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Yang Ye left Demon Gods Palace.

At this moment, the rest were still in the hall.

Obviously, they definitely gained their own fortune.

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, hed gained quite a bit.

The Demon Gods inner core wasnt just capable of improving his strength tremendously, there was another benefit, and it was that he didnt have to worry about being exposed.

Now that he had the inner core of a demon beast within him, and it was even the Demon Gods inner core, would anyone dare to say that he didnt belong to the demon race

He wasnt worried that the Demon God had done anything to the inner core.

Because he had the Primordial Pagoda, so anything dangerous could never enter his body.

Yang Ye returned to his cultivation room and continued his training.

This time, he didnt just train in the Elemental Breaker, he trained in the utilization of the Demon Gods Energy.

Even though he just had to activate the inner core to obtain the Energy of the Demon God, it didnt represent that hed grasped it.

He still had to go through the process of getting used to it.

After all, if his strength suddenly rose explosively, he would definitely be incapable of getting used to it right now.

Moreover, if he wasnt used to it while in battle, then it might end with him being defeated or even killed.

In the cultivation room.

Yang Ye activated the Energy of the Demon God.

In an instant, a wave of golden light surged out from within him, and it didnt take long for faint golden light to cover Yang Ye.

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists and took a deep breath.


At this moment, he felt like he had the strength to destroy the world!

Just like that, Yang Ye just trained with the Elemental Breaker technique and got used to the Energy of the Demon God.

Time passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the final round.

Yang Ye left the Primordial Pagoda.

Man Shi, Kuang Jing, and Hu Meng were waiting outside his room.

Man Shi sized up Yang Ye and said, “What did you get in the Demon Gods Palace”

Yang Ye smiled, “An inheritance!” Hed obtained the Demon Gods inner core, so strictly speaking, it was a form of inheritance.

“An inheritance!” Man Shi was surprised, “You actually obtained an inheritance.

Youre really lucky!”

“Lucky” Yang Ye chuckled, “I was quite lucky.

What about all of you What did you get”

Man Shi shook his head, “My luck wasnt very good, I just got some treasures.

Right, someone got a divine technique which the Demon God left behind.”

Yang Ye asked, “Who”

“A genius from the Ape Clan, Ku Yuan.” Man Shi spoke solemnly, “He was the first when we competed to ascend the mountain.

He obtained a divine technique of the Demon Gods.

If he can grasp it in a short period of time, then based on the strength he possesses, hed probably definitely grab the 1st position in the Meeting of the Clans.”

“Ku Yuan!” Yang Ye nodded, “What about all of you Do all of you want to fight for the top three”

Man Shi shook his head and said, “We know the limits of our strength, so just fighting for the top ten is enough.

Well be very satisfied if were able to get into the top ten.

The top three isnt something we can fight for!”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Your target is the top three, right”

Yang Ye didnt conceal it and nodded, “Indeed.”

All of them werent very surprised by this.

Because theyd guessed Yang Ye wanted to get into the top three.

Yang Ye was so strong, so his target was definitely the top three.

Moreover, Yang Ye had the strength to fight for it.

Yang Ye followed Man Shi and the others to the square theyd gathered at during the previous rounds.

At this moment, there were three huge fighting rings on the square while a dense expanse of demon beasts filled the surroundings.

Fortunately, all of them were in human form.

After all, the city was absolutely incapable of accommodating them if they returned to their true forms.

“Fighting rings!” Man Shi explained, “The third round is direct competition.

Well be divided into two groups, and the fights will be determined by drawing lots.

The winner advances while the loser is instantly eliminated.

The rules are very simple, but very brutal as well.

Because no one can afford to lose.”

Man Shi gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “I hope were not in the same group or we might face each other!”

Yang Ye, Kuang Jing, and Hu Meng chuckled in response.

Needless to say, Yang Ye treated Man Shi, Hu Meng, and the reticent Kuang Jing as friends.

Some say he had very few friends, but he actually had many friends.

Like Xuwu Shen, Dugu Jian, and many others.

However, he was moving forward too fast.

That was how life worked.

If one couldnt keep up with the others, one would either be left behind or eliminated.

Of course, it didnt affect the relationship Yang Ye had with them, and they just couldnt fight together.

Up until this point in time, An Nanjing was the only peer he had who could keep up with him and even have the chance to surpass him!

Time passed slowly.

After some time passed, a white haired old man appeared here.

He was Gu Mo, the white haired old man in the Demon Gods Palace that day.

Gu Mo glanced at the people here, and his gaze lingered on Yang Ye for a moment before he said, “The division of teams will begin now.”

As he spoke, he flicked a crystal box in Yang Ye and the others direction, and it floated in midair before them.

It didnt take long for a young man to wave his right hand, and then a talisman flew out from the crystal box.

After that, it transformed into a ball of light that appeared above the young mans head.

The light dispersed to reveal the number two floating in the air above the young man.

The young man had been divided into group two!

A short while later, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and a ball of light appeared in the air above him.

The number one appeared there.

He was in group one!

Unfortunately, Man Shi was in group one as well!

Man Shi laughed bitterly, “I hope I dont encounter you!” Even though he was very confident in himself, he was very well aware that he had no chance against Yang Ye.

Yang Ye smiled, “Actually, the outcome isnt that important.

The most important part is participating in the battles.

Im certain that fighting strong opponents will be very beneficial to you!”

Man Shi nodded, “Thats the reason why the Meeting of the Clans is held.

Its so that we are able to broaden our horizons.

Only by competing with others would one be able to discover ones own flaws, and only by discovering ones flaws can one grow stronger.”

Yang Ye nodded.

Needless to say, the system which the demon race had created was very good.

It could be said that if they continued using this system, then even if the demon race wasnt able to gain control of Sky Sky Continent, it wouldnt fall into a decline.

But what about the human race

Actually, if the human race really became united, then it would definitely be extremely terrifying.

However, the human race loved to engage in internal strife and exhaust their own strength.

On most occasions, the human race wasnt defeated by other races, it was defeated by itself.

Fortunately, the human race in the large world seemed to be aware of the consequences of disunity, and they would join forces if they were faced with an invasion from another race.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted Yang Yes thoughts, “Now, draw the lots for your battles!”

It was Gu Mo whod said those words!

Actually, the competition was very simple, extremely simple even.

Both groups would decide on a winner, and then the two winners would fight one last battle.

Even though it was a very simple method of competing, the competition was extremely brutal.

They couldnt afford to lose.

From the moment the final round begins, if one was aiming for the 1st position, then one couldnt lose a single battle.

Losing a single battle would result in immediate elimination.

Even though it was quite brutal, the 1st and even the top three that are decided on in this way would definitely deserve their titles!

The reason the demon race had created such a competition was for this exact reason!

They wanted the strongest!

After all, the top three would be representing the demon race to fight the other races.

If they were weak, then the entire demon race would lose face in the end!

Yang Ye drew lot number one.

In other words, his opponent would be the demon beast that drew lot number one as well.

Something worth mentioning was that because there were 15 people in each group, there would be an odd one out in each group.

These two people would fight, and the loser would be eliminated.

As for the one who wins, that person would be temporarily safe.

Because that person would only join the battles again when the top two from each group were determined.

That person would have to draw lots and fight one of the top four.

If that person won, that person would replace his or her opponent in the top four; if that person loses, that person would be immediately eliminated.

It could be said that the odd one out in each group was extremely lucky, because they would be able to skip many battles!

As luck would have it, Yang Ye was one of them.

He would have to fight the demon beast from group two which drew lot number one as well!

Yang Ye didnt know whether he should laugh or cry when he found out that he was one of the lucky ones.

Actually, he was prepared to crush all his opponents and fight to the very end.

He hadnt expected his luck to be so good and draw lot number one.

However, it was good because he could save his strength.

Gu Mo glanced at Yang Ye, and then he turned around and left.

He was naturally the reason why Yang Ye had been able to draw lot number one.

He hadnt forgotten what the Demon God had told him.

If it was possible, he should take care of Yang Ye!

Now, he was doing exactly that!

Meanwhile, Man Shi, Kuang Jing, and Hu Meng went over to Yang Yes side.

Once they found out that Yang Ye got lot number one, they were stunned before congratulating Yang Ye.

It was worthy of congratulations.

Because Yang Ye only had to fight a single battle until the top four were determined! They, on the other hand, had to fight a few battles.

However, they were only given six hours between battles to rest.

So, it was obvious how brutal the competition was!

“Haha!!” Suddenly, roaring laughter came from group two, “I got lot number one! Haha! I got lot number one! Haha! The heavens are truly kind to me!”


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