was a joke! Even if they succeeded in the end, he would probably be the only survivor!

Suddenly, Zhuang Weiran said, “You go, we wont!”

Yang Ye frowned, “All of you arent coming”

She shook her head slightly, “We naturally want to go with you, but you have to realize that we dont have the strength to.

Moreover, I cant go with you.

If I do, then what will the Sword Alliance and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region do”

Amongst the experts of the Sword Alliance and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, there were only two people who could deter others.

One was Yang Ye, and the other was Zhuang Weiran.

If Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran went to the large world, then Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and the Sword Alliance would be in danger.

So, if Yang Ye couldnt wait until Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and the Sword Alliance had fully grown and expanded, then he could only go alone!

Yang Ye couldnt wait now, of course!

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran spoke softly, “Actually, it isnt a problem.

Presently, there are no powers or experts in the lower dimensions that would dare to offend us.

So, you dont have to worry about us at all.

Conversely, you must be absolutely careful, and you must not underestimate the Divine Phoenix Clan.”

Yang Ye thought for a long time, and then he nodded.

Just as Zhuang Weiran had said, there wasnt any power or expert in the lower dimensions that dared to offend them now.

So, he didnt have to worry too much about them in the lower dimensions.

On the contrary, even though he hadnt been to the large world, hed offended many powers there.

For example, the Divine Phoenix Clan, the War Pavilion, the Emperor Sect, and the Ma Clan!

Even though he hadnt been to the large world, he had quite a few enemies there!

“Actually, it wont take too long before we can follow you to the large world!” Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun said, “Presently, weve taken control of the territory and forces of the worlds we subdued in the past.

After we reorganized our forces, we have a total of 12 Deities and countless Semi-Deities.

Even though we have fewer Deities than four star stellar regions, if you are included, then four star stellar regions cant compare to us at all.

We only need time to strengthen our foundation.

Once that is done, our speed of development will definitely be like the speed of light!”

Presently, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and the Sword Alliance just needed time.

So long as no one came looking for trouble with them, their development would definitely be extremely quick.

So, it wouldnt take too long for them to reach the requirements of the large world!

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran asked, “When are you going”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “In around two weeks from now!” He didnt want to pressure himself too much.

Moreover, he had many other things to deal with, and he could only head to the large world without any worries once he finished dealing with all of that!

Around two weeks was enough for that!

“Alright!” Zhuang Weiran nodded because she didnt want to pressure Yang Ye too much as well.

Yang Ye nodded slightly.

He was about to speak when he suddenly looked out of the hall, “Someone has come!”

A moment later, his figure vanished on the spot.

Zhuang Weiran hurriedly followed after him.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun shook her head, “One after the other.

Trouble keeps coming!”

Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran appeared in the sky above Clouds of Heaven City.

At this moment, the space there was trembling violently.

It didnt take long for the space there to split apart, and then an old man walked out slowly from within.

Ma Wudi immediately became agitated and started howling, “Third Uncle! Third Uncle! Save me! Save me….”

Third uncle Yang Ye glanced at Ma Wudi, and then he looked at the old man.

Obviously, the old man was an expert from the Ma Clan.

The old man glanced at Ma Wudi.

A wisp of gloominess flashed through his eyes when he saw the miserable state Ma Wudi was in.

It didnt take long for him to look at Yang Ye, “Youre that fellow, Yang Ye”

A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Yes eyes, “Youre heard of me” He was quite well known in the lower dimensions, but he felt that not many in the large world should have heard of him.

“Of course I do!” The old man continued, “You havent just offended the Divine Phoenix Clan, youve offended the War Pavilion and Emperor Sect too.

Now, youve offended my Ma Clan as well.

Needless to say, youre really amazing.”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Im sure you didnt come down here to praise me, right”

“You arent that great!” The old man spoke coldly, “Yang Ye, my Ma Clan doesnt want to be part of the enmity between you and those three powers.

Im here to take Wudi with me.”

Actually, once the Ma Clan lost a Dualism Realm expert, it didnt look down on Yang Ye anymore.

Theyd specially investigated him.

In the end, they noticed that Yang Ye had enmity with the Divine Phoenix Clan, the War Pavilion, and the Emperor Sect.

Moreover, their further investigations revealed that Yang Ye was linked to the Nether Pavilion!

The Nether Pavilion!

Even though its strength was far inferior to what it had been, the Ma Clan didnt dare offend it rashly!

So, he hadnt attacked immediately upon arriving here, and he just requested to be allowed to take Ma Wudi back with him!

Because the facts proved that Yang Ye wasnt easy to bully, and the Ma Clan couldnt do as it pleased when facing him!

If they were in the large world, then perhaps the Ma Clan could do that.

However, they were in the lower dimensions, so the Ma Clan was truly helpless against Yang Ye!

“You want to take him with you” Yang Ye shook his head, “No!”

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly, “What if I insist”

Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword and swung it.

A ray of sword energy instantly shot into the center of Ma Wudis forehead, and the latters head exploded into bits.

Yang Ye sheathed his sword and shrugged, “Then take him.”


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