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The gazes of all the demon beasts here converged onto Yang Ye.

Would any of them dare to take the first

Needless to say, it was very arrogant, haughty even!

It didnt take long for many demon beasts to start howling.

The demon race admired and respected the strong, and the strength Yang Ye revealed prior to this had already gained their acknowledgement.

So, no demon beast felt he was boasting when they heard him.

Since Yang Ye dared to say that, it represented that he was confident in his strength, extremely confident!

Ku Moye, Yan Lingxue, and Ku Yuan glanced at Yang Ye.

They knew each other quite well, but they knew nothing about Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was quite mysterious to them.

However, they werent afraid!

Similarly, they were confident in themselves as well!

In the ring, Gu Mo glanced at Yang Ye and said, “All of you are confident in yourselves.

Very good.

Remember that youre responsible for your own fate once you enter the ring.

Now, draw your lots!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Mo waved his right hand, and a white box appeared in front of them.

All four of them waved their hands, and then four pillars of light appeared above them.

The pillars of light dispersed to reveal four numbers above them.

The number one was above Yang Yes head, and it was the same for Ku Moye.

In other words, he would have to fight Ku Moye.

It didnt take long for only Yang Ye and Ku Moye to be left in the ring.

Ku Moye gazed at Yang Ye, “Let me see if a dark horse like you can go until the end!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Well see!”

Ku Moye nodded, “Are you going to return to your true form”

Yang Ye shook his head, “It isnt necessary.”

Ku Moye gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “I dont need to as well.”

As far as he was concerned, if he returned to his true form while Yang Ye didnt, then he wouldnt have won fairly even if he did win.

Yang Ye shook his head, “You can take your true form!”

“Since you refuse to, then so will I!” As soon as he finished speaking, Ku Moye started walking slowly in Yang Yes direction.

As he did that, a powerful aura and pressure gradually appeared here, and it slammed down like a mountain towards Yang Ye.

Needless to say, his aura was very strong indeed.

But it wasnt much to Yang Ye.

Because hed experienced too many auras that were much stronger than this.

Yang Ye took a step forward and casually swung his fist forward.


Ku Moye aura was instantly dispersed.

Meanwhile, Ku Moye suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then a ray of cold light flashed.

Yang Ye instinctively swung his fist forward.



An explosion resounded, and then both of them were pushed 300m back.

Yang Ye looked down at his chest.

There was a red mark on his chest.

Even though it hadnt pierced through his skin, it had still caused some damage.

Yang Ye looked up at Ku Moye.

At this moment, there was a dagger in Ku Moyes grasp.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned because he hadnt expected a demon beast to use a weapon.

After all, all the demon beasts hed encountered until now had been using their fists.

Suddenly, Ku Moye vanished on the spot, and he was in front of Yang Ye when his figure appeared once more.

At the same time, a ray of cold light flashed.

It was swift, extremely swift.

It was so swift that many demon beasts werent even able to see the dagger!

Yang Ye clenched his right fist and slammed it forward!

The Brink Laws!

This time, he didnt try to probe Ku Moye again, and he used his full strength and brought it to the brink.

As soon as his fist shot forward, a wave of powerful energy instantly surged out from his fist, causing the space around him to ripple violently.


An explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye and Ku Moye were pushed away again.

This time, Ku Moye was pushed over 1km away while Yang Ye was pushed less than 300m back.

Yang Ye had gained the upper hand in this collision!

Ku Moye glanced at his hand.

At this moment, his dagger had been transformed into bits.

At the same time, he couldnt feel his entire arm!

A moment of silence ensued before Ku Moye looked up at Yang Ye, “Youre really strong!”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Return to your true form.” After cultivating in the Primordial Pagoda for an entire month, Yang Ye just wanted to fight to his hearts content.

However, Ku Moye wasnt a match for him if Ku Moye didnt return to his true form.

A wisp of ferocity curled up on the corners of Ku Moyes mouth, “It isnt necessary!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye shook his head.

He didnt waste his breath again and just stomped his right foot down.

Yang Ye relied on the counterforce to shoot forward in Ku Moyes direction.

Both of them collided in midair in the simplest and most violent method.


As soon as they collided, a terrifying wave of energy swept out from the point of collision.

Yang Ye and Ku Moye were instantly blasted backwards.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes figure spun rapidly and shot once more in Ku Moyes direction.

Ku Moyes expression changed when he saw Yang Ye charge at him again.

He didnt have the time to think, and he just immediately swung his fist forward.


A wave of energy swept out and slammed at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye swung a punch forward as well.

Ku Moyes energy was instantly dispersed before his punch, and the latter was blasted backwards once more.

Yang Ye would naturally not stop his attack, and he pressed forward once more.

Just like that, Ku Moye was repeatedly pushed back.

He was being suppressed!

At this moment, Ku Moye was being completely suppressed!

Gu Mo was watching Yang Ye from somewhere, and the expression on his face gradually became solemn.

Only he was aware that Yang Ye was no demon beast but a human instead.

A human possessed such a strong body, and that was extremely terrifying.

Especially when Yang Ye had obtained the Demon Gods inheritance.

He could imagine how terrifying Yang Ye would be in the future!

But Yang Ye wasnt from the demon race!

That was what he was comparatively worried about.

Of course, he had no intention to eliminate Yang Ye.

After all, the Demon God had taken interest in Yang Ye, and the Demon God wasnt someone brainless, so he would definitely not give his inheritance to someone who would bring harm to the demon race.

In the ring, the battle was still going on.

The spectators had thought that it would be an intense battle, but they were disappointed.

At this moment, Ku Moye was being completely suppressed and practically didnt have the ability to fight back.

Based on this situation, Ku Moyes defeat was only a matter of time.

Around 15 minutes later.


A powerful aura surged through the ring, and then a crimson red scorpion that was around 300m tall appeared in the ring.

Ku Moye had returned to his true form!

After Yang Ye completely suppressed him, Ku Moya had finally returned to his true form.

Actually, it was expected.

Because if Ku Moye didnt do that, then he would have no chance to win.

He only had a chance once he returned to his true form!

In the ring, Yang Ye glanced at the crimson scorpion which was countless times larger than him, and then his figure shot towards it.

Suddenly, Ku Moye slammed his huge claws at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt shrink back.

Even though he was tiny, his strength wasnt.

He just treated himself like a cannonball and slammed against the huge claws.


As soon as they came into contact, Ku Moye was pushed backwards repeatedly, but Yang Ye was blasted away as well.

However, it only took a moment for Yang Yes body to spin rapidly and charge at Ku Moye again.

This time, Yang Yes punch wasnt an ordinary punch anymore, and it carried the Brink Laws!

Hed brought his physical strength to the brink!

Based on his current strength and realm of cultivation, he could execute the Brink Laws around ten times without encountering any problems!


The crimson scorpion was instantly blasted away and slammed against the barrier of light which covered the ring, causing it to tremble violently like an earthquake was running through it.

Countless demon beasts were stunned on the spot.

They hadnt expected Ku Moye to still be suppressed after returning to his true form!

Ku Yuan glanced at Yang Ye, and then he gazed at Ku Moye, “If you still refuse to use your trump card, then youre going to lose!” Regardless of whether it was him, Ku Moye, or Yan Lingxue, all of them had trump cards.

Ku Moye still hadnt used his trump card until now.

Obviously, he was keeping it for the final battle.

However, based on the current situation, there would be no final battle for him if he didnt use it right now.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye charged at Ku Moye again.

Suddenly, Ku Moyes tail started trembling rapidly, and then it shot towards Yang Ye like a bolt of lightning.

It was swift to the absolute limit!

Yang Ye instinctively swung his fist towards it!


Ku Moyes tail was instantly blasted away, but there was a smile on his face.

Yang Ye stopped moving.

There was a thumb-sized injury on his fist, and it had naturally been pierced by Ku Moyes tail.

Such an injury was naturally nothing to Yang Ye.

However, it was different this time because Yang Yes arm was decaying at an alarming rate!


Ku Moye suddenly started laughing, “Thats the purest lethal venom in me.

It can only be used every few dozen years.

Even Rebirth Realm experts dare not rashly allow themselves to be inflicted with it.

Goat, youre dead.”

Meanwhile, Gu Mo suddenly sent a voice transmission to Yang Ye, “Quickly admit defeat!” So long as Yang Ye admitted defeat, he could ask Ku Moye to hand over the antidote to save Yang Yes life.

Yang Ye glanced at Gu Mo, and then he smiled.

After that, he gazed at Ku Moye and said, “Your purest venom Youre quite formidable.

Unfortunately, Im immune to all poisons!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, the venom on Yang Yes arm instantly vanished without a trace.

At the same time, Yang Yes arm was completely healed to its original state.

Ku Moye stared at Yang Ye while disbelief filled his eyes, “You….

How could that be possible”

Yang Ye was about to speak when he suddenly frowned.

Because he noticed that after the tiny vortex absorbed the venom, it sent the venom back out to him again.

Unlike before, the venom had Primordial Violet Energy mixed into it, and his body swiftly absorbed all of it.

As his body absorbed the venom which contained Primordial Violet Energy, his aura started growing slowly!

Yang Ye was stunned because his cultivation was showing signs of being about to advance!


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