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The Nether Judge! Yang Ye frowned.

Hed heard Blood Maiden speak about the Nether Judge, and he knew that the Nether Judge was stronger than the Nether Envoys!

Yang Ye looked up at the middle aged man.

The man didnt have a speck of aura on him.

No, Yang Ye couldnt even sense the mans existence! Even though the man was standing there, Yang Ye couldnt sense his presence at all!

The atmosphere here was quite heavy.

Because regardless of whether it was Sky Maiden or Fan Yinyu, both of them remained silent.

They were from the Nether Pavilion, but theyd left it for far too long.

“What” The Nether Judge glanced at them, “You even refuse to obey the Pavilion Masters orders”

Meanwhile, Fan Yinyu suddenly asked, “The Pavilion Master returned”

“No!” The Nether Judge continued, “Its our new Pavilion Master.”

“Our new Pavilion Master” Fan Yinyus brows raised, “Who”

The Nether Judge spoke indifferently, “Youll know once you head back.”

Fan Yinyu glanced at the Nether Judge and said, “I only acknowledge the old Pavilion Master!”

Meanwhile, Sky Maiden suddenly spoke, “My ten Nether Halls are the same!”

The Nether Judges eyes narrowed slightly, “What All of you intend to rebel”

“Rebel” Fan Yinyu laughed with ridicule, “Judge, let me ask you something.

The Pavilion Masters fate is unknown, yet all of youve recognized a new Pavilion Master Arent you afraid that the old Pavilion Master would suddenly return”

The Nether Judge spoke solemnly, “We have no intention to betray the Pavilion Master.

However, Im sure youre aware that our Nether Pavilion has split apart.

If we still dont unite again, our Nether Pavilion will vanish from this world.

Nether Envoy and Nether Hall Masters, the pavilion has many tasks waiting to be done, and it needs your assistance.

Please return to the Nether Pavilion with me and assist the new Pavilion Master!”

Fan Yinyu suddenly asked, “What if I refuse”

The Nether Judges face immediately turned cold, “Nether Envoy, are you planning on betraying the Nether Pavilion”

“Betraying it” Fan Yinyu shook her head slightly, “Judge, stop wasting time here.

I dont know who the new Pavilion Master is.

All I do know is that unless the new Pavilion Master has the Nether Token or was personally acknowledged by Pavilion Master Shaosi, I wont acknowledge that person as the new Pavilion Master.

Thats my attitude towards the matter.

You can head back and report what happened here.”

The Nether Judge gazed at her for a long time, and then he looked at Sky Maiden, “What about you”

Sky Maiden spoke indifferently, “I only acknowledge Pavilion Master Shaosi or the Nether Token!”

The Nether Judge nodded slightly, and then he waved his hand.

In an instant, a palm-sized command token appeared in the air.

There was a幽 character on it, and it emanated a faint dark glow.

Sky Maiden and the others expressions changed at the sight of the command token.

Meanwhile, Fan Yinyu frowned.

The Nether Token!

Yang Ye knew from their reactions that it was probably the Nether Token.

Fan Yinyu remained silent for a long time before she said, “The Nether Token has always been in Pavilion Master Shaosi\'s possession, why do you have it now”

The Nether Judge took the command token and replied, “Its not mine.

It belongs to the new Pavilion Master.

Now, will all of you head back with me”

Fan Yinyu gazed at Sky Maiden while Sky Maiden gazed at Fan Yinyu.

Suddenly, the Nether Judge said, “I know about the enmity between both of you, but please put it aside for now.

The important matter at hand is to return to the Nether Pavilion with me.

All of you arent the only ones who are returning, all the other members of our Nether Pavilion have accepted their orders to return.”

Fan Yinyu fell silent for a long time before she said, “Lets go!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she vanished on the spot with the spear-wielding man and the others.

The Nether Judge gazed at Sky Maidens group.

Blood Maiden and the others gazed at Sky Maiden.

Obviously, they would follow her orders.

Sky Maiden gazed at the Nether Judge, “Well head over in a while!”

The Nether Judge nodded, and then he vanished on the spot.

Blood Maiden walked over to Sky Maiden and spoke softly, “Eldest Sister, somethings strange about this!”

Blind Maiden nodded slightly, “The Nether Token has always been in Pavilion Master Shaosis possession.

Yet now, its here.

However, Pavilion Master Shaosi is nowhere to be found.

We have to be careful when we go back there.”

Sky Maiden nodded slightly, “Dont worry.

I know.”

As she spoke, she glanced at the others and said, “Im sorry for being late.”

Blood Maiden shook her head, “Theres no need to say that.

But why did you leave this universe”

Sky Maiden replied, “Its a long story.

Ill tell you later.” As she spoke, she suddenly gazed at An Nanjing, “Are you willing to join my Nether Pavilion”

Join the Nether Pavilion An Nanjing was slightly stunned, and then she shook her head.

“What a pity!” Sky Maiden shook her head.

Sky Maiden wasnt the only one who felt that it was a pity, even Blood Maiden and the others were of the same mind.

Theyd witnessed An Nanjings natural talent and strength.

If she joined them, their status in the Nether Pavilion would definitely rise in the future.

Unfortunately, she didnt agree.

Suddenly, Blood Maiden gazed at Yang Ye, “What about you Are you willing to join our Nether Pavilion”

She was very well aware that An Nanjing was with Yang Ye.

If he chose to join, then An Nanjing would definitely agree as well.

Of course, she wasnt inviting Yang Ye because of An Nanjing.

After all, Yang Ye was qualified to join the Nether Pavilion.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned.

He hadnt expected her to invite him to join the Nether Pavilion.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to shake his head.

Even though he would gain powerful backing by joining the Nether Pavilion, he liked his freedom.

He didnt like to be someones underling.

Moreover, his character wasnt one that was suitable to join other powers.

He was very well aware that if he joined, he may cause problems in the Nether Pavilion.

Blood Maiden nodded and didnt try to persuade him further.

She was very well aware that a person like Yang Ye would definitely be unwilling to become someones underling.

Sky Maiden suddenly said, “Lets go!”

Blood Maiden went over to Yang Yes side and patted him lightly on the shoulder, “Take care!”

“Ill come visit if I have the time!” The pig riding young woman continued, “I hope youre still alive at that time!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Nether Maiden went over to Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Take care!”

Yang Ye glanced at them and nodded.

He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly gazed at Sky Maiden, “Are you Yinyin”

Hed wanted to ask this question again a very long time ago, but he hadnt had the chance!

Sky Maiden glanced at him, and then she turned around and vanished on the spot.

It didnt take long for Blood Maiden and the others to follow after her.

Two breaths of time later, all of them had vanished.

Yang Ye frowned on the spot. Is she Yinyin or not

His intuition told him that she was Yinyin.

However, she would never ignore him if she was Yinyin.

Suddenly, Little Sky appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Little Sky looked up at the stars and said, “Theyre all not from this world!”

Yang Ye asked, “What do you mean”

Little Sky withdrew her gaze and spoke in a low voice, “I feel like something bad is about to happen!”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched, “Dont scare me like that!”

Little Sky was quite mysterious.

So, if she said something bad was about to happen, it was very likely to happen.

Moreover, it would definitely not be anything ordinary.

Little Sky shook her head, “Im not very sure.

Forget it, lets ignore it for now.” She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Now that you dont have any enemies, what do you plan to do”

What do I plan to do Yang Ye was stunned for a moment, and then he smiled, “Stay with Zier and Snowy, and then go to the lower dimensions to accompany my wives and daughter.”

Little Sky grinned, “Thats right.

Fighting and killing is terrible! Come, lets go to Snowy.”

As she spoke, she vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye chuckled and gazed at An Nanjing, “Come, Ill take you to meet Snowy.

Shes a very cute little fellow.

Youll definitely like her!”

An Nanjing glanced at him and nodded.

Just like that, Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and Little Sky returned to Sprite Palace.

Snowy was naturally beyond happy to see Yang Ye, and she brought Yang Ye all around the Sprite Palace.

At the same time, a huge amount of Sprite Kings followed behind her.

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at the Sprite Kings.

If all of them were to join forces, even Sky Maiden and the others may not be able to hold their ground against these Sprite Kings.

After all, while a single Sprite King wasnt terrifying, the joint forces of countless Sprite Kings could change the energy present throughout the world.

During his stay in the Sprite Palace, Yang Ye noticed that Little Sky was very well received here.

The Sprite Kings werent the only ones who were fond of Little Sky, Snowy was fond of her too.

Besides that, Little Sky was clearly very fond of the Sprite Kings as well, and she was always playing with them.

During this period, Yang Ye didnt cultivate, and he just had fun with Snowy and Little Sky every day.

Three days later.

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes as he sat cross-legged in the Sprite palace, and then he vanished on the spot.

It didnt take long for him to arrive in the sky above Sprite Palace, and he met a woman there.

Blood Maiden!

“Second Sister” Yang Ye smiled,What are you doing here”

She walked over to him, and only now did he notice that her expression seemed off.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats wrong”

She spoke solemnly, “Immediately take everyone you know and leave Merak System.”

Merak System was this universe, of course.

Yang Ye frowned, “Why”

Blood Maiden glanced at the surroundings and replied, “The Nether Pavilion intends to capture this worlds Lord of the Heaven Dao, alive.

This world is about to fall into chaos.”

Suddenly, Little Sky appeared in front of Yang Ye.

She looked Blood Maiden in the eyes, “Is your Nether Pavilion tired of living”


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