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Kill his way there!

The expressions of everyone here had changed when they heard Yang Ye.

After all, even though Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One had fought their way up, theyd only fought.

But Yang Ye wanted to kill….

The nature of it was completely different.

While they both challenged the rules of the large world, Yang Ye was challenging it in an even more thorough manner.

Did Yang Ye like to kill

Of course he didnt.

He wasnt addicted to killing.

Conversely, he was just very well aware that he had no other choice.

Based on what Shi Tian had said, perhaps it was the Emperor Sect, the War Pavilion, Ma Clan, or the Divine Phoenix Sect, but they would absolutely not allow Yang Ye to just enter the large world.

A storm was definitely waiting for him on the Heavenpath!

If he wanted to go up there, he had no choice but to kill his way up!

Shi Tian thought for a moment and said, “Brother Yang, Im not doubting your strength, but the Heavenpath isnt ordinary.

It isnt just an ordinary path, its a rule that was jointly set by all the powers of the large world.

Anyone who challenges that rule will be challenging the entire large world.

Im sure youre aware that only two from the lower dimensions have fought their way up.

However, because of their strength, the powers of the large world didnt dare to do anything to them.

They had no choice but to acknowledge the existence of those two people.

But you….

Youre currently….”

The meaning behind his words was that Yang Ye didnt possess Jian Wuji and the Unfettered Ones strength.

Yang Ye smiled, “I understand.

But Brother Shi, do you think I have a choice”

“Of course you do!” Shi Tian continued, “Because of your link to the Nether Pavilion and your own strength, those powers in the large world that are hostile towards you wouldnt dare to attack you in the lower dimensions.

Under such circumstances, you can grow.

Based on your natural talent and strength, I believe it wont take long for you to be able to move unhindered even in the large world!”

“I cant wait that long!” Yang Ye shook his head, and then he gazed at Shi Xiaonan, “Youre close to Mo Xiaoleng, right Do you know about the Spatial Mink and Snowy that she brought back from the lower dimensions”

Shi Xiaonan glanced at him and shook her head, “I havent seen them.

When I emerged from closed door cultivation, she entered into closed door cultivation.

So, I havent seen or heard of that Spatial Mink or Snowy that you spoke of!”

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists.

Zier! Snowy!

Just thinking about them made Yang Ye wish for nothing more than to fly up into the large world right now.

The Divine Phoenix Clan had taken Zier and Snowy, but would they treat Zier and Snowy well What if they had other bad intentions Especially Snowy.

Snowy was a unique existence, so it was very likely that she would be used!

In short, he couldnt rest at ease! He couldnt rest at ease at all!

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaonan suddenly said, “Yang Ye, youre a man, so why bully Xiaoleng Shes such a nice person!”

“Shes a nice person” Yang Ye gazed at Shi Xiaonan, sized her up, and said, “Needless to say, both of you really suit each other.

Both of you are so great.”

Shi Xiaonans temper was terrible as well, and it could be compared with Mo Xiaoleng who acted like a proud phoenix.

No, Mo Xiaoleng was a phoenix.

Shi Xiaonan wanted to speak further, but Shi Tian glared at her.

The latter puckered her lips while displeasure covered her face, but she didnt speak another word.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye cupped his fist to Shi Tian, “Brother Shi, I have other matters to attend to.


“See you!” Shi Tian smiled, “See you in the large world!”

Yang Ye smiled and vanished on the spot.

Once Yang Ye left, Shi Xiaonan suddenly said, “Big Brother, hes so strong….”

“Very strong!” Shi Tian nodded with a solemn expression on his face.

Not to mention the lower dimensions, Yang Yes strength was top-rate even in the large world.

“If he doesnt die, then his future accomplishments will definitely not be inferior to Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One!” Meanwhile, the black robed old man spoke, “Unfortunately, hes too adept at causing trouble, and he isnt without any ties like the Unfettered One.

The Unfettered One had no ties, and all he had was his sword.

So, if anyone wanted to defeat him, they could only act against him.

However, Yang Ye has too many ties.

So, it isnt necessary to act against him if someone wants to defeat him.

For example, they can capture his loved ones, and hell have no choice but to obey them!”

“Did you see what happened to Ma Wudi and Nether Emperor Stellar Region” Meanwhile, Shi Tian said, “Once you act against his loved ones, it represents that youll have to face his revenge.

Would anyone dare to do that Besides those powers that he has offended, do you think any other power in the large world would offend him”

He gazed at the black robed old man and continued, “I dont care which power he has offended.

He saved my life in the Ominous Territory, so we have to remember that debt.

Take care of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and the Sword Alliance in the lower dimensions.

If its necessary, all of you must lend them a hand.

If someone from the large world descends to attack them, all of you can help them in secret.


The black robed old man nodded, “Young Master, since youve said that, then well do as youve said!”

Shi Tian nodded, and then he gazed at Shi Xiaonan, “As for you, do you know who you offended just now Do you really think this is the large world Do you think that you can just speak the Shi Clans name, and then he wouldnt dare to touch you Know Ma Wudi That fellows corpse is cold by now!”

Shi Xiaonan puckered her lips, “How would I know hes that strong!”

Shi Tian sighed softly, “Xiaonan, Im not trying to lecture you, but you really have to do something about your temper.

This time… this time Yang Ye was willing to give your big brother some face, but what about the next time If you offend another ruthless fellow and that fellow refuses to give the Shi Clan face or give me face, then what would you do”

Shi Xiaonan walked over to Shi Tian, grabbed his arm, and shook it, “Then work hard on becoming stronger.

Once youre strong, would anyone dare to not give you face”

Shi Tian glared fiercely at Shi Xiaonan, “So, your brother has to work hard on becoming stronger while you rest at ease and cause trouble”

Shi Xiaonan smiled, “Isnt it only right and proper for an older brother to protect his younger sister”

Shi Tian laughed bitterly, “Youll get me killed one day!”

Even though he said that, his eyes were filled with tender affection.

Shi Xiaonan chuckled in a carefree manner and said, “Big Brother, Ive never come down here in the past, so take me around.

Right, the Ominous Territory! Lets go play at the Ominous Territory, alright I heard its very dangerous! Hmph! Father always tries to scare me! I wont believe it!”

“Play” Shi Tian shook his head, “Get back home right now! I really cant figure out why he would let you come down here.

Does he think his heartbeat isnt fast enough”

Shi Xiaonan spoke softly, “Big Brother, I snuck down here.”

Shi Tian was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye traveled through the stellar teleportation formation and arrived at Dark Hell Continent.

At this moment, the Sword Alliances headquarters had been moved to where Sword Gods Palace used to be, and the Sword Alliance was the number one power throughout the continent.

Now that the restrictions around the continent had vanished, the spirit energy here had gradually recovered.

Even though it still couldnt compare to a medium world, it was much better than many small worlds.

The recovery of spirit energy gave new life to the continent, causing more and more geniuses and experts to appear here, and practically all of them were from the Sword Alliance!

Besides that, Semi-Deities were gradually appearing on the continent.

Even though no Deities had appeared, it was only a matter of time now.

Yang Ye didnt alarm anyone and just snuck into the Sword Hall.

In the Sword Hall, two little girls were chasing after each other.

Both of them seemed very young and around the age of five or six.

One of them was running madly while a long bolt of lightning followed behind her.

On the bolt of lightning was a young girl with short pigtails, and she was holding tightly onto the bolt of lightning.

Because it was too fast, her face was rippling from the wind that blew against her, but her eyes were filled with excitement.

They were naturally Lei Lin and Xueer.

On the lightning bolt, Xueer cried out with excitement, “Big Sister Lei Lin, go faster!”

Lei Lin turned around to glance at Xueer, and then she clapped her hands lightly.

In an instant, the lightning bounced Xueer off it.

When Xueer was about to drop to the ground, a watermelon sized ball of lightning appeared beneath her, and it bounced her upwards again.

Just like that, the two little girls played happily.

Suddenly, the ball of lightning was pushed away by a wave of mysterious force, and then a pair of hands caught Xueer.

It was Yang Ye!

Xueer and Lei Lin were stunned when they saw Yang Ye, and then Xueer smiled with joy and hugged Yang Yes neck, “Daddy!”

Lei Lin floated over to Yang Yes side and grabbed his shoulder before she spoke happily, “Big Brother!”

Yang Ye took Lei Lin in his right arm and kissed both of their cheeks, and then he smiled, “Xueer, Lei Lin, did you miss me”

“I did!” Xueer hugged Yang Yes neck and kissed Yang Ye just as he did just now.

Yang Ye chuckled, “Xueer, wheres your mother”

Xueer blinked, “Mommy is bathing with Auntie Xiyue!”

Bathing! A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

He kissed Xueer again and said, “Daddy has something to discuss with mommy.

You play with Lei Lin for now, alright”

Xueer said, “Cant you bring Xueer and Big Sister Lei Lin along”

Yang Ye shook his head and spoke seriously, “No.

Xueer, be good and play with your Big Sister Lei Lin! Daddy will come play with you once Im done, alright”

“Alright! Daddy, you better come later!” Xueer kissed Yang Ye, and then she took Lei Lins hand and started hopping off happily.

Yang Ye smiled as he watched them leave, and then he turned around and looked towards the inner hall, “Bathing….

Right, I have to take a bath too!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.


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