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It didnt take long for 10 old men to appear before Yang Ye, and a black robed old man led the group.

At this moment, all of them were looking at Yang Ye, and their eyes were filled with seriousness and a trace of fear!

Yang Ye!

It was no ordinary name, and even the Shi Clan didnt dare underestimate the owner of that name.

After all, the Shi Clans main forces were in the large world, and their forces in the lower dimensions couldnt resist Yang Ye at all.

Besides that, Yang Ye was a madman who even dared to kill a Dualism Realm expert from the Ma Clan, so it represented that he wouldnt fear the Shi Clan!

Madmen who had strength were the most terrifying!

The black robed old man spoke in a low voice, “May I know why youve come to my Shi Clans estate”

If it was any other person, the old man would have swung a slap at that person.

However, he was facing Yang Ye!

It could be said that no power in the lower dimensions dared to not give face to Yang Ye, and that included the Shi Clan!

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Im here to see your young master.

He owes me money!”

The black robed old man and the others exchanged glances. The young master owes Yang Ye money

The black robed old man hesitated for a moment and said, “Young Master Yang, if money is a little tight for you, you can just tell us.

So long as it isnt too huge, we can lend it to you on behalf of the Shi Clan, and its without any interest.”

Obviously, they felt that Yang Ye was here to steal!

Yang Yes face darkened. Do I look like a bandit

Yang Ye shook his head and replied, “Im not here to steal.

Just tell your young master that Im here to see him.

Hell understand.”

The black robed old man asked, “Our young master really owes you money”

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”

The black robed old man asked, “How much”

Yang Ye replied, “Just a few million divine crystals!”

The black robed old man and the others were stunned.

Even though the Shi Clan was absolutely wealthy, a few million divine crystals were still not a small number for the Shi Clan.

Especially in the lower dimensions.

A few million was equivalent to a few months of gains for the Shi Clan.

The black robed old man replied, “Young Master Yang, thats too much.

I dont have the authority to authorize it, and our young master is in closed door cultivation.

May I know if you can wait”

Yang Ye frowned and replied, “How long”

“Er….” The old man hesitated.

Obviously, he wasnt sure.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I have too many things to deal with, so I really dont have the time to wait.

Besides your young master, you possess the highest authority here, right”

The black robed old man nodded, “Im Shi Lin, the manager of the Shi Clan in Stellar City.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I know how important it is when someone enters into closed door cultivation, so I wont make things difficult for you.

How about you tell him about my visit once hes done and ask him to send the divine crystals to Zhuang Weiran in Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

What do you think”

Shi Lin thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright!”

Actually, if he was certain that Shi Tian owed Yang Ye, then he could authorize the repayment to Yang Ye.

However, he wasnt certain.

While Yang Ye was a sword cultivator, Yang Ye was no different to a bandit.

Everyone throughout the Eastern Territory was aware of how Yang Yes forces had plundered the spirit veins of Celestial Demon Stellar Region during the battle that day.

When he saw Shi Lin agree, Yang Ye didnt stay a moment longer, and he turned around with the intention of leaving.

However, the space near him suddenly started trembling, and then a young girl around the age of 16 or 17 suddenly emerged from there.

The young girl wore a violet dress with a floral design.

She was pretty, petite, and her beautiful hair was tied into a ponytail.

She seemed very cute and petite.

Shi Lin and the others expressions changed when they saw her, and then they hastily moved forward to greet her.

Shi Lin bowed slightly to the young girl, “Eldest Young Miss, what are you doing down here”

The young woman raised her brows and asked, “What You mean I cant come down here”

Shi Lin hurriedly shook his head, “Thats not what I mean.

Its just that you didnt notify us before you came, so we werent able to welcome you properly!”

The young girl grunted coldly, “Its a secret, a secret, you know I have something important to do, so you cant let anyone know that Im here.


Shi Lin glanced at her and spoke softly, “May I know what important matters you have to attend to.

Can we be of any help”

“Of course!” She placed her hands behind her back and spoke like an elder, “Little Lin, I came down here this time because a friend of mine was bullied.

Whats the most important thing in the world Its loyalty.

If a friend is bullied, how can I stand by idly So, locate that fellow, Yang Yes, whereabouts, and then come with me to capture him.

Im going to skin him alive! How dare he bully my friend! Hes tired of living!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Shi Lin and the others were stunned as well.

Quite some time passed before Shi Lin gulped, “Eldest Young Miss, you came to look for Yang Ye”

“Of course!” The young girl grunted coldly, “After I emerged from my closed door cultivation, I found out that Xiaoleng was bullied in the lower dimensions.

That fellow, Yang Ye, is truly audacious! He dares to bully a friend of mine! I, Shi Xiaonan, will beat him up until hes crippled!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “You are friends with Mo Xiaoleng”

The young girl turned around to look at Yang Ye, “Who are you”

Meanwhile, Shi Lin and the others hurriedly surrounded Shi Xiaonan, and all of them seemed like they were facing a formidable enemy.

They knew Yang Yes temper well, and they knew that he would draw his sword and kill for the slightest misunderstanding.

Even though Shi Xiaonans strength wasnt bad, she was absolutely incapable of resisting a swing of Yang Yes sword.

After all, Yang Ye could even kill Dualism Realm experts, so how could she possibly fight him

“Who am I” Yang Ye chuckled, “Im the Yang Ye you want to skin alive!”

“Youre Yang Ye!” Shi Xiaonans eyes narrowed slightly, and then a golden whip appeared in her grasp, “Hmph! Luck really is with me! I didnt expect to find you so easily!”

As she spoke, she was about to attack, but Shi Lin suddenly obstructed her path and spoke solemnly, “Eldest Young Miss, dont act rashly!”

“Act rashly” Shi Xiaonan spoke angrily, “Little Lin, you actually dare to stop me How dare you!”

Shi Lin laughed bitterly, “Eldest Young Miss, I know youll be angry, but you really cant act rashly this time.

You….” He suddenly gazed at an old man by Shi Xiaonans side, “Hurry up and get the young master!”

That old man was stunned, and then he vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaonan suddenly vanished on the spot, and she was in front of Yang Ye when she appeared again.

She held the whip firmly in her right grasp and swung it at Yang Ye.

Even though she seemed spoiled, her strength was formidable, and the space in her whips path was sliced open.

Right when the whip was a few centimeters away from Yang Yes head, it suddenly stopped.

Because a sword was pressed against Shi Xiaonans forehead!

Shi Xiaonans eyes were opened wide, and they were filled with disbelief!

Shi Ling and the others were horrified by this scene, and they surrounded Yang Ye while Shi Lin hurriedly said, “Young Master Yang, please show mercy! Please show mercy!”

At this moment, Shi Lin and the others were pale, and theyd broken out in cold sweat.

If it was any other person, that person would fear the Shi Clan and dare not kill Shi Xiaonan.

However, they were facing Yang Ye! As far as they were concerned, Yang Ye was a madman who dared to do almost anything and kill almost anyone.

So, they didnt use the Shi Clans name to threaten Yang Ye, and they just tried to plead with him instead!

Yang Ye paid no attention to Shi Lin and the others.

He gazed at Shi Xiaonan and said, “Youre close to Mo Xiaoleng, so I have a few questions for you.”

Shi Xiaonan glared angrily at Yang Ye, “I, Shi Xiaonan, will never betray my friends.

If you want to kill me, then do it!” As soon as she finished speaking, she closed her eyes and clenched her little fists.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that her hands were trembling.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly and gradually became icy cold.

Suddenly, a figure shot out from within the Shi Clans estate.


The entire area trembled violently when the figure descended by Yang Yes side.

It was Shi Tian!

“Brother Yang, show mercy!” Shi Tian hurriedly said, “My younger sister is just a silly little girl.

I apologize if she has offended you in any way!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he lowered his sword and gazed at Shi Tian, “Your sisters strength isnt really great, but her temper is quite bad.

If she doesnt change it, she may suffer in the future.”

Everyone here heaved sighs of relief when they saw this.

Shi Tian heaved a sigh of relief as well.

Yang Ye had the hottest temper hed ever seen.

Fortunately, Yang Ye gave him face.

Otherwise, the Shi Clan may have to fight Yang Ye regardless of the cost.

If that happened, it would end with both sides suffering heavy losses.

Shi Tian laughed bitterly, “Brother Yang, youre right.

Ill definitely tell my father to teach her a good lesson once she goes back.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I came here to collect the debt you owe me.

If its alright for Brother Shi, then….”

He was quite straightforward.

Seeking repayment for a debt was perfectly justified, so one should be straightforward! Otherwise, the other may feign ignorance!

“Of course! Of course!” Shi Tian smiled, and then he flicked a spatial ring over to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at its contents and noticed that there were five million divine crystals in it!

Yang Ye gazed at Shi Tian, “Its more than what we agreed upon!”

Shi Tian smiled, “Your Sword Alliance and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region should really need divine crystals, and I just happen to have an abundance of them.

Right, just treat it as a loan.

You can return them to me when youre in a better financial position.”

Yang Ye didnt refuse and nodded, “Thank you!”

Shi Tian asked, “So, Brother Yang, when are you heading up to the large world”

Yang Ye replied, “Soon!”

Shi Tian hesitated for a moment and said, “Brother Yang, there may be something youre unaware of.

Due to the actions of some people, no power in the large world can give you a permit.

In other words….”

Yang Ye asked, “In other words, I cant enter the large world normally”

Shi Tian nodded, “So, are you going to do as Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One did, and fight your way up there”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Fight my way up there”

Shi Tian asked curiously, “Then how do you intend to go up there”

A cold smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “Ill kill my way there!”


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