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In the inner hall.

The inner hall was naturally where Su Qingshi and the others lived.

Others were strictly prohibited from entering this area, and no one dared to.

There were powerful formations all around the inner hall, so anyone who entered it would alarm the guards.

However, those formations were like decorations to Yang Ye.

After all, he had the Spatial Laws and Sword Domain.

Mist was rising in the room, and two women were lying in the huge bathing pool.

Even though they were submerged within the water, their pure white bodies could still be seen between the ripples of water and mist.

Even though it wasnt very clear because of the mist, it made the scene even more tempting.

They were bathing!

Actually, cultivators at certain realms of cultivation didnt need to take baths anymore.

They just had to utilize their profound energy to clean themselves.

However, as far as many women were concerned, bathing was a habit.

It was like how many cultivators still insisted on having three meals when they didnt need to eat!

There were two reasons.

Firstly, it was a habit, and some habits were very difficult to change.

Secondly, it was so that they still felt human.

Very few people liked to become machines of cultivation.

In the bathing pool.

Qin Xiyue gazed at Su Qingshis chest, and an evil smile curled up on the corners of her mouth, “Qingshi, it has grown even larger! Tell me if its that fellows handiwork.”

Su Qingshi blushed slightly.

She glanced at Qin Xiyue and didnt answer the question.

When it came to this, even 10 of her couldnt compete with Qin Xiyue!

Qin Xiyue refused to let it go.

She walked over to Su Qingshi and chuckled slyly, “Qingshi, how is that fellows skill”

Su Qingshi glared at Qin Xiyue.

She was about to speak when a voice suddenly resounded, “Why dont you give it a try”

Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyues expressions changed when they heard this voice.

Obviously, they hadnt expected someone to be here.

Moreover, it was a man! However, it only took a moment for them to be delighted instead.

Because that voice belonged to Yang Ye!

Sure enough, Yang Ye appeared before them.

Su Qingshi smiled when she saw Yang Ye, but it didnt take long for her face to flush red.

Because she wasnt wearing anything!

She waved her right hand, and her clothes flew over to her.

She was about to wear them when Yang Ye waved his right hand, and those clothes instantly flew back to where they came from.


Meanwhile, the sound of something dropping into the water resounded, and Yang Ye had entered the pool.

He wrapped his arm around Su Qingshis waist and smiled, “Weve been together for so long, so what are you embarrassed about”

She glanced at Yang Ye.

Even though there was shyness on her face, she didnt try to get her clothes again.

Qin Xiyue grinned, “Both of you have fun, Ill leave first and avoid disturbing both of you.

Have fun alright….”

As soon as she finished speaking, she was about to run!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then a wave of suction force pulled Qin Xiyue into his arms.

Yang Ye wrapped his other arm around Qin Xiyues waist, “Didnt you want to know how good I am Come, let me tell you right now….” As soon as he finished speaking, he put both his arms around her waist, brought her in front of him, and raised the flag!

“AH!” Qin Xiyue was taken by surprise, and she instantly cried with surprise.

But it didnt take long for those cries to change.

Enjoy and be happy while you can!

Yang Ye naturally didnt suppress his desires.

What a joke! Would someone who was married have to suppress his desires There wasnt anything wrong with him.

For the sake of allowing Qin Xiyue to know how good he was, it went on for almost two hours, and he only stopped when Qin Xiyue surrendered and didnt even have the strength to move.

No, he didnt actually stop, he just moved the battlefield.

This intense battle went on until the second day.

On the bed.

Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyue were in Yang Yes arms.

Because they were curious about what Yang Ye had experienced since he left, he was describing some of his experiences in the Ominous Territory.

A long time passed before Yang Ye finished telling them all of it, and then Qin Xiyue spoke softly, “I never expected this world to be so huge….

Youre going to head to the large world soon”

Yang Ye nodded, “I returned here because I wanted to take all of you to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

I can only rest at ease while all of you are there.” While the Sword Alliance was powerful, and no one dared to harm them on Dark Hell Continent, he was afraid that the powers from other stellar regions would come and look for trouble with Dark Hell Continent.

Dark Hell Continent couldnt resist Deities right now!

Su Qingshi remained silent for a while, and then she shook her head, “No!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

“Fool!” Meanwhile, Qin Xiyue suddenly rolled her eyes at him, “Whats Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region Its that woman, Zhuang Weirans, territory.

But were yours.

If you take us there, then even if she says nothing, what would her family think After all, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region doesnt belong to you, it belongs to her family.”

Yang Ye frowned because hed never considered that.

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi added, “Were quite fine here.”

Yang Ye thought for a while and nodded, “Fine!” Even though Dark Hell Continent had no Deities, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region did.

Moreover, he planned to leave Big Blackie, Little Blackie, Little Cow, and Eaglet here.

With the four of them here, Su Qingshi and the others safety would be guaranteed unless a four star stellar region attacked.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiyue suddenly asked, “When will you return from the large world”

Su Qingshi gazed at Yang Ye as well because she wanted to know the answer as well.

Yang Ye remained silent for a moment, and then he said, “Ill come back and get all of you once Ive found Zier and Snowy.”


Both Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyue knew Zier well.

They were very well aware that if they insisted on naming someone as the most important person to Yang Ye, then it was very likely to be Zier.

Zier was unlike them.

Shed grown up with Yang Ye, and shed experienced too many hardships and tribulations with Yang Ye!

Such emotions were the strongest.

So, they were very well aware that no matter how dangerous the large world was, Yang Ye would definitely go there.

Moreover, Yang Ye would absolutely not abandon her.

So, they didnt have to even try dissuading him from going.

Su Qingshi rested her head against his chest and spoke softly, “No matter where you go, just remember that your wives and daughter are always waiting for you here!”

Yang Ye felt warm.

He was about to speak when he felt a hand grab hislil brother.

He gazed at Qin Xiyue, and he saw her looking at him, “Two things.

Firstly, once you go to the large world, watch this fellow of yours.

Dont let it spread its seed wildly like a pig! Otherwise, Ill cut it off! Secondly, if you dont return, then Ill give you a green hat to wear, a new one every single day!”

Yang Ye immediately leaped up, and he pressed his body down onto her, “Lets go another 300 rounds!”

Four hours later, a voice suddenly came from outside, “Big Brother, how long more are you going to torture them!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he was visibly happy.

He immediately shot out of the room.

There was a young girl around the age of 17 or 18 outside the room.

She was pretty, slender, and looked similar to Yang Ye.

She was Yang Yes younger sister, Yang Yao, of course!

Little Yao cracked a smile, “Big Brother, long time no see.” Even though she was smiling, there were two clear streams of tears coming from the corners of her eyes.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to rub her head, and he spoke softly, “Little Yao, youve grown!”

She took a step forward and hugged him, “Big Brother, I missed you so much!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Stop crying, youre already so old.

Others will laugh if they see you!”

However, she started crying even more.

As far as she was concerned, Yang Ye was the only loved one she had in this world.

Of course, Su Qingshi and the others were her loved ones too, but they were different.

Yang Ye didnt cultivate in the next few days.

He just accompanied Su Qingshi, Yang Nianxue, and the others.

He didnt show himself outside the hall, so the only others who knew he had returned were a few higher-ups of the Sword Alliance.

Dark Hell Continent was managed well under Yun Banqing and Yu Wushuangs command.

He didnt have to do anything, nor did he know what to do.

So, he was merely accompanying Su Qingshi and the others.

Two days later.

Yang Ye left Big Blackie, Little Blackie, Little Cow, and Eaglet in the Sword Hall before leaving Dark Hell Continent.

Once he left Dark Hell Continent, Yang Ye didnt return to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

He went to Stellar City, and then took the teleportation formation which led to the Western Territory.

His destination was True Martial Stellar Regions Divine Valiance Continent.

Because An Nanjing was there!

He naturally hadnt forgotten about her.

He didnt have time in the past, but he did now.

So, he wanted to go get her.

The Western Territory was extremely far away.

Even with the help of teleportation formations, it took an entire three days to get there.

Divine Valiance Continent.

According to the information that Ye Liuyun had gathered, the Western Territory was the strongest amongst the four territories of the lower dimensions.

The Western Territory had six four star stellar regions.

The first and the second on the Dragon Rankings were from the Western Territory as well.

This territory respected the strong, and it could be said to be the most dangerous territory amongst the four territories!

When she found out that Yang Ye intended to head to the Western Territory, Ye Liuyun had especially told him to be careful.

As soon as Yang Ye arrived on Divine Valiance Continent, a young man appeared in front of him.

“State your name!” The young man gazed at Yang Ye while his aura locked onto Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at the young man, and a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes.

Because the young man was actually a Semi-Deity.

Moreover, the young mans aura was extremely thick and far surpassed ordinary Semi-Deities.

Yang Ye cupped his fist and replied, “Im Yang Ye.

Im here to meet the Martial Sects Master.


The young man suddenly interrupted Yang Ye, “Youre Yang Ye!”

Looks like Im really famous!

Yang Ye nodded and smiled, “Yes!”

Meanwhile, a ferocious smile curled up on the corners of the young mans mouth, “You dare come to our Martial Sect You must be tired of living!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he slammed his fist at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot.


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