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In the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged in the room on the 3rd level.

After he consumed the Ginseng Fruit, countless strands of pure energy instantly erupted within him.

At the same time, the pure venom Yang Ye had absorbed from Ku Moye was surging out from the Primordial Pagoda again.

Two types of pure energy were madly surging through Yang Yes body and stimulating Yang Yes body, and Yang Yes body had started to absorb them.

As more and more energy was absorbed, the aura Yang Ye emanated grew progressively stronger.

The Semi-Deity Realm!

The Semi-Deity Realm represented that one was halfway into the Deity Realm.

So, the barrier between these two realms wasnt very strong.

Of course, it wasnt weak either.

Even though Yang Ye had advanced a little quickly, his foundation was very strong and stable, and that was why he dared to charge into the Deity Realm.

Actually, Yang Yes speed of advancement wasnt very quick when compared to those in the same age group as him.

For example, some of the cultivators of the large world were already Deities at his age.

Even though there werent many of them at the Deity Realm, there werent few as well.

The Primordial Pagoda seemed clearly aware that Yang Ye intended to charge into the Deity Realm, so it was ceaselessly sending energy to him.

Just like that, time passed slowly.

A month later.

At this moment, Yang Yes aura hadnt just stopped growing stronger, it was gradually vanishing.

Yang Ye who sat cross-legged there seemed like hed transformed into stone, and he wasnt moving at all.

In the 2nd level, Little Sky who was treating Xiao Qi suddenly glanced upwards, and then she shook her head, “That fellow is cheating again.”

As far as she was concerned, advancing here was equivalent to cheating.

However, she didnt want Yang Ye to go outside as well.

Because if Yang Ye advanced in the outside world, he would definitely get into battle with the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

She didnt want to see that happen.

Little Sky didnt pay any further attention to Yang Ye and just looked down at Xiao Qi, and then she spoke softly, “What a strange body structure.

Its like the structure of a human, but it isnt really alike.

This fellow is probably not human.

No, she may be an evolved human.

Tsk, tsk.

Let me continue my research….”

Another 15 days later, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and then he stood up slowly.

Xiao Yuxi walked over quickly and said, “Did you succeed”

Her voice was filled with anxiety.

This time, she really didnt know if Yang Ye had succeeded.

Because Yang Ye had been too calm for the last 15 days, and there hadnt been even the slightest fluctuation of energy throughout his body.

Yang Ye slowly stretched his hand towards her.

In the beginning, she was puzzled by this, but it didnt take long for her eyes to slowly open wide.

Because she noticed that she couldnt move at all.

No, it should be said that shed become slow, extremely slow.

It was like shed been slowed down ten times!

The Laws of Time!

The sign of a Deity!

Yang Ye withdrew his hand and said, “Actually, I was comprehending the energy of time in the last 15 days.”

Just as hed said, hed been comprehending the Laws of Time for the last 15 days.

Time was something ethereal as well, and it was an abstract concept.

It could only be proved to exist through other things.

So, needless to say, it was extremely difficult to comprehend.

Fortunately, Yang Ye was a Semi-Deity, and hed witnessed the effects of the Laws of Time in the past.

So, while it was quite difficult, he wasnt completely lost.

After comprehending it for 15 days, Yang Ye finally understood what the Laws of Time were, and hed pierced the barrier between the Semi-Deity Realm and Deity Realm, allowing him to advance smoothly into the Deity Realm!

The Deity Realm!

After he attained the Deity Realm, his strength wasnt the only thing which had increased tremendously, his lifespan had been increased as well.

Presently, the issues created from utilizing the Stellar Sword Diagram that day had been completely resolved.

Semi-Deities had 20,000 years to live, and Deities had around 30,000 years.

However, he only had around 10,000 years now.

In other words, advancing from the Semi-Deity Realm to the Deity Realm provided 10,000 years of lifespan.

Of course, other Deities definitely had more than 10,000 years of lifespan, but he was different.

Hed spent almost all of it, so he only had 10,000 left!

Was a lifespan of 10,000 years a very long time It was long to many cultivators, but as far as Yang Ye was concerned, it was only two rounds of the Stellar Sword Diagram.

Actually, he had a strong suspicion that the old man in a Daoists robe wasnt the true cause of Jian Wujis death, and it was the Stellar Sword Diagram that had exhausted Jian Wujis lifespan.

Even if he was a Deity now, he was very well aware that he was still unable to endure the energy of the stars.

Not to mention him, even a Rebirth Realm expert would be burdened by it!

Unfortunately, Jian Wuji was gone, so he couldnt get an answer to that question.

Yang Ye stayed with Xiao Yuxi for some time before he went to the 2nd level.

At this moment, Little Sky was still treating Xiao Qi.

Yang Ye asked softly, “How long will it take to wake her up”

Little Sky replied, “It shouldnt take too long.”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief and gazed at her, “Thank you.”

She blinked and said, “Remember what I told you in the past about naming that world of yours as Little Sky Continent”

Yang Ye nodded, “Why”

She chuckled, “Well call that continent Little Sky Continent from now on, alright”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Little Sky suddenly said, “Sigh, I havent slept for so long just to try and help your friend, and I never got to have any fun.

Im so tired, so very tired.


“Stop!” Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Fine, fine! Its Little Sky Continent from now on, alright”

Little Sky cracked a smile, “Alright, remember your promise.

Dont you dare go back on your word.”

Yang Ye smiled, “I wont!” Actually, he didnt really care what the world in the 1st level was called.

However, Little Sky seemed to really care about that.

Since she liked it, then he just went along with it.

In any case, he didnt lose anything.

Moreover, shed helped him tremendously.

Meanwhile, Little Sky suddenly said, “Right, can I invite Little Little Sky and the others to play with me here”

“What” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he hurriedly asked, “You want to bring the Eyes of the Heaven Dao in here to play with you”

She nodded, “Yeah, theyll really like this place.

Of course, they wont be here all the time.

After all, they have other things to do.

Theyll just come here on occasion!”

“Er….”Yang Ye was quite hesitant.

It was quite inconceivable to let the Eyes of the Heaven Dao in here to play with her.

However, he was very well aware that if he agreed, then Little Sky would definitely be able to get them here.

However, could he do that

Yang Ye thought for a long time, and then he shook his head, “No.”

Little Sky was puzzled, “Why”

Yang Ye explained, “Little Sky, what do you think would happen if others found out about the world in here”

Little Sky thought for a moment and replied, “Many experts will definitely come looking for you.

Even Im tempted by this treasure of yours! If it hadnt acknowledged you, even I would want to make it go with me instead!”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched. So she has ill intent too!

Meanwhile, Little Sky chuckled, “I was joking! I dont like to take the belongings of others.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since youre aware that many experts would come to fight for it if word of it is exposed, then if Little Little Sky exposes its existence or that Lord of the Heaven Dao finds out through Little Little Sky, then you would be in a terrible situation, and it would be bad for me as well.”

That was what he was worried about.

If the Lord of the Heaven Dao found out through the Eyes of the Heaven Dao, then he would be finished.

He didnt think that he could go against the legendary Lord of the Heaven Dao right now!

Not to mention the Lord of the Heaven Dao, even an Eye of the Heaven Dao like Little Little Sky was more than enough trouble for him.

Little Sky fell silent for a long time, and then she nodded, “Youre right.

Others cant find out about this place, or you may be in huge trouble.

Then how about I bring them in here to play with me once youre extremely strong, alright”

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course.”

She cracked a smile, “I knew you were a good person!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Im not a good person, nor do I want to be a good person.

Its better to be bad.

The bad can do as they please and arent restrained by anything! Hahaha!”

Little Sky spoke seriously, “I can sense that youre actually kind.


“Stop! Stop!” Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Stop right there.

Lets not discuss that.

I have other things to do, so Im leaving.

You have fun!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye left the Primordial Pagoda.

Little Sky kept trying to call him a good person at every turn and make him be a good person.

He was quite afraid of it now.

Little Sky clenched her fists while a firm expression filled her eyes, “Ill definitely teach you how to be a good person because only a good person can take control of….”

As she finished speaking, she suddenly frowned and spoke softly, “Take control of what Oh my! Ive forgotten again! Forget it!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and continued treating Xiao Qi.

Once Yang Ye left the Primordial Pagoda, he received Gu Mos message that he should head to Demon God Mountain right away.

When Yang Ye arrived at Demon God Mountain, he saw Gu Mo.

Besides Gu Mo, Ku Yuan and Yan Lingxue were here as well.

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What are all of you doing here”

Ku Yuan smiled, “Weve been waiting for you!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

Ku Yuan smiled, “Its time to head to the Divine Phoenix Clans Hallowed Grounds.”

The Hallowed Grounds of the Divine Phoenix Clan!

Yang Ye clenched his fists slowly.


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