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After he left Devil Crest Empire, Yang Ye found a secluded area to enter the Primordial Pagoda.

In the Primordial Pagoda.

Little Sky was helping Snowys consciousness merge back into her body.

It didnt take long for Snowys brows to twitch slightly, and then she slowly opened her eyes.

Tears instantly welled up in Yang Yes eyes when he witnessed this scene.

As soon as she saw Yang Ye, Snowys eyes instantly opened wide.

She seemed to be in disbelief.

It didnt take long for her to rub her eyes with her little claws.

Once she confirmed that it was Yang Ye, she immediately jumped into his arms while tears surged out like torrents from her eyes.

Yang Ye rubbed her head lightly, “Its alright now.

Its alright now.”

Snowy held tightly onto Yang Yes neck while ceaselessly rubbing her head against his chest, and her tears were ceaselessly surging out.

She seemed absolutely heartbroken!

Little Sky sized up Snowy, and then she spoke softly, “This Sprite Lord is so unique….

Shes actually fond of crying.

Oh, right.

This fellow is still a child!”

Snowy cried and cried, and she actually fell asleep in his arms.

Yang Ye rubbed her head gently while his eyes were clearly filled with pain.

Snowy was very timid, so he could imagine how terrified shed been while being imprisoned by the Divine Phoenix Clan throughout these years!

The Divine Phoenix Clan! Slaughter intent suddenly seeped out from within Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Little Sky suddenly placed her hand on Yang Yes shoulder.

In an instant, the slaughter intent returned into Yang Yes body.

Little Sky spoke softly, “The current outcome is very good.

If you insist on taking revenge, then the Divine Phoenix Clan will definitely fight you until their last breath, and itll only end with both of your sides being severely injured.

If you try to take revenge, thats the only outcome, and it may even bring harm to your friends and loved ones in the lower dimensions.

Thats absolutely not something you want, right”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly and remained silent.

Meanwhile, Little Sky added, “Im sure you dont want to slaughter without end.

Since this little fellow is still alive, your other friend is still alive, and the Divine Phoenix Clan has suffered retribution, I think that it should end here.

Moreover, I think that you should focus your attention on your other friend right now.

Your focus should be on how to find her and not fighting the Divine Phoenix Clan to the death!”

Zier! Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at Little Sky, “Little Sky, can you find her for me”

Little Sky shook her head, “I dont even know who she is, so how would I find her”

“Look at me!” Yang Ye continued, “Take a look at my past and find her there!”

Little Sky rolled her eyes, “What kind of idea is that! That ability of mine is only capable of seeing a portion of a persons past, and I cant see it in detail.

I think I could in the past, but I dont seem to be able to right now.”

Yang Ye asked, “Werent you able to locate Snowy”

Little Sky shook her head, “It isnt the same.

This little fellow is the Sprite Lord, and I know the Sprite Lords aura well.

Moreover, she was within that area of space, so it was easy to find her.

But that friend of yours….

I… I cant locate her.”

Suddenly, Snowy opened her eyes and started waving her claws.

Yang Yes expression changed, “You know who took Zier”

Snowy nodded, and then she started waving her claws again.

Yang Ye asked, “It was a woman”

Snowy nodded.

Yang Ye raised Snowy in his arms and asked, “Can you sense Ziers aura”

Snowy shook her head and waved her claws a little.

Yang Yes face fell.

Snowy had been able to in the past, but she couldnt anymore.

Ziers aura had been concealed by the person who took her.

Who took Zier What does that person hope to accomplish Yang Ye frowned.

Meanwhile, Little Sky said, “Theres no need to be too anxious.

Since your friend wasnt killed but taken away, it represents that they definitely have other plans.

So, your friend should be safe for now.

Actually, you should worry more about yourself.

Your friend might have been taken because of you!”

“Me” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something, causing his face to become gloomy.

A power was targeting him, and it was very likely that the woman who took Zier was from that power!

Little Sky said, “Hey! Should I ask Little Little Sky and the others to send you to another universe”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “What are you trying to say”

“Fool!” Little Sky rolled her eyes, “Youre in a very dangerous situation.

So, wouldnt it be safer to send you away from here and let you come back once everything has come to an end here”

“What kind of idea is that!” Yang Ye shook his head, “Avoidance is a bad policy.

Its impossible to avoid difficulties in life.

If we choose to flee before all difficulties, then our lives will amount to nothing.”

“What a load of stupid principles!” Little Sky puckered her lips, “So what do you plan to do now”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Find help.”

Snowy instantly jumped into Yang Yes arms and held tightly to him.

Obviously, she wanted to go with Yang Ye.

Yang Ye rubbed her head gently, “Dont worry, I wont let anyone separate us again.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot with Snowy in his arms, and he returned to the world outside.

Little Sky shook her head and spoke softly, “The Sprite Lord actually likes that fellow so much….

Arent Sprite Lords fond of peace Oh no! That fellow wont teach the Sprite Lord to be bad, right No! I absolutely cant allow that to happen!”

As she finished speaking, Little Sky clenched her fists while a firm expression filled her eyes.

After he returned to the world outside, Yang Ye held Snowy in his arms as he departed for the Human Territory.

He felt that Little Sky was right.

The woman who took Zier was probably part of that power which was pulling the strings from the shadows, and they probably took Zier because of him.

As for what exactly they wanted, he was unable to determine that, nor did he have the time to think about it.

The important matter at hand for him was to find that power which was pulling the strings!

However, he was new to the large world, so he had no choice but to seek help from others.

Actually, he really wanted to go look for the Nether Pavilion.

Because they would definitely know who was targeting him.

Unfortunately, he didnt know where they were.

So, he had no choice but to go to Ding Shaoyao!

Two days later, Yang Ye arrived at Oblivion Boundary City.

However, he didnt walk in openly.

After all, there was a power targeting him, so he had to be careful.

Fortunately, he had Little Sky with him, so it was clearly impossible for ordinary people to follow him.

The Goat Pub.

In a private chamber.

Ding Shaoyao heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Yang Ye.

She knew that Yang Ye had gone to the Devil Territory, and she was really afraid he would cause trouble there as well.

Fortunately, he hadnt.

Yang Ye said, “You should have heard about everything by now, right”

She nodded, “Someone is targeting you indeed!”

Yang Ye asked, “The Emperor Sect or the War Pavilion”

“Them” She chuckled, “Both of them are just puppets for that power.”

Yang Ye frowned, “Puppets”

She nodded, “Do you think that they are able to fight the Nether Pavilion”

Yang Ye shook his head.

They werent weak, but they couldnt be compared to the Nether Pavilion.

Just Blood Maiden alone was probably sufficient to crush them.

Sing Shaoyao spoke solemnly, “Not to mention the War Pavilion and Emperor Sect, even the entire Human Alliance may be a puppet for them!”

Yang Yes pupils constricted. The entire Human Alliance!

The Human Alliance was formed from the top powers of the human race, and each of them had many other subordinate powers.

It could be said that the Human Alliance represented the entire human race.

Besides that, Hai Lanxin and Ke Wuming said that power may have members within the oceanic race and devil race too…

Just thinking about it was horrifying!

Yang Ye told Ding Shaoyao about what hed heard from Hai Lanxin and Ke Wuming, and it caused her face to gradually become solemn.

Ding Shaoyao remained silent for a long time, and then she said, “I feel like theyre setting up a huge net for the Nether Pavilion.” She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Youll stand on the Nether Pavilions side, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

He didnt know what the enmity between the Nether Pavilion and that power was.

All he knew was that they were his friends.

Since they were his friends, he would stand by their side regardless of whether they were right or wrong.

Ding Shaoyao sighed softly.

She really didnt want Yang Ye to be swept into the battle between the Nether Pavilion and that mysterious power, because the situation was too complicated.

The resources and reserves available to that power were absolutely not something Yang Ye could go against.

But she was very well aware that if the Nether Pavilion was in trouble, then Yang Ye would definitely not stand by idly.

Actually, it was too late for Yang Ye to stay away now.

Yang Ye shook his head, “Lets forget about that for now.

Shaoyao, help me investigate that power as soon as possible because Zier may be in their hands.”

Ding Shaoyao nodded, “Ive already started investigating.

However, I dare not do it openly.

Its an extremely colossal power, and Im afraid well be found out.

So, I only sent some of my loyal subordinates to investigate.”

Yang Ye nodded.

He was about to speak when the space in front of Ding Shaoyao suddenly trembled, and then a scroll emerged from there.

Ding Shaoyao opened the scroll, and her brows were slowly pressed together as she read through it.

Yang Ye asked, “What is it”

Ding Shaoyao looked up at him, “The Sprite Palace is looking for you.”

“The Sprite Palace” Yang Ye frowned, “Why are they looking for me”

She replied solemnly, “They want the Sprite Lord back!”

Yang Yes face instantly turned cold, “They can have my ass! Send them my reply.

Tell them I dont have a Sprite Lord for them, but I do have a Stellar Sword Diagram! Ask them if they want it, I can give them a mountain of stellar sword energy!”


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