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Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Su Qingshi.

The woman before him still wore a white dress while her beautiful hair was spread out behind her, and two strands of gorgeous hair hung down from her temples and swayed along with the wind.

She had an exquisite appearance, a curvaceous body, and a tranquil and elegant bearing.

All of this caused Yang Ye to feel his heart speed up slightly.

Su Qingshi was slightly unable to bear Yang Yes gaze, and she turned her head to look out the window.

Yang Ye suddenly asked.

“Qingshi, do you still remember the agreement between the two of us”

Su Qingshi nodded.

“Im wondering whether you would give me a chance to pursue you if I wasnt able to ascend onto the Ascension Rankings.

Or perhaps, if the others from the Sword Sect were able to ascend to the top 3 positions on the Ascension Rankings, then would you give them a chance to pursue you,” said Yang Ye.

Hed thought of this question a very long time ago.

The two of them had been together beneath Death Abyss that day, yet he wondered throughout this period he was in contact with her about whether she was ceaselessly helping and protecting him because it was him, Yang Ye, or because he could ascend onto the Ascension Rankings to seize benefits for the Sword Sect

Hed thought of this question but had never given the answer any thought because such an answer was usually very cruel.

Su Qingshi remained silent for a short moment before she said, “Is there any difference”

“Of course there is!” Yang Ye said, “If you made that agreement with me for the sake of the Sword Sect, then let me tell you that you dont have to wrong yourself.

I, Yang Ye, repay my debts.

Since youve saved my life, then take my participation in the Ascension Rankings on behalf of the Sword Sect as my way of repaying your kindness.”

Emotions werent like the Sword Dao, and he couldnt do as he pleased.

Yang Ye understood this principle.

If the woman standing before him really didnt like him, then he wouldnt use the Ascension Rankings to put pressure on her.

Just as hed said, Su Qingshi had rescued both him and his younger sister, so he would take participating in the Ascension Rankings on behalf of the Sword Sect as a form of repayment to her.

Actually, Yang Ye understood that if a person didnt possess strength, then no one in this world would like that person.

However, Yang Ye still hoped that Su Qingshi had helped him and made that agreement with him because it was him, Yang Ye, and not because he could ascend the Ascension Rankings for the Sword Sect.

But Yang Ye wasnt confident that the answer would be the former.

It sounded very conflicting, yet it wasnt at all.

If Su Qingshi helped him because it would be him who she helped and had made that agreement with him for the exact same reason, then it proved that she cared about him.

On the other hand, if it was because he could ascend onto the Ascension Rankings and seize benefits for the Sword Sect, then it meant that if someone else could do the same, it was very likely that Su Qingshi would agree to the same or even worst conditions than those she promised Yang Ye.

Yang Ye understood one thing very well, the Sword Sect was very important in Su Qingshis heart!

Su Qingshi remained silent, and so did Yang Ye.

Both of them stood side by side before the window and gazed at the scenery in the distance.

After a long time, Su Qingshi said, “The reason I didnt kill you at the bottom of Death Abyss wasnt that you had the potential to ascend the Ascension Rankings, and it was instead because you disregarded your life to save me in the Grand Myriad Mountains.

I went to save you at Southpeace City because you were a disciple of the Sword Sect, and at the same time, I wanted to repay the debt I owe you for saving my life.

As for the agreement between the two of us….

Even though I, Su Qingshi, want to revive the Sword Sect, I wouldnt do it in such a way.

Youve underestimated me, and youve underestimated yourself.”

Yang Ye smiled when he heard this, and it was a heartfelt smile.

Because he understood what she meant.

Su Qingshi flipped her right hand, and a sheathed violet sword appeared in it.

She said, “This is the low-grade Earth Rank sword, Violet Spirit.

You dont just need a formidable strength when participating in the Ascension Rankings, you need a formidable Dark Treasure as well.

With this sword in your possession, your strength out to improve greatly!”

Yang Yes heart felt warm, but he didnt take it.

With a command in his heart, the loud sound of a sword being unsheathed resounded.

He pointed at the space before him and said, “I have a Dark Treasure already!”

A wisp of surprise flashed in Su Qingshis eyes as she stretched out her hand to touch the Hidden Sword, and then she said, “What an odd sword.

With this sword and your Sword Control Technique, its might would multiply.

Was this given to you by that mysterious old man”

Yang Ye nodded.

Su Qingshi nodded lightly, and then she passed Violet Spirit to Yang Ye and said, “You can treat that sword of yours as a trump card and take your opponents by surprise during the Ascension Rankings.

Use Violet Spirit at other times!”

Yang Ye still wanted to refuse because he felt that Su Qingshi probably needed it more than he did.

However, Su Qingshi didnt give him the chance to refuse at all because she immediately turned around and left.

When she arrived at the door, Su Qingshi stopped and said, “Ill seriously consider what you said about taking control of the Sword Sect.

Besides that, dont leave the Sword Sect in the near future.”

After she finished speaking, she didnt stay here any longer and swiftly vanished from Yang Yes field of vision.

Yang Ye gazed at the direction Su Qingshi left towards for a short while before he finally withdrew his gaze.

As he gazed at the sword in his hand, he felt that she hadnt given him this sword simply because of the reason shed told him.

Because he noticed that her expression was slightly abnormal when she gave it to him!

After a short while, Yang Ye shook his head and smiled.

He said, “Its merely a sword.

I really like to let my thoughts run wild!”

Right at this moment, a violet glow flashed before the violet mink appeared before him.

When he saw the violet mink, Yang Ye hurriedly put the sword away and embraced the little fellow before he said, “Youve advanced to the King Rank”

The violet mink nodded while its eyes flickered with happiness.

Yang Ye asked excitedly.

“Do you feel any changes in yourself”

The violet mink blinked before it raised its little claw and swung it at the enormous stone table at the center of the room.

Under Yang Yes astounded gaze, a round violet light appeared before the violet mink, and then it directly blasted onto the stone table in the next moment.


An enormous bang resounded as the stone table exploded into pieces.

Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and he felt slight disbelief.

My God! What did I just see The violet light that the little fellow executed was too swift, or did it directly ignore spaceA white glow flashed as Yin Xuaner appeared.

She gazed at the violet mink while a wisp of fear flashed in her eyes.

“It really did ignore space.

It has actually grasped spatial techniques at such a young age.”

“Ignore space Spatial techniques” Yang Ye was puzzled.

Yin Xuaner took a deep breath and said, “After one attains the Exalt Realm, one would be able to comprehend the profundities of space.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didnt speak another word.

She took a deep glance at Yang Ye and the violet mink before she entered Yang Yes tiny vortex again.

Yang Ye was slightly angry because this woman aroused his curiosity then left him like that.

If it wasnt out of consideration that she was a Spirit Realm expert, he would really teach her a lesson!

It was impossible to hope for an explanation from Yin Xuaner.

Yang Ye gazed at the violet mink and said, “Little Fellow, do it against for me to see!”

The violet mink nodded and then waved its claw.

A strand of violet light appeared before it, and in the next moment, it directly appeared on the wall in the distance and blasted a hole through it.

Yang Ye took a deep breath.

Hed seen it clearly this time.

The violet light emanated by the little fellow wasnt too swift, it had really ignored space, and he felt that such a method of attack was truly too terrifying!

Even he was extremely fearful of it because this method of attack was truly too unusual.

Especially when it was utilized to launch a surprise attack.

If the little fellow launched a surprise attack against him, then he knew that he would be unable to avoid it and could only go head-on against the violet minks attack.

Actually, even if it wasnt a surprise attack but a head-on collision, he would still be fearful of it.

Why Because the little fellows speed was too swift.

With the little fellows unusual method of movement, then not to mention him, even a Spirit Realm expert wouldnt be able to catch up to the little fellow.

So, when this ability of movement and attack were coupled together, the violet mink could really be said to be invincible amongst King Rank Darkbeasts.

After a short while, Yang Yes solemn expression broke into a smile.

Luckily, the little fellow is with me.

So, I dont have to feel worried or fearful because of this.

I should be happy, and its my opponents who should be fearful!

The violet mink seemed to feel that the violet light was fun to play with, and it waved its little claw at the wall on the left.

A violet light instantly blasted onto the left wall, causing a hole to appear there.

In the next moment, the little fellow waved its little claw towards the right….


In less than two breaths of time and before Yang Ye could recover from his shock, his room had collapsed….

Yang Ye hurriedly embraced the little fellow that was getting more and more excited as it waved its little claw, and then he fled from the room.

Outside the room, Yang Yes face was completely dark as he gazed at his collapsed room.

The violet mink seemed to know that it had done something wrong, so it flashed onto Yang Yes shoulder before it ceaselessly rubbed its little head against Yang Yes face while seeming to be obedient and trying to ingratiate itself with Yang Ye.


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