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It was a middle aged man who was speaking.

He wore a pure white robe and held a pitch black ruler, and there was a slightly strange looking demon beast by his side.

The demon beast was completely pitch black.

It had the head of a dragon and the body of a tiger.

It stood on all fours, and it emanated a cold aura.

Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man, sized up the man, and then shook his head, “Weve never met!”

The middle aged man frowned slightly, “The aura of your bloodline is very familiar to me.”

The Yang Clan Yang Ye thought of the Yang Clan because he had the Yang Clans bloodline.

Moreover, the middle aged man said that his bloodline was very familiar.

So, Yang Ye felt that the middle aged man may have met someone from the Yang Clan.

However, the Yang Clan was in Milky Way System, and it was extremely far away from here.

So, how could the middle aged man have possibly met someone from the Yang Clan

Had the middle aged man been to Milky Way System, or had a member of the Yang Clan come here

Yang Ye had naturally not forgotten that the Yang Clan wanted him to participate in the fight to select a successor for the Yang Clan.

Meanwhile, the middle aged man added, “Are you from outside this universe, or are you a local of Merak System”

Yang Ye was just about to speak when Fan Yinyu suddenly said, “He was born and raised in Merak System.” Shed naturally investigated his background.

Yang Ye glanced at Fan Yinyu and didnt say anything.

The middle aged man frowned when he heard this.

He fell silent for a long time, and then he took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye before he gazed at Little Sky, “Youre the Lord of the Heaven Dao of this system”

Little Sky replied coldly, “I dont know!”

The middle aged man said, “Im the Left Guardian of the Nether Pavilion, and Im here representing the Nether Pavilion.

The Pavilion Master ordered that if youre willing to lead these Eyes of the Heaven Dao and Sprite Kings to surrender to us, then we wont seize the spirit energy of this world.

Moreover, youll maintain control of this world.”

“Surrender” Little Sky laughed coldly, “Merak System will never be enslaved.”

The middle aged man gazed at her for a long time, and then he nodded, “I understand!” As he spoke, he glanced at Little Skys group and said, “Which one of you is going to fight me”

Qin was about to step forward, but Little Sky grabbed her hand, “Youre no match for him!”

Qin shook her head, “Im not afraid.”

Little Sky chuckled, “I know that youre not afraid.

But I cant let you just give your life away.”

As she spoke, she looked down and said, “Big Fellow, only you can do this.”

A moment of silence ensued.


Suddenly, the sound of a breath resounded in the ears of everyone here.

It wasnt just the people in outer space that heard it, even the countless peoples and worlds throughout Merak System heard it.

Everyones expression changed.

It didnt take long for a voice to resound, “Little Sky, well said.

Merak System will never be enslaved!”

As soon as the voice finished resounding, the space behind Little Sky suddenly started trembling, and then a demon beast appeared by Little Skys side.

The demon beast had the face of a human and the body of a lion.

White hair that seemed like the hair of a human hung down loosely from his head, and there were two black fangs which seemed like elephant tusks sticking out from its mouth.

Besides that, there were two more faces at the center of its knees.

Besides that there were numerous thick and pitch black scales covering its back.

“The Sky Devil Beast!” A voice resounded abruptly.

Yang Ye looked towards its source and noticed that it was Fan Yinyu.

Moreover, he noticed that she had an extremely solemn expression on her face.

“The Sky Devil Beast” The armored woman looked at Fan Yinyu with a questioning gaze.

Fan Yinyu stared at the Sky Devil Beast as she spoke, “When this universe was created, a person and a beast were born.

That beast is the Sky Devil Beast.

It was born with this world, so it can be said to be one with this world.”

The armored woman asked, “What about the person”

Fan Yinyu gazed at Little Sky, “Its you, right”

Little Sky was about to speak when the Sky Devil Beast suddenly spoke, “Outsider, all of that isnt important.

If you Nether Pavilion wants to fight, then lets fight!”

As soon as it finished speaking, it raised its right claw and slapped it down at the Left Guardian.

The Left Guardians eyes narrowed slightly.

He didnt dare act carelessly at all and immediately twisted his wrist.

The black ruler in his grasp chopped down at the Sky Devil Beast from afar.


The entire area of outer space shook violently while the space here cracked apart.

Moreover, it hadnt just cracked apart, it was on the verge of collapse.

However, Qin suddenly waved her hand, and the almost collapsing space was instantly fortified and started to heal slowly.

Meanwhile, the Sky Devil Beast and the middle aged man had vanished.

After they vanished, the armored woman gazed at the demon beast which had arrived with the middle aged man, “Nether Beast, Ill leave those Sprite Kings to you.”


The demon beast raised its head and roared with fury.

After that, it charged forward in Snowy and the other Sprite Kings direction.

Snowys eyes opened wide at the sight of this, and then she quickly started waving her claw.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Once they received Snowys order, the Sprite Kings immediately attacked in unison.

In an instant, numerous beams of light shot forward like shooting stars.

How terrifying was it when so many Sprite Kings were attacking together

However, the Nether Beast had directly collided against their joint attack and resisted it!

Yang Yes face fell when he witnessed this scene.

Because the Nether Beasts strength was much stronger than hed imagined!

Meanwhile, the armored woman gazed at Sky Maiden, “Ill leave those Eyes of the Heaven Dao to you!”

Sky Maiden fell silent for a moment, and then she charged towards the Eyes of the Heaven Dao in the sky.

Qin was about to act, but Fan Yinyu obstructed her path.

Fan Yinyu didnt attack Qin, but she would definitely attack if Qin tried to attack.

Their strengths were almost equally matched.

Perhaps she was slightly weaker to Qin, but it was very difficult for a victor to be decided.

Moreover, she didnt need to decide on life and death with Qin.

She just had to stop Qin from joining the battle.

As for the five Nether Phantoms, the spirit of the earth was keeping them busy.

However, it didnt take long for Little Skys side to gradually fall into a disadvantaged position.

Because the Eyes of the Heaven Dao in the sky above were no match for Sky Maiden.

In less than 15 minutes, Sky Maiden had swallowed five Eyes of the Heaven Dao.

Moreover, her aura was growing stronger and stronger as she devoured them!

Little Skys face grew more and more unsightly at the same time.

Suddenly, the armored woman looked up towards outer space.

She remained silent for a moment, and then she gazed at Little Sky, “My Nether Pavilions army is here! Its over!”

As soon as she finished speaking, space started to tremble far away in outer space, and then a large group of black robed figures with spears in their hands appeared there.

There were over 500 of them!

All of them were at the Rebirth Realm!

Yang Yes face fell at the sight of this.

As for Little Sky, her face remained indifferent.


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded from far away in outer space, and then the entire area started to tremble madly.

At this moment, everyone looked up towards that area while explosions resounded incessantly from there.

It seemed like it was collapsing!

Meanwhile, Little Sky slowly clenched her fist.

Around 15 minutes later, that area finally calmed down, and then the Sky Devil Beast and the Left Guardian appeared there.

At this moment, the Left Guardians countenance was quite pale, and there was a trace of scarlet red on the corner of his mouth.

Obviously, hed been injured.

Little Sky was visibly relieved by the sight of this.

Meanwhile, the Sky Devil Beast suddenly vanished on the spot, and it was in front of the Nether Beast when it appeared again.

After that, the Nether Beast was blasted away before the others could even see what happened.

The Sky Devil Beast glanced at the experts of the Nether Pavilion and said, “Everyone who attacked my Merak System today shall die!”

As soon as it finished speaking, it charged towards the armored womans group.

The Left Guardians eyes narrowed slightly.

A moment later, he vanished on the spot, and he was in front of the Sky Devil Beast when his figure appeared once more.

After that, he grabbed his ruler with both hands and swung it down at the Sky Devil Beast!


An explosion resounded, and then the Left Guardian was blasted 3km away.

The Sky Devil Beast was about to attack again, but the Nether Beast suddenly roared with fury, and then a pair of huge black wings appeared on its back.

The wings flapped forcefully, and the Nether Beast transformed into a ray of black light that slammed down towards the Sky Devil Beast.

The Sky Devil Beast didnt try to dodge, and it just slammed itself against the Nether Beast.

Just like that, the huge beasts started slamming against each other in the most violent way of fighting.


The space in a huge area shook violently, and then both beasts were pushed backwards.

However, the Sky Devil Beast didnt take long to stop itself, and then it pounced forward again and slammed itself down towards the Nether Beast.


This collision slammed the Nether Beast almost 10km away.

The Sky Devil Beast was about to follow up with another attack, but the Left Guardian appeared in front of it and swung his ruler at it.


The Sky Devil Beast was pushed around 300m back, but the Left Guardian was blasted over 6km away.

The experts of the Nether Pavilion had unsightly expressions on their faces when they witnessed this scene.

They hadnt expected the Sky Devil Beast to be so strong.

Even their Left Guardian was no match for it!


The Sky Devil Beast suddenly roared with fury, and then it charged at the Left Guardian.

It was extremely swift! It was so swift that the space in its path was torn open!

Suddenly, Little Skys expression changed, “Little Devil! Watch out!”


As soon as she finished speaking, the Sky Devil Beast was blasted away, and it flew for over 10km before it finally stopped.

At the same time, one of its fangs flew out of its mouth while accompanied by a torrent of blood.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he looked towards the distance.

Meanwhile, the Left Guardian, the armored woman, and all the other experts from the Nether Pavilion bowed slightly towards outer space, and then they spoke in unison, “Pavilion Master!”


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