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Everyone here gazed at the woman.

She wore an ocean blue dress, seemed to be in her late twenties, had sharp and slanted brows, a pair of oval eyes, and a beautiful appearance.

However, her face was quite icy cold.

Something else worth mentioning was that her appearance was slightly similar to Yang Ye.

The Yang Clan!

Yang Ye glanced at her and fell silent.

He knew that she was probably the expert that the Yang Clan had sent to get him.

The Lin Clans Patriarch stared at the woman, “Who are you”

She ignored the Lin Clans Patriarch and turned to look at Yang Ye.

As soon as she laid eyes upon him, a trace of warmth appeared in her icy cold gaze, “Youre so big.”

Yang Ye glanced at her and asked, “Who are you”

She walked over to Yang Ye and replied, “Im your fathers younger sister, your auntie.

My name is a single Xuan.”

Yang Ye didnt say anything.

To be honest, he didnt have any emotional attachment to the Yang Clan, and it included this auntie of his who had just come out of nowhere.

A wisp of complicated emotions flashed through Yang Xuans eyes when she saw Yang Yes reaction, “I know you have no emotional attachment to the Yang Clan and even me, and I understand that.

After all, youve been in the outside world since you were young.

However, you must understand that youre a member of the Yang Clan, and the Yang Clans blood flows through you.

Your fathers blood flows through you, and its something youll never be able to change.”

“The Yang Clan!” The Lin Clans Patriarch suddenly asked, “Which Yang Clan”

Yang Xuan glanced at him, “You have less than ten minutes left.”

The Lin Clans Patriarchs eyes narrowed slightly, “Who are you”

Yang Xuan didnt answer him and just turned to look at Yang Ye.

She sized up Yang Ye and nodded slightly, “Its truly shocking that you were able to attain such strength while being far away from the clan.

Even though youre very inferior when compared to those monstrous geniuses in the clan, its very good.”

Yang Ye replied, “Are you here to make me participate in the competition to become the next successor of the Yang Clan”

Yang Xuan answered, “Of course.

There are some things that you should get back for yourself!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Im not interested!” He didnt know what had happened in the Yang Clan all those years ago, and he didnt know why his father, whom hed never met before, had been exiled.

But he didnt want to know, nor did he want to care about it.

Simply speaking, he didnt want to be swept into the vortex that was the Yang Clan.

Yang Xuans face became cold when she heard him, “Do you have no ambition”

Yang Ye shook his head, “If Im strong, why would I need to rely on the Yang Clan If Im weak, then even ten Yang Clans wouldnt be reliable.


Yang Xuans expression eased up tremendously when she heard this.

She patted Yang Ye lightly on the shoulder, “Its good that you think that way.

But you must understand that there are some things you must take back.

Moreover, its too late to avoid being swept into this vortex.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

Yang Xuan replied, “The Yang Clan didnt know about your existence before this.

Under such circumstances, you may have been able to leave peacefully without returning to the Yang Clan.

Yet now, the Yang Clan is aware of your existence….

As far as some are concerned, they can only rest at ease when youre dead.”

Yang Ye frowned.

He was about to speak when the Lin Clans Patriarch suddenly said, “Are you done with your small talk”

Yang Xuan glanced at him and said, “Times up.”

The Lin Clans Patriarch nodded, “I really want to know how youll make my Lin Clan vanish from this world.”

Suddenly, space shook, and then ten masked cultivators in violet armor appeared there.

A moment later, they appeared in front of Yang Xuan.

They bowed respectfully to her and stood behind her.

The expressions of everyone here changed when they saw those ten experts.

It was especially so for the patriarch of the Lin Clan.

At this moment, his face wasnt just extremely unsightly, it was even quite pale.

As for the experts from the Nether Pavilion, they had extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

Little Sky suddenly spoke solemnly, “Zenith Realm experts!”

“Zenith Realm” Yang Ye asked, “Experts that surpass the Rebirth Realm”

Little Sky nodded.

Yang Ye glanced at the Nether Pavilions Master and the others, “Are they not Zenith Realm experts”

“Of course not!” Little Sky shook her head, “They are merely at the Rebirth Realm.

However, they are no ordinary Rebirth Realm experts.

Or perhaps, its more suitable to consider them Half-Step Zenith Realm experts.

Its not a problem with their natural talent, its because universes like ours cant give birth to Zenith Realm experts.

Only universes and worlds of even higher level are able to give birth to such experts!”

She gazed at Yang Xuan and continued, “Youre from an even higher level universe!”

Yang Xuan glanced at Little Sky and said, “A Lord of the Heaven Dao.

An extraordinary Lord of the Heaven Dao….

Youve surprised me quite a bit!”

“Extraordinary” Yang Ye asked, “What do you mean”

Yang Xuan sized up Little Sky and said, “She has the strength of all things supporting her right now.

At this moment, even Zenith Realm experts cant harm her.

She can be considered to be invincible in this world.

However, its the first time Ive seen a Lord of the Heaven Dao who\'s capable of making all things willingly offer up their energy.

After all, offering up their energy will harm them! But shes able to make them do so willingly.

I presume shes very popular and loved here.”

Yang Ye nodded.

Indeed, Little Sky was really popular in Merak System.

“The Yang Clan!” Suddenly, the Nether Pavilions Master spoke, “Is it that Yang Clan which is called the clan of madmen”

Yang Xuan turned to gaze at her and replied, “Youve heard of my Yang Clan”

The Nether Pavilions Master clenched her fists when she heard Yang Xuan.

She remained silent for a long time before she said, “Not really.

I just heard about it from my master a very long time ago.

According to my knowledge, your Yang Clan should be very far away from here….”

Yang Xuan turned to glance at Yang Ye, “Hes a member of my Yang Clan.

I came just to get him.”

The Nether Pavilions Master glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I understand.

My Nether Pavilion has no intention to offend the Yang Clan.

Well stop now and never attack Merak System again.”

The expressions of the experts from the Nether Pavilion changed slightly when they heard their pavilion master, and there was even bewilderment in their eyes.

Obviously, they didnt know about the Yang Clans strength.

Yang Xuan glanced at her, “Youre not ordinary yourself.

Even though youre not at the Zenith Realm, your strength has probably surpassed some Zenith Realm experts.”

The Nether Pavilions Master remained silent.

Yang Xuan said, “You can leave.

Remember what youve said today.”

The Nether Pavilions Master glanced at Yang Xuan, and then her figure flashed and left Merak System with the other experts of the Nether Pavilion.

A wisp of unwillingness flashed through Little Skys eyes, but she didnt do anything.

Because even if Merak System could kill the experts of the Nether Pavilion, it would definitely pay a terrible price.

Such a victory was meaningless!

Suddenly, the Lin Clans Patriarch said, “My Ringworld System….”

However, Yang Xuan gazed at the ten experts behind her, “Find Ringworld System and make the Lin Clan vanish from this world!”

They nodded, and then seven of them vanished on the spot.

The Lin Clans Patriarch revealed a ferocious expression on his face when he heard Yang Xuan, “Do you really intend to fight us to the death”

“To the death” A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of Yang Xuans mouth, “Who do you think you are Are you even worthy of fighting my Yang Clan to the death Allow me to tell you that anyone who insults my Yang Clan should die!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she waved her right hand.

The last three experts behind her vanished on the spot, and they were amidst the Rebirth Realm experts of the Lin Clan when they appeared again.

It was a slaughter!

An utter slaughter!

Even though they were Rebirth Realm experts, they practically didnt have the ability to fight back against those three experts!

Terror appeared in the Lin Clans Patriarchs eyes.

Earlier, he felt that his clan had the strength to fight that so-called Yang Clan, but the scene before him told him that he was wrong.

The Lin Clan and the Yang Clan werent on the same level at all!

The Lin Clans Patriarch turned to look at Yang Xuan, “My Lin Clan admits its mistakes.

Please show us mercy!”

He bowed to Yang Xuan as he spoke.

Was it an embarrassment

Of course it was!

However, he had no other choice right now.

Fight them How The Rebirth Realm experts of his clan were no match for Zenith Realm experts.

Most importantly, seven other Zenith Realm experts had gone to his clan.

He could imagine what would happen to the Lin Clan once they arrived!

Beg for mercy!

All he could do was beg for mercy!

Yang Xuan didnt even spare him a glance.

She just gazed at Yang Ye, “You make the decision this time.”

Yang Ye gazed at the Lin Clans Patriarch.

At this moment, the Lin Clans Patriarch had a pleading expression on his face.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and glanced at Snowy.

He fell silent for an instant, and then he gazed at the Lin Clans Patriarch again, “If Snowy were to have fallen into your hands, what would happen to her If I were to have fallen into your hands, what would happen to me”

The Lin Clans Patriarch was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly said, “Since youre my enemy, then you should be annihilated!”


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